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Chapter 110 Immortal Fairy Descend To Earth

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Without knowing when, that Water Demon had broke free from the shackles of Ice and extended its hair to wrapped around Liu Yi’s body inside the water.

    The strength of this hair is extremely big inside the water. It quickly wrapped around the legs up to Liu Yi’s neck, letting him nearly strangled to death.

    “Gluk gluk….”

    Liu Yi’s mouth continuously discharged air bubbles.

    Precious air….

    Went to waste like that…..

    Liu Yi suddenly gave up struggling to go to the surface and actually turned around and rush toward the Water Demon.

    The Water Demon was shocked and, haven’t had the time to react, slammed by Liu Yi’s body.

    Although there was some resistance in the water, Liu Yi’s feet have been discharging frost to the back which directly accelerated him in the water.

    Therefore, after that body slam, the Water Demon screamed out and loosened its hair.

    Liu Yi took the opportunity to withdraw and reached for the surface once more.

    Altough he was in the water, he was actually as flexible as the fish.

    If you thought about it, it probably related to the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.

    After all, according to the Dao principle, Ice is the product of Water. Therefore, they were both closely related with each other..

    Liu Yi leaped up, jumped out of the water, and then continued to step on the ice toward the edge of the swimming pool.


    At this time the Water Demon, who was immersed in the water, suddenly growled.

    A huge whirlpool appeared in this pool of water.

    Moreover, Demonic Qi reverberated throughout the entire swimming pool.

    “Bang bang bang!”

    The surrounding doors and windows were suddenly closed and thightly shut, as if they didn’t want Liu Yi to escape.

    But Liu Yi wasn’t actually trying to escape. He arrived at the edge of the pool and watched the Water Demon inside the water with heart beating fast.

    Luckily their class was the first to take this swimming class….

    If it was the other class, he can’t imagine what might happen to them….

    This Water Demon was too dangerous, and he must get rid of it.

    Thinking of this, Liu Yi returned to the swimming pool once again.

    His feet were treading on ice, which constantly spread on the surface of the water, making him able to freely sled back and forth like ice-skating.


    The Water Demon roared again, thousands or hairs twisted into a black tentacle, bursted out from under the water, and wounded up toward Liu Yi.

    “Taste this!”

    Liu Yi threw out an ice bomb and, with a bang, freeze that sticking-out-of-the-water black tentacle into ice.


    Liu Yi threw a kick. The ice skate cut through that frozen tentacle, which immediately crushed it into pieces.

    The pieces of ice fell into the water piece by piece.


    Liu Yi’s action seemed to have angered the Water Demon.

    The pool of water violently trembled, making Liu Yi’s footing a bit shaky.

    A body that resembled a woman slowly appeared out of the vortex.

    Her skin was terribly pale, and her face, as if suffering from a long term soaking in the water, was swollen up and puffy.

    “His mother….you don’t even wear clothes, this pool is not your family’s bathroom!”

    Liu Yi said, stepping on ice skates, and rapidly slid toward that Water Demon.

    “Human….Deserve to die….”

    That Water Demon was full of grievance. The hair on her head changed to a form similar to a Javelin and directly moved to stab Liu Yi in the face.

    This Water Demon is only two-stars.

    Liu Yi has the confidence to kill her.

    Although the Javelin hair looked terrible, Liu Yi withdrew the ice skates on his feet and instantly submerged in the water.

    In the water, Liu Yi discharged the ice through his feet once again, making him moved forward with accelerated speed and quickly arrived in front of the Water Demon’s body inside the water..

    He reached out his left hand and held the Water Demon’s ankle, while simultaneously initiated the Vein Seal.

    “Get out of here!”

    Liu Yi took the, now, somewhat stiff body of Water Demon and leaped out of the water. With a flick of his hand, he flung the body of that Water Demon onto the edge of the pool.

    It seemed somewhat difficult to deal with this Water Demon inside the water,

    But Liu Yi would be dominant if he deals with her on the land.

    From the surface of the pool, he stepped on ice skates and arrived at the side of that Water Demon.

    After ashore, that Water Demon seemed like a fish out of the water, her whole body lay softly there without any strength.

    She struggled to crawl toward the water’s edge.

    “Liu Yi, quick, kill her!”

    Lin Tong exclaimed, “If this Little Demon returns to the water, she will come back to life. Now is your best opportunity!”

    “We need to focus on persuading her back to the right path!”

    Liu Yi said, “Everybody deserve to live….We can’t just kill her!”

    As he spoke, he stood between the Water Demon and the pool, preventing her from returning to the water. Then he bent down and gently asked.

    “This world is actually very beautiful, why must you degenerate into a Demon? Why don’t we correct ourselves, slowly cultivating immortal cultivation, until we reach Buddhahood….”


    That Water Demon sprayed out a water bomb and hit Liu Yi in the face.

    “Go to hell! You damn demon!”

    Liu Yi put his palm on that Water Demon’s forehead and then launched his Desolate Flame.

    This formidable destructive power immediately made the Water Demon die without having the chance to cry.

    Her body gradually turned to ash and dispersed into the air.

    Meanwhile, Lin Tong opened her mouth wide and sucked that Water Demon’s energy into her body, supplementing her own Demon energy.

    She became incredibly happy and asked Liu Yi.

    “Didn’t you say you want to focus on correcting her path? Why did you change your mind so fast!”

    “You heard it wrong. I said I want to give her a chance to correct her path.”

    Liu Yi went to the edge of the pool, furiously washed his face, and then said.

    “Demon, though not all of them are wicked, they are not kindhearted either.”

    Lin Tong teased Liu Yi, “Do you think all the Demons are the same as this big miss, wanting to help a mortal like you?!”

    “Of course, Fox Sister is the best.”

    Liu Yi stood up and said, “Whoever can marry Fox sister to became his wife, he would be very happy.”


    Lin Tong suddenly stopped talking.

    “Fox sister, what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

    “You this fellow….Who says this big miss wants to get married….”

    Lin Tong became half-angry, saying, “There are no good men in this world….”

    “Whoa….My grandpa is a good man! Em, yes, I also inherited his glorious tradition!”

    “You are a good man?”

    Lin Tong’s face looked like someone who was about to curse.

    “Am I not?”

    “I think you are a very annoying person!”

    “You’re kidding right….Am I that bad….”

    “Absolutely, much worst than that!”

    Lin Tong adamantly said. Liu Yi can’t help but shrugged his shoulders.

    “You girls are such a hypocrite.”


    Lin Tong discovered that, as Liu Yi’s power increased, his facial thickness also increased along with it….

    ‘Could it be, there is an inevitable connection between the two….?’

    When Lin Tong was pondering about this, her facial color suddenly suffered a huge change.

    “Liu Yi, not good, quickly get back!”

    Hearing Lin Tong’s warning, Liu Yi did not hesitate to move two steps to the side.

    “Bam! Crash!”

    The window next to Liu Yi was suddenly shattered. A sword made entirely of ice stabbed the position where Liu Yi previously stood.

    This ice sword exuded a piercing cold air. It was submerged half a meter deep into the ground.

    This sword has a familiar feel to it….

    “Mysterious Icy Qi….”

    Liu Yi looked at the window with surprise.

    At this time, a woman slowly descended from that crushed window.

    Seeing this woman, Liu Yi suddenly couldn’t help but took several steps backward.

    “Why, why it’s you again!”

    ‘This white beauty again!’ Liu Yi thought.

    ‘The last time she found me on the roof, she imparted me the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra!’

    ‘What does she want with me this time!’

    “Bold Evil Demon!”

    Guyu stood in front of Liu Yi, pointed her hand at him, then said with somewhat angry face, “Last time I let you off, and even left you with the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra so that you can suppress your Demonic energy! I did not expect that, not only you are unrepentant, you actually blasted out this astonishing amount of Demonic energy!”

    “I’ll be d*mn! That Demonic energy is not mine!”

    Liu Yi quickly explained, “It belongs to another Demon, ok….”

    Liu Yi was bewildered and felt that he was thoroughly wronged. He thought.

    ‘Could it be this white beauty is not a good person?’

    “Enough talk, watch the sword!”

    The white beauty said and moved her finger.

    An ice sword quickly condensed out of thin air and rapidly moved to stab Liu Yi.

    “Shoot! Can’t you listen to my explanation!”

    The power in Liu Yi’s body rapidly circulated.

    The world in front of him slightly slowed down, slowing that rapidly flying sword..

    Liu Yi, with the aid of this profound perception, was able to dodge this ice sword.

    But the ice sword turned its course in mid-air and flew toward Liu Yi once more.

    “Spirit Fox Steps!”

    Liu Yi suddenly sped up using this spirit steps and dashed toward Guyu.

    “Courting death!”

    Guyu sneered and extended her hand, waiting for Liu Yi.

    Guyu’s strength was unfathomable.

    Liu Yi knew that he couldn’t possibly be her match.

    But if he wanted to beat this white beauty….he must take a risk!

    “Technique * Ice and Snow Punishment!”

    A circle with two-meter radius suddenly appeared under Liu Yi’s feet.

    He felt a tremendous amount of pressure coming out from under his feet. Without any hesitation, he launched his Spirit Fox Steps; His whole body instantly flew upside down.


    Violent blizzard suddenly burst out of the circle which directly hit the ceiling of this indoor swimming pool.

    But half of Liu Yi’s body failed to break away, which then directly covered with thick layer of frost, making half of his body directly lost its ability to sense.

    A huge icicle appeared between him and Guyu, which was very terrifying.

    Thick cold air flooded this swimming pool area, making the place seemed like in winter.

    This woman….was awfully frightening….

    Liu Yi’s mind was running at full speed, thinking about how to deal with this woman in white.

    “In front of me, your strength is not worth mentioning.”

    Guyu said with full confidence, “But you actually can open the second star jade in such a short time, which is rare. Merely, you let yourself to become a Demon, sooner or later you will become a scourge. Today, I immortal fairy Guyu, will eliminate you.”


    ‘This name, why it seems so familiar!’ Liu Yi thought.

    Liu Yi has no time to think about this, his mind suddenly had a bold idea.

    “Guyu, you boast yourself as an immortal fairy, yet, you use such a strong immortal power to bully me, an ordinary person!”