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Chapter 99 Want To Take A Good Look At Him

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Wang Yuzheng of the experimental class!

    How could they transfer her to the regular class!

    Liu Yi was somewhat surprised.

    But Wang Yuzhen just kept her head down, without saying any words while holding her bag,

    Chen Cai himself was very upset, he and Liu Yi has been sitting at the same table for more than two years, but now his seat was given to someone else just like that?

    However, how could he defy the homeroom teacher’s words?

    “Teacher….Um, where should I sit?”

    Chen Cai can’t help but ask.

    “You sit in the first row, in this vacated seat, so that the teacher can directly look at you!”

    Chen Cai smiled bitterly, “I become the priority target for the teacher to pay attention to….?”

    “Give me a break!”

    Li Juanhua gave Chen Cai a stern look, “The students in the fourth class have come to me to report that you harass one of the female student in their class. Chen Cai Chen Cai, now is the most critical time, you need to focus on studying, do you understand? Otherwise, you’ll be sorry for your parents that have paid your tuition!”

    “Yes, yes….Teacher, I understand….”

    Chen Cai said, crestfallen.

    “Wang Yuzheng, you share the same table as Liu Yi. His English is good and has made rapid progress, and you can help each other out.”

    Wang Yuzheng’s English was slightly weak; therefore, Li Juanhua arranged her to sit beside Liu Yi so that his rapid progress in English would rub off on her.

    We have to say this Wang Yuzheng is a little pitiful.

    Her academic record was excellent, often in the top grade group, and had worked so hard to get into the experimental class.

    Finally, because of the matter with Lin Huayang, she was eventually kicked out of the experimental class.

    “Class is about to start. Wang Yuzheng, go sit down.”

    “Em, thank you teacher Li.”

    Wang Yuzheng weakly said, holding the back as she walked to the side of Liu Yi, and then sat down.

    She sat there and, with a burst of fragrant scent, began to organize her part of the desk.

    From the beginning to the end, she never said a word to Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi felt it was quite strange, although a beautiful girl sitting beside him was a good thing, somehow, something was not quite right.

    Thus, he wrote a note and then pushed it to the front of Wang Yuzheng.

    “How come you came to this class?”

    Wang Yuzheng saw the note, her eyes suddenly went red, tears welled up in her eyes.

    Liu Yi panicked, thinking.

    ‘Fuck me, I just ask her something, but how could this girl cry!’

    ‘She’s not sister Lin isn’t it!’

    (TL: Sister Lin (1918-1968): An Old movie star. Liu Yi questioned if she was just acting)

    Liu Yi was somewhat panicked. When he was stumped on how to say or to comfort the silently crying, lying on the table Wang Yuzheng, his phone suddenly vibrated.

    He got a text message. When he took a look, it turned out to be from Chen Cai.

    This Chen Cai, even if he sat in the front row, he’s still not honest.

    “Boss….Do you know why Wang Yuzheng is transferred to our class?”

    How could Chen Cai this fellow, heard the news so quickly?


    Liu Yi hurriedly replied, “why”.

    “This morning, Lin Huayang asked Wang Yuzheng to be his girlfriend again, and threatened her, if she rejected him, he would make Wang Yuzheng out of the experimental class. Wang Yuzheng would rather die, so….Boss, you know.”

    Liu Yi, reading this text message, suddenly clenched his cell phone, thinking.

    ‘This Lin Huayang….is too much!’

    ‘Could it be he still thought he can be indiscriminate in this school!’

    Liu Yi wrote a note and then gently nudge the lying in tears Wang Yuzheng beside him, and put the note on her table.

    Wang Yuzheng wiped her tears and looked at that note. It read.

    “Want me to help you get rid of Lin Huayang?”

    Wang Yuzheng, with red eyes, picked up a pen and wrote few words and then threw it at Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi took a look and, my goodness….her tone was pretty harsh.

    “No! Please, you people don’t disturb my life!”

    This girl’s resentment seemed very deep….

    Liu Yi didn’t know how to reply that, had to turn his head and pretend to listen to the lecture.

    Lin Tong, who was lying on Liu Yi’s table, started to gloat after reading the note.

    “Hey hey, how’s it going, being hated by a girl feels good, right?”

    “Fox sister….am I really that repugnant?”

    Liu Yi can’t help but ask.

    “Yeah, yeah, you are a flipping moron!”

    Lin Tong blinked her eyes at Liu Yi.


    “But sometimes it’s very cute….”

    Lin Tong felt so easy to pushed Liu Yi down into depression, so she also gave him some praise.

    “How could a man be described as cute….”

    Liu Yi was still not happy, “Forget it….I’d better look for a mission to blow off some steam.”

    With that, he looked at his phone, opened the app, and began to search for a recently posted mission on Northern Dragon City.

    However, it didn’t have the mission regarding that perverted killer. Instead, there’s an E-level task to hunt and kill a Wolf Demon!

    Mission Content: The air on the Eastern outskirts of Northern Dragon City was recently filled with Demonic Qi. According to the probe, the area may be infested with Wolf Demon. Immediate need for someone to deal with it, so as not to endanger the safety of the surrounding resident.

    “Wolf Demon?”

    Liu Yi’s heart started to palpitate, “Can I take care of it?”

    “Since this is an E-level task, it should be a little demon.”

    Lin Tong said, “Such a low-level demon has no intelligence, but the hatred for the human is deep. If it’s not handled in a timely manner, it’s probably going to create a big problem.”

    “Very well, I’ll take it.”

    Liu Yi was worried that the Wolf Demon would cause trouble, so he accepted the task.

    But his mind was still curious, and can’t help but ask, “But I felt strange….who issued this kind of task….”

    “Some are published by the cultivator, but some are issued by the organization that was set up by cultivators, called The Eye In The Sky.”

    “The Eye In The Sky?”

    “That’s right, This Eye In The Sky is a large Consortium.”

    Lin Tong explained, “They sent up several surveillance artifacts attached to the satellites. So, if there’s any sign of trouble, like when the air filled with demonic qi, they can easily monitor. There is no certain method to shield oneself from their monitoring. I’m afraid it’s even impossible.”

    “Holy sh….”

    Liu Yi was secretly startled. Immortal cultivators actually have such an organization!

    Lin Tong looked at Liu Yi’s surprised face, thinking.

    ‘Fortunately when the other Liu Yi appeared, he always gathered back his demonic qi. Otherwise, after a period, he will be discovered by the Eye In The Sky.’

    ‘At that time, I’m afraid he will become the content of a mission.’

    ‘I don’t know what will his reaction be if Liu Yi sees a warrant for himself from a mission….’

    Lin Tong was suddenly curious.

    Meanwhile, in the Murong Family Mansion, Murong Die was enraged.

    “I’m furious!”

    She picked up a big bear doll and mercilessly beaten its face.

    It seemed like she considered this big bear as Liu Yi.

    “Sis’ Die….I feel….Liu Yi gege didn’t aware of your kind intention.”

    Wang Lele, who sat by her side, weakly said.

    “What ‘kind intention,’ how could this big miss have any kind intention toward him!”

    Murong Die angrily said, “This big miss just want to strangle him!”

    “That….Isn’t Sis’ Die supposed to pretend to like him?”

    Wang Lele quickly said.

    At this time, Wang Lele and Murong Die were in a casual loose clothing, Murong Die wore a black lace nightgown, which appeared noble, yet cute. Her soft white skin and the black lace fabric was a brilliant contrast.

    But Wang Lele was in a blue robe, with a large V-neck on the front, which clearly showed her massive chest. The front part of the clothes also clearly reflected the two small pointy bulge. If Liu Yi was here at this time, he would inevitably spray nosebleed.

    The two people sat on the bed as Wang Lele tried to advise her.

    “I think….we should use the next method. The previous suggestion method is definitely not strong enough!”

    “Still not enough? Is there another method!”

    Murong Die indignantly said, “Could it be you want this big miss to kneel in front of Liu Yi, holding flowers and cried: Liu Yi, I beg you, please be this miss’ boyfriend? This big miss will not do that!”

    “Hey? This method can actually work! How about we try it?”

    “Go to hell, you dirty little girl, if you want to try, try it yourself!”

    Murong Die grabbed a Kermit the frog puppet and threw it at Wang Lele, “You’re chests are so big, I bet he’d love it!”

    “Ai, Liu Yi gege is not a person who only likes boobs!”

    Wang Lele held the Kermit the frog puppet in front of her chest, and then smiled and said, “Liu Yi gege is a bit wooden, but in order for Sis’ Die to get him, you have to put up with him a little bit.”

    “Who wants to get him!”

    Murong Die rolled her eyes, “This big miss just want to deceive his feelings! Humph, and then mercilessly avenge him!”

    “Yes, yes, yes, but first you have to wrap him around your fingers!”

    Wang Lele picked up a nearby iPad, and said, “Sis’ Die, let’s change our method.”

    “What method, is there any other method?”

    “It says here; there is a method. It’s called the indirect communication method.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “It’s a method to ask a friend to convey your feelings to Liu Yi gege instead of you!”

    Wang Lele explained, “We all know that Liu Yi gege is the world’s densest wood. Actually, he gave everything back to sis’ Die because he probably thought that sis’ Die regard him as a pet, or even a beggar. We must make Liu Yi gege know that sis’ Die actually like him so that he can understand sis’ Die real intention, right?”

    “For the record, I don’t like this guy!”

    Murong Die rubbed the bear’s head as she said, “That’s one way to approach this. The guy has his pride and foolishness. If we don’t tell him, perhaps he’s really misunderstood.”

    “Mm, then we go with this method! It should not be a problem!”

    “Good! Lele, this challenging task is given to you!”

    Murong Die nodded her head, then patted Wang Lele’s shoulder and said, “The organization depends on you!”

    “Huh? Me?”

    Wang Lele was silly.

    “That’s right, it’s handed over to you! Good, it’s happily settled then! This big Miss is suddenly famished!”

    “You hadn’t eaten in a day….”

    Wang Lele’s face was bitter, “I’ll go downstairs to get you something to eat….big Miss Murong….”



    Wang An looked at Murong Hong who came down from upstairs, and asked, “How is Miss?”

    “Liu Yi this fellow….actually dare to cause a grievance to little Die. Wang An, I want you to arrange….This evening, I want to take a good look at that Liu Yi.”