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Chapter 101 The Rebellious Murong Die

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Hearing him saying those words, Liu Yi was even more angered.

    The black stream of qi inside his body began to surge up and somewhat uncontrollably whooshing outward.

    A powerful devil qi was directly infused into his body.

    Liu Yi’s eyes were slightly suffused with golden threads.

    “Murong Hong, are you threatening me?”

    Liu Yi’s body suddenly sent out a strong murderous aura toward the opposite Murong Hong.

    Murong Hong’s mouth was initially holding a tobacco pipe, but unexpectedly this tobacco pipe was not firmly held by him. Thus, it fell on the nearby leather seat.

    “Liu Yi!”

    Wang An was also sensitive enough to capture that murderous intent. His finger was on the trigger as he aim the muzzle on Liu Yi’s temple, “Take one more step and I’ll shoot!”

    “I’m not talking with you right now!”

    Liu Yi said and then swung his right hand.

    The pistol in Wang An’s hand suddenly became red and boiling-hot, making him instantly cried out in alarm. Hence, he loosened his hand, letting the gun fell on the ground.

    Wang An looked at his hand in dismay as it began to show up some blisters.

    ‘How could this Liu Yi do this!’ He thought.

    ‘Beside knowing Kung Fu, does he also know some kind of telekinesis?’

    ‘This….is unbelievable….’

    “Liu Yi, what do you want?”

    Murong Hong calmed himself down.

    He picked up the tobacco pipe with his hand and tried not to show the shivers.

    He has completely lost the control of tonight’s situation.

    He was supposed to find Liu Yi and condescendingly talk to him.

    But he never thought that Liu Yi, contrary to his expectation, was able to singlehandedly and completely crushed all his bodyguards, and then he even gave him some demonstration of his power.

    This turn of event….

    How could it happen?

    He, Murong Hong of Northern Dragon City, had never been so humiliated.

    Of all people, this Liu Yi was able to make him at a loss of what to do!

    Moreover, he made him afraid….

    This man, what exactly is his background?

    Is he really just an ordinary student?

    But how could an average student was able to make him, Murong Hong, flustered!

    “What do I want? Uncle Murong, let’s not be so unreasonable.”

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but sneer, “Shouldn’t it be what do you want to do? Listening to your words, you seem to imply that you are threatening me with my family.”

    Liu Yi’s body was now filled with demonic and devil energy, and his speaking was thick with sarcasm.

    “We can sit down and talk.”

    Murong Hong said.

    “I’m still saying the previous sentence. I think we have nothing to talk about.”

    Liu Yi said, “Also, Murong Hong, don’t even try to make a move against my family. Otherwise, even if you are the unofficial Emperor of this Northern Dragon City, I can make you disappear.”

    His voice fell, his left hand suddenly made a piercing move toward Murong Hong.

    A hole suddenly appeared on the back of the chair.

    The meaning of this threat was self-evident.

    Murong Hong did not speak, but his face has turned very ugly.

    This was the first time someone threatened him.

    Moreover, it was actually done by an unknown student!

    His own daughter unexpectedly fell in love with such a dangerous man….

    Murong Hong’s heart completely lost his confidence.

    Liu Yi, having done all this, pulled his hand back, turned around and walked away.

    The surrounding bodyguards were all lying on the ground, all of them were injured by him.

    That Wang An also stood on the side. He did not dare to stop him.

    No one dared to stop Liu Yi. To them, Liu Yi was like a death star.

    Not after Liu Yi’s figure gradually disappeared did Wang An breathe a heavy sigh of relieve.

    Today’s Liu Yi….was entirely different from the past.

    It seemed like his master has stirred up this Liu Yi’s nerve….

    “Sir….What do we do now….”

    Wang An looked at that Lincoln car which has lost its door, toward Murong Hong, who was sitting inside while smoking a tobacco pipe, and asked.

    “Liu Yi is a dangerous man.”

    Murong Hong smoke that cigarette pipe for a long time, and finally, he gloomily said.

    “Today, I made a wrong move. I shouldn’t have mess with him. These days, don’t mess with Liu Yi anymore. We need to observe the situation first, and then we’ll see.”

    Murong Hong summarily said.

    “Then what about the little miss….”

    “We can’t put our hands on Liu Yi. But for little Die, I think, I will see her drop out of school and then I’ll arrange a tutor from the Elite Educations for her.”

    Murong Hong said, “I can’t control Liu Yi, but I can control my daughter. This source of danger must be cut off. Moreover, Liu Yi has humiliated me today….I, Murong Hong, will repay ten times, hundred times.”

    “Sir…what do you want to do?”

    Wang An’s heart was somewhat uncomfortable.

    He thought that Liu Yi seemingly would face a disaster.

    “Give me the contact of the Heavenly List.”

    “This….sir, is this a good idea?”

    “Do I, Murong Hong need you to teach me how to handle things?”

    Murong Hong’s face turned sinister as he said that.

    “Wang An knows his wrong….I will go and make the arrangement.”

    Wang An sighed in his heart and said.

    ‘Liu Yi, I hope you kid many-many good luck.’


    After Liu Yi had arrived in his home, he made a beeline toward the bed. His heart was incomparably depressed.

    ‘Damn Murong Hong….’ He cursed in his heart.

    ‘I didn’t look for him to create trouble, but he came to my place and provoked me instead!’

    “Aaaah! My life is messed up!”

    He couldn’t help but scream.

    “Actually, your life can transcend above all of this.”

    Lin Tong landed on the table and reminded, “As long as you pay all your attention to cultivating immortal cultivation with me, you can come with me and gone into seclusion. Your talents combined with my guidance. In five years, you can be a super expert. At that time, when you come back to Northern Dragon City again, Murong Hong or anyone, is completely not your opponent.”

    “No….That is not the life that I want.”

    Liu Yi repeatedly shook his head.

    “Then what kind of life do you want?”

    “I don’t know about the future, but for now, I want to focus my attention into getting admitted to a good university. Perhaps after going to college, everything will be different.”

    Liu Yi remembered how the teacher and his parents used to persuade him.

    You need to study hard now. After you went to college, you can do whatever you want.

    Indeed, Liu Yi also yearned for the College life. He heard that in University there are many beautiful girls, and he’ll be free to choose his lover.

    “D4mn, such an unambitious guy!”

    Lin Tong could not help but give a big supercilious look at Liu Yi.

    “Who said that? My chest has two big moles!” (TL: Unambitious can also mean The chest has no big mole)

    Liu Yi emphasized.

    “You! Rogue!”

    Lin Tong’s pretty face could not help but blush. She covered her face and no longer looked at Liu Yi.

    “Which part of me that look like a rogue?”

    “Your thinking is rogue!”

    “On the contrary, I think it’s you, Fox sister. Could it be all your thoughts are rogue?”

    “Liu Yi! Believe it or not, this lady will use the self-explode technique in front of you! See if you can withstand this unique skill!”

    “Fine…Just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

    After teasing the little Fox, Liu Yi felt that his mood had improved a lot.

    He felt that his personality had gradually changed.

    He used to be pretty rigid, but now he actually can smoothly tease a beauty.

    This must be because of the various forces that were interacting in his body….

    In particular, the surging up of the devil qi from the Red Blood Sutra Code, which gave him the biggest headache.

    “Humph humph, quickly do your homework and then do the mission! The Demon Wolf is waiting for no one. If you continue to procrastinate, perhaps other people will complete the mission!”

    “Why do I need to do my homework just after I went home? It’s too depressing!”

    Liu Yi currently has no mood to finish his homework. Better do the mission first.

    Murong Hong has completely messed up his life. And now he needed to figure out how to deal with Murong Hong.

    Liu Yi stood in front of the window and put on his black suit outfit.

    When the ice-cold mask buckled on his face, Liu Yi suddenly had a kind of enlightenment. He thought.

    ‘So what if you’re the unofficial Emperor of the Northern Dragon City?’

    ‘The Northern Dragon City Night, belongs to me, Liu Yi.’

    Thinking about this, Liu Yi’s mood improved a bit. He then jumped out of the window.


    “Sir, I have arranged a contact to the Heavenly List.”

    After Murong Hong had returned home, Wang An stood beside him and whispered.

    “Is there anyone available to order?”

    “Yes, there is….It’s the number 47 on the Heavenly List, Poison Jasmine. However, Sir….Liu Yi is only a student, are you sure you want to….”

    “He has threatened me.”

    Murong Hong’s face was gloomy as he sat on the couch, smoking a cigarette pipe.

    “People who threatened little Die and me cannot stay in this world.”

    When they were still speaking, Murong Die suddenly came from the upstairs and, with an unhappy face, asked.

    “Dad, why did the Butler suddenly say to me that you don’t want me to go to school tomorrow?”

    “Em, I think your school is a mess. Later I will arrange a tutor for you. I want you to do homeschool, and that’s final.”


    Murong Die was suddenly furious.

    “I am not yet 22. You can’t just take control of my life now!”

    “I’m doing this for your own good.”

    Murong Hong looked at her daughter’s angry face, and his heart turned slightly sour.

    ‘Oh, Liu Yi, if not for you, little Die will not become so disobedient.’

    “What’s for my own good? Do you understand me? Do You know what I’m thinking?”

    Murong Die’s repressed emotion that has been accumulating for a long time finally was about to explode.

    “You are indeed my father, but you shouldn’t control my life! I am your daughter, and I love you, but I don’t want to be your puppet, your toy! For so many years, you have been trying to control me, treating me like a Canary in a cage. I know that I’m not a child of ordinary family, so I made a promise to you that after I reach 22 years old, I will wholeheartedly listen to your control! But I did that in exchange for the freedom that I have before that age!”

    “Did I not provide for you enough? Are you still not satisfied?”

    Murong Hong was somewhat surprised.

    “What I want is not this. The material things are very good. But, I, Murong Die, am not just a pet, that you, Murong Hong, raise! A pet that will do whatever you told me to do. I’m sorry, I’m not a kid anymore, I have my own ideas. I am not your toy anymore, and I will not listen to your arrangement!”

    “Little Die, don’t forget, you are the daughter of the Murong Family!”

    “How could I!”

    Murong Die’s eyes were red as she angrily said to Murong Die, “Either you continue to let mo go to school, or you’ll never see your daughter again! Your choice!”

    With that, she turned around and ran back upstairs.

    “Nonsense! Complete nonsense!”

    Murong Hong was furious as he clenched his cigarette pipe.

    “Wang An, did you see that?! Did you hear that?! This is my good daughter! If I don’t get rid of this Liu Yi, how could I eliminate this anger! Immediately arrange a hit order for Poison Jasmine! I need to let that kid know that I, Murong Hong, is not to be trifled with!”