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Chapter 120 I Am Long Yang

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Money? Of course, I want that. But I don’t want your Lan Family’s money.”

    Liu Yi curled his lips and said, “I suspect your Lan Family’s money is too dirty.”

    “Then, what do you want….”

    Since the other side didn’t want his money, Lan He lost his self-confident.

    “Do you think I came here to settle the score with your family?”

    Liu Yi sneered, “I am the devil who crawled out of Hell to settle your account.”

    “Account? What account…”

    “Young master Lan, perhaps you don’t know this, on the King of Hell, there’s a book which record all the wicked things that were done by all of the living people.”,

    Liu Yi said, and gestured with his hands, “You, young master Lan, is too much, the part of the book which record your conduct is so thick like this. The King of Hell is unhappy, because if this continue, he will run out of paper to write. Therefore, the King of Hell send me to teach you a lesson, making you know that there’s a retribution for doing bad things.”

    “You, you have got to be kidding me….”

    Lan He’s body slightly trembled, feeling like he was in a dream.

    ‘King of Hell? Record book?’

    ‘How could there be such nonsense things.’

    “Kidding? Young master Lan, don’t you know that the God is always watching over you?”

    Liu Yi thought, ‘yes, except when you are masturbating, no god would want to watch you.’

    ‘Unless you do bad things….’

    “When you did something bad, don’t assume that nobody knows, and no one can punish you. Today, your retribution is coming after you.”

    With that, Liu Yi walked toward Lan He. With every step that he took, Lan He’s heart was pounding faster and faster.”

    “Don’t come! You can’t touch me. Otherwise, you will die miserably!”

    “Relying on your Lan Family again?”

    Liu Yi curled his lips, “To tell you the truth, I don’t give a d*mn about your Lan Family.”

    After provoking Murong Hong, how could he be afraid of Lan Family?

    Moreover, with the mask covering his face, he was not afraid of creating trouble.

    Sometimes, it was very useful to have another identity.

    “That’s because you don’t know our Lan Family’s power!”

    Lan He said, “Touching me will bring you a lot of trouble….However, if you want anything, just say it! Money, women….”

    “Since when your Lan Family become the King?”

    Liu Yi deeply sighed, “If I forgive you, I’m afraid the King of Hell will not forgive me.”

    With that, Liu Yi extended his hand toward Lan He.

    Lan He was scared sh*tless. Since the man in front of him was able to defeat all of her Family’s bodyguards, how could he stand a chance!’

    Suddenly his eyes landed on the nearby spray, his hand subconsciously picked that bottle of spray and then sprayed it on Liu Yi.

    Blue smoke suddenly appeared on Liu Yi’s face, which he accidentally inhaled, making him coughed twice and felt unbearably choked.

    Meanwhile, a strange feeling numbed Liu Yi’s nerves, making him suddenly felt lustful to the lovable Lan He in front of him.

    ‘Holy sh*t….’

    ‘What is going on here?’

    ‘This spray….have the similar effect with my Amorous Ripple Hand?’

    Liu Yi quickly activated his Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and circulated the immortal energy inside his body to disperse the spray from his body.

    “You are dead!”

    Seeing the result of the spray, Lan He suddenly overjoyed and, without caring for Lin Huayang, lifted his buttocks to leave the room.

    But Liu Yi waved his hand to disperse the smoke while simultaneously made two breathing technique and quickly adjusted his state.

    “Did I tell you to leave?”

    Liu Yi threw an ice bomb which fell on Lan He’s feet.


    The floor immediately covered with ice and freeze Lan He’s feet on the ground.

    “What is this!”

    Lan He discovered that both of his legs were frozen to the ground, and exclaimed in horror, “Help me!”

    “Even if you shout until your throat is sore, no one is going to come and save you.”

    Liu Yi suddenly felt that his words were quite evil.

    ‘Forget it, now is not the time to care about this thing.’

    “No, don’t kill me….”

    Lan He’s eyes were panicked stricken.

    He didn’t want to die….

    He was still young, and great future was waiting for him!

    He also wanted to pursue Murong Die, and then acquire the Murong Family’s assets.

    “Letting you die….is too good for you.”

    Liu Yi said, picking up the fruit knife on the table, and then arrived at Lan He’s side.

    “I heard you like to play Basketball, and is a member of the City’s youth reserve team.”

    Liu Yi played the fruit knife in front of him and said with a smile.

    “You, what are you going to do….”

    Lan He’s heart suddenly twitched a bit.

    “Nothing, I just thought that people like do not deserve to play Basketball.”

    Liu Yi said, reached out his left hand, grabbed Lan He’s wrist, and put the fruit knife on his little finger.

    “No, don’t do that!”

    Feeling the tip of the knife, Lan He didn’t dare to move carelessly. Instead, he desperately begged.

    “I can’t live without my finger….absolutely can’t….”

    Lan He has two great hobbies in his life.

    One is to play with women, and the other is playing Basketball.

    If he lost his finger….His Basketball career would be over.

    “You can’t cut my finger….you will ruin my life….”

    “Oh? Ruin your life?”

    Liu Yi raised his head and looked at Lan He in the eye, “Then, young master Lan, have you ever thought about all the other people’s lives that have been ruined by you?”

    “How could you compare their lives with me….”

    Lan He subconsciously said, “I am Lan He….the young master of Lan Family.”

    “But in my eyes, you are nothing.”

    Liu Yi’s voice was very cold, and he was about to cut Lan He’s finger.

    But at this time, Liu Yi suddenly felt an intense sense of threat coming from behind him.

    He subconsciously turned and dodged to the side.

    A blood-red arrow passed through the space between him and Lan He and then slammed the wall behind them.

    Suddenly, the wall blackened and a hole appeared on it.

    “Hehe, at Lan Family’s place, you actually tried to make a move against young master Lan. Hehe, you underestimate the Lan Family too much.”

    At the entrance of the room, a middle-aged man in a red-and-black coat smiled and said to Liu Yi.

    Although the middle-aged man was smiling, Liu Yi can’t force himself to smile.

    Instead, there’s a terrible threat coming from him, which brushed up against Liu Yi’s gut.

    But this was not what made Liu Yi shocked.

    What shocked him the most was, the deformed baby who was sitting on the man’s shoulder.

    The baby’s body was partly visible. It has three eyes. Its upper body was lying on the man’s shoulder while its lower body seemed to be snake-shaped, which wrapped around the man’s neck.

    “Ghost Baby! Cult of the great God!”

    “Hey? You actually know about our Great God Religion?”

    The middle-aged man’s face changed its color, “It appears that I can’t let you off. Today, you have to die here.”

    Liu Yi never thought that this Lan Family actually has a connection with the cult of the great god!’

    “Haha, someone is here to help me! It’s my dad’s partner!”

    Lan He has a vague impression of this middle-aged man. According to what his father’s said, the man should be a fierce expert!

    His heart suddenly settled down, while simultaneously waiting for the man who has previously humiliated him to die.

    “Young master Lan rests assured, I will help you kill him.”

    That middle-aged man smiled with confidence.

    “I, Long Yang, is not an ordinary follower, but a true priest of the Great God. Since he has provoked me, his only result is to die.”

    “Oh my god….”

    Hearing the cult priest’s name, Liu Yi almost spurted out blood.

    “You are Long Yang? So, you are a gay….” (TL: Long Yang is slang for gay in China)

    “I am not a gay!”

    That Long Yang suddenly flew into a rage, “Boy stop talking nonsense!”

    “Then why are you called Long Yang?”

    “How would I know!”

    “Okay, okay, you don’t need to deny it, don’t worry, I do not discriminate against gay.”

    “That’s more like it….F*ck! I told you, this father is not gay! This father is Long Yang!”

    “Then what does that mean?”

    “You must die!”

    “Trying to change the topic, I am tired of you, Long Yang.”

    “I already told you, this father is not Long Yang, this father is gay….Motherf*cker! I am going to kill you!”

    Long Yang was completely exploded.

    The ghost baby on his shoulder suddenly cried out loud, and its mouth swelled up.

    “Silly kid be careful, this man has three-eyed ghost baby….its strength is three stars, you need to pay more attention!”

    “D*mn, why recently I always bump into three stars bosses!”

    Liu Yi suddenly couldn’t help but cursed in his heart, “Every day I go out, I stepped into dog feces (Out of luck)….”

    “Puff puff puff!”

    Before he could continue his complained, the ghost baby’s mouth, like a machine gun, barreled out three blood arrows straight at Liu Yi.

    “F*ck! Why there are so much blood!”

    Liu Yi moved with the Spirit Fox Steps and activated the forces in his body.

    The world in front of him once again turned into two colors, black and white, and everything slowed down.

    This ability came from his Demonic energy, although Liu Yi always thought it was from his Immortal energy.

    In Lin Tong’s eyes, the world almost turned completely black and white.

    Being a Demon race is hard.

    They were all incomplete. Therefore, they diligently cultivated.

    But they have unique abilities, which are, faster reaction time so that they are more sensitive, and the innate fighting talent.

    The three blood-arrows were so fast.

    But in Liu Yi’s eyes, they have been slowed down and were clearly visible.

    Liu Yi used his Spirit Fox Steps to moved his body and flexibly dodged the fast incoming blood-arrows.

    “How is that….you can actually get away from my blood-arrow!”

    Long Yang was surprised, he did not expect his opponent, who seemed like a kid with mediocre skill, to have such a reaction speed.

    ‘His strength….seemed to be so-so!’

    “Now freeze for me!”

    Taking advantage when Long Yang was still surprised, Liu Yi condensed out an ice bomb and threw it at the opposite party.


    But the ghost baby on his shoulder automatically spat out a blood-arrow, which shattered and blasted his ice bomb, creating a large track of icy fog in the air.

    ‘The f*ck….’

    ‘That ghost baby also has an automatic defense!’

    But Liu Yi did not hesitate, the moment the ice bomb exploded and created the icy fog, he leaped up onto the ceiling and condensed out layers of frost from all his limbs, making his hands and feet stuck on them.

    When the icy fog dispersed, Long Yang discovered that, in front of him, there was only Lan He, who was still frozen on the ground.

    “Young master Lan, where is he?”

    Long Yang subconsciously asked.

    “I don’t know either….just now, he suddenly went behind me….”

    He’s feet were frozen solid, his whole body tingled with numbness, and it was pretty hard for him to turn his head around.

    “I don’t believe he can evaporate out of this room!”

    Long Yang suddenly entered the room and looked up.

    A half-meter long cone-shaped ice quickly fell toward him.