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Chapter 136 Iron Man

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     At this time, both of Liu Yi’s hands were busy, so there was only one way he can stop Murong Die

    Liu Yi blocked Murong Die with his mouth.

    Initially, it was just a subconscious movement, but the moment their four lips contacted each other, they both simultaneously awakened.

    Murong Die’s beautiful eyes were wide open, and her pupils were slightly enlarged, unblinkingly looked at Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi himself was silly, thinking….

    ‘I….kiss Murong Die?’

    ‘Is tonight the night of kissing?’

    ‘Or I’m becoming a pro in kissing, so it went down smoothly….’

    Previously, Liu Yi was hardly able to hold the hand of a girl, but tonight he even kissed three girls consecutively….

    This made him slightly unable to believe!

    Sex life, would happily arrive just like that?

    Murong Die’s eyes soon became misty and cloudy.

    While Liu Yi automatically opened his Eyes Of Favorable Impression and saw Murong Die’s favorability toward him suddenly jumped +10 points.

    ‘Shoot!….This kiss actually increases Murong Die’s favorability this much….

    He looked at Murong Die’s head again, and the favorability points were now impressively 65 points, an amazing value!

    It seems like in the game of love….Any choice or any action will affect the girl’s favorability.

    If done right, favorability will increase.

    If done wrong….favorability will drop.

    ‘With this many favorability points, does Murong Die like me?’


    ‘She is, after all, a wealthy big miss who always get what she want!’

    ‘The boys who try to woo her should amount to a platoon.’

    ‘I’m just an ordinary student….Living in a small house and can only afford to buy a girl a hot spicy soup.’

    ‘With this condition, how could Murong Die take a fancy at me!’

    ‘Moreover this value is just a favorability number. When it pass 100 points, that’s the friendly level. That’s the true favorability.’

    ‘Above the friendly level, is the love level.’

    True love is actually very difficult to achieve.

    The reality is, real love need trial and time.

    It’s not like I like you, you like me, the two people become a pair, and stays together.

    Love and like, are two different things.

    Liking a person is simple, Loving with a person is hard.

    Liu Yi thought that was the reason the Eye Of Favorable Impression would put the love on such a high level.

    But Murong Die probably couldn’t think Liu Yi was able to think so many messy thoughts while they were kissing.

    At this time, her entire body was nervous and somewhat stiff, not sure what to do.

    ‘Can I….reject him?’

    ‘Push him away?’

    ‘But if I do that….Will he mad at me?’

    ‘But if I don’t refuse….continue to kiss….Will he think I am too easy?’

    Murong Die was caught in a dilemma.

    While Liu Yi, after he tasted it, found Murong Die’s lips to be sweet…very tasty….

    He couldn’t help but copy the move from Poison Jasmine, gently bit Murong Die’s lower lips, sucking it a couple of times.


    Murong Die suddenly couldn’t resist and chirp twice.

    First kiss is like tasting delicious food, it’s easy to become addicted.

    Unconsciously, she couldn’t bear but to respond Liu Yi back.

    With a jerky movement, she learned from Liu Yi, and the two people started to deeply kiss each other.

    While they were kissing, Liu Yi suddenly felt Murong Die’s small fragrant tongue began to stretch over.

    In automatic response, his tongue rolled out; the two tongues intertwined.

    Meanwhile, one of his hand couldn’t help but let loose Murong Die’s arm and began to trace Murong Die’s exposed white jade thigh.

    Very soft, very smooth, and very delicate.

    Especially coupled with Murong Die’s slightly enjoined chirp, it was like injecting him with chicken blood (folk remedy), making Liu Yi seething with excitement.

    His hand moved upward, continued to explore.

    Murong Die was somewhat lost.

    Her brain paled, didn’t know what to do.

    And just when Liu Yi was about to touch that small black lace, his phone suddenly rang out.

    This ringtone sound instantly pulled the two people back from the edge of losing themselves.

    Murong Die also completely sobered.

    ‘This is not good!’

    ‘Even if I like Liu Yi….I still can’t do this thing with him….’

    She held out her hand and pushed Liu Yi away.

    Liu Yi wiped his cold sweat, standing there with a slightly pale face.

    ‘Shoot!….That was close….’

    ‘But a pity.’

    ‘I somehow….almost eat Murong Die….in my own room….’

    Before this wasn’t the two people still a bit awkward….?

    How all of a sudden progressed so fast….

    Just like a dream.

    “You….answer the phone….” She said with a weak voice.

    Murong Die lowered her head, too afraid to look up.


    Liu Yi also woke up from the spell, quickly picked up the phone from an unknown number.

    This is called indiscriminate….

    But when he picked up the phone, the other side was actually a familiar male voice.

    “Liu Yi, I am Wang An.”

    Wang An!

    When Liu Yi heard this name, he actually started to have a cold sweat.


    ‘When their family big miss almost being eaten by me just a moment ago, he suddenly makes a phone call….’

    ‘Is this an act of God?’

    “Big miss….is there with you?”

    “Wang An, what do you want?”

    Liu Yi didn’t directly answer Wang An, but warily asked instead.

    “I’m downstairs, let’s have a chat.”

    Wang An said, and hung up the phone.

    Liu Yi went to the window and really saw a black SUV parked downstairs.

    Wang An stood against the car door, putting away his mobile phone.

    “I’m going downstairs, you can go take a bath.”

    Other people visit him on site, he has no alternative but to see.

    Liu Yi told Murong Die and was about to go downstairs.

    “You….where are you going….”

    Murong Die suddenly caught Liu Yi’s arm and asked.

    Right now, she can only depend on Liu Yi.

    “I’m going downstairs to buy you something, will be back soon. You can take a bath at ease now, I won’t sneak up on you.”

    Liu Yi sprinkled his words with lies.

    “Okay then….”

    Murong Die nodded her head, “This big miss is not afraid you’ll sneak up on her, this big miss will waste your lower body part, humph!”

    Hearing Murong Die’s response, Liu Yi was relieved.

    He turned around to go downstairs and arrived at the quiet neighborhood.

    Wang An beckoned to Liu Yi, “You finally come down.”

    “Of course, otherwise, I’m afraid your Murong Family will really come knocking at my door.”

    Liu Yi directly came up with verbal satire.

    “Why the harsh response…..”

    “Me, harsh response?”

    Liu Yi sneered, “Your Murong Family even invited an assassin to kill me. Fortunately, my Liu Yi’s blessing is big, I didn’t die. If I died, these harsh words perhaps would be directed at me.”

    After breaking through the third star jade, Liu Yi’s mind and logic became sharp and sound.

    Many previously impervious thoughts can now be unraveled after slight ponder.

    The matter of assassin was naturally one of them.

    The Lan Family has the backing of the Great God Cult, if they want to look him for trouble, they will certainly invite the Great God Cult’s people.

    But the one who can invite the expensive Heavenly List’s assassin is naturally none other than Murong Hong.

    “You….already know?”

    Wang An was slightly awkward.

    “If you don’t want people to know, don’t do it.”

    Liu Yi folded his arms and coldly said.

    “So, for Murong Family, there’s nothing pleasant to talk about.”

    “Don’t say that.”

    Wang An lit up a cigarette, took a puff, looked at the slowly disappeared tobacco under the night sky, and slowly said, “Big miss should be at your place, right?”

    “What if she is, what if she is not?”

    Liu Yi was no longer the previous meek and coward student; With folding arms, he stood there, remain unmoved, and said, “Are your Murong Family going to hire another assassin for me? If you want, you can, but, the next time, I am not going to just deal the assassin.”

    Reading between the line, the threat was very obvious.

    “Are you threatening Murong Family?”

    Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Wang An was startled and somewhat angry.

    The Northern Dragon City was so big, but the first person who dares to look down on Murong Family was this kid!

    “I threaten Murong Family?”

    Liu Yi finally couldn’t bear the grief and indignation; how could there be such truth.

    “I’m afraid it’s your Murong Family who first come to bully me, Liu Yi, right? Do you really think, with your large fortune in this Northern Dragon City you can hide the truth from the masses and bully the little common people? Go back and tell your master Murong Hong, even the common people can’t be bullied at will by you!”

    “Do not underestimate the power of our Murong Family.”

    Wang An slightly narrowed his eyes, “Boy, I am kindly reminding you. There are some people, some families, that you can’t annoy. You won’t be able to topple the Emperor by splashing him with water .”

    “What if I insist on give it a try?”

    Liu Yi’s eyes flickered.

    “Then you have to pay the price.”

    “Threatening me? Good!”

    Liu Yi stretched out his finger at Wang An and made a hook movement, “Murong Die is in my house, if you want to take her away, you have to walk over my dead body.”

    “It seems like you really need a lesson.”

    Wang An squeezed his fingers, his aura suddenly changed.

    His hard qigong started to surge.

    “Boy, remember, this beating, is for your own good!”

    Wang An said, and walked over toward Liu Yi in a threatening manner.

    “Is hard qigong that good?”

    Liu Yi bent his waist, picked up a piece of brick, and threw it at Wang An.


    Wang An waved his fist and directly destroyed that brick.

    “For me, this small trick is just like a tickle.”

    Wang An’s muscle was like a slab of iron. He sneered at Liu Yi and continued to walk.

    Liu Yi took two steps backward, grabbed a section of two fingers thick iron bar from the nearby bicycle rack and swung it toward Wang An’s head.


    A loud bang sound!

    Wang An stretched out his right arm before his body.

    That section of iron bar suddenly changed into a concave shape.

    “F*ck, you think you’re Iron Man!”

    Liu Yi was very envious; If he can have that defensive power, that would be good!

    “Lie on the floor for me!”

    Wang An stretched out both of his hands and grabbed Liu Yi’s shoulder.