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Chapter 128 I Am A Professional

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Poison Jasmine skillfully controlled the glider, gliding fast through the night sky and soon caught up with Liu Yi.


    Liu Yi can’t use the ice-skates, feeling it would be too inconvenient.

    At present, he can only run. But the girl above him used a hang glider!

    ‘His mother, why can’t she just fall!’

    ‘This is so unfair!’

    “Do you think you can escape from my palm!”

    Poison Jasmine said, reached out her hand to pull out a canister-like thing from her bosom, and threw it down at Liu Yi.

    ‘Holy sh*t, that’s a grenade!’

    Liu Yi was surprised and quickly wanted to dodge, but it seemed somewhat too late.

    Before that canister-like thing landed, it exploded.

    But it did not send out a fierce fire. Instead, smoke rushed out and instantly wrapped Murong Die and Liu Yi two people.

    “What is this thing….”

    Before Murong Die finished her words, her eyelids suddenly sank, and her head directly rested on Liu Yi’s shoulder, asleep.

    Liu Yi also felt a wave of dizziness, making his pace somewhat unstable.

    It was like a sleeping gas….

    Liu Yi did not think he would encounter this kind of unconventional weapon….

    He quickly circulated the immortal energy inside his body to support his own consciousness.


    Seeing her target did not fall, Poison Jasmine was even more surprised.

    This sleeping gas can even put down an elephant in an instant!

    But the guy before her….was actually still standing!

    ‘My God, is he still a human!’

    ‘However, even though he can still stand, looks like he can’t resist me anymore. He doesn’t even have the strength to escape.’

    “Stay right there!”

    Poison Jasmine said, pulled the glider and circled above Liu Yi twice.

    Only after the sleeping gas was blown away by the wind did she slowly descend to the ground.

    Liu Yi’s eyelids were heavy, his whole body seemed sluggish, standing there while holding Murong Die.

    “It looks like you are too tired, why don’t you just sleep.”

    Poison Jasmine said, pulled out a dagger from her bosom and slowly walked toward Liu Yi.

    Although there were many weapons inside her waterproof bag, Poison Jasmine’s favorite weapon is dagger!

    Moreover, her dagger was quenched with dangerous poison, as long as it enters the blood of her opponent, the opposite party will immediately die a violent death.

    This type of poison can make the body of a person gradually dehydrate, and death will come after ten minutes. The victim’s corpse can become like a mummy.

    Poison Jasmine was known as Withered Jasmine.

    That’s why her codename is Poison Jasmine.

    Poison Jasmine knew that her mission objective was just to assassinate a student and thought that it would be a walk in the park.

    But she never thought it would waste her so much effort.

    “Able to withstand me, a Heavenly List assassin, this long proved that you have some skills. Rest assured, after you die, I will help build your tombstone.”

    Poison Jasmine said, the dagger in her hand moved to slice Liu Yi’s neck.

    Just at that moment, that should be unable to move Liu Yi, suddenly opened his eyes, which were bright and shiny.

    He took Murong Die, and directly made an Iron Bridge movement, dodging Poison Jasmine’s dagger.


    Poison Jasmine was surprised. She did not think Liu Yi was still able to move.

    “Stay away from me!”

    After he dodged the dagger, Liu Yi’s body stood up straight, and he sent out a left-hand palm toward Poison Jasmine’s shoulder, which directly hit her body, making her back away several steps.

    Poison Jasmine’s face under the mask revealed a surprised look.

    ‘This student….is he really a student?’

    However, after years of being an assassin, Poison Jasmine’s mentality was already tempered.

    She quickly calmed down, looked at Liu Yi, and said with a mocking tone, “You don’t understand style do you? How could you be so rude toward a beauty…Moreover, how could you make a beauty stay away from you?”

    “How would I know that you’re a beauty!”

    Liu Yi took two deep breaths, using the breathing technique to adjust his state of mind.

    The previous sleeping gas was too strong….Like smoking marijuana, he almost fell asleep.

    ‘Well, I have never smoked marijuana, so I don’t know what it feels like.’

    “Do you want to look at it….”

    Poison Jasmine said, her palm gently pulled her own mask.

    Liu Yi’s curiosity can’t help but arise, ‘Is the face under that mask….really that beautiful?’

    ‘If her face is ugly, it would directly scare me to death; she doesn’t even need to move her hand.’

    But at this time, the other hand of the beauty who was previously posted on her back, suddenly moved.


    A dagger flew out from her hand and turned into a black light, flying straight at Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi was shocked, didn’t think this girl turned out to be so crafty!

    ‘Grandpa was right. The more beautiful the woman, the more she would deceive other people!’

    ‘Em, this sentence seems to have come from the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and not from Grandpa….’

    But Liu Yi is not someone to be trifled with. The power inside his body instantly circulated.

    The speed of the dagger in front of him immediately slowed down and clearly visible to him.

    This initially deadly dagger now moved in slow motion in Liu Yi’s eyes.

    Liu Yi held out his left hand and grabbed the handle of that dagger directly from the air.


    Poison Jasmine was speechless.

    Her flying dagger was unexpectedly caught!

    “You….are you really a student?”

    “F*ck, not only my identity as a student is questioned, but I’m also being targeted by an assassin!”

    Liu Yi can’t help but ridicule.

    ‘Who’s the one I provoked!’

    ‘How could even an assassin come out!’

    ‘This has to be a mistake!’

    “When I received this mission to kill a student, I was also surprised.”

    Poison Jasmine pouted her sexy lips and discontentedly said, “It never crossed my mind that killing a student would be so difficult….Are all the present students so hard to deal with?”

    “Well, that depends on the situation.”

    Liu Yi thought, and said, “If it is purely to engage in (sex), I believe that it should not be difficult. But here, the ground is rough like a battlefield; it’s easy to catch a cold!”

    “Shoot! You dare to take advantage of me, Poison Jasmine!”

    Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Poison Jasmine immediately exploded in anger.

    In the world of Assassin, she is well-known!

    Whoever dare to sexually harass Poison Jasmine, is to court death!

    This student….is simply courting death!

    “I’m going to kill you.”

    “You’re not coming to play house with me to begin with.”

    Liu Yi wryly smiled, “But coming to get rid of me. It’s just, the girl in my arms is innocent.”

    “Rest assured, she is not my target. I won’t kill for nothing.”

    Poison Jasmine pursed her mouth, and said, “Only by killing you, will I receive the money….”

    “I’m afraid this money will be difficult to earn.”

    Liu Yi said and, while one of his hand held Murong Die, his other hand made a come at me gesture at Poison Jasmine.

    “Come, this young master is not afraid of you!”

    “You kid is pretty confident!”

    Poison Jasmine smiled, “I admit you have some abilities! But unfortunately, you bump into me, Poison Jasmine! I am a professional assassin, do you know what professional mean?”

    With that, she took out her bag and dug out every kind of weapons for Liu Yi to see.

    “You see, AWP! Silencer Pistol! Sleeping Bomb! Poison! Poison Needle, Dagger….”

    Liu Yi was bedazzled by this pile of tools.

    “See there! This old mother is a professional assassin, do you understand! You dare to question my professionalism, that is an insult to my profession!”

    “No….definitely didn’t mean that….”

    “Humph, whether you meant it or not, I must teach you the meaning of my professionalism!”

    With that, Poison Jasmine took out two daggers, and said, “The top 50 Heavenly List people, are not someone to be trifled with!”

    Her voice fell, Liu Yi felt chilly wind lunged out toward him.

    He immediately launched his Spirit Fox Steps and took two steps back.

    Poison Jasmine suddenly appeared in the position he had just stood while making a stabbing movement with her two daggers.

    “A big man, but do nothing other than dodge!”

    Poison Jasmine’s trick failed and can’t help but immediately surprised.

    “You’re just too slow. An old woman is faster than you!”

    Liu Yi retreated back while opening a taunt.

    “Nonsense, this old mother is a professional! Professional, do you understand!”

    “Don’t understand….”

    “F*ck, let this old mother make you understand!”

    Poison Jasmine’s heart was uncomfortable. She has gone out to do many assassination missions with untold difficulty.

    But she never expected that today, a student would sexually harass her!

    This was too hateful! Too bad mood!

    Poison Jasmine moved her daggers in cunning and vicious ways. Were it not for Lin Tong’s long time teaching, plus some actual combat experience, Liu Yi wouldn’t be able to contend this female killer.

    But at this time, with the aid of the Demonic energy inside his body, Liu Yi was able to slow down the speed of everything in front of him.

    Coupled with the amazing Spirit Fox Steps, Liu Yi easily dodged each of Poison Jasmine’s attack.

    Even if Poison Jasmine’s attack move was cunning, she can’t touch Liu Yi’s shirt.

    “D*mn! You force me to this!”

    Poison Jasmine suddenly anxious and quickly leaped back; her two clad in leather legs stood high, and then her two hands pressed her waterproof bag and took out a pair of pistols with silencer.

    ‘My God….’

    ‘This girl doesn’t play according to the rule!’

    ‘How could this happen!’

    ‘This is his d*mn uncle’s joke, right!’

    Liu Yi quickly held Murong Die, while at the same time, circulating the Demonic energy inside his body. His entire world turned black and white.

    Only the opposite of him, Poison Jasmine, has a trace of red.

    It was clear that Poison Jasmine’s hostility toward him was so deep….

    ‘In some aspect, it’s possible to say that I am her parents (provider)!’

    ‘But how could she be so unrespectful toward her own parents, d*mn it!’

    Liu Yi’s heart was perturbed, but he has no other choice. The person that he bumped into was a female assassin and not a female teacher.

    Although female teacher can be rude and unreasonable, one can still reason with her.

    But the female assassin in front of him….was completely unreasonable!

    “As I said, I am a professional! Don’t underestimate my professionalism!”

    Then, she pulled the trigger again and again.

    “Poof poof poof!”

    Several muted gunshot was heard.

    He had to admit that this girl’s marksmanship was very accurate.

    In Liu Yi’s eyes, all those bullets came straight toward his forehead.

    ‘This chick….’

    ‘With this many bullets, does she want to burst my head!’

    ‘Is this how she vented her anger when she lost playing CS!’

    Fortunately, Liu Yi’s strength was about to reach the third star jade. Therefore, those speedy bullets were clearly visible.

    While holding Murong Die, he moved his upper body to the left and dodged all those bullets.


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