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Chapter 148 Blocking The Road

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     But just then, a man in black suit and white mask blocked their path.

    “I’m sorry, this is a dead end.”

    The man blocked the only passage.

    Because behind the school there’s a construction site, so a wall was erected on its side, and there was only one door leading to the other side.

    Now the man stood in front of that door, blocking everyone’s way.

    “Who are you? This is our school. Please step aside.”

    The principal unhappily said, thinking.

    ‘Who is this man, he’s delaying the time here!’

    ‘If this goes on, it will harm the leadership things, if I offended the leadership then what do I do!’

    “Go back, there’s a bomb on this side.”

    Liu Yi explained.

    “You’re crazy!”

    The principal didn’t believe what Liu Yi said, “Are you here to make trouble?! If you don’t go, I will call the security!”

    Liu Yi had also guessed early that this school’s leadership is certainly not going to believe what he said.

    But there are still ten minutes….

    As long as in this ten minutes he could keep them off from the construction side, that will do.

    ‘I can do this….’

    Liu Yi cheered himself up.

    To deal with these girls….It can be said that it’s much more difficult than to deal with Huang Zhongyi.

    “Who is this guy! Minding other people’s business!”

    “What a strange costume, this is not the place to play cosplay!”

    “Hey, Uncle, stop your act!”

    Sure enough, a group of girls thought that Liu Yi was meddlesome and began twittering.

    They want the inspection to finish early so they can go back and rest. This autumn wind is so cold, the longer they stayed outside, the colder they got.

    How could they have the time to spend with him here.

    “You step aside now, if not I will really call the security!”

    The principal once again warned.

    But Liu Yi still crossed his arms there like a door guard, not letting anyone pass.

    “Good, good, I tell you, this is our school, don’t be so presumptuous!”

    The principal immediately made a phone call and called a group of male teachers as well as a group of security guards to come over here.

    The first to come naturally was the five uniformed security guards, which directly tried to pull Liu Yi’s arm.

    “Go away, this is a school! Not your presumptuous place!”

    “Pull him!”

    Five security guards pulled Liu Yi, trying to drag him out of here.

    But Liu Yi’s feet were like roots, with arms folded as he stood there motionless.

    Although the five men tried to pull him, he remained motionless, letting those five big men sweating profusely.

    “Truly strange….Is this man grow up in this ground?”

    A security wiped away his sweat and then cursed.

    “This is a marvel, let us all pull together!”

    A group of male teachers ran before Liu Yi, and pulled him by their hands, trying to drag him away.

    But Liu Yi was like a thousand ton in weight, kept on standing there, no matter how hard other people tried, they couldn’t pull him away even an inch.

    “His grandma, strange, really bizarre!”

    These people were very shocked.

    Right now at least a dozen people tried to pull this man in black suit.

    But the other remain motionless.

    “F*ck! Is he a monster!”

    A security guard became impatient and tried to reach Liu Yi’s mask to see his face.

    However, Liu Yi finally made his move. He stretched out his hand to swat away the hand coming at him.


    The security guard’s hand was suddenly patted away to the side.

    “There’re some things you shouldn’t see.”

    Liu Yi coldly said.

    “Hey! I don’t believe it! Come, let go of your mask!”

    A group of security guards and male teachers immediately turned and tried to grab Liu Yi’s mask.

    Liu Yi was tired of them.

    ‘These people are really annoying, I do this for their own good….’

    ‘Ai, it’s difficult to become a good man.’

    Liu Yi right now felt like he is a Spiderman.

    But his face, definitely can’t be seen by outsiders.

    Liu Yi suddenly bent over and struck his palm against the ground.

    An amazing scene appeared.

    The people around Liu Yi instantly flew up.

    The faces of these men were filled with surprise. They didn’t know what just happened and was shook to fly as if they were blown away by a hurricane a moment ago, making them inverted out.

    “My God….Where did this guy come from….”

    “So amazing….”

    “Is he a magic performer?”

    A group of girls were surprised by what they just saw, could not believe their eyes even a little bit.

    ‘How could there be such a man?’

    ‘What does he do for a living?’

    “I said, this is a dead end, everyone, please turn back.”

    Liu Yi again stood up and folded his arms, standing like a ruthless door guard, and coldly said.

    His height is less than 1.8 meter, but with his imposing manner, he was able to guard the pass alone.

    No matter who comes forward, Liu Yi will not let them pass.

    “Call the police! Call the police!”

    The principal angrily stamped his feet. They were already five minutes late, the city leadership must be angry!

    If he leads the girls now, they wouldn’t get in.

    ‘What is this thing!’ He exclaimed in his heart.

    “Immediately call the police, let the police put this troublemaker away!”

    The principal commanded. A security guard started to alarm the police.

    Liu Yi didn’t stop his effort, letting them call the police.

    In any case, when the police arrive, he would have long gone.

    What is he afraid of!

    “You quickly move away, our school has an activity, why are you troubling us?”

    “Yes, yes, if you have a problem with us, just tell us, and we will talk about it. When the police arrive, this will not end well, just tell us now!”

    Some of the male teachers began to use their mouth to advise.

    “I said, there’s a bomb buried on the ground back there.”

    Liu Yi had no other choice but to patiently explained.

    “If you go there, you’ll die.”

    “Hahaha, you guy really know how to tease us! How could there be a bomb, this is a school, what nonsense, hahaha….”

    Those people laughed, no one thought what Liu Yi said is true.

    “Get out of the way. Otherwise, we’re not going to be polite anymore!”

    “The police will soon come, and will immediately arrest you!”

    Various kinds of threats and inducement were spoken, but they all lost in Liu Yi’s ears.


    Liu Yi can only faintly sigh.

    “See that, this is humanity’s deep-rooted bad habits.”

    Lin Tong appeared on Liu Yi’s shoulder, yawned, and then asked.

    “Do you really want to sacrifice so much for them?”

    “Human may have some disadvantages.”

    Liu Yi said through his virtual environment, “But among them, there are love and goodness….Moreover, I am also a human. I am not an immortal, nor a monster. I am a flesh and blood, a sentient being who have feelings.”

    “Humans are stupid….”

    Lin Tong could not help but curl her lip and said, “Why don’t you follow me up the mountain. This filthy mortal world will only delay your cultivation. With me up the mountain, you will attain immortality, and soaring through the calamity is very possible!”

    “I’m not going up the mountain.”

    Liu Yi shook his head, “In here….I still have a lot of things to do. Moreover, there are still many obstacles….”


    Lin Tong did not want to talk anymore.

    ‘Without going up the mountain….this guy can only end up parting ways with me….’

    ‘Although right now I can still be with him, not for long.’

    ‘If I don’t go back….sooner or later, my master will come.’

    ‘At that time….Even if I don’t want to leave him, I still have to go.’

    Lin Tong didn’t dare to imagine what would happen that day.

    One thing for sure….it will be very sad.

    ‘After I’m gone….Will Liu Yi think of me?’

    ‘Could it be….He will quickly forget me?’

    Lin Tong thought in her heart.

    ‘This guy….Sometimes, really make me depressed….’

    “Step aside. The police will soon come!”

    The principal kept on threatening.

    Liu Yi simply chose to ignore him.

    This headmaster was too much.

    “I don’t believe you’ll be able to block me!”

    That principal was furious, went straight to the wall, reached out, and tried to climb the wall.

    This wall is not high, the height is only about two meters.

    Usually, it only served to isolate, not letting the students get into trouble.

    Seeing this 50-something principal tried to climb the wall, a group of male teachers also followed his example.

    “Principal, let us climb, you can take a rest!”

    “Yes, yes, let us see how this person is going to stop us!”

    Liu Yi’s brows deeply wrinkled up.

    ‘These guys, don’t they know how to tell the good from the bad?’

    “Hahaha, you can’t stop us!”

    The principal stopped climbing the wall midway and took a look sideway.

    Seeing the others one by one scrambled to climb the wall, he suddenly couldn’t help but proudly laughed.

    Hearing him laughing, Liu Yi suddenly coldly snorted and stomped his foot heavily on the ground.


    The earth seemed to shudder a bit.

    Then, frost immediately spread out.

    The surrounding wall was instantly covered with a thick layer of ice.

    Those male teachers were unable to control themselves. Before they even reached the top of the wall, they all slipped down, just like the stuffed dumplings, they fell to the ground with a crackling sound – their asses must be hurt.

    “Ouch, ouch….What is this….?”

    “It hurts….”

    “How could this wall is suddenly covered with ice!”

    The principal was also shocked, thinking, ‘What the hell is this?’

    ‘This man….is he really a monster?’

    This scene made the girls excited.

    “Wow! It turns out he is giving us a magic performance?”

    “Hehe, this is so awesome, handsome, give us your autograph!”

    Cold sweat suddenly appeared on Liu Yi’s forehead, ‘These little girls….’

    “Please sign on my chest!”

    A bold middle school female student bulged out her chest and said.

    “Where did you get your chest, might as well sign on me!”

    Another female student shouted.

    These two girls soon quarreled, and finally made a mess.

    Liu Yi kept shedding out cold sweat.

    ‘What is happening here….’

    ‘The present girls’ thoughts are too mature!’

    Liu Yi was a bit shocked.

    At this time, police siren suddenly sounded from around the school.

    Initially, the principal was driven to distraction by the girls, but now he is immediately excited and said while laughing.

    “Hahaha, you hear that? The police have come, you’re a goner now! You this madman will certainly be arrested!”

    He laughed while patting his thigh, not showing the appearance of a principal.

    At this time, the earth suddenly trembled.

    Immediately, a violent explosion sound flooded into their eardrums.

    That principal directly sat on the ground with his butt, unable to respond for quite a while.

    Red flames burst out behind the wall, a mass of black mushroom cloud went straight to the sky.