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Chapter 126 A Game

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Murong Die suddenly felt her whole body weak.

    “What, what are you going to do….”

    Her two eyes revealed an irresistible desire, brightly looked at Liu Yi.

    “Don’t be afraid, I will definitely catch you!”

    Liu Yi said, his whole body suddenly turned and directly swung Murong Die’s frail body into the air.


    Murong Die screamed again and again as she looked at the clouds and in the blink of an eye reached the top of the fence.

    Liu Yi bent his knees and leapt up high.

    He can’t display his icy qi in front of Murong Die.

    But his best jump was only three meters high, just above the fence.

    And his body was falling rapidly and was about to fall on top of the fence.

    Liu Yi extended his right foot and stepped on the top of the fence.


    The electric current instantly drilled through the sole of his foot and spread over his entire body.

    At that moment, Liu Yi felt his whole body was going to be torn apart.

    But he quickly activated all the forces inside his body to forcibly resist this electric current attack.

    At the same time, he pushed his foot to free himself from this attack and threw himself toward the whereabout of Murong Die.


    At the last second she was about to touch the ground, Liu Yi has solidly stood there, ready to catch Murong Die.

    In order to avoid his Amorous Ripple Hand, Liu Yi quickly took back his right hand.

    “Really, really….”

    Murong Die’s eyes were slightly red. Liu Yi thought that this girl was going to say ‘really scary,’ but it turned out she actually cheered in pleasant surprised.

    “Really exciting!”

    ‘F*ck, exciting your sister….’

    ‘I almost died by the electric charge there.’

    Although he succeeded in dispersing the electric charge from harming his body, it still left him with a tingling feeling.

    ‘This fellow….is actually excited by this electric experience….’

    ‘But I don’t want to try it for the second time.’

    “I got you out, where to go next?”

    Liu Yi reluctantly crawled up and helped pulled up Murong Die and then asked.

    “Well….I want to go to the Amusement Park.”

    Murong Die proposed.


    Liu Yi blinked his eyes, “Big Miss, are you kidding me! It’s late, why do you want to go to the Amusement Park? They are already close now.”

    “What are you afraid of? You can even go in and out of my family’s house with ease, let alone the Amusement Park.”

    “Shoot….I am not Doraemon, I don’t have the door to anywhere!”

    “Since when you’re cute like Doraemon!”

    Murong Die rolled her eyes at Liu Yi, “Quickly take me to the Amusement Park, I don’t want to get caught here.”

    “All right.”

    Liu Yi has no other choice but to bent his knee once again and put Murong Die on his back and then took her to the Northern Dragon City amusement park.


    “Sir….The entire Mountain Manor have been searched, there are no traces of big Miss….”

    At this time, Wang An reported the search result to Murong Hong, who was currently sitting on the sofa smoking his pipe.

    Wang An spoke cautiously because Murong Hong’s current gloomy mood made him a bit afraid.

    “All of them are useless….Tomorrow, I want those useless replaced by a new group of bodyguard!”

    Murong Hong tightly squeezed the tobacco pipe, seemingly going to crush it.

    “Also….the assassin from the Heavenly List has not made her move, how long do I need to wait?”

    “It should be tonight….”

    Wang An calculated.

    “Directly trace Lil’ Die’s cell phone, and give the coordinate to Poison Jasmine.”

    Murong Hong smoked his pipe and then said.

    “Sir, do you mean….”

    “The one who took away Lil’ Die is none other than Liu Yi. No one else can do this other than him.”

    Murong Hong said, “Directly go to where they are and finish him.”

    “Yes, understood, sir.”

    Wang An sighed, thinking.

    ‘Liu Yi, Liu Yi, why are you still entangled yourself with big Miss.’

    ‘I knew very well how fierce the Assassins from Heavenly List are….’

    ‘You kid, good luck with that….’


    Outside the first Amusement Park on the Northern Dragon City.

    Liu Yi looked at the giant lock at the gate of the Amusement Park as well as the lifeless recreational facilities in there and said.

    “Big Miss Murong, you see, it’s close now. Even if we go inside, those rides can do nothing.”

    “This big Miss said we go in there, it means we go in there, stop saying this nonsense!”

    Murong Die pointed to the giant lock at the gate and said, “Get this gate open!”

    “Shoot, how could you have such a huge interest in this!”

    “This big Miss like it!”

    Murong Die looked at the Amusement Park. Liu Yi saw the look of anticipation in her eyes and correctly guessed something, and then asked.

    “Have you….never been to the Amusement Park?”

    “How, how could this big Miss never been here!”

    Murong Die forced herself to say, “It’s just an Amusement Park….”

    But her voice was getting smaller and smaller.

    Liu Yi has seen through her.

    “You’re just boasting!”

    “No, I am not….”

    Murong Die looked at her skirt and said.

    “My dad never lets me come to the Amusement Park….he said this place is dangerous….”

    “Your childhood is too regrettable.”

    Liu Yi was surprised, “You don’t even have the chance to visit the Amusement Park.”

    “What’s wrong, are you looking down on this big Miss! In the future, this big Miss will build her own set of Amusement Park in her house, humph! I heard you have to queue in here, in my place, I don’t need to get in line!”

    With Murong Family’s financial resources, this is achievable.

    ‘Well then, the poor can’t argue with that.’

    Liu Yi wiped his cold sweat, “Then are we still going to enter?”

    “Of course! Of course, we’re going to enter! Can’t you open this lock!”

    Murong Die glanced at Liu with one eye, “If you can’t open this lock, perhaps this big Miss will look down on you!”

    “You underestimate me.”

    Liu Yi stretched out his hand and touched the lock.

    This giant iron lock was very cold and firmly sealed.

    While Murong Die didn’t pay attention, Liu Yi sent out his icy qi into the lock and directly used the cold to break its internal structure.

    Then he pulled the big lock which immediately cracked and fell to the ground.

    “You….did you learn some magic?”

    Murong Die looked at Liu Yi with a strange look, “Later on, this big Miss want you to hack into the internet….”

    “D*mn, I can’t do that!”

    Liu Yi hastily explained.

    “Speak for yourself….today you molested this big Miss’ underwear….”

    “Shoot! That wasn’t on purpose, it was you who told me to give you the underwear!”

    Liu Yi felt he was wronged.

    “Pei….I told Lele to do that….who asked you to deliver it….”

    “But there’s no Lele!”

    Liu Yi sternly explained, “You see, what I am doing is for your own good. If you are in a hurry and get out of the bathroom bare naked, wouldn’t that be more awkward?”

    “You this fellow….deserve a beating….”

    Murong Die waved her small fist.

    “Haha, really?….But I think I am good person….”

    Liu Yi laughed and then opened the big iron gate.

    The Amusement Park is very quiet at night, nobody was around in the evening.

    “How about we go to the famous Haunted House to take a look?”

    Murong Die asked.

    “Can you knock it off!”

    Liu Yi quickly put a stop to Murong Die’s curiosity, “At night there’s no electricity in the Haunted House, you can’t see anything there. If you are looking for excitement, I might as well take you to stroll around the Cemetery.”

    “No….it’s too dark and gloomy….why would I want to go there….”

    “Then why do you want to go to the Haunted House?”

    Murong Die blinked her big beautiful eyes but said nothing.

    She wanted to tell Liu Yi: The book said when a man and a woman went to play at the Haunted House it would quickly increase the romantic feelings for each other.

    Liu Yi….is a big fool.

    “I know a facility that we can use, it’s called bungee jumping. Do you want to try it?”

    “Good! I like it!”

    Hearing Liu Yi’s suggestion, Murong Die’s eyes suddenly lit up and said.

    “I’ve always wanted to play that exciting game….”

    “Sure enough….People with no money look for a job, while wealthy people look for stimulation….”

    Liu Yi shrugged his shoulder.

    “F*ck you, what kind of talk is that!”

    Murong Die immediately glared at Liu Yi, “That money are my father’s, I have nothing to do with it. My dad also told me that, later on if I’m looking for a man, that man have to enter into our family. Even if that man and I properly match, the man has to agree to marry into our family. Moreover, he has to be on the same level as me.”

    “Your dad….is too overbearing.”

    Liu Yi can’t help but sigh.

    If he was not the unofficial Emperor of the Northern Dragon City….how could he be so overbearing?

    “Hehe….such a nice place here, I don’t want to talk about him, quickly take me to that bungee jumping!”

    Murong Die pulled Liu Yi’s arm and said.

    “Oh, okay, okay.”

    Liu had once come to this Amusement Park with his parents.

    But that was when he was only ten years old. So, he can only watch with envy toward a lot of the facilities.

    One of those facilities was bungee jumping. He watched as people yelled from the bridge and jumped and wondered about how it would feel…..

    It was too scary for him.

    At that time, Liu Yi thought that those people who took the bungee jumping….are definitely people who take things too hard.

    If the rope is not strong then….

    But he never thought that one day he would bring other people to play this.

    Of course, the present Liu Yi was more confident. After all, he was not an ordinary human anymore, but an immortal cultivator. Even if he fell off the bridge, he would not be afraid.

    This Amusement Park has a large artificial lake. On top of it, there’s a very high suspension bridge.

    The bungee jumping facility is here. After tying the safety rope, one will jump down from this suspension bridge and enjoy the excitement of falling down head first.

    At this time, Murong Die was standing next to Liu Yi and said with some nervousness and excitement.

    “Come on, faster….”

    “Why are you in such a hurry….”

    Liu Yi was tying the safety rope to himself and asked Murong Die, “Why are you asking me to be quick, Why don’t you wear it?”

    “I won’t, I want you to wear it!”

    Murong Die simply said.

    “Very well….look carefully, big Miss.”

    After tying himself, Liu Yi stood on the edge of the suspension bridge and asked Murong Die.

    “Big Miss, you see how I did that?”

    “Ehm…Liu Yi, do you know that there’s this game?”

    “What game?”

    Liu Yi didn’t understand what Murong Die was trying to say.

    “A game to test whether the two people can truly depend on each other….”

    Murong Die said, walked to the front of Liu Yi, and directly grasped Liu Yi tightly around his waist.

    “Liu Yi, hold me….”

    With that, she kicked her feet, pushing Liu Yi and herself down from this suspension bridge.


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