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Chapter 127 Poison Jasmine

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     The moment he slipped and fell down from the suspension bridge, Liu Yi thought Murong Die was nuts.

    Without bolting the safety rope, she actually pulled both of them off the bridge.

    My God!

    With a huge inertia like this, if not careful, Murong Die will fall down!

    Although below them was a lake, even so, it was still a dead end.

    On TV shows and Movies, they show people can safely fall down from high places if there’s water below them that act as a buffer, but it was actually a lie!

    If a person fell from high places and fell into the water, the impact would be similar as when one fall to the ground.

    Forget the buffer, one would be lucky if one doesn’t directly turn into a pulp.

    Liu Yi felt his body was falling rapidly with wind whirring beside his ears.

    While Murong Die in his bosom seemed comfortable enough, with hands holding Liu Yi’s waist and legs coiling around his legs.

    Liu Yi didn’t dare to be careless, no matter what, he can’t let anything happen to Murong Die.

    He put his right hand on his back while his left hand held Murong Die’s back tightly against his bosom.

    Meanwhile, he put his head against Murong Die’s shoulder, doing everything possible to lock Murong Die, lest she should fall.

    The rope was tightened into the extreme.

    The two people distance from the surface of the lake was getting closer and closer.

    The smell of the lake was getting heavier by the second, and Liu Yi can smell the taste of water.

    At this moment, Liu Yi felt an enormous pulling force acted against his feet.

    With a loud thud, the rope was stretched to its full extent and then flipped them both upward.

    Liu Yi felt Murong Die became very heavy at that point, almost dropping her to the lake.

    But Liu Yi immediately burst his huge immortal power to increase his strength.

    Cannot let go!

    Must not let go!

    With such perseverance, Liu Yi was able to hold his hand back.


    The rope bounced back, pulling their two bodies high up into the air.

    But Murong Die, who was still in Liu Yi’s bosom, actually coughed up.

    “You….you want to strangle me….”

    “You silly girl….why would I want to strangle you if I could just let you go….”

    Liu Yi somewhat reproached her.

    “You’re anxious for me?”

    Murong Die tightly held Liu Yi back, posted her mouth on his ear and said.

    “Of course!”

    Liu Yi’s words made Murong Die’s secretly delighted.

    But his followed up almost destroyed her worldview.

    “No matter what, we are all good friends, am I right?”

    “Liu Yi….you’re the reincarnation of Zhu Bajie!” (TL: The Pig in Journey To The West)

    Murong Die really wanted to leave behind several scratch marks on Liu Yi’s hateful face!

    “Why do you say that? I am not fat!”

    Liu Yi was relatively thin. Therefore, he asked back with amazement.

    “I’m not talking about your body, but your intelligence!”

    Murong Die heavily emphasized.

    Liu Yi was silent, although sometimes he was a bit slow, he absolutely had no issue with his intelligence!

    It was high on the scale!


    Holding Murong Die like that, he felt the softness in his bosom, but he suddenly remembered a very serious issue and can’t help but ask.

    “How….should we go up?”


    Murong Die was a bit dumbfounded.

    A moment ago, on impulse, she jumped down while holding Liu Yi to test whether he was a person she can rely on or not….

    But she actually enjoyed the feeling afterward….

    If possible, she very much wanted to continue to hug Liu Yi like this….

    If they can’t go up….so be it….this was the best….

    She didn’t want to go back home.

    That ice-cold, cage-like home….

    Thinking to this, Murong Die didn’t answer Liu Yi’s question, and instead held him tighter.

    “This is not good….”

    Liu Yi looked at the suspension bridge under the night sky and sighed with emotion.

    That’s pretty far….

    If it were just him, it wouldn’t be a problem if he wants to go up to such a high place like that.

    Afterall, he is an immortal cultivator.

    But because he carried a young girl with him, Liu Yi can’t expose his true strength, making him somewhat embarrassed.

    ‘This is tough….’

    When Liu Yi was depressed, he suddenly saw a silhouette of a girl standing on that suspension bridge.

    ‘How could there be other people in this Amusement Park?’

    When Liu Yi was still wondering, the night wind carried that girl’s words into his ears.

    “Looks like this job…is very easy….”

    Liu Yi flooded his eyes with immortal power, turning his pair of eyes into a high-powered telescope.

    That shadowy figure on the suspension bridge was suddenly enlarged.

    The girl on the bridge wore a black trench coat, with boot pants and a pair of little black boots.

    Her figure seemed beautiful and slim, and well proportionate whether it was her front or behind.

    But Liu Yi didn’t know what she looks like because she used a half piece of fine silver mask which blocked half her face from the nose up.

    But looking at her mouth and nose, she was actually delicate and cute.

    Especially her slightly upturned and pink lips which made people have the impulse to suck it.

    But this seemingly attractive woman was actually holding a black dagger which she pressured it above the safety rope.

    Liu Yi’s heart suddenly tensed, thinking.

    ‘What is she doing?’

    “Don’t blame me, blame it on my employer.”

    After she said that, she moved her knife to cut the rope.

    Liu Yi was immediately anxious.

    ‘If she cut the rope, wouldn’t that be terrible?’

    Liu Yi immediately activated his immortal energy.

    This immortal energy moved into his feet and transferred to the safety rope.

    The safety rope slightly swung from the ripples, the power spread along the safety rope and transmitted upward toward the suspension bridge.

    When the beauty was about to cut the rope on the bridge, the rope suddenly burst out a force that jarred her dagger flying and numbing her palm.


    The young beauty was shocked, immediately grasped the dagger and watched this rope which just suddenly made a mischief.

    “Murong Die, hold me tight!”

    Liu Yi quickly said. Murong Die suddenly nervous and simultaneously blushed.

    ‘Why would Liu Yi suddenly become so bold….is he going to declare now?’

    “Someone want to harm us….hold tight….”

    Liu Yi’s explanation undoubtedly shattered Murong Die’s fantasy.

    Then, while holding Murong Die, Liu Yi pulled the safety rope, rocking it violently.

    He and Murong Die were like a pendulum clock, vigorously swung under this suspension bridge, continually doing the pendulum movement.

    “What is he going to do….”

    On the suspension bridge, the young beauty didn’t know what Liu Yi’s goal was and wondered if he wanted to hypnotize her?

    But when the rope swung toward the ground, Liu Yi burst his immortal power through his feet and directly shredded the safety rope.


    Leveraging the swinging momentum, Liu Yi moved through the air with Murong Die in an attractive parabola trajectory.

    He crossed the lake, made two spinning motion and then down to the lake shore.

    Liu Yi forced his waist to turn, making his whole body inverted again. With both feet backward, body leaned forward, left hand holding Murong Die, the right hand grasping the ground, the whole body skidded on the ground pretty far and then stopped.

    “This guy….is an acrobat?”

    The beauty on the suspension bridge looked silly, thinking.

    ‘I thought this job would be easy….but the target which from the mission info just an ordinary student….turns out to be so tricky!’

    ‘No wonder the initial offer from the employer would be so high!’

    “What happened….”

    Murong Die felt her body shook, but when she opened her eyes, they’re already landed on the ground.

    She was surprised that Liu Yi could make a landing here and still didn’t understand the situation.

    “Someone is coming…with ill intention.”

    Liu Yi didn’t know how to answer Murong Die. He was still unclear about the identity of the beauty on the bridge.

    ‘But, I will not be overcome by her!’

    Liu Yi stretched out his right hand and raised his middle finger toward the beauty on the suspension bridge.

    ‘Humph, humph, you want to deal with me, Liu Yi? You still lack experience!’

    “Oho….dare to look down on me, Poison Jasmine?!”

    The young beauty said, put down the waterproof bag from her back and took a full-bodied black sniper rifle from the inside, and then pressed her face on top of it, looking at Liu Yi on the lakeshore through a sniper scope.

    “Holy sh*t….you’ve got to be kidding me!”

    Liu Yi’s amazing eyesight watched all of this. He noticed the young beauty actually pulled out a sniper rifle, and was suddenly stunned.

    ‘Because I gave her a middle finger….she takes this extreme measure to deal with me!’

    Liu Yi felt a terrible pressure. A sniper rifle….is no joke!

    ‘How could there be such a thing in real life!’

    ‘His mother….’

    But thinking that he is an immortal cultivation, Liu Yi calmed down a bit.

    Although he was holding Murong Die, she was not heavy.

    Liu Yi prepared his Spirit Fox Steps and, when the young beauty on the suspension bridge took aim at him, his figure suddenly disappeared from the telescopic sight of the beauty.


    Poison Jasmine was a bit surprised, “Where did he go?”

    She quickly pressed her face on the rifle again and kept on looking on the shore, searching for her target.

    But Liu Yi’s figure was incredibly weird. Whenever Poison Jasmine was about to aim him, his figure suddenly crouched down and then disappeared from her telescopic sight.

    This made her unable to aim and shoot, making Poison Jasmine slightly impatient.

    Liu Yi ran toward the outside of the Amusement Park bringing Murong Die with him which made him very passive.

    This feeling of unable to fight his opponent head on was very unpleasant.

    “Humph, don’t think you can escape my, Poison Jasmin, palm!”

    Poison Jasmine retracted her sniper rifle, put her hand in the waterproof bag, and pulled out a small hang glider!

    She put the bag behind her back, pulled the hang glider bar, stepped on the rail of the bridge and then jumped down toward Liu Yi’s direction.

    The night wind immediately lifted her body up, making Poison Jasmine glided through the night time air like a bat, steadily moving toward Liu Yi from the air.

    When Liu Yi looked back, he suddenly stunned and scared out of his wit, thinking.

    ‘Who exactly is this d*mn girl….’

    ‘Does she have Doraemon’s magic pocket! How could she have so many gadgets!’

    Murong Die, still in his arms, clearly saw the hang glider gliding under the shadow of the moon.

    “My God….What is that….”

    Liu Yi rolled her eyes, thinking, ‘How would I know!’


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    Or could he?

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