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Chapter 115 I Control My Own Destiny

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “No, please no….”

    After consecutively broke several gangsters’ arms, there’s only one left. That gangster knelt on the ground, repeatedly kowtowed Liu Yi, and pleaded with tears streaming down his nose.

    “I, I still have both of my parents I need to take care of….and little sister I need to look after….I beg you, please, please let me off….”

    “When you kidnapped this innocent girl, why don’t you think about your little sister?”

    Liu Yi coldly said, the Devil and Demonic qi inside his body were constantly moving, making the world in front of him somewhat black and white.

    “I was wrong….I will never do it again….”

    That gangster kept on kowtowing; his forehead began to show some blood.

    “Too late….”

    A voice sounded inside Liu Yi’s head; he followed the voice and said.

    “For people like you, if there’s no bloody lesson, you’re not going to repent.”

    With that, he directly grabbed that gangster’s left hand, lifted his foot then viciously kicked his shoulder.



    That gangster blacked out in pain, directly fainted to the ground.


    Liu Yi shook his head, “Fainted just because of this. Such a useless crowd, but still call themselves gangsters.”

    When he put that gangster to the side, Wang Yuzheng suddenly screamed.

    “Watch out!”


    A gunshot sound.

    Liu Yi suddenly felt a sharp pain on his shoulder, his body staggered forward and nearly fell to the ground.

    A force erupted from his left shoulder and pushed out the bullet.

    But the blood continued to pour out, making Liu Yi’s eyes became dark.

    Human strength comes from the blood; The blood circulation came from the heart’s pulsation.

    But when human loss a lot of blood, it can easily make the heart stop.

    Fortunately, with Liu Yi’s demonic energy, the bullet was pushed out and the wound rapidly healed. The speed of the blood that poured out of the wound gradually slowed down.

    The moonlight that shone through the window fell on Liu Yi’s body.

    This moon essence was inhaled by his body, supplementing his loss of power.

    At that moment, Liu Yi felt the death was so close to him.

    So cold and suffocating…

    He gasped for breath, kneeling on the ground.

    Ma Wei with bloody mouth looked abnormally excited.

    He put one hand on Wang Yuzheng’s chair while his other hand was holding a gun.

    “Hahaha, aren’s- (aren’t) you sicious (vicious), aren’s- (aren’t) you arrogans (arrogant)! Af-er (After) ea-ing (eating) -his (this) bro-her (brother) Ma’s bulle- (bullet), I wan- (want) -o (to) see if you’re s-ill (still) arrogan (arrogant)!”

    Ma Wei had lost several teeth in his mouth, when he spoke, there’s some air leakage.

    “If I pu- (put) ano-her (another) bulle- (bullet) in you, you will die for sure!”

    Saying that, Ma Wei raised the muzzle and aimed it at Liu Yi again.

    “Watch out!”

    It was at this moment, the sitting on the chair Wang Yuzheng suddenly twisted her body, along with the chair, making her stumbled to the right and hit Ma Wei’s body.


    Ma Wei fell down, the pistol also lost its accuracy, making the bullet hit and penetrated the wooden wall next to them.

    While Liu Yi fortunately, didn’t eat another bullet.

    “F*cking bitch….you want to die….”

    Ma Wei said and was about to slap Wang Yuzheng in the face.

    But Liu Yi endured the severe pain on his shoulder and threw an ice bomb.


    Layers of ice condensed out of a large area, freezing half of Ma Wei’s body to the ground.

    “What….what is this….”

    Ma Wei watched in amazement as half of his body freeze, unable to move, and it even hindered his talking.

    A coldness crept through his heart.

    Ma Wei appeared to be in a state of confusion and silly; He felt he was unable to comprehend what just happened. He thought.

    ‘Where the hell is this guy coming from….’

    ‘Am I in a nightmare….’

    “You, deserve to die.”

    Liu Yi slowly stood up.

    His wound was no longer bleeding, and his whole eyes were a bit red now.

    A stream of dark emotion appeared in his heart.

    “You, you dare to kill me?”

    Ma Wei vomited blood, and shouted, “This father….is the Hall Leader of Black Dragon Gang….If you kill me, you mess with Black Dragon Gang! Do you know what Black Dragon Gang is? It is the largest gang in this Northern Dragon City! If you mess with Black Dragon Gang, you’ll be met with endless retaliation! Not only you, but they will also take revenge on those around you and your family! All of them will have to suffer because of you!”

    “You should not….threaten me with these.”

    Liu Yi slowly walked toward Ma Wei, his left hand was on top of his forehead, “This can only accelerate your death.”

    “You, you can’t kill me!”

    Ma Wei’s whole body trembled.

    Liu Yi smelled a smell of urine. This guy was actually too scared and peed his pants.

    “And you call yourself a Hall Leader?”

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but laugh, “Are all the Black Dragon Gang members useless like you?”


    Ma Wei also did not know why, since he became the Hall Leader, his courage was getting increasingly small.

    His previous unyielding character was gone.

    All he cared about was enjoying the life and how to earn money.

    But now, when the death was so near….he was afraid, extremely afraid.

    He didn’t want to die.

    “Liu Yi, finish him.”

    Lin Tong continued to remind Liu Yi from the side, “If you don’t kill him now, your future will fill with endless trouble! Just kill him, once and for all!”

    “Kill him….”

    Despite the anger in his body, when it comes to killing people, he still has some reservation.

    “This is not the time to hesitate! This man is not a human anymore, he’s completely crazy, he deserves to be killed!”

    Lin Tong quickly added, “You think about it, if it wasn’t for that chick saving you, you are already dead! If you don’t kill him now, not only you, the people around you will also be in trouble!”


    Liu Yi’s heart trembled.

    “If you won’t kill him, let me!”

    At this time, another voice sounded in Liu Yi’s mind.

    Then, his whole body shuddered, his eyes suddenly burst out bright golden lights.

    “Accept your death.”

    Liu Yi’s voice became extremely cold.

    Ma Wei’s eyes and mouth suddenly spat out crimson-colored flames.

    All his organs inside his body were burned, but his external body remained intact, which then stumbled to the ground.

    Wang Yuzheng saw Ma Wei lying motionlessly there, her heart slightly has some fear.

    She was just an ordinary girl….This was her first encounter with death….


    Demonic Liu Yi quickly faded, his eyes looked at the two black holes where the eyes burned, and the corpse which lied there. A surge of fear welled up inside Liu Yi’s heart.

    At the same time, there was also a feeling of disgust.

    His first kill….

    These feelings lingered in his heart….

    “What are you afraid of, if you don’t fear the living, why should you fear the dead.”

    Lin Tong advised, “You’re not killing innocent people, this man is guilty, he deserve to die.”

    “But….the law can punish him….I, I shouldn’t casually kill people….”

    Liu Yi’s heart slightly flustered.

    “Slowly get used to it, you are not an ordinary people, you are an immortal cultivator.”

    Lin Tong sighed, thinking.

    ‘After all, Liu Yi still thought of himself as an ordinary student first and foremost.’

    ‘He has yet to understand the implication of being an immortal cultivation. For him, killing people would indeed cause no small psychological pressure.’

    ‘But this Ma Wei had to die.’

    ‘If he didn’t die, Liu Yi would be in a big trouble.’

    ‘However, why did he jabber on and on about Liu Yi?’

    ‘Logically speaking, Liu Yi and the Black Dragon Gang should not have any relation to each other.’

    ‘Why did he continue to confront Liu Yi again and again?’

    Lin Tong racked her brain trying to find the answer to these questions.

    “Are you okay?”

    Liu Yi tried not to think about the matter regarding Ma Wei. He squatted beside Wang Yuzheng, reached out his hands and ripped open the rope that bound her.

    The thumb-thick rope was as fragile as a paper in Liu Yi’s hands.

    “I, I am okay….”

    Wang Yuzheng’s face paled as she crawled up from the ground, She didn’t dare to look at Ma Wei, instead, she asked Liu Yi in a low voice.

    “Is….is he dead….”


    Liu Yi heavily nodded, he had to admit this fact.

    He killed people….

    However, that person is an evil person.

    ‘Um, that’s right, he is an evil person.’

    From far away, Liu Yi heard the faint sound of the police sirens.

    They probably were alerted by the gunfire. Therefore, they came here to check.

    He has to get out of here as soon as possible.

    “The police are coming, I’m leaving now.”

    Liu Yi said, stood up, and was about to leave.

    “Deity, Deity don’t go….”

    At this time, Wang Yuzheng suddenly pulled Liu Yi’s arm and begged.

    “You are so great….you must be able to help me….”

    Liu Yi suddenly raised his eyebrows a bit, thinking.

    ‘Wang Yuzheng would actually lower herself to beg other people?’

    “My mother has been paralyzed for years….My family doesn’t have the money to treat this illness of her….Deity, you are so powerful…. you certainly can help cure my mother, right….”

    Wang Yuzheng tearfully begged Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi felt awkward.

    “Fox sister….is there any technique that can help cure Wang Yuzheng’s mother?”

    “Do you really think this big miss as an omnipotent Deity!”

    Lin Tong rolled her eyes at Liu Yi.

    “Then what should we do….is there no other way….”

    “Immortal cultivation can only be used to enhance our own bodies and spirit, it could not be used to help other people. The Taoist principle said, after one cultivates one’s own body, then one can rule the world! Cultivation of one own’s body is the most important, you haven’t even properly cultivate yourself, yet you are thinking about helping others? Even if you cultivate to the highest level, you still can’t treat other people’s illness. Everyone’s life has been determined by the Heaven, you can’t change someone else’s life!”

    “Why not!”

    Liu Yi said, “Initially, I am just an ordinary human, but after Fox sister appeared, wasn’t my destiny changed?”

    “You….are different….”

    “Where is the difference! I believe the destiny can be changed! I control my own destiny!”

    “You this fellow….”

    Lin Tong was feeling awkward, her tone was getting somewhat unsure, “In the immortal cultivation world….there’s this place called the King of Medicine’s Valley….The elixir that they refine can actually bring back the person from the brink of death….”


    Liu Yi’s eyes lit up. Just as he wanted to say something to Lin Tong, the police sirens suddenly sounded from the outside of the warehouse’s front door.