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Chapter 119 Knocking At The Door

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Go away. This is not a place where you can pick a quarrel with.”

    That bouncer noticed Liu Yi seemed to have an ill intention, looked at his skinny appearance, and can’t help but smile, “If you don’t want to die, leave, don’t bring your craziness here. Even wearing a mask, f*ck; you think you’re the death god aren’t you.”

    The two bouncers suddenly couldn’t help but laugh.

    “If you don’t make way, I won’t be polite anymore.”

    Liu Yi clenched his fists.

    “Won’t be polite? Hahaha, let us how you are going to be impolite to us!”

    “This guy, did he run away from a mental hospital? This place is owned by Lan Family, what do you want, do you dare to be so presumptuous? Be careful or the Lan Family will break your legs! The Lan Family is not something to be trifled with!”

    The two bouncers at the door suddenly quipped with disdain.

    “Lan Family is indeed not something to be trifled with.”

    Hearing those two bouncers words, Liu Yi sneered, “But I am also someone you can’t afford to provoke.”

    “F*ck, truly a dead seeker!”

    “Just hit him!”

    Another bouncer pulled out a baton stick from his waist and walked toward Liu Yi.

    “On the street, you would dare to raise a hand?”

    Liu Yi backed away two steps and asked.

    “Hehe, kid, you’re asking for this.”

    The bouncer carrying the baton said, “Seeking trouble in Lan Family’s place, even if we both beat you to death, you will die in vain. If you don’t get lost now, I will give you this suffering.”

    “Lan Family want to go against the rule? Then I have to give it a try.”

    ‘Want to play God in the Northern Dragon City?’

    ‘Even that old fellow Murong Hong I don’t give a d*mn.’

    ‘You want to play with me, then I’ll play with you,’ Liu Yi said in his heart.

    “This is your own death wish!”

    The bouncer came in front of Liu Yi and ruthlessly swung the baton toward Liu Yi’s head.

    But Liu Yi was quicker, while his hands were still in his pockets, he directly lifted one of his foot and kicked that bouncer in the belly.


    The bouncer was kicked and flew out more than one meter away, and then fell to the ground.

    The other bouncer was shocked, he could not understand how the thin guy in front of him have so much strength.

    But he has withdrawn his baton stick and move to beat Liu Yi in the face.

    Pre-emptive strike to gain the upper hand!

    “A child’s play.”

    Liu Yi’s hands still haven’t left his pockets, turned and did a side kick which hit the bouncer in the chest.

    The bouncer was kicked to the ground and landed on top of the previous bouncer.

    The wound on his shoulder hasn’t completely healed yet, so this move made him felt a bit of tearing pain. Liu Yi’s mind became clear and bright.

    After experiencing many life and death battle tonight, he felt that his strength and awareness have improved a lot.

    Just like what Lin Tong said, his third star jade will soon be opened.

    At that time, his power will experience a qualitative leap.

    When he reach the third star jade, Wang An, and the likes….he will no longer afraid of them.

    Moreover, even without the help of Wei Yi, he can do a simple D-level mission by himself.

    Liu Yi was full of confident at this moment.

    Looking at the two bouncers on the ground, Liu Yi coldly said.

    “This is what you’re asking for.”

    With that, he went to the Imperial Nightclub entrance, pushed open the luxury door, and entered.

    “Report….someone is looking for trouble, dressed in a black suit and a white mask….he also wear a red scarf….need backup….”

    The bouncer hastily pulled out the intercom and quickly reported.

    “Don’t let him get upstairs….”


    Liu Yi turned around and kicked on the threshold.

    The threshold was kicked off, one of its section directly flew and hit the bouncer’s head, which directly knocked him out.

    “Has been beaten but still talking nonsense, you deserve to be hit.”

    Liu Yi withdrew his foot and said.

    At this time, the Imperial Nightclub was a mess.

    Receiving the news from the bouncers at the entrance, the other bodyguards, dressed in black uniforms, carrying anti-riot batons in hands, raced toward the entrance.

    “That’s him!”

    “Dare to make trouble in Imperial Nightclub, courting death!”

    These bodyguards took money from the Lan Family to become the Family goons, so everyone of them fiercely came at Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi stood in the doorway, without the slightest bit of panic.

    He was very different than the previous Liu Yi.

    Seeing this scene, he was not afraid at all.

    He suddenly lifted his leg high and kicked the bodyguard who was fiercely rushing toward him, kicking the bodyguard to the ground.


    This bodyguard viciously slammed to the floor, blasting the dust off the ground and made other nearby bodyguards startled.

    At this moment, the black stream of qi was quietly circulating inside his body.

    Although his personality didn’t change, his mindset was affected.

    “If you don’t want to die, scram.”

    He coldly said.

    “Don’t be intimidated by him, go!”

    “Kill him!”

    These bodyguards, relying on their numbers, continued to pile on Liu Yi.

    “You ask for this. It has nothing to do with me.”

    Liu Yi shrugged, “I am a peace loving person.”

    Then, he stretched out his leg and kicked the bodyguard’s body on the ground before him.

    That bodyguard’s 1.8-meter body continued to roll and immediately hit a few of his companions.

    Another bodyguard charged from Liu Yi’s left side and was about to strike his cheek with the baton.

    Liu Yi stretched out his left arm and blocked this stick.

    At the same time, he stepped back, put his hand directly on that bodyguard’s head, pushed his head, and viciously slammed the head into the wall.


    That bodyguard was badly beaten, and his body softly slipped to the ground.

    Liu Yi patted his left arm to shook off some of the numb and said, “Oh, why bother.”

    These bodyguards, if counted, their strength would be at most one star, some might not even reach one star.

    A group with the fighting strength of five trashes.

    Liu Yi continuously took down the bodyguard in front of him then walked upstairs step by step.

    VIP room on the third floor. He clearly remembered his target.

    ‘Lan He, young master Lan, you wait for me there.’

    At this moment, on the fourth floor Office, Lan He’s father, Lan Jiaying and a middle-aged man in a black-and-red coat were talking about something.

    Hearing the noise downstairs, the middle-aged man suddenly frowned.

    “Mr. Lan, it seems downstairs is quite lively.”

    “Oh, it’s all right.”

    Lan Jiaying waved, “Someone might cause trouble, my people will handle him.”

    “Doesn’t Mr. Lan need to go downstairs to take a look?”

    That middle-aged man asked.

    “Hehe, rest assured Mr. Long. I have been in this business for quite a long time, occasionally some ignorant people would come to look for trouble. Hear that, it’s quiet now, sounds like they’ve handled him.”

    “Since Mr. Lan said so, then let us continue our talk.”

    The middle aged man nodded, “Our leader expressed his gratitude for the financing from Mr. Lan. If the project succeeds, he will definitely not forget Mr. Lan.”

    “You said these words as if I am an outsider. We are all people of the Great God.”

    Lan Jiaying chuckled, “However, when will I be able to meet with the leader, so that I can learn the method to immortality that was bestowed by the Great God?”

    “Don’t worry, no need to be anxious.”

    The middle-aged man laughed, “At that time, even if the leader doesn’t have the time, he will dispatch the Law Protector to bestow that method to Mr. Lan. The Great God Religion can grow to today’s scale is inseparable from the help of Mr. Lan. Our leader is thankful for Mr. Lan from the bottom of his heart.”

    “In order for the Great God to recover, this is just my meager contribution to the Great God Religion.”

    “Hehe….then let us talk about that contribution thing….”

    “Good, Mr. Long, please….”

    On the fourth floor, the two people continued to talk about the transaction, while on the third floor, Lin Huayang and Lan He, without knowing that Liu Yi was coming at them, impatiently waiting at the VIP room.

    “F*ck, this Ma Wei since he was elected as the Hall Leader, is getting more and more arrogant.”

    Lan He complained, “We have been waiting for him for quite a while, and he still hasn’t come.”

    “Yeah, I am getting sleepy already.”

    Lin Huayang yawned.

    But, thinking that Liu Yi has been settled, his mind was nonetheless jubilant.

    The unsightly guy was finally removed!

    When Lan He was about to phone Ma Wei to urge him to come fast, someone suddenly knocked their VIP room door.

    “It’s probably him.”

    “I’ll go open the door.”

    Lin Huayang stood up, walked to the door, and opened the room door.

    “Brother Ma, why did you make us wait this long….”

    The man before Lin Huayang was not Ma Wei of the Black Dragon Gang, but a man in a black suit and white mask.

    Simultaneously, that man lifted his foot.


    That foot directly kicked him in the chest. Like a broken kite, Lin Huayang’s body flew out and finally landed on the sofa near Lan He’s side, and then his mouth started to foam.

    Liu Yi was surprised for a moment, he thought his foot would land on Lan He, but he didn’t expect this scum Lin Huayang was here too.

    It seemed, the kidnapping of Wang Yuzheng and the subsequent threat against him was also related to this guy.

    ‘Just in time then, I can deal with them at the same time.’

    “Who, who are you!”

    Seeing Lin Huayang was kicked out so far and fell to vomit at his side, Lan He’s whole body suddenly shivered.

    “Your killer.”

    Liu Yi walked into the private room.

    “Don’t, don’t come here!”

    Lan He was trembling with fear, the previous aura of young master was completely gone.

    “This is Lan Family’s place….as long as I shouted a voice, my people will immediately take you out!”

    “Okay, let me help you with that.”

    Liu Yi smiled then shouted twice.

    “Help, your young master Lan are going to be killed!”

    But after a long time, nobody came.

    Lan He’s face instantly pale.

    “You understand your situation now, right?”

    Liu Yi clapped and exclaimed, “Yes, except for the crazy, all of the bodyguards in this building have been settled by me.”

    “You, what do you want….If you want money….I, I can give you!”

    Lan He hastily said, “How much money do you want, tell me….money is just a trivial matter, but you better calm down and don’t hurt me. Otherwise, you can’t imagine our Lan Family’s power. Even if you flee, we will not let you off.”

    “Hehe, it seems our young master Lan is very rich.”

    Liu Yi jokingly looked at Lan He and sneered, “Since our young master Lan is so rich, why not use it for the common cause instead of hoarding the illicit money for yourself? Money is indeed a splendid thing. But alas, it seems young master Lan can’t use it in this room….”

    “You, you’re not looking for money?”

    Lan He vaguely felt that something was not right.