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Chapter 109 You Are Actually Not That Bad

Mai Kitsune Waifu

    Liu Yi jumped into the ice-cold pool water.

    This freezing cold water was a bit biting. After Liu Yi jumped into it, it almost made his muscle cramped.

    Luckily there’s an immortal energy within his body, which continuously circulated, making his body temperature rapidly elevated.

    Liu Yi has never swam before, and this was the first time he’s under the water.

    But the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra that he cultivated actually played a big part this time.

    In this pool of water, Liu Yi felt as if his body has blended with the water. After he recovered his body temperature, he didn’t feel any discomfort anymore.

    Instead, it was especially comfortable, like being surrounded by beautiful women.

    He saw to the side not far from him, Wang Yuzheng was slowly sinking into the bottom of the pool.

    Liu Yi didn’t dare to delay anymore and hurriedly kicked his two legs backward, making his body immediately went forward in the water, and then swam to Wang Yuzheng’s side.

    He held out his left hand and caught Wang Yuzheng’s waist.

    By this time, Wang Yuzheng’s has lost her consciousness. Liu Yi took her by his hand and swam upward toward the surface.

    But at this time, Liu Yi suddenly felt as if a pair of hands inside the water tightly held both of his legs.

    He was surprised, immediately looked down and saw there was a vague silhouette inside the water, but he can’t clearly see the face.

    Only a tangle of black hair, like a water plant, wrapped around his legs, pulling him down toward the bottom of the pool.

    “Water Demon!”

    Lin Tong exclaimed, “There’s actually a Water Demon inside this pool….”

    Liu Yi didn’t have the time to listen to Lin Tong’s explanation of Water Demon. Although he had sucked a lot of air before he jumped into the pool and can hold for a much longer time.

    But Wang Yuzheng can’t hold on anymore.

    In just a moment, perhaps she would suffocate to death.

    Liu Yi circulated his white stream of qi on both of his feet, which suddenly created a layer of frost around them.

    Inside the water, the frost quickly spread, and freeze that Water Demon’s body.

    The Water Demon’s black hair suddenly froze into ice, after which, Liu Yi exerted himself and, following several crackling sounds, the ice broke. Using this opportunity, Liu Yi separated himself from the entanglement of the Water Demon.

    Liu Yi then rapidly took the now soft body of Wang Yuzheng to the surface of the water and breathed a sigh of relieve.

    The shadow of the frozen into ice Water Demon sank to the bottom of the pool

    Seizing this opportunity, Liu Yi quickly took Wang Yuzheng and swam back to the edge of the pool.

    “Boss, impressive, I did not know you could swim!”

    Standing on the edge of the pool, Chen Cai looked at Liu Yi with envy, if he could swim, he can also be the hero who saves the beauty.

    It was clearly shown here that swimming is a very important skill to have!

    “I have just learned.”

    Liu Yi pushed Wang Yuzheng up to the edge of the pool, then climbed up himself.

    Everyone was relieved at the same time. Wang Yuzheng this person is finally rescued.

    The girl who previously pushed Wang Yuzheng wiped off her cold sweat.

    “Truly lucky….However, that was just an accident, don’t blame for this. Who let her stand near the pool….”

    Liu Yi did not bother to respond to that girl. He watched Wang Yuzheng as she currently lies on the floor and still unconscious.

    “Boss, artificial respiration!”

    Chen Cai urged, “As it said in the book, you need to perform artificial respiration on her!”

    “Is….this ok….?”

    Liu Yi was somewhat hesitated.

    “Go on, boss…Or else this opportunity will be taken by the PE teacher!”

    Chen Cai looked at the nearby PE teacher who was tapping her foot; her ankle had swollen up. It was very inconvenient for her to perform the artificial respiration.

    “Very well….”

    Liu Yi thought that saving lives was more important.

    Moreover, looking at the eager faces of the group of boys by the side, Liu Yi thought that if he let them come, they might not now how to perform an artificial respiration, and may do something else instead.

    This kind of thing can only be performed by a righteous person like himself!

    Liu Yi took a deep breath and leaned forward toward Wang Yuzheng’s body, then slowly moved toward her lips.

    At this time, there was a crystal-clear drop of water on Wang Yuzheng’s lips, making it looked very alluring.

    ‘Well….’ He thought.

    ‘Looks like this would be my first kiss….’

    When he was about to perform the artificial respiration, these thoughts suddenly flashed through his mind.

    ‘I hope this will also be Wang Yuzheng’s first kiss….Otherwise, I would suffer a big loss….’

    Liu Yi was about to complete his first kiss when suddenly from the side, without knowing which one, a girl accidentally pressed Wang Yuzheng’s belly.


    Suddenly, Wang Yuzheng’s mouth spurted out a stream of water which directly hit Liu Yi’s face by surprised.


    The water that choked her was spurted out and her consciousness restored.

    When she opened her eyes, she saw Liu Yi was on top of her body, with his mouth and face so close to her.


    Wang Yuzheng screamed and knee-jerkingly slapped Liu Yi’s face.

    Liu Yi quickly stood up, letting Wang Yuzheng slapped empty air.

    ‘Holy sh*t….this girl seems to misunderstand what’s going on.’ Liu Yi thought.

    “Pervert, you, what are you going to do to me!”

    Wang Yuzheng’s eyes were red.

    ‘My first kiss…is it gone….’ She thought.

    “Lady, I was trying to perform the artificial respiration to help you….”

    Liu Yi reluctantly explained.

    “Wang Yuzheng, you fell into the water a moment ago and was saved by Liu Yi.”

    The PE teacher, although still grimacing in pain, didn’t forget to help explain on Liu Yi’s behalf.

    “When he was about to perform the artificial respiration just a moment ago…em, then you awoke.”

    This PE teacher also seemed to regret that the kiss didn’t actually happen.


    Hearing this explanation, Wang Yuzheng didn’t talk, just lowering her head, and did not know what to think.

    “Looks like we can’t finish this swimming class. Everybody, back to class.”

    The PE teacher said with a wry smile, “Since Wang Yuzheng is alright, who can help carry the teacher back to the infirmary?”

    The PE teacher is a young female teacher, so, this assignment is actually quite good.

    Many boys volunteered and supported the teacher back to the school clinic.

    The other students listlessly dispersed themselves.

    They initially thought that they could have fun in attending the swimming class, but finally, they parted on bad terms.

    “It’s all because of you, you jinx.”

    The female student, who previously pushed Wang Yuzheng, wickedly snapped at Wang Yuzheng.

    “What did you say!”

    Hearing this, Liu Yi immediately became unhappy.

    “Don’t think that I didn’t see, it was you who pushed Wang Yuzheng down to the pool!”

    “I, I am not!”

    That girl suddenly panic, quickly waved her hand, and hurriedly said, “You must be wrong!”

    Then she hastily ran away with her few friends.

    Wang Yuzheng’s eyes were still red, but this time, she glanced at Liu Yi with a somewhat grateful look.

    “Boss, let’s go back to the classroom.”

    Chen Cai said.

    “You go back first, when I was in the water, I accidentally dropped my ring. I have to go find it.”

    “Gosh, you want to look in this big pool?” Chen Cai worriedly asked.

    Wang Yuzheng, who stood to the side, somewhat weakly asked.

    “The ring….is it really expensive….”

    “Not expensive, not expensive!”

    Liu Yi quickly said, “I bought it for fun, but I was just a bit pity to lose it. You go back first while I look for it. If I can’t, it’s not that big of a deal.”

    “Why don’t I help you find it….”

    Wang Yuzheng said, lying on the edge of the pool while looking down to look for the ring.

    When she lie like this, Liu Yi and Chen Cai couldn’t help but gasp.

    This young girl who initially has a curled upward buttocks, when lying like this, her firm buttocks immediately swell, forming a full arc, which almost made Liu Yi and Chen Cai have criminal’s thoughts.

    “See no evil, do no evil….I can’t just randomly look at Boss’ woman….”

    Chen Cai quickly turned away and said, “Boss, I have to go….I won’t disturb you.”

    With that, this boy swiftly ran away.

    ‘F*ck….what’s with my woman thing.’

    When Liu Yi was upset, he heard the sound of rushing water.

    He quickly turned around in panic, only to find Wang Yuzheng still lying there, with hands fiddling with the pool water. He finally felt relieved.

    But the pool water was a little weird. Therefore, Liu Yi quickly walked over and said.

    “Let me look it by myself. You won’t see anything by lying in here.”

    “That….Actually, I grew up afraid of the water….I don’t know why….”

    Wang Yuzheng lying there and slowly said.

    Liu Yi stood beside her and was able to see the gully on her chest.


    Today Wang Yuzheng refused to give him a small advantage (when he failed to kiss her), but now he has received his due.

    “It’s actually not that scary.”

    Liu Yi said and sat beside Wang Yuzheng.

    He was a bit nervous, afraid that the Water Demon would suddenly come out.

    At present, he wanted to talk Wang Yuzheng to go back to the class so that he can deal with the Water Demon.

    “Water is the foundation of many things. Without water, we could not possibly live. You can’t swim, and that is why you are afraid of the water. If you return to the locker room to change clothes now, you’ll be warm. Afterward, you can rest on the classroom and feel better then.”

    Wang Yuzheng suddenly turned around and watched Liu Yi, with eyes unblinking.

    Liu Yi became a bit nervous, thinking.

    ‘What is this girl looking at….Is there something wrong with my face?’

    ‘Is there a garlic chives, which I ate for breakfast, stuck on my teeth?’

    When Liu Yi was wondering about what was wrong with his face, Wang Yuzheng spoke.

    “I suddenly found….you don’t seem as bad as I imagined.”

    ‘Shoot, since the beginning this master is not bad, okay!’ He thought.

    Liu Yi was about to explain when Wang Yuzheng continued.

    “It’s just that, you are a bit too pervert, and too overbearing. I’m telling you, you don’t need to be bully in the school…. Even if you are the boss (of bullies), what is the point? It is better to focus on the study and get into a good College. Although I can’t be your girlfriend, we can be friends, or even good friends. I heard teacher Li said that your English is good; I can help you with the other subjects. Um, but you can’t have other thoughts toward me. Otherwise, we can’t be friends anymore.”


    Liu Yi was speechless, thinking, ‘What is she talking about?’

    “Ah, I can’t continue chatting with you here….While nothing is wrong with this, I have to go back to do that set of mathematical problems….”

    Wang Yuzheng suddenly ended the conversation, hurriedly stood up and walked away.

    ‘Such a resolutely good student….’ Liu Yi commented in his heart.

    When Wang Yuzheng ran to the entrance, she turned around, with hands behind her back, and said with a slightly blushed face.

    “For today….I thank you.”

    After that, this girl continued her run.

    Liu Yi foolishly stood there with a blank look. A sweet feeling suddenly burst out in his heart. He thought.

    ‘This girl….sometimes she’s quite cute….”

    Just when Liu Yi was feeling the sweetness in his heart, both of his legs suddenly felt tight.

    Then immediately after, he was dragged and directly pulled into the water.


    The water surface rippled and then returned into quiet