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Chapter 135 Hiding

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Liu Yi! I am going to kill you!”

    Murong Die at this moment almost became violent.

    “No, don’t, I’m innocent!”

    Liu Yi quickly held Murong Die’s arms down, not letting her temper flared.

    “Yuanyuan, no monkey business, men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things (citation, from Mencius)!”

    Liu Yi pulled his lungs and shouted, trying to settle down Ma Yuanyuan.

    ‘If she spouts out nonsense again, the result will be fatal!’

    “You see, I’m innocent, I already let her know!”

    After he shouted out, Liu Yi said to Murong Die.

    Although Murong Die was still angry, this action satisfied her.

    It seemed like Liu Yi is not some kind of sex maniac like she imagined.

    “Ai, what are you talking about, which part of me that you haven’t seen! Come here quickly!”

    Ma Yuanyuan’s words directly plunged Liu Yi into the depths of Hell.

    “Liu Yi….I’ll fight you…..”

    “No, no, it’s not the way you think!”

    Liu Yi hastened to explain. He noticed this big miss was really going to freak out. Therefore, he argued.

    “We are neighbors since childhood, and usually took a shower and played together when we were kids! As brother and sister, you know!”

    He started a series of lies.

    After all these things are….too complicated….

    So he needed to fabricate a lie to deceive her!

    “Humph, you think I would believe it?”

    “But the fact is indeed like this!”

    Liu Yi pointed to his nose and asked, “Murong Die, you and I were not strangers, don’t you know me already? Do I look like that kind of sex maniac?”

    ‘On the emotional intelligence scale, Liu Yi is more like a mentally retarded.’

    ‘To say he is a sex maniac….is indeed a bit too much.’

    ‘If he is indeed a sex maniac, he wouldn’t take so much effort….’

    “Really not?”

    “Really! How could we possibly have the kind of relationship that you imagine!”

    “Then I can….”

    When Murong Die was about to let Liu Yi off, Ma Yuanyuan’s voice rang out again.

    “Oh, come on, really, haven’t you changed my sanitary pad!”

    “Liu Yi! You sick pervert!”

    Murong Die through gritted teeth said, “This big miss will not believe your nonsense anymore!”

    “My big missy….don’t make a noise….it’s not like what you think!”

    Liu Yi had to shout out, “Ma Yuanyuan, don’t talk nonsense again! Rub your own back!”

    “Hateful….hateful stupid Ox! I’ll use up all your hot water so you can’t take a shower!”

    The sound of Ma Yuanyuan’s complain passed through.

    “Liu Yi….you super sick pervert….”

    Liu Yi suffered a total scold by Murong Die.

    He did not know how to cope with this young girl.

    At this time, they suddenly heard footsteps coming from outside the bedroom.

    Liu Yi was frightened and said.

    “Big miss, bear with me!”

    He quickly pushed Murong Die back under the bed, then pulled the bed sheet, and sat down on the bed.

    “Stupid Ox, I finished my shower!”

    Ma Yuanyuan’s hair still wet, only her upper half draped with a piece of pajama, and nothing covered her lower part, showing her bare white legs.

    But the upper body pajama happened to cover her thighs, blocking the important part and her sweet B size, which was very hot.

    “What are you doing here? Is it something evil?”

    “How….could it be….hehe….”

    Liu Yi felt someone pinched his leg; his calf muscle made a 720-degree rotation movement.

    But he still supported his smiling face, showing Ma Yuanyuan his foolish laugh.

    “Humph, my sister said, boys will always do some evil things!

    Ma Yuanyuan pursed her lips, and said, “I came here to remind you, don’t forget, tomorrow is our sports day, don’t you forget it!”

    “I know….”

    Liu Yi smiled guiltily.

    If it weren’t for Ma Yuanyuan’s reminder….he would have forgotten about it.

    After he deals with Ma Yuanyuan’s sports thing, he would have to confront his school mid term exam….

    A terrible exam….

    He didn’t know if he could successfully pass it.

    Since he discovered the magical effect of the breathing technique, he read all the books but never took a glance at them after that.

    The rest of the time he spent on training.

    Because Liu Yi discovered that studying will not help him defeat his enemies!

    The only way to do that is to enhance his own strength continuously!

    Although training is harder and more tiring than studying, this is Liu Yi’s chosen path.

    Since it has been chosen, it was necessary to firmly go all the way!

    “Look at your face, you already forget about this aren’t you?”

    Ma Yuanyuan thought Liu Yi’s smile was not confident enough. She was not a silly girl, on the contrary, she was intelligent. Therefore, with a glance, she immediately saw through his lie.

    “I am not….I always remember it!”

    Liu Yi cooked up a story on the fly, “I just thought if I skip classes tomorrow to go to your sports games….I don’t know how I should face the teacher’s anger….”

    “Humph, humph, that’s your problem.”

    Ma Yuanyuan humphed a smile, “In any case if you don’t come tomorrow, I’ll tell Aunty you take liberties with me!”


    ‘Is there a girl this cruel!’

    ‘Is this how she ask for help attitude!’

    ‘This kind of thing is absolutely unforgivable!’

    ‘Must firmly reject!’

    ‘Liu Yi, you are an immortal cultivator, what are you afraid of!’

    “Ma Yuanyuan!”

    Therefore, Liu Yi, with hands on his waist, sternly called Ma Yuanyuan with a righteous voice.


    “What time is it tomorrow?”

    “It’s nine o’clock in the morning, you can come at ten; I’ll pick you up.”

    Ma Yuanyuan giggled, seemingly jubilant, “Em, our two schools are close, so you know which way to go, right?”

    “Yes, yes….I know, I know….”

    Liu Yi quickly nodded his head to deal quickly with this girl.

    Otherwise….if she continued to stay here, it would be over for him.

    Previously in his room, except for his mom, no woman has ever come in.

    But this time, unexpectedly there are two girls inside his room!

    Liu Yi felt he had a dream!

    Moreover, it was a nightmare dream!

    Too miserable.

    “Thank you stupid Ox….this….”

    Ma Yuanyuan suddenly rubbed her hands then walked to the front of Liu Yi.

    “What’s wrong? Is there anything else?”

    Liu Yi asked.

    Suddenly, Ma Yuanyuan’s beautiful face leaned forward, puckered her lips, and solidly planted a kiss on Liu Yi’s mouth.

    “Stupid Ox, this is your reward!”

    With that, before the stunned eyes of Liu Yi, the blushing Ma Yuanyuan carried her pajama pants and bounced out like a mischievous deer.

    Liu Yi’s entire body was in a trance state.

    ‘Was it….another stolen kiss?’

    ‘Why this is happening again….’

    ‘Before this, my first kiss is stolen by that Poison Jasmine….’

    ‘Now, it’s stolen by Ma Yuanyuan….’

    ‘But Ma Yuanyuan is still a kid….’

    ‘I….am not committing a crime am I!’

    Liu Yi has some apprehension.

    ‘The state are not going to arrest and execute me, right….’

    ‘I am innocent!’

    Hearing the sound of the balcony door being closed, Liu Yi suddenly felt an extreme calf pain.


    He screamed out, awakened from his trance, and saw Murong Die desperately pinched his calf.

    “You, you want to cut off my leg!”

    Liu Yi grimaced in pain, unbearable pain.

    This girl’s level of pinching technique was several stars high!

    Truly deadly!

    “I’ll strangle you to death, you sick pervert!”

    Murong Die crawled out from under the bed but didn’t let Liu Yi off. She threw herself at him, grabbed his arm, and ruthlessly pinched it.

    “This big miss will choke you to death to rid the people from harm!”

    “Big miss, mercy….”

    Liu Yi repeatedly begged for mercy, “You are going break my arm….”

    “So what, it’s useless anyway!”

    Murong Die fiercely said.

    “You this girl….”

    Liu Yi finally irritated by her pinch, suddenly rolled over, pressed Murong Die’s body directly with his body, and held both of her hands down, so she can no longer continue to exert the destruction technique upon his body.

    Liu Yi’s body was quite heavy, after all, he is a boy.

    And Murong Die is certainly not as strong as Liu Yi, so she was easily pressed down.

    Her two arms were also being mercilessly pressed on the bed, unable to move.

    Her two jade white legs were upright by the bedside. Liu Yi was standing at the bedside, pressing her down between her legs.

    Because she struggled, her skirt was almost pulled up to the waist, the small black lace totally exposed to the air.

    But the two people still unaware of that.

    “Let go of me! You bastard!”

    “No, I won’t, if I let you go you’ll pinch my arm!”

    “Quickly let go! This big miss is angry!”

    “D*mn, can’t you calm down a bit?”

    “Let go of me, and I’ll calm down!”


    “This big miss mean what she said!”

    Liu Yi loosened both of Murong Die’s arms, half believing half doubting.

    Murong Die promptly grasped and squeezed Liu Yi’s neck.

    “D*mn! I knew I shouldn’t trust you!”

    Liu Yi immediately pressed Murong Die’s hand again, this time, he didn’t let her go.

    Letting her go would likely lead to a fatal result!

    And the victim is certainly not going to be Murong Die!

    “D*mn Liu Yi! You’re an asshole, bastard!”

    “You’re the one who bully me, okay! How could you still swear at me!”

    “I swear at you, what are you going to do! I curse you!”

    It seemed Murong Die wasn’t going to spare Liu Yi.

    “Then I’m not going to let you go, go ahead swear, I’ll just listen to it.”

    Liu Yi has that dead-pig-is-not-afraid-of-boiled-water look.

    “Liu Yi, you’re a complete jerk! You, you’re hurting me!”

    Murong Die desperately struggled, constantly wiggling.

    “Your pinch hurt me too! Why don’t you say that!”

    For fear Murong Die would break free, Liu Yi pressed even tighter.

    At this moment, it looked like Murong Die was almost straddling over Liu Yi.

    Both of her legs were wide open while Liu Yi was at the center.

    “I want to bite you to death!”

    Murong Die lifted her upper body and tried to bite Liu Yi’s arm.

    “Are you playing acrobatic with me!”

    Liu Yi hastily put his body down and pressed Murong Die’s upper body with his chest.

    “You bastard….”

    Murong Die was completely mad. She also tried to use her teeth to bite Liu Yi’s neck.

    But Liu Yi’s neck was just healed from Poison Jasmine’s bite!

    How could he let his neck be bitten again!

    Therefore, Liu Yi put more pressure while subconsciously looked for something to block Murong Die’s mouth.


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