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Chapter 114 Break Your Arms

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Ma Wei never intended to let Wang Yuzheng off.

    She already saw his and his men’s faces, moreover, he has more important matter to do and killing her is not that big of a deal.

    He can’t let Liu Yi survive this night, much less her.

    But in order to make this girl quiet, it was easier to just lie to her.

    After he kills Liu Yi, then he will consider how to deal with Wang Yuzheng.

    Is it to kill her and sell her organs, or sell her to Guangzhou, turning her into a prostitute who receive guests day and night?

    Hehe, no matter which one, he must first taste her.

    This chick is a beautiful young girl, mustn’t waste her in vain.

    After hearing nothing really dangerous would happen to her, Wang Yuzheng really quieted a lot.

    But she secretly worried about Liu Yi’s safety….

    ‘There are so many violent gangsters here….plus the terrifying master boxer….Liu Yi, you….must not come.’ She thought.

    “I’m going down to wait for him.”

    Zheng Xiaolin said and went downstairs.

    “Did you prepare that?”

    After Zheng Xiaolin had gone downstairs, Ma Wei asked that question.

    “In here, Boss.”

    A little brother took out a set of Hualong-made heavy gun from his waist, making him felt doubly secure.


    Ma Wei took that Hualong-made gun and played it in his hand, “This is a good stuff….”

    “Boss, aren’t we suppose to let Master Zheng make his move….Why do we need to prepare this thing….”

    Another little brother asked, somewhat puzzled.

    “That’s why I am the boss, and you’re just an ordinary member.”

    Ma Wei chuckled, “In any matter, we must think of all the possible outcome. If Master Zheng can’t defeat Liu Yi, I can kill him with this gun. However, shooting is a big case, and it’s easy to leave behind clues. If I don’t have to use this, that would certainly be the best.”

    “Boss, you are wise!”

    The little brother quickly flattered.

    “Boss, I am sure my martial brother would not lose!”

    Zheng Xiaolin’s younger martial brother hastily said, “I am in the martial art school for such a long time, but other than master, I never saw anybody defeated my martial brother!”

    “F*ck, so much nonsense, I said, this is just a precaution!”

    Ma Wei gave that younger brother a stern look, “If you spout crap nonsense again, I’ll shoot you!”

    That fellow bit his tongue and didn’t dare to say anything.

    Although Iron Palm is brutal, it can’t block a bullet.

    Just when Ma Wei and the others were a bit impatient, the warehouse front door was suddenly being slowly pushed open.

    “Is Liu Yi finally here?”

    Several men lay on the second-floor window and looked downward.

    Between the shadow, the moonlight fell into the middle of the warehouse.

    Zheng Xiaolin watched as from the outside, a man in black suit slowly walked inside. The man wore a white mask and a red neck scarf.

    “Are you Liu Yi?” Zheng Xiaolin asked.

    “I’m your grandpa.” The man said in a funny voice.

    Liu Yi, learning the skill from Lin Tong, has changed his own voice.

    Now his voice was a bit hoarse, so people can not figure out his identity.

    “F*ck, If you are not Liu Yi, get the hell out of here! This is not your place.”

    Zheng Xiaolin impatiently said.

    “Are you blind? You’ve kidnapped our family’s big miss; you’re the one who should get out of here.”

    Liu Yi’s eyes rolled and said.

    “Big miss? Are you the bodyguard of that young girl?”

    Zheng Xiaoling squeezed his fists, “A bodyguard, don’t die just because of money!”

    Liu Yi no longer spoke and just raised his finger and made a hook gesture toward Zheng Xiaolin.

    First, he can’t reveal his identity, second, he must rescue Wang Yuzheng.

    Therefore, he can only pretend to be a passer-by to provoke this guy.

    “F*ck, court death.”

    Zheng Xiaolin was a bit impatient. Seeing the guy in front of him dared to provoke him, he immediately took a few steps forward and arrived before Liu Yi.

    “Lie down for me!”

    Zheng Xiaolin launched a vicious palm strike toward Liu Yi’s rib cage, making Lin Tong called out in alarmed from Liu Yi’s shoulder.

    “This guy’s strength….almost reached three stars!”

    ‘Three stars strength? This guy knows Kung Fu?’

    These thoughts flashed through Liu Yi’s mind, while at the same time, his feet stepped on the Spirit Fox Steps to get away from Zheng Xiaolin’s palm.


    Zheng Xiaolin’s palm hit empty place, but there was a sharp wind as if the air was torn up.

    A formidable palm!

    Liu Yi can’t help but wonder, how could Zheng Xiaolin achieve this kind of strength?

    “You can dodge, but let see how much longer you can dodge this!”

    After his palm hit empty air, Zheng Xiaolin was surprised, but he immediately turned toward Liu Yi and went at him again.

    Liu Yi pulled out a piece of wood from the shelf next to him and placed it in front of him.

    This wood plank was about two fingers thick and pretty solid.


    Zheng Xiaolin hit from the top and directly snapped that piece of wood.

    ‘F*ck, such a powerful palm!’

    “Humph, Iron palm was known throughout the world! Since you dare to provoke me Zheng Xiaolin, you’re out of luck!”

    Zheng Xiaolin sneered, after breaking the plank, his other palm moved to strike Liu Yi’s chest.

    “Desolate Flame.”

    Liu Yi has no time to dodge; therefore, he launched his own palm.


    The two palm bumped into each other, a crisp sound resounded inside the warehouse.

    “You actually dare to receive my palm head on,….”

    Zheng Xiaolin has no time to be proud, a crackling voice suddenly sounded from his left arm. His bone was actually fractured by Liu Yi’s palm!


    Zheng Xiaolin felt silly, he could not understand why his palm strength was actually inferior to the opponent.

    Moreover, his entire left arm fractured, without any strength left.

    Liu Yi sneered.

    Although the opponent’s power was close to three stars, when facing his Desolate Flame, it was indeed akin to face the God.

    “D*mn you!”

    Zheng Xiaolin was angry, his right palm quickly moved toward Liu Yi’s cheek.

    Liu Yi lowered his head to dodge the incoming palm.

    Meanwhile, his left hand once again posted on Zheng Xiaolin’s chest and then he launched his Desolate Flame.

    “Bo!” “Boom!”

    This time, the palm also contained the power from the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.

    Zheng Xiaolin’s body instantly turned into a shell, directly flew out after the hit, flying across seven to eight meter distance and finally crashed into the second-floor window.

    “You guys think you can hide from me? Come out. Hand over our family’s big miss, otherwise, you are all going to die.”

    Liu Yi recovered his palm and put it into his pocket, while his face looked toward the second floor.

    Ma Wei was shocked looking at the lying nearby Zheng Xiaolin.

    Before him lie the illustrious and powerful Master Zheng, whose chest was now covered with a layer of frost, and skin lost its color, apparently half-dead.

    ‘Who is this black suit man!’

    ‘Is he Liu Yi?’

    ‘No, his voice is different than Liu Yi.’

    ‘Is it really the girl’s bodyguard?’

    ‘But this girl said she didn’t come from a wealthy family….Looking at her temperament, she doesn’t resemble a wealthy big miss.’

    ‘Am I mistaken, provoking someone who I shouldn’t provoke….’

    ‘But I am the Hall leader of the Black Dragon Gang, how could I release the people just because someone threatened me!’

    ‘If I do this, how could I call myself a gangster!’

    Ma Wei was about to speak when Liu Yi, who stood on the first floor, all of a sudden, slightly bent over, and then jumped.

    White frost blew out from his feet, as he directly leaped into the second floor by breaking through the window

    ‘Holy Sh*t….’

    ‘Is this guy still a human?’

    All of the Black Dragon Gang member on the second floor were terrified.

    Wang Yuzheng was surprised to speechless.

    ‘Do….this world really have immortal beings?’ She thought.

    “Those who don’t want to die, scram!”

    Liu Yi stood in front of Ma Wei and the others and left this words.

    “F*ck! I don’t care what kind of bodyguard you are! This is the Black Dragon Gang’s place!”

    Ma Wei suddenly pulled out a gun from his bosom, aimed the muzzle at Liu Yi, and furiously said, “Let us see if you are more impressive than the bullet!”

    “I don’t like it when people point their gun at me.”

    Liu Yi remembered when that night Wang An pointed his gun at him, his heart began to feel uncomfortable.

    This stuff could have been used to defend someone’s safety.

    But now, it has become a tool for a murderous criminal.

    “So what, now I am in control here!”

    Holding the pistol, Ma Wei’s heart calmed a lot.

    “Aren’t you so arrogant just now, come on, where is your arrogant? I have kidnapped you family’s big miss, what can you do about it?”

    Ma Wei said. As he pointed his gun at Liu Yi, he stretched out his other hand to touch Wang Yuzheng’s neckline.

    “I am going to play with your big miss in front of you, what are you going to do about that!”

    “Don’t touch her.”

    Liu Yi’s eyes became cold, seeing the panicked expression of Wang Yuzheng, his was distressed without any reason.

    “If you touch her, I would kill you.”

    “Are you stupid!”

    Ma Wei laughed, “At present, I can kill you anytime! Don’t you see the gun in my hand! What are you going to do? If you move, this father will put a bullet into your silly head.

    With that, Ma Wei continued to stretch his hand and was about to touch Wang Yuzheng.

    “Ice blade!”

    Liu Yi muttered.

    A long slab of ice blade suddenly appeared out of nowhere and directly stabbed Ma Wei’s wrist.

    He immediately screamed in pain again and again as his hand lost all of its strength and the Hualong made gun fell to the ground.

    Liu Yi strode forward and viciously hit Ma Wei’s chin.


    Several of Ma Wei’s teeth immediately broken as his entire body flew out and knocked back a lot of goods behind him.

    Seeing this scene, the other gang members were all scared, screaming as they ran off toward the stairs.

    “Nobody is allowed to leave.”

    Liu Yi did not intend to let them off.

    People who murder for money must be punished.

    He threw an ice bomb toward the door downstairs.


    A layer of frost immediately appeared on the door, blocking it from opening.

    “Motherf*cker, I’ll kill you!”

    Zheng Xiaolin’s younger martial brother growled and rushed up to him, a knife was on his hand.

    Liu Yi stretched out his left hand and pinched the knife with his finger and then snapped it into two pieces. He then flew his foot and kicked his opponent’s lower abdomen.

    Zheng Xiaolin’s younger martial brother spewed a mouthful of blood and then hit the wooden wall on the second floor. The wooden wall directly broke into pieces and then fell down on the ground floor.

    The other gangsters collapsed to the ground, trembling in fear.

    “Evildoer, I want to break your arms.”

    Liu Yi’s eyes slightly exuded traces of gold. He walked in front of a gangster, aimed his right hand, and viciously stamped on it.


    The right arm was directly destroyed, its appearance was twisted and deformed.

    The gangster immediately screamed and fainted because of the pain.

    Liu Yi smiled and moved on to the next gangster.