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Chapter 145 Thou Shalt Evildoer

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     After these flame spirits finish gnawing Huang Zongyi, they floated back to Liu Yi’s side.

    Leaving behind a brown mummified corpse on the ground

    “You guys want to follow me?”

    Liu Yi looked at those flame spirits, and slowly said, “You will have no future if you follow me….you have avenged your grievance, it is better to be reincarnated….hoping that, in your next life, you can grow up healthy, get married, and have children….”

    But those flame spirits still would not go away, just quietly hovering around Liu Yi.

    “If this is your choice….alright then.”

    Liu Yi nodded his head. Those flame spirits seemed happy with this as they keep circling around Liu Yi’s head.

    Ma Yuanyuan and Xu Xin were still unconscious.

    Xu Tianliang was scared silly.

    He didn’t understand how it could turn into this….

    How in the blink of an eye….Huang Zongyi was killed….

    Moreover, he died in such a strange way.

    This….is simply unscientific….

    At this moment, Xu Tianliang wished the thing that he wore on his right hand was not Patek Phillipe, but a string of prayer beads.

    Those flame spirits quickly flew down from the second floor, floating in front of Xu Tianliang.

    Xu Tianliang trembled with fear. He wanted to run away but was firmly locked in chains there.

    “Wha, what are you going to do….”

    “They say they hate you.”

    Liu Yi also jumped down on the second floor and landed on the ground.

    Two rows of red flame came out of his feet on the ground.

    “They told me….your behavior, compared to that Huang Zongyi, is more perverted and more shameless.”

    “I, I….”

    Xu Tianliang’s face pale.

    “Therefore, you should go down to accompany Huang Zongyi.”

    “No! No!”

    Xu Tianliang repeatedly shook his head, shouted in horror.

    “How could I be the same as that scum….”

    “Where do you think you’re going?”

    Liu Yi sneered, “If I let you go, I’m afraid that even the other me probably won’t be happy.”

    He said, stopped in front of Xu Tianliang, held up two fingers and placed it against his forehead.

    “In order to save yourself, you are willing to sacrifice so many innocent people….how could there be a reason for people like you to be alive?”

    Then, Liu Yi planned to launch his heart sutra to directly burst Xu Tianliang’s forehead.

    “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

    Xu Tianliang seemed to feel the arrival of death, desperately begging for mercy, “I also do that for the safety of my daughter….my daughter is everything to me….”

    Liu Yi’s arched eyebrows slightly trembled a bit.

    “Your daughter is one human life. Do you think other people’s daughter, are all animals?”

    Although Liu Yi was currently displaying his fire power, his voice was incomparably cold, as cold as the winter’s wind in December.

    “Perhaps in your heart….Other people’s lives are simply not worth mentioning.”

    Liu Yi said, “But I have to tell you, in my heart, you Xu Tianliang are not worth mentioning. Therefore, to me, killing you is just like crushing an ant.”

    “Do not! Do not kill me….Those girls, after all, have not dead, right? I did not kill anyone, did not kill anyone!”

    Xu Tianliang pleaded.

    “Because of you….they have already died once….”

    Liu Yi sneered, “In hell, confess all of your sins in front of Yama.”

    With that, he started the Red Blood Sutra Code in his body.

    The red blood devil flame lit out of his fingers.

    “Stay out of that man!”

    At this moment, a sharp cold awn suddenly pierced the ceiling of this warehouse and rapidly fell toward Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi suddenly looked up; the world slowed down before his eyes.

    Within the world of black and white, the sword edge was cutting down toward him, exuding a red awn.

    The sword came from above, with an unstoppable momentum and force.

    Liu Yi almost subconsciously outstretched his hand and released out his flame.

    With the aid of this force, his body rapidly flew upside down at a distance.


    The sword edge cut into the ground.

    A cold force instantly spread out within an area of more than ten meters in radius, forming a layer of ice.

    The chair under Xu Tianliang’s body has been frozen for the most part.

    But his legs were safe and sound.

    This power control precision is very high!

    Clearly, the person is a master.

    “We finally meet…..”

    Liu Yi was standing there. Those flame spirits floated beside him.

    “Alright….we are going to meet after all.”

    The voice has not fallen, but the white figure fell down from the hole in the ceiling.

    Her stature was very graceful and lovely.

    Her pair of feet tread above the sword hilt, her whole body was standing on the sword, looking at the opposite Liu Yi.

    “This time, I will definitely catch you.”

    Guyu’s feet was standing on the treasured sword, her big attractive eyes exuded out aggressive gleam.

    “Our matters can be discussed later.”

    Liu Yi pointed to Xu Tianliang behind her, “Let me kill that man first.”

    “Bold evildoer! Presumptuous!”

    Hearing that Liu Yi still want to kill someone, Guyu’s beautiful eyebrows immediately pricked up, her almond eyes filled with anger as she charmingly scolded.

    “In front of this immortal fairy, you’re actually still thinking about killing! A demon is truly difficult to tame!”

    “Gee….you seem to care about so many things, big sister.”

    Liu Yi, with arms crossed and curled mouth, said, “Do you know that the person behind you has done such a heinous thing? And you’re trying to defend him?”

    “This immortal fairy, only see you are about to kill innocent people!”

    Guyu coldly said, “Sure enough, a demon is a demon, your demonic character is difficult to tame….even if you used to be a human.”

    “I am a demon, but I think I’m more human than you.”

    “Nonsense! With you this evildoer, what else there is to say! See this immortal fairy; I will kill you and finish what I should do from the beginning!”

    With that, Guyu’s body floated out white snowflakes.

    The air in this warehouse instantly turned into winter.

    White snow continued to fall.

    Even Liu Yi felt a bit of biting cold.

    ‘This woman….is indeed very scary….

    But she is my enemy.

    Too bad, it would be nice if she’s my girlfriend.

    The other me didn’t live up to expectation, if I had his power, I would’ve captured this immortal fairy really quick!

    Of course, I’m referring to her feelings.’

    “Don’t expect your right-hand power will help you.”

    Guyu said, “I won’t let your right hand hit me. You will not have this opportunity. Your only chance is being reincarnated.”

    “My chances are many…in the presence of beauty, my potential is unlimited.”

    Liu Yi smiled.

    “D*mn womanizer!”

    Hearing Liu Yi dared to verbally molest her, Guyu was even more angry, “It appears that you are in a hurry to die! This immortal fairy is ready to help you!”

    With that, the snowflakes in the warehouse, suddenly eerily stopped in mid-air, motionless.

    Something abnormal was about to happen….

    Liu Yi already felt a terrible threat.

    “Freeze for me!”

    Guyu said and waved her hand.

    Suddenly, the snow in mid-air suddenly fell rapidly to the ground.

    Any spot that was covered by the snow immediately froze into a thick layer of frost.

    Soon, the warehouse turned into the world of ice and snow.

    In addition to the two-meter area around Guyu, as well as Ma Yuanyuan and Xu Xin, all the other places were full of snow.

    All things have been frozen into ice.

    Thick raw cold wind unceasingly attacked Liu Yi’s body.

    But the several flame spirit beauties floated on their own initiative, hand in hand, they huddled in a circle around Liu Yi.

    These beautiful flame spirits’ flame constantly flashed, blocking the invasion of these snow and ice.

    “D*mn….you’re hiding behind the girls?”

    Guyu can’t help but angrily said.

    “They’re not ordinary girls.”

    Liu Yi said slowly, “Moreover….I didn’t issue any order to them, they protect me on their own initiative….You’ve got your revenge….let me deal with this.”

    Although feeling overwhelming pressure from Guyu, even if this was the other Liu Yi, he also doesn’t like to admit defeat.

    Unexpectedly, these several flame beauties shook their head, still floating on his side.

    “So stubborn….”

    Liu Yi was touched.

    “Demons and spirits, are jackals of the same tribe (birds of a feather and so on)”

    Gu Yu coldly snorted, both of her hands made a seal sign.

    Suddenly, the ice and snow in this warehouse blew even more fierce.

    Those flame beauties immediately freeze into ice sculptures, standing around Liu Yi.

    “Come back!”

    Liu Yi quickly pulled his right hand.

    Suddenly, those layers of ice broke, the flames flew out into his hand, forming a mass of red ball similar to magma flame.

    This flame finally integrated into the middle of his hand.

    “I won’t let you hurt them….their fate has been very sad.”

    “Then let me send you demon and spirits into the afterlife!”

    Guyu said as both of her hands continued to make the seal sign.

    The snow and ice impacted Liu Yi’s body from everywhere, reducing Liu Yi’s body temperature.

    Liu Yi’s hands guarded in front of his chest.

    Red flames erupted out from both of his hands and then continued to flow on his own body.

    But his flame was too weak compared to Guyu’s ice and snow.

    Soon, Liu Yi’s body began to freeze.

    The frost continued to spread around and thickened.

    Soon, Liu Yi’s body was about to completely freeze.

    Even if this was the other Liu Yi….he also could not bear this kind of cold.

    Guyu’s power….really was too strong….

    The strength disparity between those two was really too much….

    ‘Alas….I am currently not her opponent….

    If I could use my three forces simultaneously, that would be nice….


    I just need a little bit of time….’

    At this moment, a red colored lotus flower slowly floated down from the ceiling.

    “What…is this?”

    Guyu looked at the red lotus, slightly wrinkled her brows.


    That red lotus suddenly burst open.

    Crimson flame instantly flooded half of the warehouse, flushing out the snow and ice.

    The room temperature instantly elevated.

    The ice and flame separated in the middle of the room, like two opposing worlds.

    A woman’s figure, came out from that bursting lotus, floating in the air; a pair of flame wings flapped behind her.