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Chapter 139 Son In Law’s Qualification

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Murong Hong was actually being held hostage in his own home!

    Moreover, it was right under Wang An and the other bodyguard’s nose.

    This was a big slap in Murong Family’s face.

    No one saw how Liu Yi went behind Murong Hong. He stood behind Murong Hong, holding a fruit knife against the master of Murong Family’s neck.

    Moreover, Liu Yi stood in the right position, pulling Murong Hong’s body slightly leaning against him so that it block Wang An’s muzzle.

    Unable to aim his gun at Liu Yi, Wang An’s heart somewhat felt anxious.

    After years in the special forces, many years in the criminal investigation department and a lot of years being bodyguard….

    This was the first time he felt this anxious.

    “Uncle Murong, are you sure?”

    “Li Yi….you may want to think clearly about this.”

    Murong Hong deserved to be an experienced businessman, although there was a knife on his neck, still spoke calm and gentle, in perfect order.

    “This is my Murong Family, even if you kill me, it is impossible for you to walk safely out of here. If you do this, you’ll only harm one person.”


    Liu Yi smiled, “At this time, we are equal right? I, Liu Yi, an ordinary high school student, a destitute, before dying can actually kill a big boss, big entrepreneur; This sacrifice is worth it. Man, I did not come into this world in vain!”.

    Murong Hong almost vomited blood because of anger.

    Who exactly is this Liu Yi!

    How could he suddenly acted like a marketplace rascal!

    But Murong Hong was indeed afraid of this act….

    Sacrificing oneself to topple the Emperor.

    Murong Hong didn’t think….Liu Yi would dare to do such thing.

    Anyone who is wealthy and famous, there is a characteristic….They all do not want to die.

    As the saying goes, in the remote and desolate place, people are wicked because they all have no money and live a dull life, so they dare to sacrifice everything to the bitter end.

    But nobody who is slightly well-off would do that.

    The Chinese are fond of easy living, which basically mean, if they are full they will not cause any trouble.

    For those people in power and wealthy individuals, their fear of death is even bigger.

    What fear of death? If a person with financial means can still abandon their own life to be brave enough to sacrifice, that person is truly fearless.

    Obviously, Murong Hong was not such a fearless man.

    Facing the edge of Liu Yi’s knife, especially his ‘perish-together’ manner….

    Murong Hong became timid.

    “You….say your conditions….”

    “Uncle Murong, how come you’re still in businessman’s mindset.”

    Liu Yi said, “I said, the conversation between us, is not a transaction. I am here today mainly to solve uncle Murong’s problem; I am Murong Die’s classmate, could not bear to see her being imprisoned by you. You, as a father, do not care about it at all?”

    “This is my family’s matter….”

    “Uncle Murong, do not say that. Your family’s matter seems to include me since the beginning.”

    Liu Yi’s voice fell, Murong Hong suddenly felt the pressure on his neck was now gone.

    His heart suddenly jumped a bit, but saw on the sofa in front of him, Liu Yi already sat back, hand holding a coffee cup, slowly sipping.


    The present people were all startled, absolutely terrified.

    ‘Is Liu Yi a ghost?’ They thought.

    Liu Yi secretly proud of himself, after entering the third star jade, he became more adept at Spirit Fox Steps.

    ‘Sure enough….the things that Fox sister teach me, are good things….’

    “Uncle Murong is too polite, please sit down and have a talk.”

    Liu Yi reached out his hand and made a gesture at Murong Hong.

    Murong Hong’s eyebrows shook, but soon resumed his face and sat down.

    “Today….you come here to give us Murong Family a demonstration?”

    “Of course not.”

    Liu Yi said while drinking his coffee, “I’m here to seek an explanation for Murong Die, and to remind uncle Murong that ordinary people like us can’t be easily bullied.”

    “Dare to say this in front of me, you are the first.”

    Murong Hong also picked up his coffee cup and slowly shook the liquid inside.

    “Looking for an assassin to take care of me, uncle Murong is also the first.”

    Liu Yi raised his coffee cup and made a toasting gesture.


    Murong Hong smiled awkwardly.

    He now discovered that the high school student before him was someone not to be trifled with.

    To give him trouble….will result in him seemingly give back the trouble.

    Murong Hong was not only a businessman, he was also smart.

    He will never want to give himself any trouble, but will use the most intelligent method.

    He saw Liu Yi appeared to be like a reasonable donkey, immediately used a way to cope with such reasonable donkey.

    “On this point, I apologize. If it caused you any loss, I am willing to compensate.”


    Liu Yi was surprised, thinking, ‘This Murong Hong’s attitude, how could it suddenly change?’

    “Also hope you can understand, I, after all, am the unofficial emperor of the Northern Dragon City, with such a threat by you, my face simply can’t hang still. Of course, I admit I was wrong, for my own honor to pay the killer to assassinate you….This behavior is simply shameless and selfish. But these are not important, the important thing is….I only have one daughter.”

    Murong Hong said with an outstretched hand.

    The bodyguard next to him immediately grounded the tobacco in his pipe. Murong Hong lit the matches, and slowly lit the tobacco.

    He took a puff, and then said.

    “Since before I started my business, my wife faithfully stayed beside me….Completely different than those women who later took a fancy at me, those women fancy my, Murong Hong’s property. But my wife….She really loved me. Unfortunately, in those days, I can only give her a bitter life….When my business is picking up, she passed away because of overwork, leaving little Die and me….You’re right, although at present my business is big, I forever lack such a piece.”

    Murong Hong’s words made Liu Yi somewhat surprised.

    ‘It turns out this unofficial emperor of the Northern Dragon City is such a sentimental man?’

    ‘Hard to see….’

    “So you see, today I have not been re-marriage. In my heart, no one can replace my wife’s position. Therefore, I give all my love and devotion to little Die….”

    After saying all these, Murong Hong suddenly somewhat excited.

    “Liu Yi, you don’t know a father’s feeling….when I hold my newborn little Die, she was so innocent looking, only knew how to cry; that kind of feeling….just like looking at my whole world….She is my daughter, my Murong Hong and wife’s daughter. Therefore, I tried to give her everything she wants, giving her the best Princess-like life! I want her to life in the most perfect world, and then let her be the Queen of my Murong Hong’s business empire….”

    “But you never thought, this life, is not the life that little Die wants.”

    Liu Yi can’t help but interjected, breaking Murong Hong’s fantasy.

    “These are all your own ideas….Perhaps you are a good father, but you are not a good friend.”

    Parents should not just be a parent, they also should be the child’s friend.


    Murong Hong slightly wrinkled his brows. Liu Yi abruptly interrupted his speech and questioned the way he educates his daughter, making him uncomfortable.

    “Perhaps uncle Murong thought that I, Liu Yi am only an ordinary high school student, what qualification do I have to talk about your daughter’s education. But uncle Murong do not forget, even though I’m not a father, I am Murong Die’s peer. What she thinks, I should know better than uncle Murong. Uncle Murong, if you really want to be a good father, you ought to have other feeling toward Murong Die.”

    “What feeling?”


    Liu Yi said slowly, “If you really want to be a good father, then please respect Murong Die’s thoughts.”

    “You guys are still very young, the thoughts are still immature.”

    Murong Hong said, “Only I can correctly guide her thoughts.”

    “And then groom her to be the next Murong Hong?”

    Liu Yi could not help but say, “Do you think, the life of Murong Hong, is happy?”


    Murong Hong was stunned.

    “Uncle Murong, you’re not playing a grooming game, Murong Die is a person with her own thoughts. You want to make her into the next you, but did you have a happy time? I think, if Murong Die’s mom is still alive, to see the way you treat your daughter, I’m afraid she’ll be distressed into tears


    Murong Hong was speechless.

    Was he….really wrong?

    He wanted to refute….

    But thinking about Murong Die’s recent attitude, he failed to come up with a proper refute.

    Because he remembered, he saw the loathing from his daughter’s eyes.

    When Murong Die was still a child, the look in her eyes, was full of dependence and worship.

    But now….the distance between father and daughter….gradually widened….

    “So, uncle Murong, don’t you think that there’s some truth in my words?”

    To see Murong Hong has somewhat softened, Liu Yi quickly asked while the iron is hot.

    “I now acknowledge….”

    Murong Hong suddenly took a long breath, then deeply looked at Liu Yi, “That you Liu Yi, have the qualification to be our Murong Family’s son in law.”


    Liu Yi almost burst out the coffee that he just drank.

    ‘How could it suddenly wandered into this?’ He thought.

    “Hehe, except for my, Murong Hong’s family member, I, Murong Hong will not allow others to interfere with my family matters.”

    Murong Hong also said, “If you want to help little Die, and want to change our family relationship, you Liu Yi, should strive hard to be our Murong Family’s son in law.”

    “Is there another way….”

    Liu Yi wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, thinking, ‘how could it turn into this?’

    ‘It seems we never talk about this before.’

    “Very good, it’s settled. Although you are qualified, that doesn’t mean I will select you as my, Murong Family’s son in law. Tomorrow, I will let Murong Die to go back to school. And Liu Yi, I hope you do not disappoint me.”

    With that, Murong Hong laughed, seemingly thinking about happy things.

    While Liu Yi was thoroughly silly.