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Chapter 104 Blocking The Way Will Die

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     A huge cloud of fire rushed to the sky and then slowly dissipated, like a meteor rain, flying everywhere.

    Black Wind’s body was shattered, leaving only his head, which fell and rolled on the ground. Surprisingly, his one eye hasn’t closed, and his mouth still moved.

    Liu Yi sighed with emotion, thinking, ‘Truly deserve to be a Demon race, his life force is really strong!’

    “Damn….this uncle….this uncle….will actually die at the hands of these two bastards….”

    A minor third-star expert was beaten by two second-star newcomers. This Black Wind perhaps will die leaving his grievance unresolved.

    “You two….don’t get too cocky with this….”

    With his last breath, Black Wind left these words.

    “The Lost Organization….will not….let you off….”


    Before he could finish, Wei Yi’s foot kicked away the Wolf’s head.

    A “Boom!” sound was heard. The Wolf’s head bumped into the side of a wall like a ball and then completely dead.

    “He is still chatty even though he’s on his last breath!”

    Her tattered clothes revealed some of her forbidden body parts, which seen by Liu Yi in a glance, making him secretly swallowed his saliva.

    ‘This is….the benefits of fighting….’ He thought.

    “No….This is a D-level task. I’m going back and report this to the customer service department of the Eye In The Sky so that they bump up the task level! Otherwise, the reward will not be enough!”

    “This….task is finished with our cooperation, so, the reward will be divided in half, right?”

    Liu Yi blinked his eyes and asked.

    “Humph, although I hate to admit it, yes, the mission is completed by the cooperation of the two of us.”

    Wei Yi unhappily said.

    “It’s over….I lost five thousand yuan….”

    Thinking that this task initially can give him ten thousand yuan, but in a blink of an eye he had to give away half of it, Liu Yi’s heart was in pain.

    “You miser….the bounty will belong to you, happy now?”

    “What’s this, the Sun rises from the East? Cat mother, you’re actually this kind?”

    “Cat mother you sister! I don’t care about that little money!”

    Wei Yi’s impulsiveness was drawn out by Liu Yi, “The money is yours, but the morality points belong to me, how about that!”

    “This….is not a good idea….I seem to suffer a great deal of loss….”

    Liu Yi blinked.

    He suddenly felt himself started to become cunning!

    The previous him will certainly agree to this arrangement!

    But now, how could behave like this, this arrangement is actually fair for the two of them….

    He doesn’t belong to any school or sect, so, the morality point is naturally useless for him.

    Could it be he is born a miser?

    Or is it because the awakening of his evil personality?

    “You know that the morality points can be exchanged for an artifact….But no amount of money can buy a good artifact, right?”

    Liu Yi awkwardly raised this issue with Wei Yi.

    “What you said is reasonable….this arrangement is indeed a bit unfair to you.”

    Wei Yi nodded her head, “1000 morality points is indeed quite a lot. How about this, I won’t take advantage of you, let us set the rate of 1 morality points per ten yuan. I’ll buy your part of morality points, which is 500, for a total of 5000 yuan, what do you think?”

    “Ai….there’s still some loss in there….”

    Liu Yi sighed, and then said, “But, seeing that the two of us is both an immortal cultivator, I will sacrifice this little interest of mine.”

    “Thank you, sometimes I find that you’re very pleasing to look at.”

    Wei Yi was somewhat grateful that she can keep so many morality points for herself, which is indeed will be very helpful for her.

    This girl didn’t know that Liu Yi has cheated on her, making her pay more for what should be a fair arrangement.

    Liu Yi’s heart was silently chanting, ‘Amitabha, this is not me, but my evil personality….Later on, the evil me will go to hell while I will enter the paradise, looking for beauties….’

    “If each of us do the E-task alone, the reward is pitiful, and also a waste of time.”

    Wei Yi suddenly had an idea, and suggested, “Why don’t the two of us formed a team to do the task. We’ll then directly take the D-level task and the bounty arrangement will be the same as this. What do you think about this?”

    Hearing Wei Yi’s recommendation, Liu Yi’s heart was somewhat moved, thinking.

    ‘Indeed, the two of us is only a second star cultivator. If the two of us works alone, we’ll only be able to take the E-level task.’

    ‘A single E-level task will only reward 1000 yuan. Moreover, the number of tasks is very pitiful.’

    ‘In contrast, the D-level task is more common. Although its difficulty increases, the bonus is ten times more than the E-level task!’

    It’s ten thousand yuan per task….oh, no, it’s fifteen thousand per task! If the number of tasks is six or seven each month, I’ll be rich soon in no time!’

    At this time, there are some little golden stars in Liu Yi’s eyes.

    Seeing his miser look, Wei Yi can’t help but feel disdain.

    “Hey, hey, have you done thinking about it? This big miss doesn’t have much time, no time to accompany you in a daze here! Quickly tell me if you accept my proposition or not!”

    “Yes, I agree to it. It’s a deal!”

    Liu Yi didn’t try to bargain. This deal is not bad for him.

    As long as he can make money, it’s a good deal.

    It’s not easy to earn money as ordinary people….Besides, Liu Yi is just a high school student.

    “When it comes to money, look at yourself, your eyes have turned into grandpa Mao!” (TL: Grandpa Mao is Mao Zedong, whose picture is on the 100 yuan bill)

    Wei Yi can’t help but quip.

    “My grandpa said, A gentleman loves money, in a proper way. I’m not like you, born in a wealthy family. I want to be rich, but I have to rely on my own strength.”

    Liu Yi said.

    “Okay, okay, you love to work hard, I get it. In any case, we’ve made a deal. Quickly open your client account and add me. My username is Wei Yi.”

    “Wait a minute!”

    Liu Yi raised his head, turning away his eyes from his mobile phone and landed it on Wei Yi’s pretty face.

    “Your username is Wei Yi?”

    “Of course.”

    Wei Yi nodded her head, “Do you think I’ll use such a weird name?”

    “Then how did you get that name….”

    “My real name had the “Wei” character on it. I also like to throw coins like the great master of Yi. Therefore, I call myself Wei Yi!” (TL: The “Yi” character here is the same as the character of “Yi” in the book of change, or Yi Jing/I Ching, master of Yi refer to someone who’s expert in the book of change)

    Wei Yi blinked her eyes and said.


    ‘This name is too standard!’

    “Then what’s your real name?”

    Liu Yi asked.

    “Damn, why should I tell you!”

    Wei Yi rolled her eyes at Liu Yi, “I won’t tell you, you big pervert!”

    “I’m not a pervert….”

    Liu Yi felt very aggrieved.

    “Humph! If I say you are a pervert, then you are a pervert, don’t try to deny it! Open your app and add me as your friend. Later on, it will be easier for us to contact each other.”

    “This site…also have ‘adding a friend’ function?”

    Liu Yi was in shocked.

    “Of course! You underestimate the technological standard of our immortal cultivator!”

    Wei Yi looked at Liu Yi with contempt, “Even people in rural areas have internet access, much less in the cities. Could it be all the immortal cultivators are hiding in the remote mountains and ancient forest, breeding fishes and planting flowers for a living?”


    “Cut the crap and quickly add me! Wei Yi, don’t get it wrong! The character of Wei is the same as Wei in a species of fern!”

    Wei Yi loudly urged.

    Liu Yi flipped through the app and found the add friend function and then successfully add Wei Yi as his best friend.

    “M, I’ll go back and build the team mode. I’m the captain, and I’ll choose the mission for us.”

    “Why are you the captain and not me?”

    Liu Yi quickly asked.

    “There’s no such thing as why, this miss want to be the team leader, and that’s it. You’re not going to object this do you!”

    Wei Yi brusquely said, “No? Good, it’s a pleasant deal then.”


    Liu Yi thought, ‘I seem not to have the chance to agree to it.’

    ‘But why this girl is so quick to say it’s a deal….’

    ‘Sure enough, all big miss are brutal.’

    ‘Wei Yi is like this. Murong Die is also the same.’

    Thinking about Murong Die, Liu Yi’s heart couldn’t help but felt some anxiety.

    ‘This big miss, I don’t know how to deal with her.’

    ‘She’s angry at me for no reason at all. After that, her dad came after me.’

    ‘I taught her dad a lesson….’

    ‘This, would not make Murong Die more angry would she!’

    ‘When I go to school tomorrow, there shouldn’t be a problem, right….’

    ‘Amitabha, I’m asking for the blessing of Buddha.’

    ‘That big miss, I can’t mess with her.’

    ‘Although I can put my hands on her dad….’

    ‘But she….’

    ‘I can’t hit her, and I also can’t quarrel with her. Such a big headache….’

    “I will take the Wolf head back with me. We’re already a team now and I want to take this back to report our completion of the task. Hmm, some martial uncles from the school who likes to refine drugs should also want this.”

    Wei Yi said, looking at the Wolf head as she pulled out a bag.

    This bag is only palm-sized, but a freak wind suddenly emerged, sucking the Wolf head into the pocket.

    “What kind of bag is this, it’s amazing….”

    Liu Yi exclaimed.

    “A storing bag, which is a sumeru bag!”

    Wei Yi explained, “This bag was created by sumeru technique. There’s a sumeru space inside of it. Although this bag looks small, the space inside is actually very large. It can accommodate a lot of stuff.”

    “Oh….it’s very useful.”

    Liu Yi sighed with emotion, thinking, ‘If I learn this sumeru technique earlier, it would be really convenient for me.’

    “This Wolf head is really disgusting….but, that guy previously said about the Lost Organization, have you heard that name?”


    Liu Yi shook his head. He didn’t know about the things in immortal cultivation world, let alone their specific organization.

    “Lost….is a huge organization of Demon race…..”

    At this time, Lin Tong on the shoulder opened her mouth.

    “The strength of this organization….is really formidable….They are initially on par with some established immortal cultivation organization….But later on, they grew increasingly large….Right now, the strength of this organization will make anyone tremble in fear.”

    As she spoke, Lin Tong’s body slightly shivered.

    “Even to other Demon race like them, If one does not obey their command….One fate will be very miserable….Liu Yi, I didn’t dare to speak about this a moment ago, because I felt fear….This time, you really mess with people that shouldn’t be messed with.”

    “….Wasn’t it you who wanted me to be a Demon Hunter?”

    Liu Yi hastily asked.

    “I thought this was just a little Demon….Such as those little Wolf Demons who escaped just a moment ago….”

    Lin Tong’s voice was somewhat quivered, “I never thought….we would bump into a member of Lost Organization….There were so many Wolf Demon who escaped, some of them will send a message so that the Lost Organization will know the cause of death of Black Wind…..A human who oppose Lost, never has a good end. Liu Yi, right now your strength is so low….I’m really worried about you.”

    “Rest assured, my grandpa said to never afraid when I meet with difficulties.”

    Liu Yi said in his heart, ‘His mother, no point in worrying when I have so many other problems.’

    “I just need Fox sister to continue to help me train so that my strength would increase. No matter if it’s Lost, or Great God, as long as someone block my path to make money, I will kill them all….”

    “Hey, hey, shouldn’t it be your path to immortal cultivation?”

    “Ah…it’s just slip of the tongue, slip of the tongue….”

    “Slip your grandpa! You f*cking miser!”