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Chapter 132 Acknowledge You As Master

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “I am so hot….take, take off my clothes….”

    Poison Jasmine’s faint gasping voice, blew like a fragrant flower near Liu Yi’s ear.

    Liu Yi’s willpower almost collapsed.

    ‘F*ck….no, it seems my Amorous Ripple Hand was at work here….’

    ‘Should I let loose my right hand?….’

    ‘But if I release her, is Poison Jasmine going to erupt again?’

    ‘No, I need to completely destroy her spiritual body state….’

    ‘This is also….for Poison Jasmine’s sake….’

    ‘Alas, in order to help others, I have to endure such great torment….’

    ‘Liu Yi, Liu Yi, you are the living Lei Feng (The model citizen)!’

    ‘Top notch moral quality!’

    ‘Good people, genuinely good people!’

    For his noble character, Liu Yi admired himself to the max.

    But Poison Jasmine’s body started to rub against his body while her pair of hands started to stroke his back.

    Her ample chest rubbed against Liu Yi’s chest, making Liu Yi somewhat unable to control himself

    ‘I never thought….being harassed by a woman….would lead to happiness….’

    Liu Yi’s breathing became slightly heavy.

    This was a test of his willpower….

    Two little men appeared on both of Liu Yi’s side.

    The little man in a suit with glasses nudged his glasses and said.

    “Liu Yi, you can’t take advantage of other people’s condition, this is not the behavior of an honorable gentleman.”

    “F*ck, since the meat has arrived in front of the mouth, there’s no reason not to eat!”

    The other tiny evil Liu Yi waved his tail and said, “Quick! Get on top of her, end your more than ten years of virginity!”

    “How can you do this? Liu Yi, don’t forget, we are an honorable gentleman! Pursuing a girl must certainly be in the open and aboveboard, am I right? This girl was confused by your shady method, even if you sleep with her, she does not love you. If you do such thing, what’s the difference between you and Lan He?”

    ‘That’s right….’

    ‘I must not do such a wicked thing.’

    ‘Only Lan He and his gang would do such a shady method to acquire girls.’

    ‘If I like a girl, I must obtain her heart first.’

    ‘Let alone this girl only meet me by chance. If I take this opportunity to sleep with her….’

    ‘That’s too evil!’

    Liu Yi waved his hand and pinched the little devil until it disappeared and then high-fived the little man with glasses to celebrate their success to stay as an honorable gentleman.

    “Liu Yi, that’s right, this is the right thing to do, we are an honorable gentleman, we….”

    Before the little man with glasses finished his words, Poison Jasmine’s suddenly hooked her arms around Liu Yi’s neck; the whole body was like an octopus hanging on Liu Yi’s body. And that lusciously hot and wet sexy little mouth kissed Liu Yi’s mouth.

    Liu Yi was stunned.

    ‘My first kiss….gone, just like that?’

    ‘Sh*t….I’m being taken advantage by Poison Jasmine!’

    ‘It’s gone!’

    ‘My innocent!’

    That seemed to be Poison Jasmine’s first kiss too; her action was too inexperienced.

    Occasionally her teeth would nibble on Liu Yi’s lips, making Liu Yi felt somewhat pain.

    But Poison Jasmine was indeed a professional….assassin.

    Soon, she mastered that skill, gently biting on Liu Yi’s lower lip.

    Liu Yi’s whole body went stiff, didn’t know how to respond to Poison Jasmine’s action.

    And then, Poison Jasmine’s fragrant tongue crossed into the center of Liu Yi’s mouth.

    “F*ck his mother’s second son!”

    That little Liu Yi with eyeglasses instantly took off his glasses, ripped open his suit, and growled.

    “What are you waiting for! Get on top!”

    “On top your sister….”

    Liu Yi quickly pinched away the little man and then trying desperately to restrain himself, spending a tremendous amount of willpower to finally push away Poison Jasmine.

    At the same time, he withdrew his right hand.

    The evil right hand….

    The source of this trouble.

    After Liu Yi pulled back his right hand, Poison Jasmine woke up from her trance.

    Although her body was slightly weak, she recovered all her sanity.

    Poison Jasmine’s whole body froze….

    Her body still hung on Liu Yi’s body; the two people looked at each other in the eyes.

    Seeing Poison Jasmine’s seductive lips, Liu Yi couldn’t help but licked his lips.


    At this time, Poison Jasmine finally, completely sober.

    She screamed, seemingly thinking that Liu Yi was going to get on top of her.

    But soon after she remembered what happened and felt she was cheated….

    Therefore, Poison Jasmine fiercely bit on Liu Yi’s neck.

    “F*ck! It hurts, hurts, hurts…..”

    Liu Yi felt that his neck was about to be bitten off.

    “You….are you a bloodsucking vampire….”

    “I am going to bite you to death….You son of a b*tch….”

    Poison Jasmine still maintain her bite while mercilessly squeezed out these words.

    “I didn’t mean it, OK….It’s obvious that you’re the one who take the initiative to kiss me! My first kiss, has been taken by you, and now you also bite my neck, don’t be unreasonable!”

    Liu Yi shouted.

    Poison Jasmine almost faint with anger.

    “I am a girl….who’s first kiss is more important!?”

    She didn’t know how Liu Yi did it, but it certainly made her turned into a lustful woman.

    ‘I also never kiss anyone before this….’

    ‘In the end….I actually kiss a young high school student on my own initiative….’

    ‘Moreover….moreover, it’s the shameful tongue kiss….’

    She is a professional killer….

    A professional killer….how could she made a mistake like this….

    She actually….kissed her own target….

    ‘My God….’

    ‘How can I call myself a killer….’

    ‘My reputation….’

    ‘All gone!’

    ‘Too hateful….’

    Right now, Poison Jasmine very much wanted to kill Liu Yi as quickly as possible.

    But she also knew she didn’t have the ability….

    Previously….she must’ve entered the terrible state once again.

    The only person besides Liu Yi, who saw this state….was her father….

    Her father was a legendary hit man….but as soon as he saw this terrible state, he died.

    To this end, Poison Jasmine always regretted it.

    Therefore, she tried to be an outstanding killer, then exercised herself, trying to suppress this state.

    But this time….she actually failed to contain it.

    Moreover, unexpectedly the opposite student actually survived and even succeeded in dealing with this state.

    ‘Is he really a human….’

    ‘Is he stronger than my father?’

    ‘This…how is it possible!’

    ‘An ordinary high school student, how could he possibly be more formidable than my father!’

    “If you don’t loosen your mouth….I’m not going to be polite anymore!”

    Liu Yi was badly bitten and couldn’t help but shouted.

    If he didn’t have a strong physique, he would have long been bitten to death by Poison Jasmine.

    “I’m going to bite you to death!”

    Poison Jasmine wasn’t planning to let Liu Yi be polite to her; she won’t stop until she dies.

    Her first kiss was gone….

    Her killer reputation (face) was thoroughly discredited.

    Liu Yi extended his left hand, outstretched his index and middle finger and activated his Vein Seal power to flood the two fingers.

    After his third star breakthrough, Liu Yi gained new insight on utilising his power.

    In his vision, Liu Yi can see his own blood vessels position.

    Therefore, he also knew the location of other people’s blood vessels.

    He directly put these fingers on Poison Jasmine’s blood vessels position.

    Immediately, Poison Jasmine’s blood slightly stopped flowing.

    Her body went stiff, her vision turned dark, and her mouth subconsciously loosened Liu Yi’s neck. Her whole body froze to the ground.

    “You….what did you do to me….”

    Poison Jasmine can only move her eyes and mouth. She stood there in panic and asked Liu Yi.

    “This is just a move to keep you calm for a while.”

    Liu Yi secretly delighted.

    ‘It seems like my abilities have improved a lot!’

    ‘This time….I can do the D-level mission alone!’

    If I can completely utilise all the three forces….Perhaps, I can even challenge the higher task.’

    ‘I need to keep on training.’

    ‘And strive to become stronger!’

    Thinking that he still have to confront the Great God Cult, and the other problems, Liu Yi felt he should continue to better himself.

    “You, you….”

    Poison Jasmine was shocked to the extreme.

    “Me what?”

    Liu Yi was considering whether or not to give her several more Vein Seal, to keep her well-behaved.

    This girl’s dangerous factor was too high.

    “You….take me as your disciple.”

    Poison Jasmine suddenly said.


    Liu Yi almost jumped in scare.

    ‘What the hell?’

    ‘This assassin girl want to worship me as master?’

    ‘F*ck….this has to be a mistake….’

    ‘What a joke!’

    “I want you to accept me as your disciple….I want to become the best killer in the world!”

    Poison Jasmine said.

    “F*ck, are you kidding me.”

    Liu Yi waved his hand again and again, “You are a killer, and I am a student, how could I be your Master!”

    “You are stronger than me, you can be my Master!”

    Poison Jasmine firmly said.

    “That’s not enough. I am not a killer.”

    Liu Yu would never agree to become the Master of a killer….even if said disciple is a beauty….that’s not enough.

    Let alone, he still didn’t know what exactly this girl’s face look like….

    ‘Wearing a mask….’

    ‘If she’s ugly….’

    ‘Then my first kiss was robbed by an ugly woman….sh*t….’

    Although Liu Yi is usually impartial with people’s appearance, his first kiss….is not a trivial matter!

    “Besides….you are a professional….why must you look for me….”

    “You do know that I am a professional.”

    Poison Jasmine’s voice carried a threat, “If you don’t teach me….I will haunt you….and I will kill you….”

    “How could you!”

    Liu Yi suddenly somewhat anxious, and said, “How could there be people like you!”

    “I am a killer.”

    “F*ck….you can’t even kill me!”

    “My goal is to harass you.”

    Poison Jasmine conjured up a smile on her lips, “If you don’t want to be harassed by me, just let me worship you as Master!”


    ‘How could this threat be used as an argument for a Master-disciple relationship!’

    ‘I would rather die than agreeing to this threat!’

    “No way!”

    “Then just wait for the endless harassment from a professional killer.”

    After saying that, Poison Jasmine was almost able to control her own body again.

    She turned and walked back to her waterproof bag.

    She picked her bag filled with professional killer arms and walked away.

    Liu Yi wanted to cry, but no tears would come out.

    ‘Truly unreasonable girl!’

    However, he didn’t have the time to think about this now, because Murong Die still lay near that waterproof bag.

    In order for this girl to avoid any danger, Liu Yi quickly returned to her side, holding the princess in his arms.

    ‘I finally able to control my Amorous Ripple Hand….’

    ‘This feeling is excellent….’

    When Liu Yi was filled with emotion, the girl in his arms suddenly chirped twice, seemingly about to wake up.