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Chapter 144 The End

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     A night passed by, Ma Yuanyuan was still unconscious.

    ‘This little sister’s constitution seemed to be very poor….even after a long time the drug efficacy still has not abated.’’

    ’However, this is also good….lest she’ll be scared to cry.

    As long as I still breathing, I will not let her have an accident….’

    Liu Yi never closed his eyes to sleep this whole night.

    When the day began to dawn, the psycho killer finally returned to the warehouse.

    “Hehe, come on, our highness secretary.”

    The killer said, walking straight to Xu Tianliang.

    “Give your staff a call, and let them put the Jiaoyu Middle School girls to the vacant land behind the construction area of Jiaoyu Middle School.”

    The killer said with a smile, “There, I put the time bomb that I bought last night. As long as they come at that time, those girls will go to the Western Paradise….Gee, if I didn’t just like killing girls….I’m afraid I will blow up this entire school.”

    This psycho killer is named Huang Zhongyi, was a famous international mercenary.

    In the past, he busted his ass in life and death situation on the battlefield and earned a lot of money. After returning to the homeland, he concealed his identity, ready to enjoy the rest of his life.

    As a result, when he played an online game to pass his boredom, he met a middle school little sister.

    Already approaching 40s Huang Zongyi, the internationally famous ruthless mercenary, unexpectedly fell deeply in love, and was fooled by this middle school little sister.

    In the end, all his properties had been cheated by this girl. After that, this girl as if turning into thin air, disappeared without a trace.

    This made Huang Zongyi crazy.

    Finally, he used his means, and ultimately found that girl. When he found the girl, she was flirting with another man online.

    It seemed like she was going to swindle another man.

    But Huang Zongyi still liked this girl….

    He asked the girl to change her mind and be with him again.

    But the result of his painstaking effort was that, the girl ridiculed him.

    The girl satirized Huang Zongyi, that he didn’t look at how old he was.

    The girl was in her youth, plus she now has the money, there will be many handsome guy around her side.

    How could she have the heart to follow an uncle?

    This made Huang Zongyi completely crazy.

    The girl dated Huang Zongyi for so long, the only thing that she didn’t know about him is, Huang Zongyi was once a brutal mercenary, and has taken an unknown number of human lives.

    If she knew, she would not utter such words.

    So, the girl was disfigured and then killed by Huang Zongyi.

    Subsequently, Huang Zongyi completely gone mental, constantly killing girls of the same age, thinking that the girl at this age deserves to be killed.

    Finally, he became a psycho killer.

    “You’re crazy!”

    Liu Yi heard Huang Zongyi’s plan, the whole body covered with cold.

    “You can’t promise him!”

    He hoped Xu Tianliang’s heart still has a trace of humanity.

    “Good, good, as long as you let go of my daughter and me, other people’s death will not matter to me….”

    Xu Tianliang nodded, crushing Liu Yi’s final fantasy.

    They’ve already….without any humanity.

    “Leave it to me….”

    Xu Tianliang volunteered.

    He uttered a number, after Huang Zongyi pressed that number, he put the phone on Xu Tianliang’s ear.

    “You know what to say….Think of your daughter….”

    Huang Zongyi threatened.

    “I know, I know….”

    On the phone, Xu Tianliang pretended to hold a City’s sports event, ordering the female student of Jiaoyu Middle School to go to the said vacant spot for rehearsal. He will soon arrive and personally supervised the rehearsals.

    Xu Tianliang’s word is still very influential in schools.

    After finishing his instruction, the man on the phone immediately went to follow it.

    “Very good….”

    Huang Zongyi nodded with satisfaction, “That’s more like it….Now it’s 7 AM, at 8 AM, the bomb will explode. At that time, this period’s sinner will reduce a lot….Thinking about it made me happy….”

    “Then, what about my daughter….”

    “Hehe….I can spare her.”

    Huang Zongyi said with a smile, “If the bomb really killed those girls, your daughter can keep her life.”

    In Liu Yi’s eyes, his smile has a trace of strange taste.

    “Therefore, all we have to do now, is to wait.”

    He said, playing the scissors with the other hand, and continued.

    “However….the most annoying thing is to wait….I wonder if there’s anything interesting to do to pass the time….”

    “That girl! That girl!”

    Xu Tianliang immediately exclaimed, “You can free to play with that girl! Even if you chop off her limbs, that’s nothing!”

    “Hehe….this is a good idea.”

    Huang Zongyi seemed very satisfied, “Then let’s give it a try.”

    “If you dare lay a finger on her….you’re dead…..”

    Liu Yi suddenly looked up, his eyes fell upon that Huang Zongyi.

    Huang Zongyi suddenly took two steps backward, his forehead slightly shed some sweat.

    As a well-known mercenary, he felt a terrible murderous aura coming from Liu Yi’s body….

    A student….how could he emit such a terrifying murderous look….

    At that moment, Huang Zongyi seemed to have an illusion of returning to the battlefield.

    “Actually ferocious….”

    Huang Zongyi remembered Liu Yi’s present appearance, and couldn’t help but sneer at it, “Unfortunately, I’ve tied you up, what else can you do?”

    He said, slowly walking toward the second floor while holding the scissors.

    “I will slowly cut off all of this girl’s pretty toes….then the fingers….I’ll enjoy her nice shrieks….”

    He said, suddenly turned around and looked at Liu Yi with a glance.

    “Or….Do you want to be like that man, leading other girls to me?”

    “I will not lead any innocent people to you….”

    Liu Yi said slowly, “But if you touch her, I’ll kill you….”


    The nearby Xu Tianliang scolded, “Don’t even realize your own situation, how are people going to listen to your threat? A fool is a fool, a hopeless.”

    “It seems, if I don’t make you see the thing that you’re afraid of, you will not understand your situation.”

    With that, he gently put the scissors on Ma Yuanyuan’s left thumb.

    “As long as I put a bit of pressure….you will see the red color of blood spurt out….I promise you, you will love the feeling.”

    Huang Zongyi said and was about to close the scissors, to cut off Ma Yuanyuan’s finger.

    Just then, the color of blood flew out.

    Not Ma Yuanyuan’s, but Huang Zongyi’s.

    His right hand flipped and landed on the ground, along with the scissors.

    “My hand, my hand!”

    Huang Zongyi held his wrist and continued to scream

    This sudden scene made him unable to think of what to do, and also let that Xu Tianliang froze.

    An ice dagger punctured the wall beside him, still sending out dense cold air.

    And the chain on Liu Yi’s hands suddenly became red, under Xu Tianliang’s eyes, Liu Yi’s hands broke free from that chain.

    Liu Yi stood up, his whole body emitted a vague white smoke.

    He opened his eyes, a pair of golden eyes exuded a cold chill.

    Liu Yi’s clothes were constantly changing.

    Soon, a black trenchcoat appeared on his body, a bright red scarf wound around his neck.

    The long silver hair stood straight to the back, cool and neat.

    “My hand….why did my hand gone….”

    That Huang Zongyi was still wailing in pain.

    “This is your own consequences.”

    Liu Yi said, his whole people suddenly jumped up, into the air.

    His figure, in the blink of an eye turned into a flame, instantly fluttered to the second floor and landed in front of Huang Zongyi.

    “Hateful, d*mn!”

    Huang Zongyi, after all, was a mercenary, he put the spray out and sprayed his broken wrist, and then pulled out another scissors to fiercely stab Liu Yi’s heart.

    This stab was quick and ruthless, and most people would certainly be stabbed to the heart.

    But Liu Yi just stretched out his left hand, using only two fingers to caught that fastly moving sharp scissors.


    Huang Zongyi felt his hand holding the scissors was severely burned, just like holding a red-hot iron bar. He screamed in pain and withdrew his hand. There were many red blisters on his palm.

    “Don’t you like listening to other people’s scream?”

    Liu Yi stood there, and slowly said, “Might as well listen to your own scream.”

    With that, Liu Yi stretched out his right hand’s index and middle fingers.

    Two red boiling hot fingers.


    Without any obstacle, this two fingers entered Huang Zongyi’s right shoulder.

    The smell of charred meat suddenly passed out.

    Huang Zongyi screamed in pain again and again, directly peed himself, kneeling on the ground.

    “Spare me….I beg you….spare me….”

    “Spare you?”

    Liu Yi’s eyes shone with golden light, “But those resentful spirits around you….do not agree to that….”

    “Resentful spirits….what, what resentful spirits….”

    After Liu Yi pulled out his finger, Huang Zongyi’s pain reduced a bit.

    Listening to Liu Yi’s words, his heart suddenly emerged out a deep sense of fear.

    “You don’t know? Then, let you see it for yourself.”

    Liu Yi said, and clapped his hands.

    “Those spirits still wandering in this world….use my flame as the medium, so that you can show your figure….if you have a grudge, take revenge, if you have resentment, complain….

    With that, a flame roared, a figure made of flame one by one appeared around the two people.

    These flames are not illusory, and each has their respective shape.

    One by one, flame with woman shape, floated between the two people.

    These more than ten women, probably have fine and delicate features, but in the flame form, they looked doubly ferocious.

    “How….how could it be you….”

    Seeing these women’s faces, Huang Zongyi directly paralyzed to the ground.

    “They are coming to demand your life….”

    Liu Yi sneered, “Enjoy their services….this is what you deserve….”

    While speaking, those more than ten flame spirits, instantly threw themselves at Huang Zongyi’s body.


    Huang Zongyi began to scream out again and again, soon, he was burned down unable to make a sound again.