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Chapter 98 Class Transfer

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Hearing the police, the surrounding onlookers immediately spread out to make a way, letting the dark blue uniformed policewoman came in.

    Seeing her, Liu Yi’s eyes were suddenly lit up, and then his heart started to squirm.

    ‘How could I run into Yuan Zhenyue again….’

    ‘Could it be that the two of us were predestined?’

    ‘I don’t want that….’

    ‘This kind of misfortune is better to be as far away from me as possible.’

    Seeing the police have arrived, Ma Yuxin was surprised, but he gritted his teeth and said.

    “Look, the police have come! Quickly pay me the money, if there’s a lawsuit, you’ll have to give more!”

    Liu Yi was helpless.

    “Yo, Liu Yi, what a coincidence eh? I can run into you here at just the right moment.”

    Seeing Liu Yi, Yuan Zhenyue suddenly could not resist a smile, making the surrounding male onlookers slightly lost.

    “Are you Conan?” (TL: I think it refers to Detective Conan)


    Liu Yi was speechless.

    But Ma Yuxin was frightened, thinking that this policewoman actually knew this kid!

    This is a tough one!

    “Police comrade, you can’t cover this up!”

    He hastened to launch the first attack, “This man hit me, making my Qianlong bestowed teapot fell and broken! You can’t just shield him because you know him!”

    “Ma Yuxin, how many of your cases that we have, do you want me to say it?”

    Yuan Zhenyue couldn’t help but curl her lips, “Mr. Porcelain King, do you have the nerve? In this third hectare area of Birds & Flowers Street, which police who doesn’t know you?”

    “But it’s true! This is my Ancestral teapot!”

    Ma Yuxin cried until his face red, and his neck bulged.

    “Oh, really? Is that so?”

    Yuan Zhenyue walked and picked up a fragment on the ground and then pointed to a piece of printing on the top.

    “Made in China. Porcelain King, you old ‘bump into porcelain,’ didn’t you see the printed label on this teapot?”

    “I was wrong….there’s a mistake….it looks like I brought the wrong teapot….that’s it, see you, see you later….”

    That Ma Yuxin was red in the face, didn’t want his Emperor bestowed teapot anymore, and ran away with tail between his legs.

    The surrounding onlookers, seeing that the man has run away, knew that the show is over, and immediately dispersed themselves.

    “Why didn’t you arrest him?”

    Liu Yi quickly asked.

    “How could I arrest him? The evidence is insufficient.”

    Yuan Zhenyue shrugged her shoulders, “This slippery old snake, is difficult to catch. Even if I arrest him now, he’ll be released within a few days, and then he’ll continue to swindle again. Recently there have been a crackdown in this Northern Dragon City; you’re lucky if you bump into one of them again till winter.”

    “This thing is called lucky?!”

    Liu Yi was helpless, “But thank you for helping me out. If not for your good eyes seeing the ‘made in China’ print, this time, I’ll definitely die of a headache.”

    “Hey, where did you think I got that ‘made in China’ thing? I just made it up.”

    Yuan Zhenyue smiled, “Ma Yuxin himself felt guilty, plus I’m a police officer. So he believed what I said and ran away.”

    Liu Yi was surprised, unexpectedly this Yuan Zhenyue have a witty side.

    She casually scared off that old Porcelain King.

    It seems like this policewoman, is not just a violent maniac.

    “But how did you come to this area….I think you’re not supposed to be here?”

    “Because of the previous incident, I was demoted.”

    Yuan Zhenyue shrugged her shoulders, “I was originally in the criminal investigation team, now I’m a neighborhood police. I don’t want to be a neighborhood police, but because of your Headmaster’s report, they investigated my previous record. Previously, you saw my brother in arms Zhang Kening was also in the criminal investigation team, but he is now our deputy director, and can be considered as my boss.”

    “It turned out to be so….but the previous case was not your fault…how could they gave you a demotion?”

    “Hehe, you do have a point there, but….”

    Yuan Zhenyue smiled and said, “I, as the law enforcement official, even in the course of law enforcement, can’t just casually caused such a huge loss to the people. Plus the previous serious traffic accident in the North and South bridge had to have an individual who is responsible. Not being directly fired, the Director has given my deceased father some face.”

    Liu Yi was surprised, “Being a police also have to suffocate like this?”

    “Without any background, everyone will be treated the same. So what if one is a cop, are cops not human?”

    Yuan Zhenyue shrugged and said.

    “Then why would you want to be a police officer….”

    Liu Yi felt that this Yuan Zhenyue is too hot-tempered, and If nobody supports her in the back, the police department is not really suitable for her.

    “My dad was a police officer.”

    Yuan Zhenyue smiled, her eyes flashed a slight trace of sadness.

    “This old man was a senior police officer, very stubborn, and finally killed in the line of duty.”

    “I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to….”

    Liu Yi didn’t know Yuan Zhenyue has such a past family history.

    “It’s okay. I always remind myself to remember that.”

    Yuan Zhenyue clenched her fists, “According to the investigation, the one who killed him is an assassin….I have been tracking that killer ever since. With the police identity, it would naturally easy for me to trace the killer, wouldn’t you say?”

    “Assassin….is such a thing really exist?”

    In the past, Liu Yi thought that this kind of stuff was a far too remote for him.

    He only knew “Assassin” in the game that he played, and never seen one in the real life.

    Who’s going to assassinate a mediocre high school student like him?

    Which killer would be so stupid!

    “Of course, it exists.”

    Yuan Zhenyue said, “Moreover, some assassins are organized, and some are not. But in the assassin’s world, there’s a list called Heavenly List. This list contained the ranking of the assassins. After a long investigation, I finally found some information. The guy who killed my father should be the previously number three assassin in the Heavenly List, named Black Eye. One day, I will personally arrest this Black Eye guy, making him suffer the penalty of breaking the law!”

    Liu Yi instantly thought that this Yuan Zhenyue’s figure is slightly taller.

    “But I think my skill is seemingly not enough. Liu Yi, come with me to practice, help me realized my dream, what do you say?”


    Liu Yi flatly refused.

    ‘Damn, this girl still doesn’t change!’

    “Ai, really heartless.”

    Yuan Zhenyue bitterly looked at Liu Yi, “So to say, I’m also a girl. Can’t you be a bit modest in treating a girl?”

    “Are you resemble a girl?”

    “Shit, how could this old mother not look like a girl!”

    Yuan Zhenyue thrust her chest out and angrily said.

    ‘Mm…this chest is actually worth considering.’

    Liu Yi’s heart secretly nodded.

    “You this fellow, what are you looking at!”

    After discovering Liu Yi’s crooked eyes, Yuan Zhenyue’s eyes suddenly narrowed, followed by the incoming of a fist.

    Liu Yi quickly stepped back two steps.

    ‘Almost forgot…’ He thought.

    ‘Tigress chest, can not see!’

    “Humph, the things that I warn you about that day, have you forgot about it?”

    “What things?”

    “You want this old mother to beat you to make you remember?”

    “Oh oh! Right, that most wanted man!”

    Liu Yi suddenly realized, “What about this wanted man? I don’t know anything about him because I don’t watch any news….”

    “Because the police don’t want to cause any panic, we don’t publicize this information.”

    Yuan Zhenyue said, “But we will issue a notice in these two days, telling the people to be vigilant. This wanted criminal, has previously created a sensation….”

    “Oh, really? What was it?”

    “The 531 Case, do you know it?”

    Hearing these words from Yuan Zhenyue, Liu Yi was immediately surprised.

    “The 531 case! Could it be that psycho killer!”

    On the internet, the 531 case is very sensational!

    Six months ago, there was this super-perverted guy who killed several middle and high school girls!

    Every time, he brutally disfigured the girl’s face and then killed them.

    He killed more than ten girls in a row, even if his victim narrowly survived, their face was already disfigured.

    This case made the local people panicked. After the city’s police force has been deployed, they finally caught the man.

    “Wasn’t he sentenced to death? How could he came to Northern Dragon City?”

    “Prison break.”

    Yuan Zhenyue’s complexion was not so good, “This person, although a psycho, he is a natural born killer. He killed a guard with a sharpened toothbrush, and then changed his clothes and seized the opportunity to escape.


    After listening to this Liu Yi also felt the creep.

    Such a psycho killer has fled to Northern Dragon City….

    Moreover, he is in the vicinity….

    “It seems dangerous….”

    “Yeah, that’s why I’m on patrol.”

    Yuan Zhenyue nodded, “Not just me, the entire police force in the Northern Dragon City were also deployed. This person must be immediately captured. Otherwise, he will create a huge case!”

    “Mm, I will tell my friends to be careful.”

    Liu Yi nodded, glanced at his phone, suddenly said.

    “Not good….I’m going to be late!”

    “Get away from here then, next time I see you, if you don’t accompany this old mother to practice, you’re dead!”

    Yuan Zhenyue also can’t keep doing this chit-chat, so he waved and let Liu Yi go.

    Liu Yi has no time to go to the KFC to download and has to use his card’s 3G internet to download the app that was told by Lin Tong.

    “It’s hard to imagine….humanity could also produce this kind of guy.”

    Lying on Liu Yi’s head, Lin Tong can’t help but comment on what Yuan Zhenyue’s just said, curling her lips, “This is worse than our crazed demons.”

    “My grandpa said, In the big forest, there are all kinds of birds. By the way, this app, how big is it?”

    “About 5 MB.”

    “Damn! So big!”

    Liu Yi looked at the loading bar of the download, his heart bled.

    “Don’t be such a cheapskate, if you take a look, there may be a mission for this wanted man.”


    “Don’t forget, the immortal cultivation world is a ‘kill the demon, slay the devil’ kind of thing. This psycho killer will, sooner or later, turn into a devil. Perhaps, he’s already a devil now.”

    “I see….”

    Liu Yi nodded and continued to download as he ran back to the school, and finally, before the bell, he arrived back at the class.

    Murong Die and Wang Lele haven’t come back, the back seats were still empty. It seemed like this big Miss was furious.

    Liu Yi had to sigh; he really didn’t know what to do.

    Just as he sat back on the seat, Li Juanhua suddenly pushed open the door and entered, and then declared.

    “Students, there’s an announcement. We have a new student transferred into our class. We’ll have to get along well, learning together and progress together.”

    With that, she clapped her hands and said.

    “Come in, Wang Yuzheng, you sit in…um, beside Liu Yi.”