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Chapter 152 Lonely Life

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “A few days ago I invited a Feng Shui master….He came in and just said we have demonic aura here and then turned around to leave, after that, I went to look for help from the God’s Eye….”

    The boss worriedly said, “After asking a lot of people….I finally obtained the contact of God’s Eye….And then, I give it a try, issuing this mission. I did not expect the experts really come….Oh, experts, you must help the other people….Whether our business can return to its previous heyday, will depend on you!”

    “I know, since we already took this task, we intend to help you finish it.”

    Wei Yi said, “But you need to cooperate with us.”

    “The two please rest assured, we will give the two experts our maximum cooperation!”

    The boss handed over two black cards, and humbly said, “These two black cards, are our highest level VIP cards, they can be used to overdraft the in-game currency to play unlimited games.”

    “We do not need….”

    Before Wei Yi finished her words, Liu Yi already outstretched his hand and took the two cards.

    “It would be impolite if we refuse.”

    “D*amn, why do you want this?”

    Wei Yi gave Liu Yi a glance.

    “It is useful, cat mother.”

    Liu Yi said in his heart, I can take girls to play here with this card….

    However, he naturally did not say this reason. Instead, he said.

    “You see, this monster is obviously posing as a prostitute to trap the boys….If we want to lure her out, there is only one way.”


    Wei Yi was very clever, besides forgetting that Liu Yi had just called her cat mother, her eyes became bright as she said.

    “You want to disguise yourself as a bait, to lure that monster to take the bait?”


    Liu Yi nodded his head, “The two of us will pose as school boys there. You are responsible for secretly protecting me, do not let me make a mistake or anything.”

    “Humph, stingking insect!”

    “Hey, hey, I mean, what if our opponent cast some kind of spell that will confuse me….If that happen, you must rescue me!”

    “Humph, who knows you will not take this opportunity to do something with the beautiful female monster.”

    Wei Yi could not help but ridicule.

    “How could I! All of the victims have been sucked dry!”

    Liu Yi quickly stressed, “Even if I am hungry and thirsty, I will not sacrifice my life in bed!”

    “Who knows….men are all cheap bastards.”

    Wei Yi bluntly said.

    “That’s right, that’s right, men are all dirty bastards….”

    The boss chipped in from the side.

    “This has nothing to do with you!”

    Liu Yi, through the mask, gave the boss a stern look, “Aren’t you a man?”

    The boss shrunk back his neck.

    The two of them were experts, he could not afford to provoke them.

    Initially he wanted to pat someone’s ass, unexpectedly he patted another person’s butt. He thought.

    Silence is golden, silence is golden….

    “Then it is settled, the two of us will go to the Game Arena to play, do not bother us. Moreover, you also must not look for us….”

    “Good, good….the two experts, then please….

    The boss kept on saying thank you.

    “You are welcome, this is our task.”

    It seemed like Wei Yi did not want to deal with the boss, after some polite talk, she and Liu Yi walked out of the door.

    “Go change your outfit.”

    Wei Yi said, “We simply have no way to hide our appearance here.”


    Liu Yi somewhat hesitated, “This….my face….”

    “Ai, you are a man, what are you afraid of, do not you want to know how my face look like?”

    Wei Yi rolled her eyes at Liu Yi, “Moreover, we are partners now, if we do not even know what each other’s look like, can we still call ourselves partners!”

    Liu Yi always felt this girl Wei Yi took everything seriously, but unexpectedly, the corners of her mouth seemed to hang a smile.

    This girl….is absolutely intentional.

    “Aren’t there artifacts that can disguise our appearances or something?”

    “D*mn, do you think this big miss is Tinkerbell! Hurry up! Are you a man or not!”

    “Of course I a man, wait for me!”

    Liu Yi was effectively goaded by Wei Yi, turned around and went to the nearby restroom.

    Wei Yi could not help but giggle twice, rubbed her civet Tuantuan, and then went to the women’s restroom to change her outfit.

    When the two people came out, they both dressed in ordinary school boys and girls uniform.

    Wei Yi even put Tuantuan away, obviously walking around with cat was even more conspicuous.

    When Liu Yi walked out of the restroom, Wei Yi suddenly stared at him.

    Turns out….This ten step to milk a man is like this….

    Hehe….he is actually not bad….

    There is a certain kind of appearance.

    Liu Yi originally was not ugly, but after entering the cultivation world, his entire personality traits have changed. Moreover, some minor flaws on his face have been modified.

    Such as his previous blackheads on his nose. Now, they were all gone.

    Since he always slept better now, his once somewhat baggy eyes were also recovered. And his thick eyebrows and big eyes were even more pronounced.

    After looking at him, Wei Yi was happy very happy in his heart.

    At least she knew that the guy who almost took her first kiss….Was not ugly.

    Actually, in everyone’s heart, hid a little monster called appearance.

    But even though Wei Yi was pleased to see Liu Yi’s appearance, her mouth said another thing.

    “Stinking insect, so ugly, how could I become a team with an ugly fellow like you.”

    “Hey, hey….Since when I am ugly….”

    Liu Yi felt this girl was too much, spoiled brat, yes, definitely a spoiled brat!

    Humph humph, if this girl is my daughter and she acts so outrageous and unreasonable in front of me, I will mercilessly spank her ass!

    Right now Liu Yi had the impulse to spank Wei Yi’s ass, but upon remembering that Wei Yi still had her big Leopard….Well, you know what, just forget it.

    “What ‘since when I am ugly’! Forget it, who put me in a team together with you, I, Wei Yi is magnanimous, so I do not care about this.”

    “What the….”

    Liu Yi felt he had suffered a lot.

    This girl is certainly intentional!

    “Come on, we had to finish our task!”

    Seeing that Liu Yi has admitted defeat, Wei Yi secretly was pleased!

    Very pleased indeed!

    She even thought that this feeling was better than when she beat her school martial brothers in the tournament!

    Hahaha, I will continue to bully this ten step to milk a man!

    This is so much fun!

    Sure enough being in a team together with him is the right choice!

    Liu Yi and Wei Yi turned to leave the corridor and opened the door of the Game Arena.

    When they opened the door, the two people came close to being blown out by the huge noise.

    My god….too loud….

    In this Game Arena, there were shouts from the video game characters, the yelling from men and women, and there was also the roar of music. All of these almost made Liu Yi and Wei Yi two people collapsed.

    The two of them apparently never came to this place before, therefore, they were a bit overwhelmed.

    The place was really noisy.

    Yet, when they looked at those men and women, all of their faces looked excited.

    Liu Yi began to have a headache.

    This place is so densely packed with people…..How to lure the female monster out….

    “Ai….You are not cool enough….”

    Wei Yi frowned as she looked at Liu Yi, “How can you catch a beauty with this appearance?”

    “This….why don’t you try it?”

    Liu Yi looked at Wei Yi and said.


    Wei Yi was surprised.

    “Yes….you can dress up like a man….”

    Liu Yi smiled and then said.

    “What a joke! How could I become a cross-dresser!”

    Wei Yi suddenly shook her head, “I do not sign for this!”

    “Are you afraid?”

    Liu Yi used Wei Yi’s previous mind trick, a Jedi strike back.

    “Who said I am afraid, just wait!”

    Wei Yi suddenly turned back to enter the toilet on the corridor leading to the office. Liu Yi could not help but laugh.

    Hehe, goading someone into action, who said it was hard!

    This technique is not that hard!

    Humph, humph, playing mind tricks against me, this girl is still inexperienced.

    Liu Yi crossed his arms, standing on the second floor, waiting for the result under the boisterous music.

    Soon, he felt the demonic aura became even more intense.

    This demonic aura, it seems like it comes from nearby…..

    Liu Yi started to get puzzled.

    A monster who knows how to restrain her demonic energy….How could she release such an intense demonic aura?

    Is this monster in the middle of practice?

    The demonic aura has fluttered into Liu Yi’s nose, making him could not help but suck it.

    At the same time, the demon energy in his body, as if uncontrolled, tried to get out.


    Liu Yi did not want to let his other self to cause trouble…..

    He made two breathing technique and adjusted the rhythm of the power in his body.

    Meanwhile, he also looked around a bit, looking for the location of the most intense demonic aura.

    Unfortunately, everywhere around him were densely packed with people, which made him simply unable to see where the demonic aura drifted out from.


    Lying on Liu Yi’s shoulder, the little Fox could not help but wrinkled her nose, “Judging from this demonic aura….This monster should not be too powerful….How could they classify this as D level task….Could the God’s Eye people made a mistake?”

    “We will soon know….This monster is near….I can feel it.”

    The little Fox closed her eyes, sniffed her nose, and said.

    “Close….she’s coming!”

    The little Fox screamed, making Liu Yi suddenly became full alert. His two palms were held in front of his body, warily watching the person who suddenly appeared in front of him.

    “What are you doing!”

    Dressed in black coats, Wei Yi, in men’s appearance, was suddenly startled.

    “You want to die!”

    With that, she mercilessly stared at Liu Yi, “You scared me to death!”

    “Eh….How come it is you….”

    Liu Yi was taken aback by the sudden appearance of this girl How could she came back so fast?

    But, in men’s clothing….she is actually quite handsome.

    Wei Yi’s hair was hidden inside a hat that she wore on her head. Her delicate feature seemed like an innocent young heroine.

    Standing on the second floor, she immediately captured the attention of many girls downstairs.

    “Handsome, come down and play with me!”

    “Handsome, want to ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ with me?”

    The girls were a lot more forward, they directly said hello to Wei Yi.

    Liu Yi found that Wei Yi’s face was slightly red.

    Does she have no resistance to girls?

    Hehe….Is this girl a lesbian?


    How could a proud girl like her put boys into her eyes?

    “These annoying girls….really boring.”

    But unexpectedly, such words came out of Wei Yi’s mouth.

    Alas….It seems like this girl is doomed to a lonely life.