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Chapter 111 Defeat In One Move

Mai Kitsune Waifu

    Hearing what Liu Yi said, Guyu put her hand down and tucked inside the cuff of her white long sleeves. She then looked at Liu Yi and asked.

    “I, Guyu am a dignified immortal fairy, although my immortal power is profound, I never use my immortal strength to bully ordinary people. Why are you accusing me like so?”

    Hearing this, Liu Yi thought that there’s still a chance!

    The woman in front of him is truly old-fashioned to the extreme!

    “You see, you have reached I don’t know how many star jade now, while I’m just a two-star cultivator, which is no different than a beginner! You are such a big expert, how could you bully a beginner immortal cultivator like me? If you give me at least ten years to painstakingly cultivate and then fight me again, that is only fair!”

    “You are actually very cunning, kid.”

    Guyu suddenly could not help but smile, a charming smile as bright as the blooming of one hundred flowers, making Liu Yi somewhat at a loss. He thought.

    ‘This Guyu….is actually gorgeous….’

    “Do you think I Guyu am willing to wait you for ten years? In just several days you have grown from ordinary person to a two-star jade expert. If I give you ten years time, who knows what you will develop into.”

    She said as she deeply looked at Liu Yi, “This immortal fairy has been in the cultivation world for so many years, but this is the first time I bump into such an existence like yours, making me can’t help but wonder….Ten years, stop fantasizing about this. It is imperative that I Guyu have to get rid of you today.”

    “Such a big bully! Can’t an immortal fairy speak some sense?”

    Liu Yi pretended to be angry and said.

    “Who says the immortal fairy is not reasonable? This immortal fairy is just doing what she was supposed to do, which is slaying the Demon and eliminate the Devil.”

    Guyu put both her hands behind her back and dismissively said.

    “You can’t even give me ten years? Five years, how about five years then?”


    “One year, that should be acceptable, right?”


    Guyu was still not talking, making Liu Yi somewhat worried. He thought.

    ‘Don’t tell me she doesn’t understand what I said?’

    ‘How can I look for an opportunity then?’

    “It seems like you are very confident in your talent.”

    Just as Liu Yi was being discouraged, Guyu suddenly opened her mouth and said.

    “How about this, I will give you a chance. I will stand right here, without hiding and without dodging. If you can defeat me in one move, I will let you off this time, what do you think?”

    ‘I’ll be d*amn!’

    Liu Yi looked at the slightly smug face of Guyu and can’t help but cursed ‘son of a b*tch’ in his heart.

    ‘I thought this woman is an old-fashioned immortal fairy….

    ‘But she actually has these many bad intentions!’

    ‘How high her level of cultivation is, actually!’

    ‘She gives me one chance to make a move! But also have to defeat her!’

    ‘She is definitely just fooling with me!’

    “Liu Yi! Your opportunity is here!”

    Lin Tong reminded him, “Don’t forget. We still have that killer move.”

    “Oh, that’s right….”

    Liu Yi suddenly realized that he still have his ever-victorious killer move….

    ‘Very well, Guyu, you force me to do this!’

    Liu Yi chanted two Amitabha in his heart, thinking, ‘this is not my intention, that Guyu pushes me this far!’

    “How about it, this is your only chance.”

    Guyu was indeed playing tricks on Liu Yi’s mind.

    This ordinary person was the most interesting one that she ever met.

    Guyu felt that he was too confident of himself. She wanted to break his self-confident and then send him to hell.

    In this way, when Liu Yi reincarnated again, he would perhaps keep some of that confidence.

    And be an ordinary mortal.

    Who accept the birth and the death, and the six samsara.

    This is the fate of all human.

    “Very well, since there is a chance, I will firmly hold it.”

    Liu Yi clenched his fists, and then said, “Guyu, do you mean what you just said!”

    “This immortal fairy always keep her words.”

    “That’s good!”

    Liu Yi did not hesitate. Dressed in just a swimming trunk, he boldly strode toward Guyu.

    Although the image was somewhat ungraceful, his palm actually condensed out a bright light, which was very dazzling.

    “Your palm is nothing to this immortal fairy….”

    Guyu suddenly noticed the smile on Liu Yi’s face and immediately remembered something!

    ‘Not good!’

    She forgot that this kid has some strange skills!

    “It’s no use!”

    She immediately scolded and condensed out a layer of ice around her body, “I have seen through your trick!”


    Liu Yi’s right palm had fallen on top of the layer of ice on her body.

    This layer of ice was actually very solid, after all, Guyu’s level was very high. With her immortal power, the layer of ice that she condensed out was naturally very hard.

    But it still can’t hold back Liu Yi’s Amorous Ripple Hand.

    That power actually penetrated the layer of ice and directly entered Guyu’s body.

    Guyu never thought that her defense was able to be penetrated with just one move.

    Immediately, her whole body became weak. A tingling feeling shot through her body.

    This weird sensation was still fresh in Guyu’s memory.

    Her layer of frost was completely thawed and broke into pieces.

    Her body stumbled to the ground, half-kneeling. Her original snow white skin has become slightly blushed now.

    Guyu bent down on the ground and her mouth slightly short of breath. She has lost all her strength to stand up.

    Liu Yi’s right hand was still on top of her shoulder. Although Lin Tong has said that the higher the skill of his opponent the faster they generate the resistance.

    But he can’t actually let her go even for a second….

    Because he can only use this skill to defeat Guyu!

    “You….let go of me….”

    Guyu’s voice has a slight vibrato sound in it.

    She didn’t even have the strength to frown.

    “Then do you admit defeat?”

    “This immortal fairy….this immortal fairy….”

    Guyu wanted to be brave and not admit defeat, but the might of Amorous Ripple Hand has already traveled all over her body.

    Guyu’s eyes were somewhat confused, as she looked at Liu Yi, she suddenly wanted to throw her body at him.

    She shocked herself with these ideas, but she can’t control her own thoughts anymore….

    ‘This clothes are so burdensome….’

    ‘Better to just take them off….’

    ‘No….no….if this continue, I might as well die….’

    “I admit defeat! I admit defeat!”

    Guyu finally said these three words.

    Liu Yi can’t help but breathe a long sigh of relieve.

    ‘Heaven, I finally got Guyu to surrender….’

    He was so worried about this….

    But the Amorous Ripple Hand was truly powerful….

    “It’s good that you admit defeat! But don’t forget your promise!”

    Liu Yi said and loosened his right hand.

    The powerful sensation that Guyu felt suddenly vanished, leaving behind a worn out and limp body.

    “You, you….”

    Her immortal strength quickly circulated within her body, restoring her original state.

    The somewhat boiling hot skin was now cooled down, which to Guyu, felt like she had a serious illness.

    She staggered to stand up from the ground and angrily stared at Liu Yi.

    “You actually….used such a foul method to this immortal fairy….”

    “What foul method? As long as I can defeat you, it is a good method.”

    Liu Yi quickly said, “You previously said that I can only attack you once, but you never specify what kind of attack I can use! What’s wrong, could it be such a dignified immortal fairy wants to renege on her words now? Which sect are you from? Did they teach you to break your promises?”

    “Who wants to renege!”

    Guyu was indignant but ultimately helpless, “This immortal fairy always keeps her words! This time, I will let you off! But next time, if you let me detect you Demonic energy once again, don’t blame this immortal fairy to be impolite! I’m telling you, this immortal fairy will be watching your movement from now on!”


    Liu Yi blinked and looked at his reflection on the surface of the pool, “Am I, Liu Yi, so handsome that it makes a beautiful immortal fairy took a fancy to me?”

    “Bah, who takes a fancy of you!”

    Guyu scolded.

    “You said it yourself, do you want to deny it?”

    Liu Yi proudly said, “You said, you are going to watch my movement, i.e., stalking. Isn’t that the same as taking a fancy at me? Isn’t that the same as chasing me? Ai….such a handsome guy like me, the pressure is big, even an immortal fairy come chasing after me!”

    “I, I, I, I want to watch your movement!”

    Guyu’s speech stuttered, “If you do something bad, I will be the first to come out and kill you!”

    “Alas, a woman always deny what’s in her heart.”

    Liu Yi waved and said, “Immortal fairy, I already know your intention. But your chest was really too small, it doesn’t suit my taste. People said that your immortal technique is pretty powerful, do you have some skill that can make your chest bigger? Ai, when you have a big chest, you can come to me and declare your intention. I’m leaving, bye.”

    With that, Liu Yi turned around and went out of the swimming pool.

    Guyu trembled in anger behind him, stamping her feet and loudly shouted.

    “The next time we meet, you die!”

    Finishing that, this immortal fairy Guyu completely exploded.

    Layers upon layers of ice spread out from her body, which directly turned this swimming pool area into the world of snow and ice!

    The water in the pool has completely turned into frozen ice; white frost appeared on each of its corners.

    Guyu’s body braved this cold dense air; the mysterious icy qi was circulated to the extreme inside her body.

    This was her first time to be so angry toward a man!

    The guy has used a despicable method to defeat her, although she can let this one go….

    But he actually made fun of her small chest!

    A person can be killed, but can’t be humiliated!

    She can’t allow others to tarnish her body!

    Guyu began to regret her own decision. She should just slap that kid to death instead of giving him the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra!

    She never thought that the kid could be so cunning….

    Really hateful….

    When she was depressed, a vague silhouette suddenly appeared before her.

    Seeing this silhouette, Guyu’s face suddenly changed and her body stood up straight.


    “Guyu, have you found the Five Spiritual Bodies yet?”

    “Report to master….I, I haven’t found them….”

    If Liu Yi knew the uneasy appearance of Guyu before this figure, he would certainly surprise.

    Is this the proud immortal fairy that he knew!

    “Useless, you failed to handle such an important matter like this! The Water Spiritual Body has appeared in this Northern Dragon City, and I want you to find it for me! If you let the other immortal sects succeed in obtaining the body, our Celestial Sect chief position will be snatched away!”

    “Disciple understand….”

    “Quickly leave, don’t disappoint the master for the trouble she had in teaching you immortal cultivation! Stop paying attention to other people’s business, finding the Water Spiritual Body is the most important, do you understand?”

    “Disciple understand….Disciple will leave now….”

    Guyu repeatedly nodded her head, and then jumped up and flew away from this world of snow and ice swimming pool.