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Chapter 151 Strange Thing In Game Arena

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     After Liu Yi and Wei Yi came in, they immediately frowned.

    Liu Yi in particular, because his body has demon energy, he was especially sensitive to this demonic aura.

    He felt the demon energy in his body was stirred, and he has the impulse to let it out.

    Liu Yi immediately exercised restraint to this impulse, lest it caused unnecessary trouble here….

    Guyu that girl was always watching him….He did not want to provoke that evil star again!

    That chick was too strong….Too vicious, he was no match for her.

    But based on his present strength….As long as he can enter the Nine Star Jade level, it seemed like he can deal with her!

    Yes….He needed to strive hard in practice.

    “Such a thick demonic aura….”

    Wei Yi wrinkled her nose and said.

    The civet Tuantuan on her shoulder stood up, all the hair on its body trembled, and its mouth issued a strange hissing sound.

    It seemed like her ability to detect demonic strength was also quite high.

    “Em….I feel it too….It seems….This task is quite tricky.”

    Liu Yi pinched his finger and immediately saw the world in black and white.

    He was looking for the location of the demon.

    Everywhere in front of him, there were faint yellow silhouettes.

    And Wei Yi’s body was slightly tinged with blue light, which was the symbol of immortal energy.

    If it was a demon….There should be a more vibrant color.

    Liu Yi searched inside the God Dancing Game Arena through his black and white world vision. But after struggling to look for a long time, he found no other color.

    “It is useless.”

    Lin Tong reminded Liu Yi at this time, “Do you think the true identity of Immortal cultivators, or demon cultivators, can easily be seen through by you? Just like the other you who has the ability to restrain his demon energy, the demon that you want to look now….should also possess such a skill. If you want to rely on your eyesight to find him, it would be too hard….He must have disguised himself as ordinary people.”

    “Ai….Demons are so clever….”

    Liu Yi had to lament.

    “Of course….For example, this….In any case, you have to be very careful!”

    Lin Tong almost blurted out that she was also a demon.

    If she said it….Then it would be over for them.

    It would be strange if Liu Yi’s worldview did not crash!

    “Let us talk with the boss first.”

    Wei Yi pulled Liu Yi back to the real world.

    “Come this way.”

    Wei Yi said as she led Liu Yi to a door and shoved it open.

    Suddenly, the visions of the two people were somewhat widened.

    The corridor became much more spacious, but there were also several men dressed in black suits standing in the corridor. After seeing Liu Yi and Wei Yi, they were suddenly nervous and put their hands on their waists.

    Lei Yi found out that their waists were bulged out, but those should not be firearms….It should be, some kind of stick or something similar to it.

    “Do not worry, we are here for the task.”

    Wei Yi seemed unfazed by this strange sight and explained.

    The several bodyguards relaxed a bit, but their vigilance was still there.

    “Take me to your Boss, we are the demon slayer experts.”

    Wei Yi said.

    “This way please….”

    A bodyguard held out his hand to invite.

    “Stinking Insect, follow me, do not wander around aimlessly.”

    Wei Yi took the role as the big sister and led Liu Yi to walk forward.

    Liu Yi’s heart was depressed, cold sweat appeared on his forehead, thinking, ‘She really think herself as the captain.’

    ‘Forget it, seeing that she is a girl….I let her have her way this time.’

    ‘Moreover, this will also save a lot of trouble for me.’

    ‘But the name Stinking Insect….How could I make her change it?’

    Wei Yi did not know what was in Liu Yi’s mind, together with him and the bodyguard, they walked around in the hallways for a few laps, and finally came to the office area on the second floor.

    The bodyguard knocked on the door to get permission to go inside. After the confirmation, he led the two Liu Yi and Wei Yi in.

    The office was very spacious, and the build was also very luxurious.

    ‘It seems like this Game Arena….Is really a sucking money place.’

    Because he had his mask on, Liu Yi looked around a few times.

    Wei Yi hastily reached out and pat him several times, lest he embarrassed her.

    ‘How could he act like a country bumpkin visits the city….’ She thought.

    But Liu Yi was indifferent, in any case, he had never seen this place. Therefore, he wanted to take a good look at this time.

    “The two experts please sit down.”

    The boss was a middle-aged man, with a very fashionable appearance, completely different than the appearance of the other middle-aged man. He was even more well dressed than Liu Yi.

    But unfortunately his head was bald, in addition to a large decorative sunglasses, his speech was also quite effeminate.

    “Aiyo….The two experts, other people wait for quite long….”

    His talking almost made Liu Yi vomited.

    ‘F*ck me….He is actually this effeminate….’

    ‘The light from his bald head has made him blind and savage!’

    ‘This is the legend of the ten baldies – the nine are rich, but the last one is a butcher….’

    ‘This guy really let me down!’

    “Aiyo….Recently, other people has been annoyed to death….But now, since the two experts are here, other people can finally feel at ease.”

    Liu Yi can see the twitch in Wei Yi’s eyebrows.

    Apparently, she also cannot stand this.

    “Boss, are they really reliable?”

    At this time, a big rugged man stepped forward two steps from behind the boss, patted his chest and said, “I am a professional bodyguard. Those demons or monsters, I do not believe it. It was definitely sent by the other Game Arena to disturb here! Boss, give me some manpower, I guarantee you that I will definitely catch that guy.”

    “Get the hell out of here!”

    That boss pointed his finger with plucking an orchid gesture, and angrily said, “Do you know that I have spent so much effort to invite these two experts? They are professional demon slayer experts! You are just my bodyguard, can you fight a demon?”

    “How could there be a demon….What demon slayer….That’s bullshit….”

    That bodyguard curled his lips, refusing to believe.

    ‘In this world, how could there be a demon, how could there be a demon slayer!’ He thought.

    “It seems like this friend is skeptical with our line of work.”

    Wei Yi smiled, her finger was touching the civet Tuantuan’s small head.

    “I definitely do not believe you, hurry up and leave, do not cheat our boss’ money! In my life, I hate liars the most!”

    With that, he stretched out his fists, waving them around. His threatening gesture was obvious.

    “Tuantuan, someone does not believe us, what do you think?”

    Wei Yi playfully asked the civet on her shoulder.

    “Boss, you see, this woman is crazy, she is talking to a cat….”

    Before that bodyguard finished his words, the civet Tuantuan on Wei Yi’s shoulder suddenly jumped up, directly leaped across seven or eight-meter distance away, and fell on that bodyguard’s shoulder.

    “This dead cat….”

    That bodyguard reached out his hand, trying to throw Tuantuan to the ground.

    At this time, Tuantuan’s appearance suddenly changed rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a red spotted big Leopard. On the soles of its four limbs, there were traces of flames.

    It stretched out its front paw, which directly overpowered the bodyguard to the ground. Pressing his shoulder, Tuantuan opened its toothy mouth and loudly roared.


    The roar of this big Leopard was really amazing, it frightened the other bodyguards to back two steps away until their back was against the wall.

    The boss was also scared, sitting on the ground with his ass.

    ‘My uncle got a mother….!’

    ‘Where did this spotted Leopard come from….’

    ‘That was obviously just a cat!’

    ‘How could it turn into a big spotted Leopard in the blink of an eye?’

    ‘Is it just a trick?’

    ‘But how could a cat possibly overwhelm a big man….?’

    “Aaa! Help….help me….I am going to be eaten….”

    The previous unyielding bodyguard was now completely paralyzed in fear, kept crying out.

    “Make it go away….I beg you, make it go away, aaa….”

    “Tuantuan is angry.”

    Wei Yi stood still, and said with a smile, “If you do not apologize, it will not leave you!”

    “I, I am sorry….”

    That bodyguard wet his pants in fear and quickly apologized.

    The large Leopard was licking its front paws, blinked and turned into a civet, and then fell back on Wei Yi’s shoulder.

    “Meow, meow!”

    Tuantuan very affectionately rubbed its cheek against Wei Yi.

    ‘Such a cute cat….how could it become a huge Leopard….’

    That bodyguard’s body trembled. He did not even have the strength to climb up.

    The other bodyguards stepped forward and quickly pulled this guy away.

    “Experts, the two experts!”

    The boss immediately got up from the ground, and sat back on the chair, and then bitterly pleaded.

    “Experts, please help me….If the two experts help me, other people can continue to do this small business….If the two do not help….other people, other people will die in front of you….”

    “Hold on!”

    Liu Yi, all of a sudden, snappily said, “I have the urge to punch someone….”

    “Huhu, the two please kindly help other people….Since that strange thing happened….Our business is now especially poor, the visitors are less than half! If this goes on, it will definitely crash!”


    Liu Yi almost jumped up.

    “You say the visitors are now half the usual?”

    ‘D*mn, that entrance is almost crushed by the visitors!’

    If the visitors of this place was doubled….Liu Yi did not dare to imagine what might happen then.

    “We came here to solve this problem.”

    Wei Yi, with a very sophisticated look, said, “Now tell me about the problem?”

    “Actually….the matter is like this.”

    The boss rubbed his bald head with his hand, and then gestured with his fingers as if picking up an orchid as he said with resentment.

    “Initially, we operate this God Dancing Game Arena really good….Every day, there were many visitors visiting here….Of course, the majority are young boys and girls, they like to play in this place. Not only they can play, they also can know a lot of the opposite sex….therefore….ahem….”

    He smiled sheepishly, “In our place, there are many boys and girls….And there is also *** (TL: The raw censored three characters, I think it means prostitute) We naturally did not care….Because it can attract more visitors….”

    Wei Yi curled her lips, seemingly showing her look of contempt.

    Liu Yi said in his heart, ‘If I knew, I would ask Chen Cai to come here together to have a look….’

    “Initially, all is well….But suddenly, one day, there are several guests. After coming back from our place, they somehow died….The police said they died in the hotel rooms….The cause of death is, according to the report – their bone marrows have been sucked out of their bodies….”

    When he said this, a chill suddenly went through the boss’ body, making his forehead sweating out cold sweat.

    The other bodyguards were also covered with sweat, and their faces were somewhat pale.

    ‘Things…started to get weird?’

    Liu Yi began to get curious.