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Chapter 143 Psyco Killer

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Liu Yi gege….I’ve wronged you….”

    Ma Yuanyuan looked at Liu Yi sitting inside the school infirmary, somewhat apologetically said.

    “It doesn’t matter, in any case, my body doesn’t fear slanderous accusation.”

    After Liu Yi had won the game, Xu Xin and her group were not convinced.

    Xu Tianliang also directly looked for Liu Yi, asking him to take the urine test.

    It’s actually no wonder that Xu Tianliang couldn’t believe the result, because the world record for 800 m race is 1 min 41.09 seconds.

    But on the previous match, Liu Yi’s time turned out to be 1 min 42 seconds.

    A near world record time….How could this number appear in youth who seemingly never received a professional training?

    This is simply inconceivable!

    Therefore, Liu Yi had to go to the school infirmary, to take a simple lab test.

    “Humph humph, after the result comes out, you will cry!”

    Xu Xin wrinkled her nose, smiled smugly, “Nobody can beat my daddy on 800 m, doping trash.”

    “Xu Xin, if you don’t have anything to say then shut up, no one will think of you as a mute!”

    Ma Yuanyuan very unhappily looked at Xu Xin and said.

    “What, angry out of shame after being poked at the center?”

    Xu Xin continued to ridicule, “If you’re afraid, don’t do the urine test!”

    “Who’s afraid of you! If it needs to be checked, then check it!”

    Ma Yuanyuan was holding Liu Yi’s arm; Standing next to Liu Yi, she felt emboldened.

    “My Liu Yi gege is standing on the right path! Not afraid of any test! But what about your father, does he dare to let the disciplinary committee to come and inspect him?”

    “Why, why not….”

    After saying this words, Xu Xin felt a bit guilty.

    “The doctor will come soon, if you don’t have any guilty conscience, then just calmly wait here.”

    Xu Tianliang also sat on the side.

    In this infirmary, now sat four people.

    The sounds of gongs and drums still came from the outside, the games atmosphere was quite thick.

    But in this small infirmary, the mood was sharp and tense.

    Soon, a man in a hospital mask, wearing a white coat, slowly walked into the clinic.

    “Doctor, you’re finally here.”

    Xu Tianliang saw this doctor, immediately said, “Quickly give him the test, I really don’t want to sit a minute more in the same room with this people, it’s too cheapening.”

    “Oh, okay….”

    The doctor was slightly sluggish for a moment but soon responded, chuckled and said.

    “You guys sit down, I don’t like the smell of disinfectant, we light the fragrant incense first.”

    With that, the doctor walked over to the bed, closed the windows, and lit a piece of incense with sandalwood-like fragrance.

    Although the doctor’s behavior was a bit weird, Liu Yi thought the smell of this fragrance was actually quite nice, moreover, it made his spirit relaxed.

    “Don’t be too hard on yourself, you all can relax your mind.”

    The doctor’s voice was like the friction of metals, slightly jarring.

    However, Liu Yi felt his whole body very comfortable, very relaxed.

    He was a bit tired…..

    Last night was a busy night, and this morning he also participated in the games….

    Mmm….this is a good sleep….

    In this state of extreme relaxation, Liu Yi soon fell asleep.

    “Stupid Ox….help me….”

    In Liu Yi’s vague dream, he saw Ma Yuanyuan stretched out a hand, helplessly trying to reach him.


    Liu Yi was taken aback and opened his eyes.

    After opening his eyes, he was suddenly surprised.

    Because he was not at the infirmary, but in the dark worn out warehouse-like place.

    The outside seemed to be dark, because he was surrounded by darkness.

    Only a faint yellow light came from a low angle toward Liu Yi’s chest.

    This light….might as well not hit him. Instead, it gave Liu Yi a depressing feeling.

    “I beg you….let my daughter go….what ever you want, I will give you….”

    Liu Yi suddenly heard a familiar cry from the side.

    He turned around and saw that arrogant Xu Tianliang before him. At this time, he was actually chained with a big iron chain to a chair.

    His previous proud and arrogant look were gone, leaving only the ability to beg.

    Liu Yi then found that his body was also locked by a section of thick chain.

    These chains, each has two fingers thick thickness, tied him solidly.

    Even if Liu Yi forced out his full strength, the chain still can’t be broken.

    ‘This is….what is happening here?’ He thought.

    ‘Previously I was going to take a urine test, right?’

    ‘How could I, in the blink of an eye, came to this place?’

    “Daddy….daddy….help me….”

    At this time, a faint cry for help came from the above.

    Liu Yi looked up and found there were two girls hung above his head.

    One is Xu Xin, the other is Ma Yuanyuan.

    At this time, tears were streaming down their pretty faces. Their hands were tightly tied together, hanging from the ceiling.

    The previous doctor, was standing on the stairs on the second floor, behind the two girls. He laughed and said with a smile.

    “Come on, keep screaming….I like to listen to the sound of girls before they die….This kind of sound is more beautiful than any kind of music in the world.”

    ‘D*mn….this is so perverted….’

    ‘Wait a minute….’

    Liu Yi suddenly remembered something….

    ‘Is this man….the suspect of the major case 531?’

    ‘That psycho killer who butchered more than ten girls in a row?’

    ‘Oh my f*cking god….’

    ‘This time….I hit a jackpot….’

    “Please don’t hurt my daughter….I beg you….”

    Chained near Liu Yi, Xu Tianliang kept on his bitter cry.

    Liu Yi was somewhat touched, thinking that even a corrupt man could have a fatherly side.

    “If you let go of my daughter….no matter what the conditions, I will promise you….”

    “Hehe….a man’s pleading voice, is not pleasant to hear.”

    The psycho killer stood there, hand carrying a large scissors, it’s sharp edges gently clamped Xu Xin’s tiny toe.

    “Tell me….your pretty daughter….if missing a toe, would she still cute?”

    “No! Please don’t!”

    Xu Tianliang was frightened and quickly shouted, “Please don’t hurt my daughter….”



    The scissors shone with cold light, followed by the light of blood spurting out.

    A small section of toe, fell along with that blood.

    Xu Xin immediately screamed in pain, and then fainted.

    Xu Tianliang’s gut cracked, started to curse.

    “F*ck you….you dare lay a finger on my daughter, I will not let you go! Aaa! Let go of my daughter, if you want to do something, do it to me!”

    Liu Yi was stunned, thinking, ‘this is truly the psycho killer….this guy, is the kind of guy who kills without batting an eye….’


    The psycho killer extended his finger to press his mouth and whispered.

    “Your beautiful daughter has fallen asleep….your voice is so loud, it will wake her up.”

    “God d*mn it….”

    Xu Tianliang cried, then suddenly called out, “Please don’t hurt my daughter….if you want to harm a girl….I, I can help you get more girls….I beg you, just let go of my daughter….”

    Liu Yi was suddenly covered with cold, thinking.

    ‘This Xu Tianliang, what does he mean by this?’

    “Oh? This seems a bit interesting.”

    The psycho killer raised an eyebrow, put down the scissors, looked at Xu Tianliang, and said.

    “How can you help me?”

    “I’m the deputy chief of the Sports Bureau, as long as I say a word, there will be many female students to follow my arrangements! I can make them come here, and you can kill them all, I just ask you to spare my daughter!”

    Liu Yi felt a burst of dismay, his hands and feet were covered with cold.

    Is this their benevolent officials…?

    “Hehe….if that’s the case, I can consider….”

    That killer touched his smooth chin, and said, “I want a dozen, or several dozens….yes, that’s good….”

    “Yes, yes, that’s a good deal, as long as you let go of my daughter, please….”

    “Then so be it.”

    The killer smiled, “I want to select some fun things, and make the arrangements. Before I come back, you all stay quietly here.”

    With that, he took out a spray and sprayed Xu Xin’s bleeding wound a few times.

    “What are you doing!”

    Xu Tianliang suddenly paled with fear.

    “Hehe, look at you so scared like that, this is good stuff, if you spray it on the wound, it can stop the bleeding. If you don’t want this, then just wait for your beautiful daughter to bleed to death.”

    That killer sneered twice. After he sprayed the wound several times, he stowed the spray back, then turned around and slowly left this dark warehouse.

    “You actually….can do such a thing….”

    Liu Yi coldly looked at Xu Tianliang and said, “Your conscience was eaten by a dog?”

    “The one who was harmed is my daughter!”

    Xu Tianliang mercilessly stared at Liu Yi, “What do you know! If the one being harmed is the girl in your family, what are you going to do?”

    Liu Yi slightly frowned.

    Ma Yuanyuan was still unconscious.

    ‘If she was hurt….what am I going to do?’

    This point….Liu Yi himself was unable to predict….

    But, at least, he will not do the same as Xu Tianliang….

    In order to save himself and his family, he was willing to sacrifice many innocent lives….

    This kind of thing….Liu Yi really can’t do.

    But at this time, there was no movement from Lin Tong. Liu Yi wondered whether his Fox sister is too devoted in practice that she didn’t know what happened on the outside.

    “Humph….as long as my daughter and I can live….even if I betray all the people in the Northern Dragon City….so what!”

    Xu Tianliang bowed his head, eyes stared ahead, and dully said.

    “In any case, you guys are worthless….all are trash….I have made many contributions to this society….I’m the leader….I shouldn’t have to die, but all of you trash should….If your death….can be exchanged for my life….then, then you will not die in vain….”


    Listening to this made Liu Yi burned with rage.

    But he had no other choice, other than silently circulated his forces, and strived to break these chains!

    That psycho killer was really careful….he actually locked Liu Yi with such a heavy chain….

    Although he has the third star jade power, if he wants to break open this thick iron chain, he still has some difficulties….

    ‘Liu Yi, you can, you can do it….Ma Yuanyuan is waiting for you to save her!’