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Chapter 153 If I Win, Call Me My Husband

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “I seem to feel the position of that Demonic aura….”

    Wei Yi, sitting on the railing on the second floor, suddenly said.

    “It seems to come from….that woman….”

    She held out her hand and pointed at a girl who was sitting in front of a racing game machine.

    The girl was wearing a red coat, with small leather shorts, while her plump thighs were wrapped in black stockings.

    That girl was surrounded by several men, most of them did not look at how this beauty drive but at her towering chest and the deep ravine that was squeezed out from her neckline.

    This girl seemed to be very good at playing racing games and has probably defeated several challengers.

    “Have you heard?….As long as you can win against this beauty….You can go out with her to book a hotel…..”

    “Really? Then I want to try it!”

    “Stop dreaming….This is girl’s racing skill is especially fierce, didn’t you see there are already several challengers who were beaten silly by her!?”

    Several boys around her kept on talking.

    “Her? You are not wrong, right?”

    Liu Yi looked at that compelling beauty and asked Wei Yi.

    “When will I misread? You stinking insect!”

    Wei Yi gave Liu Yi a dirty look, “If you do not believe me then you do not need to follow me.”

    This girl really has character.

    Liu Yi obediently followed behind Wei Yi through the crowd toward that beauty.

    The beauty really has amazing driving skills. Drifting, fast turning, a virtual rampage on the road, defeating challenger after challenger.

    “Humph, a bunch of waste, beauty, tonight you are mine.”

    A rascally dressed boy sat in front of the other racing game machine, blew a whistle toward that beauty and said to her.

    “I, this little master, am the ‘race king’ here.”

    “You….better not come….”

    The beauty said hesitantly.

    “You look down on this little master? See how this little master conquers you!”

    That rascally dressed boy said and started to choose a car.

    His action was smooth, apparently, he was a regular here.

    Moreover, he took out a race car card, showing that he was definitely an old player.

    In the Game Arena, most racing games have memory cards. This memory card can be used to buy in-game items, and it was specialized to record your game history. This card was very expensive.

    With this card, you can transform your ordinary car, or choose a dedicated racing car.

    The beauty also has her car, her car was a sexy red little sports car.

    The so-called ‘race king’ chose a black sports car, which seemed to have a very good performance. When Liu Yi saw the screen above, he noticed that the stats of that car were high.

    The race king’s face seemed to show a lot of confidence, and he also chose a familiar track, seemingly ready to match with the beautiful woman.

    “Beauty, I will make you feel happy tonight!”

    He evilly smiled twice and then started the game.

    But in less than a lap later, his face was stiff.

    All of his previous confidence and smiles were frozen on his face.

    Before the lap even finished, he was already thrown half a distance away by the beauty.


    His eyes were filled with inconceivable feeling, “How come I….am being so easily overtaken! At this corner, you are actually faster than me!”

    He was thoroughly defeated.

    Playing this game for a long time, he never met his match. But today, he was unexpectedly defeated by this beauty.

    Finishing the two laps race, he was never able to catch up with the beauty, so he covered his face with his hat, and ran away with tail between his leg under the booing crowd.

    Liu Yi discovered that the beauty seemed to be quietly relieved.

    She does not like that guy?

    Although a bit obscene, and somewhat rascally, but he was a handsome man.

    Really strange…..

    When the surrounding boys were still hesitating whether or not they should challenge her, the beautiful young racer suddenly shuddered. Turning her head, she suddenly looked at Wei Yi and hooked her finger at her.

    “Do you dare to have a match with me?”

    “Why wouldn’t I dare!”

    Wei Yi could not stand being provoked like that. She frowned, pushed her shoulders back and chest out, and then said.

    Before she walked to the racing machine, she snapped her fingers at Liu Yi

    “Go….swipe the little card!”


    His mother! Since when she consider me as a little brother.

    However, Liu Yi still obediently walked to the racing machine and swiped the card on the magnetic spot.

    Suddenly the game started.

    The nearby onlookers began to chatter.

    “Damn….That looks like a black card.”

    “The legendary VIP card? So awesome….”

    All kinds of jealous eyes were thrown at Liu Yi and Wei Yi.

    “Can you drive….?”

    Liu Yi lowered his voice to whisper on Wei Yi’s ear.

    “Are you looking down on me!”

    Wei Yi immediately glared at him, “I am the heaven’s most gifted….the most gifted child, is there anything that I can’t do?! Soon, I will let you see my driving skills!”

    With that, she chose a vehicle from the system and then prepared for the match.

    “If you win….I, I am yours….”

    The way the beauty spoke seemed to show that she was somewhat afraid and filled with apprehension.

    When he saw this, Liu Yi felt that something was not quite right.

    All kinds of buzzing sounds came from the crowd of onlookers.

    “Really a handsome fellow, the beauty even took the initiative to invite him.”

    “Truly make people envy….”

    “Come on, you are coming with me tonight!”

    Wei Yi laughed, and then stepped on the gas to start the race.

    Soon, Liu Yi could not bear to see the race anymore….

    Truly terrible to look at!

    Is she riding a car?

    A plane is more appropriate!

    This should be called ‘charging around violently!’

    The track quickly turned into a battlefield. Many innocent vehicles were smashed.

    But Wei Yi kept on slamming the gas, charging forward like a tank.

    “Ai….Why this is so difficult to control….Hateful….Damn steering wheel!”

    Liu Yi was about to cry.

    My goodness….this girl would destroy the steering wheel….

    The beauty did not take much effort to easily beat Wei Yi.

    “Hateful! Damn, this is certainly the steering wheel’s mistake!”

    Wei Yi lifted her food to kick the steering wheel.

    “Calm down! Calm down!”

    Liu Yi quickly grabbed her and dragged her away from the machine.

    This is really not the mistake of the steering wheel….

    If you kick and break the machine, you cannot afford to pay the damage….

    This machine is expensive!

    “Hateful! Too hateful!”

    Wei Yi was furious.

    “Cool down….do not be angry with the machine….”

    Lei Yi quickly tried to appease Wei Yi.

    “But what about our task!”

    Wei Yi lowered her voice and said to Liu Yi.

    “Let me try it….”

    Liu Yi looked at the still sitting at the racing machine beauty and said.


    Wei Yi curled her lips, “Can you? Aren’t you a student? Can you drive?”

    “I always play the game!”

    Liu Yi patted his chest, “In the past, I was also called the Drift King!”

    “Oh? You are the so-called Drift King? In what game, Need For Speed?”

    “If I say it, you will be scared to death!”

    “Less nonsense, quickly tell me the title of the game?”

    “Kartrider Rush!”

    Liu Yi said and moved his butt to sit at the racing machine.


    Wei Yi put up two middle fingers behind his back.

    “I do not like you….you better go.”

    When the beauty looked at Liu Yi sitting at the racing machine, she popped out such words.

    Liu Yi was hurt.

    No need to treat me this differently right?

    Although I am not as handsome as Wei Yi in disguise, I can still be counted as a handsome guy!

    He thought about giving her fierce slogan to let her know how amazing he was!

    After pondering it over, he thought about his life most fierce declaration line.

    “Friendship first, and then the match.”

    Cold sweat poured out of the beauty’s back.

    Liu Yi took out his black card and swiped it over the magnetic part and restarted the machine.

    At the same time, he found that his black card has the same shape as the memory card of the previous ‘Race King.’

    Thus, Liu Yi put his black card into the memory card slot.

    Suddenly, a cool silver sports car appeared on the screen.

    This sports car stats were much better, much higher than the stats of the regular car option!

    “The Silver Dragon….”

    “F*ck me, this kid actually has the best car….”

    “That’s the sports car from the VIP card, it does not mean that he can play it well.”

    Several envious eyes and voices floated out of the crowd once again.

    Liu Yi’s heart was somewhat giddy because, after all, he actually can play with a very good car.

    But soon, under this noisy environment, he gradually settled down.

    That beauty is an expert in driving….Even if I have a good car, it does not necessarily mean that I can beat her.

    After all, there is a precedent in that previous ‘Race King.’

    I must not treat this lightly!

    Liu Yi made two breathing technique, and the world turned into black and white in his eyes.

    The movement of the onlookers around him became slower.

    Those noises were stretched longer and longer.

    Liu Yi seemed to be able to hear the slow ticking clock from around him.

    While the images on the screen seemed to slow down.

    Liu Yi picked the car and then choose for 2p match.

    He did not know which track was good for him, fortunately, the beauty directly told him.

    “This is the track that I excel the most, you can choose another one.”

    The beauty turned her head and said to Liu Yi.

    Her sentence was stretched in Liu Yi’s ears.

    But Liu Yi was already adapted to this rhythm. For the match, for the task, for the money….


    Liu Yi did not want to talk aimlessly, immediately pressed the start button.

    The two cars immediately appeared side by side on the starting line. Liu Yi was holding the steering wheel, waiting for the countdown.

    Because the time was stretched, waiting for the countdown was hard on him.

    “Do not lose too badly!”

    Wei Yi gloated from the side, believing that it was impossible for Liu Yi to win.

    Even I, the heaven’s most gifted child, cannot win, much less him, humph humph.

    “Want to make a bet?”

    Liu Yi could not accept being looked down upon by Wei Yi.

    Therefore, he suddenly thought about a method to trick Wei Yi, and then whispered to her.

    “Why not, if I win, I want you to give something to me!”

    Giving something to you?

    I can do that….

    Liu Yi thought evilly.

    “All of the rewards will be mine.”

    Wei Yi added.

    “Then what if I win?”

    Liu Yi blinked his eyes and asked.

    “Tell me, what do you want if you win!”

    “If I win….I want you to call me ‘my husband!’”