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Chapter 103 Cat Mother Wei Yi

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “You should coordinate your attack with this miss!”

    Wei Yi was exasperated, thinking, ‘Is this ten steps to milk a man came here to mess with me?’

    ‘This asshole….’

    ‘Why did he, when turning into a demon, become so charming but also highly skilled?’

    Wei Yi didn’t know what was so strange inside the body of Ten steps to milk a man.

    But she’s unconsciously somewhat expecting for the demonic Liu Yi to awake.

    “Wei Yi, gun down the spot that I’m going to freeze!”

    Liu Yi said as he rubbed up a group of ice balls to shoot and then threw them out.


    Three Wolf Demons were instantly frozen to the ground, turning into ice sculptures.


    Wei Yi deftly fired a fireball toward those ice sculptures, exploding them into pieces.


    Liu Yi nodded with satisfaction, thinking, ‘This kind of destructive power is the strongest!’

    He continued to throw ice bombs, making a field of ice sculptures.

    Wei Yi began to continuously collect heads. Her fireballs sent those ice sculptures into bits and pieces.

    This powerful destructive force swept away this pack of Wolf Demons like crazy.

    “Au, Au, Au!”

    A pack of Wolf Demons was finally on their last leg. They were not ganging up the two people. Instead, they were massacred!

    Even if they are low in intelligence, they know how to feel afraid!

    “Not bad, not bad! Didn’t think you’re useful this time!”

    Wei Yi happily said.

    “Damn! You actually treat my children like this! D4mn you!”

    That Black Wind, who stood on the cement pipe, seeing this scene, his eyes turned red.

    “The two of you, die for me! Dark Demonic Wind!”

    He pulled his hands behind his back, and then shot out to the front and clasped together.

    Suddenly, two strong winds waved out from his hands and then gathered together, forming a black tornado, seven or eight meters high and one meter wide, and then rolled over toward Liu Yi and Wei Yi.

    Those Wolf Demons knew the attack pattern of their boss. Thus, they flexibly dodge this tornado.

    But Liu Yi and Wei Yi, two people were somewhat caught off guard.

    “What do we do, what do we do!”

    Wei Yi looked at the black tornado that was rapidly rolled toward them and asked, somewhat in panic.

    “Grab me!”

    Liu Yi loudly shouted.

    “Who’s going to grab you! I am not….Ah!”

    The tornado has arrived in front of the two of them. Its powerful wind was tearing their clothes.

    Fortunately, the two people have the immortal energy to protect their body. Otherwise, they would certainly run naked into the camera.

    Both of Liu Yi’s feet condensed out a powerful frost energy, freezing the surface of the floor, making him tied to the ground.

    Wei Yi, who almost flew out, subconsciously hugged Liu Yi’s waist in a hurry so that both of their waists were pasted tightly together.

    This time is not the time to keep her self-respect intact.

    The strength of this tornado was extremely powerful. Liu Yi soon felt that his feet can’t hold on any longer.

    He crouched down and lie on the floor. Both of his hands condensed out icy frosts, binding him to the ground. But this posture can also reduce the drag and also better to steady himself.

    Wei Yi also followed to bent over, lying next to Liu Yi and still clutching his waist. Their postures were quite ambiguous.

    Liu Yi thought that if the tornado weren’t too strong, he would be able to smell Wei Yi’s body fragrance.

    ‘Amitabha….in times like this, what am I thinking!’ He chastised himself.

    Liu Yi repeatedly shook his head.

    He increased the thickness of his ice and trying hard to resist the raging tornado.

    After this continued for about a minute, the strength of the tornado gradually subsided.

    The two people have become extremely pathetic.

    Their clothes were torn open. Many gaping holes can be seen. Fortunately, Liu Yi is a boy, so it didn’t matter to him.

    But for Wei Yi next to him, many parts of her soft white skin were exposed. Particularly on her curling upward buttocks. Because when they lay down on the ground just a moment ago, that spot was the most ripped apart. Liu Yi can even see Wei Yi’s black lace panties….

    ‘Oh my….this is the legendary tear dress pattern!’

    Wei Yi obviously didn’t know that her skin has been exposed that much. After getting up, she waved her fist in anger and shouted.

    “Kill that damn Wolf Demon! My hairstyle is all messed up because of him!”

    ‘Hey, hey….’

    ‘Is it okay to be focusing on the hairstyle this time?’

    Liu Yi wanted to ridicule, but he refrained from doing so.

    “You two actually can withstand my Dark Demon Wing? Interesting, interesting.”

    The Black Wind couldn’t help but sneer, “Although the two of you have some strength, your biggest mistake was picking the wrong opponent. This uncle Black Wind will send the two of you babies to the western paradise!”

    With that, Black Wind bathed himself in the moonlight and suddenly spread out his arms-In Liu Yi’s eyes, his posture was like someone who is suffering from constipation-and roared.

    “Au, au, au, uu, uu, uu….”

    Black Wind’s appearance was unceasingly changing.

    He no longer looked like a man eating guy. His hair started to unceasingly grow while his face continued to elongate.

    His stature became a lot higher and much stronger. His four hands turned into the hungry wolf’s sharp claws.

    He stood there on both of his lower limbs’ claws, a black haired werewolf. His green and glossy eyes landed on Liu Yi and Wei Yi.

    “Holy shit, this is a Werewolf or a Wolf Demon!”

    Liu Yi can’t help but exclaim.

    Before his voice even dropped, something already arrived in front of him.

    That black figure who stood on top of the cement pipe ten meters away just a moment ago has vanished and instantly appeared in front of Liu Yi.

    He waved his claw directly at Liu Yi’s chest.


    There was a tearing pain in his chest. Liu Yi was sent out flying, blood spilling out of his chest.

    This Wolf Demon….was too quick….

    “Liu Yi, be careful! This guy’s technique attribute is the wind. The wood attribute creates the wind technique!”

    Liu Yi’s icy qi came from the system of water.

    He endured the pain and crawled up, full of wariness in his heart.

    The nearby Wei Yi also met with a disaster at this time. After Black Wind swept a claw at Liu Yi, he prepared to get rid of Wei Yi.

    “Tuantuan! Fusion!”

    Wei Yi is indeed worthy to be a disciple of an Immortal Cultivation School. When she saw that Liu Yi was injured, she immediately reacted.

    The cat head in her hand instantly turned into a flame and quickly spread into her whole body.

    Wei Yi’s ears were suddenly transformed into a pair of furry cat ears.

    A cat tail also extended out from the crack on her pants.

    Her pupils have become very beautiful while her pair of claws were incomparably sharp.


    Liu Yi was shocked.

    ‘This….is beyond weird!’

    ‘But why does she looks so cute….’

    ‘Is this the legendary, the cat mother goddess….’


    Black Wind waved his claw in an empty space.

    But the fusion of the Fire Civet and the Cat mother Wei Yi, in the blink of an eye, appeared on the top of that Black Wind’s head. Simultaneously, her pair of claws directly grabbed that Black Wind’s face.

    One of Black Wind’s eyes was caught unprepared.

    Blood spewing out followed by the scream of Black Wind.

    “Aaa! You damn kid! This uncle’s eye!”

    His body burst out a violent dark tornado, making cat mother Wei Yi directly flew out and hit the nearby pillar.

    “Damn, damn you all!”

    Black Wind was a bit crazy.

    He kept waving his claws, each time carrying out a sharp wind, which cut everywhere around him.

    Because he has the power of the Demonic energy, the injuries on Liu Yi’s chest have been a lot better.

    He flexibly walked away from those wind blade.

    The cat mother Wei Yi was even more flexible. She unceasingly stepped on the flame, dodging those razor-sharp wind.

    “Cat mother, what do we do next!”

    Liu Yi dodged to the side and asked.

    “Go to hell! You’re the cat mother!”

    Wei Yi glared at Liu Yi, “This is called a fusion, ok! It let my power temporarily reach three stars! But there’s still some gap in years of experience with this Black Wind’s three stars! I think I can’t confront him head on!”

    ‘Is there no way to deal with this Wolf Demon?’ Liu Yi thought.

    ‘How could this be.’

    How to stop this wind attribute, ultra fast Wolf Demon….’

    Liu Yi suddenly thought of a method that he once use when he trained with Lin Tong.

    ‘Right….I still have this one move!’

    “Hey, blockhead, you big black dog, one-eyed dog! Come here if you have the skill! Your grandpa is here!”

    Liu Yi, all of a sudden, started to taunt openly, facing the Black Wind and cried out.

    “Are you crazy….”

    Wei Yi was terrified, thinking, ‘How could his mouth still happily shout?’

    “Au, Au!”

    Black Wind suddenly turned. His only remaining one eye looked at Liu Yi with a deep sense of anger.

    “Little kid, you bring your own death!”

    Even before his voice stopped, his body had suddenly disappeared.

    Liu Yi’s feet suddenly condensed an icy frost and spread it out.

    “Boom! Krak, krak, krak….”

    That Black Wind’s figure suddenly appeared less than twenty centimeters away from Liu Yi. But both of his feet were temporarily frozen on the ground. His eye was full of dismay.

    “Completely freeze for me!”

    Liu Yi took a deep breath and then made a determined effort to continuously create ice balls and crazily smashed it on the ground.

    “Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!”

    In one vigorous effort, he didn’t even know how many ice balls that he threw on the ground.

    The Black Wind in front of him was now half frozen.

    “Little kid, do you think you can freeze this uncle Black Wind!”

    Black Wind roared, and his body was constantly erupting violent dark wind, trying to tear up the frost.

    “Not over yet!”

    Contrary to the expectation, Liu Yi didn’t retreat but move forward instead and then pasted himself toward Black Wind’s body.

    Meanwhile, his left palm exuded out a glistening blue light. This palm energetically exploded on Black Wind’s chest.

    “Vein Seal!”


    This palm solidly exploded on its target.

    A red palm print was left on Black Wind’s chest.

    The frost on his body constantly spread out as the Vein Seal suppressed his blood vessels.

    The violent dark wind on Black Wind’s body dispersed and, all of sudden, he could not move.

    He can only stare with his one big eye, watching Liu Yi in front of him in horror.

    “Cat Mother! Quickly make your move!”

    Liu Yi cried out.

    “You’re the cat mother!”

    Wei Yi refuted, but she canceled the fusion and used her armored technique again.

    The cat head first appeared on the palm of her hand and then an intense ball of flame constantly condensed at the front of the cat’s mouth.

    “Ten steps to milk a man, get out of there!”

    Liu Yi was already stepping on ice skates and withdrew more than ten meters away.

    Wei Yi’s cat head blew out one powerful pillar of flame. Because the strength of this pillar of flame was truly powerful, her whole body shook.


    That pillar of flame hit the body of Black Wind. A dazzling fire suddenly blew up in this construction site.