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Chapter 102 You Did That On Purpose

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Northern Dragon City Autumn’s night is nearly as cool as winter.

    Especially when the Autumn’s wind blow, which makes people chill to the bone.

    Liu Yi was wearing his black suit outfit. His immortal cultivation energy maintained the temperature inside his body. He was currently in the Eastern outskirt of the city, standing on top of a factory chimney, looking around at the situation all around him.

    “Fox sister, where’s the demonic qi coming from?”

    “It is further to the Northeast, probably near the abandoned construction site.”

    Lin Tong was lying on top of Liu Yi’s shoulder while giving him the direction.

    “By the way, you should learn how to do this yourself so that you can detect the demonic energy on your own.”

    “I already got you, Fox sister, why should I learn how to do this?”

    Liu Yi waved his hand and said.

    “It’s not that….”

    The little Fox suddenly couldn’t help but say, “If one day I had to leave, what are you going to do since you would be alone by then?”

    “How’s that possible? If that indeed happen, I would just bring Fox sister back!”

    Liu Yi smiled and said, “Fox sister is so good to me, I will certainly take care of Fox sister.”


    The little Fox’s nose turned somewhat sour. She hardly able to open her mouth, “But this miss is a four star jade expert….I don’t need you to protect me….”

    “I will grow up….In order to protect Fox sister, I would continually upgrade my strength.”

    Liu Yi clenched his fists and said.

    “Humph, consider you kid have a conscience.”

    “My grandpa said, a drop of grace will turn into a gushing spring….”

    “Your grandpa again, I hate your grandpa!”

    “My grandpa has died….your hate will go nowhere.”

    “You, you, you! This lady hates you now! Go kill yourself!”

    “If I die, who will protect Fox sister?”

    “D4mn! This lady is fierce. I can take care of myself!”

    When the two people were bickering, on the distant construction site, a huge fire suddenly burst out and into the sky.

    “There’s a fighting over there!”

    Lin Tong could not help but say, “Not good, someone else may also take the mission and arrived first! Liu Yi, let’s go and see!”

    “Got it!”

    Liu Yi nodded his head, and then started to pedal the ice skates below his feet, the whole person instantly jumped into the dark night.

    Wei Yi felt that she was recently plagued by bad luck.

    After a long time of unsuitable mission, she finally got one which only require her to kill a seemingly little demon.

    But when she came here, oh boy….This place didn’t have a Wolf Demon. Instead, it was a nest full of Wolf Demon!

    A big wolf demon with a pack of little wolf demon!

    At this time, Wei Yi stood in a corner of the construction site. Her body was fully covered with Tuantuan’s hair, protecting her.

    In front of her, there were six or seven werewolf-like creatures, each two meters high, approaching her little by little.


    A wolf demon was suddenly on all fours, the whole pack howled, and then suddenly rushed toward Wei Yi.


    “Hu, hu!”

    As soon as Wei Yi cried out her name, Tuantuan’s mouth suddenly spat out a red roaring flame toward that rushing Wolf Demon. The flame hit the Wolf Demon, which instantly sent its body fly out, turned into a heap of fire, rolled on the ground, and then cried out in pain.

    But that Wolf Demon rolled on the ground several times, which then extinguished the flame.

    The rest of the Wolf Demons ferociously stared at Wei Yi, ready to attack at a moments notice.

    “Hihihi….I can’t believe that, in the middle of the night, there’s such a beautiful girl knocking down at my doorstep.”

    A man in a black trench coat, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, and a horrible scar on one of his eyes, was sitting on top of a row of cement pipes at the construction site. He was looking down at the little Wolf Demons and said with a strange smile.

    “Once my kids take you down, I’m going to enjoy you first and then eat your delicious flesh.”

    “D4mn! Enjoy your lecherous thoughts in your dream!”

    Although her mouth was swearing, Wei Yi’s heart was very uncomfortable.

    The level of the wolf demon that sat on the cement pipe is seemingly not low.

    One can say that, at the very least, he is a third-star Demon!

    Then there are these little one or two star demons….If she makes a tiny bit of mistake, she probably wouldn’t be able to leave here alive.

    Wei Yi subconsciously touched the jade pendant on her chest. She was really tempted to use this jade to call her martial brother….

    ‘Can’t I complete the task by myself?’ She thought.

    She who use to brag about being the heaven’s chosen female….

    Will soon become a big loser!

    As she continued to urge her fire civet Tuantuan to sent fireballs at the constantly approaching Wolf Demon, her heart was secretly worried.

    “Au, Au, Au!”

    At this time, these pack of Wolf demons suddenly spread themselves into two groups and then rushed toward Wey Yi from two sides.


    Wei Yi quickly cried out.

    That Fire Civet quickly turned into a heap of fireball and then flew out with a roar.

    “Bam, bam bam!”

    The blazing fireball was extremely fast. It hit three Wolf Demons in a row, knocking out their body away.

    But another Wolf Demon slyly wounded up behind Wei Yi, opened his big mouth, and was about to bite Wei Yi’s white and tender neck.

    Wei Yi only felt a cold wind coming from behind her, but it was too late to turn back. Her heart instantly went cold.

    But at this moment, the air surrounding her suddenly turned cold.

    “Ice Ball!”


    A cold air blasted out behind Wei Yi’s back.

    The Icy blast froze that Wolf Demon on the ground, turning him into a Wolf ice sculpture.

    “Who is it!”

    The man in a black trench coat suddenly stood up, and loudly roared, “You dare to break into my Black Wind territory!”

    “Your grandpa!”

    The voice in midair said and suddenly turned into a shadow. Blue ice awns were unceasingly burst out from behind that shadow, which moved toward the spot on the cement pipe where that man in a trench coat stood.

    “Atta boy, you come here to die!”

    The Black Wind’s mouth uttered a roar and then launched his foot, doing a side kick.

    Liu Yi’s palm and his foot clashed together and suddenly, with a loud bang, the two people simultaneously stepped back two steps.

    “Three stars!”

    Lin Tong instantly saw the strength of this Black Wind Wolf Demon and told Liu Yi.

    “What, you again?”

    Seeing Liu Yi stood up from falling on the ground earlier, Wei Yi hastily asked.

    “I’m the one who want to ask here! With so many tasks, why did you took the same task as me!”

    “Sh1t, do you think I want to!”

    Wei Yi can’t help but exclaimed, “The E-level tasks are so few. There’s only a few that suit me….These days, the Eye In The Sky often cheat on people, this is obviously a D-level task, but they set it to an E-level task instead! I want to go back and find their customer services to lecture them!”


    Liu Yi suddenly shed out cold sweat while thinking, ‘this Eye In The Sky also has a customer service department….’

    ‘They have everything!’

    When Liu Yi wiped away his sweat, the Wolf Demon, who stood on the cement pipe, growled.

    “What! This father is just an E-level task! D4mn, this makes no sense! No wonder the two that came here are just weak little bitches! Kids, kill them both. Tonight, we’ll dine their meat!”

    “Au, Au, Au!”

    The Wolves immediately cried one after the other.

    Wei Yi was surprised to find that there were, even more, Wolf Demons crawled out from the surrounding darkness.

    “Oh my God! I’m in Wolf’s lair!”

    “Fortunately, they’re not a color-wolf (pervert). Otherwise, you’ll lose big time!”

    Liu Yi still has the mood to crack a joke.

    “D4mn! Who says there is no pervert here? There are two in this place!”

    Wei Yi recalled that Liu Yi almost took her first kiss that night. Her face suddenly went red, and she can’t help but tenderly scolded.

    “Two? Why would there be two?”

    “It’s you and that Black Wind! You’re all pervert!”

    “Hey! I am innocent!”

    “You, two brats, this is my place, not a place that you can casually chat!”

    The Black Wind laughed, “Let my children rip you apart!”

    As soon as Black Wind said that, those little Wolf Demons, one by one, jumped up on both Liu Yi and Wei Yi.

    “Tuantuan! Don’t let them look down on our Linglong school’s disciple!”

    Wei Yi cried out, “Come here!”


    That Fire Civet suddenly jumped on to Wei Yi’s hand and turned into a fire, and then turned into a strange cane, which unexpectedly looked like a pistol. One of its ends was on Wei Yi’s hand while the other end showed a shape of the head of a cat.

    “Taste our Tuantuan’s Cloud of Fire! You pervert!”

    Wei Yi said as she grabbed that pistol-like cane with both hands while aiming it at the Wolf demon in front of her and then swept like crazy.

    Suddenly, fireballs sprayed out from the cat’s mouth and fell on that pack of Demon Wolf.

    “Boom, boom, boom!”

    Like a barrage from the artillery, the fireballs were unceasingly blasted out, bombing those Wolf Demons back.

    Liu Yi looked silly, thinking.

    ‘I’ll be d4mn….This summoner expert could actually bring out such toy!’

    ‘Too awesome!’

    “This is called Armor Up.”

    Lin Tong lazily blew off some air, telling Liu Yi that, “This is just a common technique of a spiritual cultivator. When you open up your third-star jade, I will teach you such a skill. Then you can also subdue a spirit animal to play with.”

    “Huh? Didn’t you say double cultivation will not have a good end?”

    “Summoning a spiritual animal will not interfere with your cultivation.”

    Lin Tong explained, “The true summoner started to train their spiritual animal since they were kid. That’s why it is so difficult for them to cultivate. If you switch into raising a spiritual animal now, it would actually be ok. Generally, immortal cultivators don’t want to waste their immortal energy. That’s why they dislike this technique. But you are different. Your body has three different energy….Everyday, your energy would always overflow, it would be enough to feed some of it to the spiritual animal! Moreover, feeding a spiritual animal might be good for you, less your energy would be too much and you lose control of yourself.”

    “Oh….Okay then….”

    Liu Yi nodded his head, agreeing to Lin Tong’s suggestion of him raising a spiritual animal. He thought

    ‘In any case, I’m a compassionate boy.’

    ‘Raising a cute pet will not only help me pass the time, it is said that it can also be used to pick up girls!’

    ‘Hehe….I’m a genius!’

    ‘How could that Chen Cai called himself the Saint of Love! That title should belong to me!’

    ‘It’s just that I’m a low-key man, not a show off like Chen Cai.’

    “Boom, boom, boom!”

    The nearby Wei Yi was constantly blowing out balls of flame, forcing back those Wolf Demons.

    When she saw that Liu Yi was just standing there in a daze, her nose crooked with anger.

    “Ten steps to milk a man, are you stupid! Quickly come and help! This old mom will be tired to death!”

    This chosen girl has used a foul language, showing that she’s extremely furious.

    “Yes, I’m coming.”

    Liu Yi immediately rubbed his hands to create ice balls and then threw them one by one toward those Wolf Demon.

    “Bam, bam, bam!”

    Icy blasts suddenly exploded on the ground.

    The fireball that Wei Yi just shot out was instantly condensed into a frost by Liu Yi’s icy balls.

    In her anger, Wei Yi almost sent a fireball toward Liu Yi.

    “D4mn! Ten steps to milk a man, you did that on purpose!”

    “No! Definitely not! I swear to God!”