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Chapter 125 We Will Get Ou

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Sneak me out of the house….I want to go out and play.”

    Murong Die looked at the moon outside the window and can’t help but say.


    Liu Yi was stunned. He did not expect Murong Die to put forward such a request.

    ‘This girl is that bored!?’

    “If you won’t take me out of the house, I will hate you forever!”

    Murong Die put forward some terrible words.

    “Okay, okay, but you need to put some clothes on….If you go out like this, you will freeze to death.”

    Liu Yi pointed to Murong Die’s semi-naked body and said.


    It suddenly occurred to Murong Die that she only wore underwear.

    She was stunned, and her face immediately flushed, then she put her hands around her chest and charmingly told Liu Yi.

    “Quickly turned around, this miss is going to wear clothes!”

    “I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t see it….”

    Liu Yi hurriedly stretched out his hand to cover his eyes.

    “Go to hell!”

    Murong Die reached for a pillow and threw it at Liu Yi’s face.

    Liu Yi has no other choice but to honestly turn around. It seems he can’t sneak a peak. From behind him came the sound of Murong Die putting on her clothes.

    ‘Alas….I really want to see it.’

    At least he was curious about the difference between how the boys and the girls change their clothes.

    His mind was very curious about this.

    When Liu Yi was still lost in reverie, Murong Die said to him.

    “You can turn around now, this lady is ready.”

    Liu Yi turned around and immediately suddenly sucked some cold air.

    Murong Die before him wore a long white dress, although it was probably just an ordinary white dress, when Murong Die wore it, she was like a Princess.

    But she still put her attention to keep herself warm, at least, she put on a set of thick silk stocking around her legs.

    Otherwise, with the autumn temperature on the outside, she would certainly freeze to death.

    “You’re not wearing a coat or something?”

    Liu Yi asked in surprised, “The outside is very cold….”

    “When a girl wants to look good, she doesn’t feel any cold.”

    Murong Die rolled her eyes at Liu Yi, “Am I not attractive wearing this dress?”


    Liu Yi swallowed his saliva and said.

    At this time, Murong Die looked like a descended-to-Earth little angel, very dazzling.

    “Hehe….There you go.”

    Murong Die seemed happy and satisfied.

    Liu Yi didn’t understand why this girl would be so happy.

    “Let’s go….”

    Murong Die asked Liu Yi, “How are we going to slip out….there are so many bodyguards outside.”

    “Leave it to me.”

    Liu Yi has left behind a path for him to leave, but he didn’t think he would use to sneak Murong Die out with him.

    “How are you going to do it?”

    “Watch how this poor monk makes way for you!”

    Liu Yi said, walked toward the window and pretended to chant some spell.

    “Heavenly spirits, Earthly spirits, Three ancestors quickly come! True Buddhist Fire! Go!”

    “You’re kidding me, right…”

    Murong Die thought Liu Yi was just joking, but at this time, fire suddenly burned in the distant woods inside the Manor. The raging flame soon spread throughout the woods.

    ‘I have to admit, this Red Blood Sutra Code….is really useful.’

    “You….are you a fortune teller?”

    Murong Die looked at Liu Yi in surprised.

    “Hehe, this poor monk’s supernatural power is boundless. Female donor, please come along with this poor monk.”

    Liu Yi said, then extended his left hand toward Murong Die.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I’m going to hold you, otherwise, how are we going to get down?”

    “You’re crazy….this is the second floor!”

    Murong Die said in amazement, “Moreover, my family’s home is five meters high per floor….”

    “Trust me.”

    Liu Yi said, “Close your eyes, and leave the rest to me.”

    “Okay, this miss will trust you this time.”

    Murong Die closed her eyes, then fell into Liu Yi’s arms.

    Liu Yi took this opportunity to embrace this soft-bodied princess, then jumped out from the bedroom window.

    Murong Die felt like she was among the clouds and somewhat felt nervous.

    She subconsciously held onto Liu Yi. Although the night wind was cold, Liu Yi’s body transmitted some warm to her, making her feel relieved and comfortable.

    ‘If I can keep on holding like this, that would be nice….’

    Murong Die longed to say these words: Liu Yi, take me away.

    Unfortunately, they were still a student, and their parents still responsible for them.

    ‘Liu Yi’s condition was better. After he got into college, graduate, then look for a job, he can take responsibility for himself.’

    ‘As for me….’

    ‘I will always be in a cage….’

    Thinking about this, Murong Die’s heart slightly twitched.

    But at this time, Murong Die felt her body sank. When she opened her eyes, she found out they were both had landed on the ground.

    “How did you do that….”

    Murong Die asked with amazement.

    “This poor monk is almighty.”

    Liu Yi said with a smile.

    “Humph, if you don’t want to say it just forget it, this big miss is not interested in your answer.”

    Murong Die rolled her eyes.

    “Let’s get out of here, those bodyguards will be back.”

    Liu Yi said, bent over, and squatted on the ground.

    “Let me carry you on my back….your running speed is too slow.”

    “This big miss won’t slow you down.”

    Although Murong Die said that, she still obediently lay on Liu Yi’s back.

    Her long hair fell down and floated in front of Liu Yi’s nose, making him felt itchy and appreciated the fragrance.

    “Go, hyah, let’s go!”

    “Shoot, I am not a donkey!”

    “But you’re a cute little donkey!”

    Murong Die’s words made Liu Yi speechless. He bent his feet and ran, sprinting across this spacious Manor courtyard.

    “Obedient daughter, dad personally come to bring your midnight snack.”

    Murong Hong knocked on his daughter’s bedroom door

    Recently, Murong Die hardly ate anything, making Murong Hong distressed and angry.

    Distressed in thinking about his daughter’s health, and angry because Murong Die was too obstinate.

    But after all, she is his baby daughter. Murong Hong brought an exquisite midnight snack and planned to have a talk with his daughter.

    After knocking her door for a long time, nobody answered him.

    ‘Could it be Lil’ Die doesn’t want to talk to me?’

    ‘Unlikely. If she doesn’t want to see me, even if she doesn’t open the door, she would still tell me to go away.’

    Murong Hong felt something was not quite right. So, he immediately looked for the key from Wang An and opened Murong Die’s room door.

    As soon as he went inside to take a look, he immediately shocked.

    His precious daughter was not in the room.

    Thinking about the two fires in the woods inside the Manor, Murong Hong’s face suddenly changed greatly.

    “Lil’ Die has run away, Wang An, immediately block the area around the Manor! They definitely haven’t gone too far!”

    Remembering the second fire that just happened not too long ago, Murong Hong correctly made an intelligent guess that Murong Die hasn’t run too far yet.

    “Understood, Sir!”

    Wang An was surprised, who would dare to take Murong Die away under his nose!


    The security in this Mountain Manor was his responsibility. If his big miss was successfully abducted, the lost of face would be so big!

    He immediately arranged for the bodyguards to go all out and block the entire Mountain Manor.

    Liu Yi, with Murong Die on his back, was running toward the outside.

    At this time, the loud sound of alarm blasted through the entire Manor.

    ‘F*ck, is this an air strike?’

    Hearing this alarm sound, Liu Yi was immediately surprised.

    Murong Die’s face also changed. While lying on the back of Liu Yi, she said.

    “Not good….my dad must have found out that I run away….”

    “Don’t worry….We’ll continue our run. It won’t be long before we get out of here!”

    Liu Yi said as he looked at the already visible fence in the distance.

    “Come on, hyah! Red hare, quickly run!”


    The sound was whistling around the Mountain Manor, and the lights shone brightly.

    Three Helicopters directly lifted off, moving around with a huge searchlight, searching the entire Manor.

    “Get away from all those lights.”

    Murong Die anxiously said, “If my dad found out you are carrying me on your back, he will definitely vent his anger on you!”

    “I know….”

    Liu Yi certainly understood Murong Hong’s harsh temperament.

    He was not a good man!

    Liu Yi took two deep breath and launched his Spirit Fox Steps, still carrying Murong Die on his back.

    Under the effect of the breathing technique, Liu Yi felt his own body lighter, and spirit brighter.

    But taking a deep breath also meant that he inhaled a lot of Murong Die’s fragrant scent, making Liu Yi felt that he was somewhat lightheaded.

    ‘How could this girl be so fragrant….must be because she just took a shower.’

    A helicopter light came at them. Liu Yi quickly stepped on his Spirit Fox Steps, pulling down his body until he almost touched the ground and escaped from that searchlight.

    “That was really close….”

    Murong Die wiped her cold sweat, “But that was exciting….hehe….”

    ‘….this girl….’

    “The person who kidnap my daughter.”

    When Liu Yi successfully got away from the Helicopter light, the landscape around the Mountain Manor suddenly filled with Murong Hong’s voice.

    The audio equipment around this Mountain Manor seemed to be very good.

    “No matter who you are, I Murong Hong is giving you a chance now. Give me my daughter back, and in exchange, I will give you a lump sum of money and let you leave. If not, this Mountain Manor will be your burial ground. Don’t think you can run away, the entire fence around this Mountain Manor has been fully electrified. This is an inescapable net, you can’t escape.”

    ‘The fence is electrified?’

    ‘Shoot….this Murong Hong is too ruthless.’

    “What should we do….can we still get away?”

    Murong Die somewhat nervously asked.

    “Don’t worry, since I’ve promised you that I will take you out, I will definitely do it.”

    Liu Yi told Murong Die on his back, “My grandpa said, people who break their promises, are the lowest kind of people.”

    With that, he ran to the front of the fence.

    ‘Do all this three-meter high fence really electrified?’

    When Liu Yi was still wondering, a small crow descended from the night sky and landed on top of the fence, seemingly tired of flying.


    Immediately, bright electric spark showed up.

    That small crow was instantly burned by the electricity. Without any spark of life, its corpse fell on Liu Yi’s side.

    “Holy sh*t….How high the voltage in this fence could be! It can even make a BBQ!”

    Liu Yi’s facial expression greatly changed.

    ‘This is not a mistake, sh*t.’

    Murong Die’s pretty face also went pale.

    “It seems….we really can’t run away….”

    She smiled bitterly.

    “I told you, I will definitely bring you out!”

    Liu Yi clenched his teeth and suddenly said to Murong Die.


    Before Murong Die could respond, Liu Yi already put her down and then grabbed both of her hands with his hands.

    Immediately, the Amorous Ripple Hand began to work.