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Chapter 138 Are You Sure

Mai Kitsune Waifu

    Murong Hong was waiting anxiously at home when Wang An and his daughter walked in, and all of a sudden pleasantly surprised.

    “Little Die, you finally came back!”

    He was initially sitting on the couch, saw daughter walked in, without enough time to put on his slippers, immediately went forward.

    Murong Die to see her father so anxious, the heart was slightly sour.

    ‘If only he could understand me a little bit….that would be nice….’

    Murong Hong was originally happy, but when he suddenly saw behind the two of them also came Liu Yi dressed in school uniform, immediately pulled down his face.

    “What are you doing here?”

    “Uncle Murong, this sentence is not right.”

    Liu Yi said with a smile, “You have entertained me quite a few times, right? So I have to come to return the courtesy.”

    Liu Yi’s words made Murong Hong’s eyes slightly squint a bit.

    “You’re right, little Die, you go upstairs and take a rest, I and your schoolmate are going to have a talk.”

    “I, I….”

    Murong Die became very nervous, She didn’t trust Liu Yi and her father to talk alone.

    Her father’s temper, she knew too well….

    But Liu Yi’s temper wasn’t soft either….

    Seemingly genial and easy to bully.

    But his heart was actually stubborn, unable to be forced by anyone!

    “It’s okay, little Die, I will calmly have a good talk with uncle.”

    Liu Yi said with a smile, “I think someone with uncle’s experience and knowledge would also have a calm conversation with me, right?”


    Murong Hong’s corner of the mouth slightly twitched.

    He didn’t think that after being in the business for many years, unexpectedly being challenged by a boy today.

    Moreover….the boy still lived….

    It seemed that the assassin failed.

    “Okay then….you guys have a good talk… not quarrel.”

    Murong Die said.

    “Got it, go upstairs, you’re tired now, have some good night’s rest.”


    Murong Die nodded her head, looking back while walking upstairs, always felt….The atmosphere was somewhat tense.

    “Now it’s just us, let’s talk about it.”

    Murong Hong said, but seemed to forget his side also stood Wang An, as well as three bodyguards.

    “No peeking!”

    Liu Yi suddenly raised his head to look upstairs and said.

    The upstairs suddenly came a gasp, followed by a burst of footsteps.

    Saw Liu Yi’s eyes, Wang An knew his big miss was hiding upstairs.

    After scaring Murong Die away, Liu Yi said nothing, haughtily sat on the couch behind Murong Hong.

    After entered the third star jade, he has some magical abilities.

    One of them was, when he entered the black and white world of perception, the sight of living creatures before him are no longer black and white, but exudes a touch of yellow.

    He can also feel their breathing.

    Liu Yi just now noticed the slight yellow light from the upstairs and felt the rapid breathing of a young girl.

    He knew Murong Die didn’t go to her room, but hid there.

    “This is our second official meeting.”

    Murong Hong calmly said and then sat down.

    He deliberately ignored the last meeting near Liu Yi’s home; being threatened by Liu Yi.

    If he raised this matter again, he wouldn’t know where to hide his face.

    “If uncle Murong likes, then this is our second time.”

    Liu Yi actually didn’t care.

    Today he came to solve the problem, not to quarrel, there’s no need for him to be too tit-for-tat.

    Moreover, the opposite party is an uncle; it’s appropriate for him to make some concessions.

    “I don’t know….what do you want to discuss with me?”

    Murong Hong’s speculation about the boy’s intention before him was unclear.

    He was just a student….

    But why would he exude some kind of elusive feeling?

    Was it just his own illusion?

    How could this be….

    Murong Hong began to lack-confidence deep in his heart.

    “We are going to talk about many issues.”

    Liu Yi said, looked at the empty table.

    “Uncle Murong does not entertain me with coffee today?”

    “Bring Coffee.”

    Murong Hong’s heart became even more unsure.

    ‘This Liu Yi….’ He thought.

    ‘Like an experienced businessman, turned out to be so calm.’

    ‘Only people with strong self-control could act like this.’

    ‘Could it be he really have such self-control?’

    ‘What are the things that he relies on?’

    Soon, the fragrant coffee carried before Liu Yi. He picked it up, drank a mouthful, and said slowly.

    “Hmm….really fragrant, the coffee of the rich is indeed different, compared to KFC’s coffee, this is simply immeasurable.”

    Liu Yi lamented.

    ‘Fuck! Of course, it can’t be compared!’

    This was not the country’s original Blue Mountain coffee (Lanshan); Murong Hong spent a high price to buy this from overseas.

    How could it be compared to those KFC’s instant coffee!

    “Uncle Murong, the enthusiastic friend of your who entertained me, has been graciously sent away by me, you wouldn’t blame me would you?”

    “How could I….”

    Murong Hong laughed a hollow laugh twice, “What do you really want to talk me about?”

    “I want to talk about your daughter.”

    Liu Yi put down the coffee cup and said.

    “Tell me, what’s your price, for you to leave my daughter.”

    A flash of light went through Murong Hong’s squinted eyes.

    “Uncle Murong, I think you’re wrong about one thing.”

    Liu Yi said, “Your daughter, is not a commodity, but a person. So please don’t use your merchant’s perspective toward your daughter. Also, do not use business stuff to deal with me. It will not work, uncle Murong.”

    “Then what do you want? Speak your purpose.”

    Murong Hong felt this should be the time for them to lay down their cards.

    “My purpose is very simple, is to ask you to free your daughter.”


    Murong Hong suddenly smiled, “Liu Yi, I acknowledge that you have some skill. But the matter between my daughter and me, that’s my family’s business, aren’t you meddling too far? Or do you regard yourself as our family member? Sorry, I have no intention to make you my son in law.”

    “I also don’t want to be your son in law; I still want to live for another two years.”

    Liu Yi was relentlessly ironic, “Murong Hong, don’t get too conceited, you think everything you have is pretty, and others will only envy. I’m sorry, this is not what I want.”

    “On the surface, who wouldn’t say that.”

    Murong Hong sneered, “If all this is not good, how come there are so many people busted their asses to win all of this?”

    “I admit, some people are indeed fighting for this.”

    Liu Yi nodded his head, “But uncle Murong seems to forget one thing. Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way. Just like me Liu Yi, I have hands and feet, I can earn for myself. Your money is yours, my money is mine, I feel at ease to spend my own money.”

    “How much can you earn?”

    Murong Hong condescendingly smiled.

    “Not more than you, certainly can’t buy a big house such as this, also can’t invite so many bodyguards, maids and live a luxurious life such as yours.”

    Liu Yi resoundingly replied.

    “I can’t afford a big house; I could buy a small house to live with my loved one. Moreover, living with the beloved person is warmer and can help each others in difficult times. Even if the house if bigger, you can only sleep in one bed. I can’t afford a luxury car, but I can buy a vehicle; even a two wheels bicycle can be used to make ways through the city, and can also pick up my girlfriend from work. Although it looks cheap, it is our romance. Romance can’t be measured by money, but with intention and effort.”

    “What’s the use!”

    Murong Hong aptly said, “No money, no one will ever be able to look up to you, no one will respect you.”

    “Uncle Murong, I’m afraid you’re wrong about one thing.”

    Liu Yi stretched out a finger, shook it, and said, “Those people respect, not you uncle Murong, but your money, your property, your family background. And all this false respect that you have, can’t be traded for your daughter’s love.”


    These words absolutely touched Murong Hong’s heart.

    “Liu Yi, what do you mean by this?”

    “The meaning is quite clear.”

    Liu Yi said, “Do you really think Murong Die is happy with your treatment of her? I feel that you don’t regard your daughter as your daughter, but as your, Murong Hong’s puppet. Unfortunately, she is a living being, not your marionette. Therefore, over time she slowly resented you. If not so, why would she follow me to escape from here tonight?”

    “You kidnapped my daughter, yet reason with me?”

    Murong Hong thought Liu Yi was ridiculous.

    “Do you believe I can now call the police to arrest you?”

    “If you truly want this to be in accordance with the law, the one who should be arrested is you.”

    Liu Yi asked, “Wouldn’t imprisoning own daughter be counted as breaking the law?”

    “The law is against you.”

    Murong Hong arrogantly said, “With me here, it will not work.”

    “But your cover, with your daughter there, is equally invalid.”

    Liu Yi bluntly retorted, “Moreover, even if you call the police, I’m not afraid of you. Because I’m confident, before the police came, I can send uncle Murong to hell first.”

    “Brush, brush, brush!”

    Liu Yi’s voice fell, a lot of bodyguards behind Murong Hong immediately took out their electric batons.

    Wang An quickly pulled out his gun and pointed it at Liu Yi, for fear he makes a sudden movement.

    “Liu Yi, aren’t you afraid talking big will sprain your tongue?”

    Murong Hong chuckled, “Don’t you forget it, this is my territory. Let alone you can’t even send me to hell, if I’m angry, you can’t even get out of the door alive, no problem at all.”

    “Are you sure?”

    Liu Yi just looked at Murong Hong’s smiling face; in front of so many people, as well as Wang An’s gun, he didn’t look scared.

    “Can’t you see?”

    Murong Hong reached out his hand and pointed to the surrounding, “You blind….”

    Murong Hong hasn’t finished his words; the rest suddenly stuck in his throat.

    Because a hand was outstretched from behind, holding the fruit knife which previously on the table.

    The sharp edge of that knife, was resting on his neck.

    “Uncle Murong, are you really sure?”

    Without knowing when, Liu Yi already appeared at Murong Hong’s back.

    His hand held a fruit knife, gleaming under the room’s lighting.

    The other bodyguards were frightened, but they dared not to casually come forward.

    Wang An hastily shouted, “Liu Yi! You, you calm down!”