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Chapter 149 Midterm Is Coming

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     A huge shockwave spread around from the source of the blast which quickly crossed over the wall and rolled into the school ground.

    Many students failed to stand firm, being flown upside down by the shockwave and fell to the ground.

    The force of the expression was so strong that it directly shocked open the door behind Liu Yi. The billowing blast directly fluttered behind Liu Yi’s back.

    Even though Liu Yi has extraordinary strength, he also came close to being lifted to air like the other people.

    The sound of the explosion was deafening, and for a long time, the people’s ears were still buzzing with loud noise.

    Liu Yi kept on sending his immortal strength toward his ears to drive off the effect of the explosion.

    When he saw the students and teachers in front of him, they all looked dumbfounded, and some even had their saliva flowed out.

    The aftermath of the explosion has too much influence on them.

    “It….it really exploded….”

    The principal opened his mouth wide, just looking at the explosion, toward the black cloud in the sky, and muttered.

    He never thought there could be such a strange thing as this explosion in his school.

    “The rest is not my thing.”

    Liu Yi saw that although they were all somewhat shaken silly, they were all safe and sound, “The police will deal with the rest.”

    With that, Liu Yi stepped on ice skates, quickly accelerated himself on the two-lane frost that he constantly created below his feet, flashed past the other people, and then disappeared without a trace.

    “What….the hell….?”

    The principal’s scalp was still numb.

    ‘This man….where is exactly he came from!’

    “So….there really is a bomb….”

    “This man was helping us all along….”

    “He saved us….”

    These teachers and students finally realized Liu Yi was not making trouble for them.

    “Who exactly is he….”

    A group of people started to guess Liu Yi’s identity.

    “I do not know….but that red scarf is pretty cool….when I go home I will look for it, and then wear it here.”

    “Cut, it would not look good on you, only I who would look beautiful wearing it.”

    Some of the girls started to discuss about the red scarf.

    Liu Yi did not know that, because of his sudden impulse to wear the red scarf here, would cause a new fashion trend in the Northern Dragon City.

    He has changed his outfit to a high school uniform and returned to his school.

    Ma Yuanyuan had been taken care of by the police. After he saw the trembling Ma Yuanyuan sent to the police car, he finally felt relieved and then returned.

    Huang Zhongyi, this atrocious guy….He hoped there were no more people like him in the society.

    When Liu Yi went to the class, he was obviously late.

    But Li Juanhua did not bother Liu Yi too much. After saying a few words to him, she let him go to attend the class.

    “Liu Yi, the midterm exam is soon coming, you have to pay more attention.”

    “I know, teacher Li.”

    Liu Yi’s heart was ashamed. He really did not want to skip the class.

    Recently however, he indeed had things he needed to take care of.

    Seeing Murong Die and Wang Lele sat in the back of his seat, Liu Yi beckoned with his hand to wave at them.

    Wang Lele almost excitedly called out Liu Yi’s name, but Murong Die quickly covered her mouth from the side.

    Wang Lele very bitterly looked at Murong Die.

    ‘Sis Die is so hateful….’

    ‘I have not seen Liu Yi gege for several days….’

    ‘But she can still meet with him secretly….this is so unfair….’

    Without knowing why, this was the first time Wang Lele experienced the feeling of resentment.

    “Big bully, finally decided to come back to the class?”

    When Liu Yi sat down on his chair, Wang Yuzheng pushed over a piece of paper toward him.

    “I was sick….why did you call me a big bully….”

    Cold sweat appeared on Liu Yi’s forehead as he quickly explained to her.

    “Sick? I see you are actually bursting with energy….and very much alive!”

    Wang Yuzheng was a clever girl, otherwise, she would not be called a bookworm since she was three years old.

    “This….Actually, I am very uncomfortable….but I am a boy, and have to be strong…..”

    Liu Yi hastily made up some lies.

    “Humph humph, you braggart! In any case, after the first of October holiday, there will be midterm exam! I have an agreement with my family member, they do not want me to play with bad kids! If your test score did not reach the top 100, do not come to talk to me!”


    Seeing the note on the paper, Liu Yi felt a bit strange….

    ‘This seems like a girl acting like a spoiled brat toward her boyfriend, right?’

    ‘I am probably thinking it too much.’

    ‘After all, my relationship with Wang Yu Zheng is not particularly deep….Although we have shared some experience together, that is only to resolve the misunderstanding between us.’

    Liu Yi was very curious and could not help but open his eyes of favorable impression.

    A string of number immediately appeared above this girl’s head.

    Wang Yuzheng: 26.


    ‘Wang Yuzheng’s favorability toward me has actually risen these much?’

    Liu Yi was shocked.

    ‘A couple of days ago, her impression of me was on the fear level, but now it is already 26 in favorability….’

    ‘Unbelievable….this girl is finally not afraid of me.’

    After Liu Yi sat down, he actually did not know that behind him, Wang Lele and Murong Die were also conversing by exchanging notes on paper.

    “Sis Die, have the two of you made progress in your relationship?”

    Wang Lele said, “The two of you were alone together all night long, right?”

    When she wrote this, the young girl’s heart was somewhat jealous.

    ‘Who told me to be best friend with Sis Die…em, yes, I am just going to let it slide this time.’


    Murong Die somewhat bitterly said.

    ‘What progress….’

    ‘Liu Yi seems to still think of me as a good friend….’

    ‘Is this guy really made of wood?’

    “Then what should we do? Sis Die, let us proceed to our next plan!”

    Wang Lele immediately recommended.

    “Next plan?”

    “Yes, yes….we do not do such a complicated step anymore, we will going to directly confess to Liu Yi gege!”

    Wang Lele’s words made Murong Die surprised.

    “Lele, what nonsense are you talking about! This big miss does not really like Liu Yi….just, just trying to deceive him….”

    When Murong Die wrote this words, she felt somewhat guilty.

    “But….Liu Yi gege is emotionally idiot….If we do not use strong medicine, then what should we do?”

    “This big miss is not going to confess to him!”

    Murong Die’s face flushed as she wrote on the paper, “It is not like there are no other people who like this big miss!”

    Wang Lele was flustered, ‘If this goes on, how could the two of them be together….’

    “Besides….I do not know if this guy cares about me or not….”

    Murong Die then wrote.

    “Turns out Sis Die is worried about this!”

    Wang Lele suddenly smiled, “That is easy!”

    “Easy? What stupid idea do you have now?”

    “What stupid idea….other people is also a talented girl like Huang Yueying in the ancient times!”

    Wang Lele proudly wrote and straightened out her chest.

    “Huang Yueying may not have such a big breast like yours….”

    Murong Die joked, “All people said you have big boobs but no brain….how can you be smart?”

    “Sis Die is so hateful! If you keep doing this, other people will not help you!”

    Wang Lele clutched her chest and very sadly looked at Murong Die.

    “Alright, alright, talented, girl, quickly tell me, what is your idea?”

    Murong Die fawningly said.

    “Humph humph, this talented girl will teach you this move! If Sis Die wants to know whether Liu Yi gege cares about you or not, it is actually not difficult….As long as I go to Liu Yi gege and say to him that Sis Die had an accident, we will know it by looking at Liu Yi gege’s reaction.”

    “This is a good idea….”

    Murong Die’s heart was moved.

    She always wanted to know….what was her position in Liu Yi’s heart.

    “Then we will try this method!”

    Wang Lele smiled very smugly, thinking that she was so clever.


    “Um….I will tell that Sis Die is kidnapped….Sis Die, you do not come to school tomorrow, I will tell Liu Yi gege and see what he would do. If he is alarmed and directly rush to save Sis Die, it will prove that Liu Yi gege has you in his mind. If he is indifferent….Well, then Sis Die will know….”

    “Humph humph….In order to let this guy pursue this big miss, both of us have spent so much effort, consider this is an honor to him!”

    “Yes, of course….Liu Yi gege should be very happy, hehe….”

    The two girls secretly laughed.

    At this moment, in the middle of the warehouse where Guyu and Wenren Qian have fought.

    A figure of a woman slowly floated down into the warehouse.

    Her topless chest showed her abundant breasts, her figure was tall and voluptuous, as seductive as a Vamp.

    Around her neck, there was a string of skull necklace.

    This person was none other than the Law Enforcement Protector of the Great God Cult, Jiang Qini.

    She stood inside the warehouse with one hand on her waist, and her abundant breasts gently shook.

    “Hehe….Looks like there seems to be a battle here….This force is familiar….That is right, this is Wenren Qian.”

    Jiang Qini sniffed with her nose and surprised herself.

    “Strange….Wenren Qian that girl, why was she not executing the plan….What was she doing here….There must be something strange here….”

    With that, her hand took a large amount of bone dust and sprinkled it everywhere.

    Soon, she sensed something and excitedly said.

    “There is actually a very strong resentment here! Fantastic….This is going to be great for the ghost servant!”

    Her body trembled with excitement, followed by the shaking of her two huge breasts.

    “If Leader know that I contribute a very powerful ghost servant….He must be very happy, and will definitely reward me….”

    She continued to launch her spell as he muttered.

    “Wenren Qian, Wenren Qian….you have nothing to be proud of….Wait until I help Leader complete the plan, I will become the Vice Leader of the Great God Sect….At that time, see if you will be able to compete for the Leader’s affection with me! I am truly in love with Leader….You this girl….sooner or later I am going to kill you!”

    With that, on the spot where Huang Zhongyi died, a black figure slowly stood up.

    “Kill….I want to kill….”

    No one can clearly see that figure’s face, one can only see a pair of blood-red eyes.

    “Very good….very delicious resentment…..”

    Jiang Qini very satisfyingly said, “Finish your wishlist….kill your enemies, and you will evolve to become a perfect Ghost Servant….Go finish your dream….”

    With that, she waved her hand, and that black figure instantly disappeared from the warehouse.