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Chapter 112 How Could There Be An Immortal

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Boss, when are you going to officially take Wang Yuzheng out? I have a hotel membership card, do you want me to lend it to you?”

    After school, Liu Yi and Chen Cai have the rare occasion of going back together.

    At the school gate, with a wretched face, Chen Cai suddenly asked a question.


    Liu Yi puzzledly looked at Chen Cai, “Boss, aren’t you and Wang Yuzheng in love with each other?”

    “Since when I was in love with Wang Yuzheng? You think too much!”

    Liu Yi didn’t know what kind of things that filled Chen Cai’s wretched head.

    “Are you sure? But there is this rumor in the school….it said you already have sex with her….”

    “F*ck! Let me know which son of a b*tch spread that rumor; this father will crush him!”

    Liu Yi tightly clenched his fists, cursing in his heart at the wretched man who has nothing to do but spreading gossip!

    “Hehe, this….hei hei….”

    Chen Cai touched the back of his head and awkwardly laughed twice.

    “F*ck your sister!”

    Liu Yi suddenly understood what happened, glared at Chen Cai and shouted, “You are the one who spread this gossip aren’t you?”

    “Hey, what is that? Boss, someone is selling roasted sweet potatoes at the entrance, it must be delicious, come on, my treat!”

    Chen Cai said while pointing to the sweet potato seller.

    “Eat your sister….you this fellow….can you not randomly spread gossip!”

    Liu Yi said, “It is okay if it was just me, but Wang Yuzheng really cherishes her reputation, moreover, she is truly a good and diligent student.”

    He explained, “If you spread this gossip around, what would other people think? Have you thought about Wang Yuzheng’s feeling?”

    “This….I think Wang Yuzheng is a good girl! Boss, you got a great catch!”

    Chen Cai said.

    “Do you really think you are the Saint of Love! How could a beautiful girl so easy to get!”

    Liu Yi rolled her eyes.

    “Sh*t! Boss, you look down on me!”

    Chen Cai rolled up his school uniform sleeves, “No, this Saint is going to prove it to you today! Picking up girl is not difficult at all, Boss, if you follow me, I’ll show you how to pursue Wang Yuzheng!”

    “Oh, really? How?”

    Liu Yi’s curiosity was piqued, he wanted to know how Chen Cai pursue a girl.

    “Hehe, Boss, you asked the right guy. Today’s girls, after some deliberation, I come to the conclusion that all they want is vanity! You think, how could Lan He and Lin Huayang have so many girls around them? That’s because they have the money!”

    “You can’t say that….”

    Liu Yi thought something was not right with these words.

    Love should be pure and not mixed with any interest.

    If it involves money….can it still be called love?

    Perhaps it would be insulting to place the two words in the same sentence.

    Especially the early love of the high school students, which majority of them caused by simply liking each other.

    Liking because of money….

    Liu Yi would not blindly agree to this.

    “Boss, you don’t believe me, right? Come, I’ll show you.”

    Seeing Liu Yi questioned his sentence, Chen Cai hastily said, “Boss, you see the girl at three o’clock in front you? She’s pretty isn’t it!”

    “I see her….It seems like she’s above average in the school.”

    Girls who are above average are relatively beautiful.

    “Hehe, Boss, see how I pick her up!”

    Chen Cai smiled twice, rearranged his hair and swaggered forward.

    “Hey, schoolgirl, wait a minute.”

    “Ah? Senior….what, what can I do for you?”

    The girl meekly asked.

    “Schoolgirl, ehm, my phone ran out of battery, can I borrow your phone?”

    “Oh, o, ok….”

    As if to think that Chen Cai was probably vicious, that girl was afraid to say no and took out her pink phone and then handed it over to Chen Cai.

    Chen Cai took it, casually dialed a number and said the following.

    “Hey hey, Housekeeper Wang, help me tell the client, I have no free time to play golf with him. Um, Steve Jobs will be coming to China these few days, and has invited me to dinner in two days! Yeah, that’s right, the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs himself! Yes, yes, my time is worth hundred of thousands per minute, how could I have the time to play golf with him, just let him wait! Right, Housekeeper Wang, the weather is a bit cold now, don’t forget to put the antifreeze on my private airplane! Yes, one more thing, the steering wheel on my private plane is a bit old, I want you to change it into pure gold, make sure it’s real, hear me! You don’t need to worry about how much, we don’t lack the money, what I want is quality, you understand?”

    Liu Yi, who listened from the side, was stupefied, thinking.

    ‘F*ck…this kid’s bragging power is too much!’


    The girl seemingly wanted to say something.

    “Also, I want the aircraft wings change into pure gold! Yes yes, when it fly it I will feel that boom thing! I love this ride, so you must make it impressive….”


    “Ai, Schoolgirl, do not worry, I will reimburse your phone credit, ok!”

    Chen Cai waved and said.

    “It is not that….Senior….”

    The girl somewhat anxiously said, “That…senior, I want to tell you….”

    “Tell me what? Your phone number? Hehe, this young master see that you’re quite pleasing the eyes, how about I postpone the dinner with Steve Jobs and treat you to some Hot Spicy Soup?”

    Chen Cai felt that his trick was going well.

    “No….senior, I want to tell you….my phone is out of credit….”

    Hearing this, Liu Yi almost laughed out loud.

    Chen Cai widened his eyes and incredulously stared at the girl before him.

    “Your phone is out of credit! F*ck! I made a phone call for such a long time and you tell me your phone is out of credit! Why did n’t you say anything when I first borrow your phone!”

    “I….I thought senior was just going to check the time….”

    “Checking time, why would I want to check the time….”

    Chen Cai was really going to cry.

    Liu Yi almost died laughing.

    ‘Chen Cai this loser!’

    ‘Even with elaborate act of pretending, he was still easily seen through.’

    “No! You have to compensate me! Give me your phone number and I will count this matter as over!”

    Chen Cai unyieldingly said.

    “Senior, you give me my phone, and I will tell you my number.”

    The girl blinked her eyes and said.

    “Oh, ok.”

    Chen Cai returned that pink phone to the girl.

    After the girl took her phone back, she suddenly looked behind Chen Cai, and said with a surprised.

    “Wow, what a beautiful schoolgirl!”

    “What? Where is she?”

    Chen Cai immediately turned and excitedly looked behind him.

    But there was no beauty to look at.

    “School girl, you are wrong….”

    Chen Cai turned his head again only to discover the school girl with the pink phone has run away.


    Chen Cai was rooted on the spot until he finally said those two words.


    Liu Yi laughed so hard.

    “Boss….you can’t laugh at me like that….this is only….occasional defeat….once in awhile!”

    “I don’t see this as just an occasional defeat….”

    Liu Yi rubbed the tears that burst out of his eyes as he laughed, and said, “If you can pick four pretty girls in a row, I will acknowledge your skill.”

    “Boss….your are looking down on me…..”

    Chen Cai looked at Liu Yi with some resentment.

    “Well, we’re actually the same, no girl will come looking for us….”

    Liu Yi quickly comforted Chen Cai.

    “Liu Yi, wait for me, I have something to tell you!”

    At that time, Wang Yuzheng also emerged from the school. Seeing Liu Yi stood at the school entrance, she hastily greeted him.

    Chen Cai was ready to find a rope to hang himself.

    “Huh….what’s wrong?”

    Liu Yi didn’t know why Wang Yuzheng would call him. This was the first time she took the initiative to greet him.

    “Thank….thank you for what happen today….My mom said if someone helped me I must return the courtesy….”

    Wang Yuzheng’s face slightly blushed, but at night, it was difficult to see.

    “I do not like to owe people a favor….so, I’ll treat you to a meal….”

    “Em….you don’t have to do this.”

    Liu Yi was too embarrassed to let a girl pay for dinner, “It’s nothing….”

    “But you have saved my life….at least let me show some gratitude….”

    Wang Yuzheng rubbed her fingers, lowered her head, and said, “If you refuse me….I will be really embarrassed….Later on, I won’t know how to talk to you….”

    “Very well….my stomach happens to be a bit hungry.”

    Liu Yi touched his belly and smiled.

    Chen Cai, who was off to the side, looked at Liu Yi with some resentment.

    Liu Yi somewhat can feel this resentment from Chen Cai.

    “Chen Cai, do you also want to go?”

    “No, I’m just going to be the unwanted third wheel, see you later! No, it should be, never see again!”

    Chen Cai thrown Liu Yi a supercilious looked and then ran away.

    Liu Yi helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

    “Let’s go then….”

    Wang Yuzhen lowered her head and walked out of the school gate carrying her back behind her. Liu Yi hurriedly followed.

    ‘Why this girl is keeping her head down, is she trying to find fallen money on the ground!’

    ‘But where is she going to treat me for dinner?’

    ‘It seems like her family condition is not particularly good.’ Liu Yi thought.

    Sure enough, Wang Yuzheng led Liu Yi to one of the barbecue stalls near the school and then nervously asked.

    “Um….do you have something you prefer to eat….”

    The smoke from the grills floated around the area. Standing within this smoke, Liu Yi thought that Wang Yuzheng’s appearance was a bit like a fairy.

    He smiled and said to the food vendor, “Boss, give me two skewers.”

    He ordered two skewers of meat grill, for a total of two yuan.

    Wang Yuzheng seemed relieved, and pulled out a couple of old but neatly folded one yuan bill and gave it to the boss.

    “You don’t eat?”

    Liu Yi looked at Wang Yuzheng in surprised.

    Wang Yuzheng swallowed her saliva, shook her head, and then said, “I….am not hungry….”

    “I see….”

    Liu Yi took the two skewers from the food vendor and handed one of them to Wang Yuzheng.

    “Actually, I’m also not that hungry, one skewer is enough for me; two would be a waste. Help me finish this will you!”


    Wang Yuzheng looked at that string of skewered meat and blinked her eyes, looking a bit embarrassed.

    “Don’t let me waste this food, my grandpa said, wasting food is a sin! I don’t want to go to hell after I die!”

    “Well….okay then….”

    Wang Yuzheng somewhat embarrassedly took the skewer and then gingerly took a bite.

    This stuff is the famous snack in the Northeast part of the country. Every kid likes to eat this, and Wang Yuzheng seems to be no exception.

    Wang Yuzheng lowered her head to eat and then suddenly asked.

    “Liu Yi…are you aware of the existence of immortal beings?”


    Liu Yi was taken aback, the skewered meat on his hand nearly fell down.