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Chapter 121 Long Yang’s Transformation

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Cunning, but it’s just a small trick!”

    Long Yang did not feel surprised. Instead, he sneered.

    Then, the ghost baby on his shoulder sent out a sad and shrill cry,

    A transparent blast instantly spread out, and the cone-shaped ice that was falling toward Long Yang’s head smashed into smithereens by the shockwave.

    Liu Yi wrinkled his brows.

    This Long Yang was indeed more powerful than the Great God follower that he previously encountered.

    The power of the three-eyed ghost baby was not weak! Its voice was also a lot more powerful than a Dolphin!

    All of the bottles and jars in the room were also shattered by the shock wave.

    The layer of ice that covered Lan He’s feet started to crack.

    ‘Really powerful….’

    ‘This is indeed the power of the third star.’

    “You see, this is the gap between our power.”

    Long Yang said as his hand touched the ghost baby on his shoulder, letting the baby bit his finger and sucked his blood.

    “Fox sister….Is there any method to defeat him….”

    Liu Yi came down from the ceiling and nervously looked at Long Yang who stood opposite of him, somewhat did not know what to do.

    He cannot hit from afar, but it was also seemingly dangerous if he attacked from close range….

    “Yes, there is a way, and it is a very powerful method.”

    “What method?”


    Lin Tong gave her best suggestion.

    “I am not going to run!”

    Liu Yi refused to budge and protested, “Today, Lan He must be punished….Moreover, that Great God follower is too ruthless. I simply can’t leave!”

    “Fool….if you don’t run, can you defeat him?”

    “Even if I can’t beat him, I have to try!”

    While thinking about how to deal with Long Yang, the forces inside Liu Yi’s body continued to circulate.

    “I have very important things to talk about, and have no time to play with you, therefore, be a darling and die, let the power of the Great God wash your soul.”

    Long Yang said, and activated his ghost baby.

    The three-eyed ghost baby opened its mouth and, puff puff puff, continued to eject the red colored blood-arrows toward Liu Yi.

    The world before Liu Yi slowed down and he dodged those blood-arrows.

    Luckily his power has been upgraded just before this. Otherwise, these blazing fast blood-arrows might end up taking Liu Yi’s life.

    The room was constantly bombarded by the blood-arrows, its walls were scarred, leaving holes everywhere.

    But that Long Yang avoided Lan He and the still fainted Lin Huayang. Otherwise, these two fellows would quickly turn into pools of blood.

    “Crafty little bug, are you going to continue to evade?”

    After a while, Long Yang became somewhat impatient.

    His blood-arrows have hit almost the entire room, but he still can’t touch that d*mn Liu Yi.

    “Being abused in the ass too many times have made your eyes blurred and can’t properly aim, aren’t you, gay brother!”

    While dodging to the side, Liu Yi did not forget to openly mock Long Yang.

    If he could provoke this man, letting him out of his mind, then he might have a change on defeating him!

    “D*mn! You really are tired of living!”

    Long Yang trembled with anger, his eyes almost bulged out of its socket.

    He suddenly held his palms together and appeared to perform some kind of technique.

    The three-eyed ghost baby on his shoulder suddenly went missing, making Liu Yi jumped in scare.

    ‘Where is that three-eyed ghost baby?’

    ‘This doesn’t look like a joke….’

    ‘Does Long Yang intend to discard his ghost baby to fight hand to hand with me?’

    ‘It shouldn’t be….’

    ‘He should not have such a heavy taste….’

    When Liu Yi was still in doubt, Lin Tong suddenly cried out loud.

    “Liu Yi, watch your right shoulder!”

    Liu Yi’s heart panicked and turned to look at his right shoulder.

    At this time, he discovered that the missing three-eyed ghost baby, without knowing when, has wrapped his waist with its snake-shaped lower body, while its upper body was on top of his right shoulder and then it fiercely bit his shoulder!

    Liu Yi’s shoulder was hurt!

    This made Liu Yi’s vision turned dark, his body directly trembled, and partly knelt on the ground.

    After the three-eyed ghost baby had bitten Liu Yi on the shoulder, it cackled a laugh, and then flew back to Long Yang’s side.

    “Hahaha! You have been bitten by my precious, the toxin has entered your body, now you don’t even have the strength to stand up!

    Seeing that he finally was able to put Liu Yi down, Long Yang couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Don’t you like to dodge? How are you going to dodge now?”

    With that, the three-eyed ghost baby shot two blood-arrows at Liu Yi’s left arm which was supporting his body.

    Liu Yi’s arm was hit and can no longer support him, making him fell on the floor.


    Liu Yi’s mind was murky and then became dark.

    ‘Am I….going to die here….’

    ‘No….How could I “game over” just like this….I am not willing….’

    “Uncle Long, you, you’re awesome!”

    Seeing the man who threatened him has been taken down, Lan He was pleasantly surprised and exclaimed.

    “Hehe, rest assured young master Lan, there’s no danger anymore.”

    Long Yang came over to Liu Yi, “Let me see what kind of face hidden beneath that mask.”

    With that, he extended his hand toward Liu Yi’s mask.

    At this time, Liu Yi, while still lying down on the floor, suddenly sent a cold voice from behind the mask.

    “I urge you….best not to touch it. I am a normal person, and don’t have your hobby.”

    “F*ck, still fooling around aren’t you! It looks like I should let the God heavily punish you!”

    Long Yang said, the three-eyed Ghost baby on his shoulder started to collect blood on its mouth, ready to give Liu Yi a deadly attack.

    At this time, Liu Yi’s body, who was initially on the ground, suddenly burst out a huge force.


    The Demonic qi blasted out and directly impacted Long Yang’s body, hitting him back two steps.

    “What….is this….”

    Liu Yi’s injuries quickly healed.

    His hair turned into silver-white long hair, and his entire attire also changed.

    Soon, he stood up from the ground, stretching out his limbs and body, and said.

    “This guy was too careless….he actually got so many injuries, tsk tsk….wasting a lot of my power to fix it….”

    “Demon energy….it’s actually Demon energy!”

    Looking at his opponent who appeared to suddenly become a new person, Long Yang stared with disbelief.

    “Well, you’re actually quite knowledgeable, it’s a shame you have a small issue regarding your sexual orientation, what a pity.”

    Liu Yi re-wound the red scarf around his neck and then made a hook gesture with his finger toward Long Yang.

    “Come on. I will play with you.”

    Lin Tong lay on Liu Yi’s shoulder and opened her Eyes of Star Jade.

    She watched in horror as the star jade inside his body has completely changed.

    Of the twenty-eight star jade, three of them have been brightly lit.

    But the entire immortal universe chart has a shade of red mixed with black.

    Obviously….this was the result of the other Liu Yi who secretly cultivated the Red Blood Sutra Code!

    Three Star-Jade!

    The other Liu Yi had secretly awakened the third star jade!

    But because his other personality did not awake until now, this has no effect on Liu Yi’s strength!

    Liu Yi’s body….was simply too weird!

    “Humph, overestimating one’s capability!”

    Long Yang coldly snorted, “Even if you have the strange Demonic energy that healed your injuries, you are still not my opponent! I will destroy your body once again!”

    With that, Long Yang clasped his palms again and launched the teleport spell on the three-eyed ghost baby.

    “Tsk tsk, Long Yang, you definitely seldom watch anime.”

    Liu Yi calmly stood there as of nothing happened, and faintly smiled, “So you certainly don’t know, the same tactic can’t be used twice on the protagonist…”

    With that, he suddenly pulled out his right hand from his trouser pocket and directly grabbed and squeezed the struggling three-eyed ghost baby out of thin air.


    Long Yang was shocked. He didn’t understand how Liu Yi could discover his three-eyed ghost baby.

    “The same trick is useless toward the Saint Seiya!”

    “Alas….you’re actually not bad, such a shame…..”

    Liu Yi smiled while still holding the ghost baby in his hand, “Pray for your pet.”

    With that, Liu Yi’s entire right hand became red like a devil’s hand, and red stripe covered his whole hand.

    That three-eyed ghost baby was instantly burned with the crimson-colored flame, screaming again and again.

    “Not good!”

    Long Yang’s face paled, he quickly grabbed an empty space and directly withdrew his three-eyed ghost baby with his technique.

    He told his three-eyed ghost baby to spew out a blood-arrow to extinguish the flame on its body.

    But the three-eyed ghost baby was dying at this time. Long Yang was in distressed, bit his finger and let the ghost baby sucked his blood to replenish its strength.

    “Such an evil way to feed it.”

    Liu Yi can’t help but quip, “Man’s most precious essence is his blood, but you used it to feed this evil thing. It seems you are doomed to die a miserable death.”

    “D*mn you!”

    Long Yang’s eyes were red, “I’ve worked hard to cultivate this three-eyed ghost baby, but nearly wasted by you! I Long Yang, want you dead here, Great God will kick you to hell today!”

    “I hope your Great God doesn’t have athlete’s foot.”

    Liu Yi shrugged indifferently.

    “Aaa! Courting death! Ghost Body!”

    Long Yang suddenly opened his mouth and stuffed the ghost baby into his mouth.

    Seeing this scene, Lan He can’t hold back anymore and directly threw up.

    Liu Yi, fortunately, knew that this ghost baby was a spiritual body, so he didn’t have such a big reaction like Lan He.

    As Long Yang swallowed the ghost baby, his body slightly changed.

    His pale and wrinkled forehead suddenly split out three openings and showed out three bloodshot eyes!

    “He actually let the ghost baby possessed his body…”

    Lin Tong shivered a bit.

    “This guy….is so sick….”

    “What else would he be called other than Long Yang, he’s fond of another man’s body.”

    Liu Yi remained indifferent as if the one who stood before him was not a formidable enemy but a cute little baby.

    “We…are not going to escape?”

    Lin Tong asked.

    “Running away is not my style.”

    Liu Yi said, standing there while making a hooking gesture with his finger toward Long Yang, “Come on, Long Yang, let me see your progress after that transformation.


    Long Yang’s three eyeballs on the forehead fully stared at him, looking very scary.

    He opened his mouth and spurted out blood-arrows, which were heavier, larger, and more powerful.

    “Puff puff puff!”

    The blood-arrows pierced several holes on the wall, but Liu Yi had actually dodged with a simple stroll.

    “I thought you would have something new….but you still use the same old tactic.”