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Chapter 157 Two Conditions

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     After entering the black and white world, everything seemed quieter.

    Although he closed his eyes, Liu Yi can still feel the dense hordes of spiders on the ground.

    Liu Yi seemed to sense the vulnerability of those spiders.


    His body fell faster and faster. Finally, his body fiercely turned upside down and his feet directly stepped on the ground.

    His silvery-white frost armor instantly collapsed.

    Liu Yi felt his body suddenly sank, and his feet were somewhat in pain.

    But his collapsed frost armor burst out, exploded in all directions.

    This blast sent out shock waves around the position where he landed.

    All the spiders within a radius of more than ten meters were frozen into ice and then shattered by arrivals of the shock waves.

    “My children!”

    Thirteen Aunt’s heart was very distressed.

    “The next one is you.”

    Liu Yi slowly stood up from the mass of shattered spiders, and then pointed his finger toward the huge spider.

    “D*man it! You must die!”

    Thirteen Aunt roared. A giant hairy claw swung down to smash Liu Yi’s face.

    This spider’s leg was large. Liu Yi felt as if the arm of the crane was about to pound him.

    But he did not flinch. The immortal strength inside his body instantly erupted.


    Liu Yi stretched out his hand, keeping it off away from his head. It turned out Liu Yi’s small human hand can abruptly catch that huge hairy spider claw.

    A surge of airwave burst out from Liu Yi’s feet.

    This was the power of the body-cultivator!

    Even if it was the true body of Thirteen Aunt, if it went against him head-on….She was not his opponent.


    The immortal force surged out from Liu Yi’s body, wandering around from top to bottom, making his internal very comfortable.

    This force dispelled all the unpleasant feeling in his body.

    After clutching Thirteen Aunt’s hairy claw, Liu Yi loudly roared, and fissures suddenly appeared on the ground under his feet as he exerted his strength.


    Thirteen Aunt issued a series of scream, and then her body soared into the air. It turned out, she was sent flying by Liu Yi.


    Thirteen Aunt did not understand how, but her body was severely smashed on the ground.

    The surrounding spider webs constantly swung by the winds that came from the impact, seemingly about to be blown away at any moment.

    Wei Yi looked silly watching the whole scene.

    What is happening!

    Did Ten Steps To Milk A Man take drugs?

    How could he be so fierce!

    When I first met him, he is a newcomer just like me. But now, he can actually beat a four star perverted monster!

    Am….Am I dreaming?

    With Ten Steps To Milk A Man’s power, obviously, he can do the D level task alone!

    Why would he want to team up with me to do the D-level task?

    I really can’t imagine why….

    “Who, who exactly are you!”

    Thirteen Aunt was lying on the ground. Her huge body was extremely hurt. She felt as if her whole body broke into pieces.

    She can’t even have the strength to crawl up. And can only watch in horror as Liu Yi shouted at her.

    “I am here to punish you.”

    Liu Yi said, and then jumped up. He leaped toward Thirteen Aunt’s body, stepping on her massive spider body.

    “No! You can’t kill me!”

    Thirteen Aunt hysterically screamed, “Since I was a little spider, I have worked so hard and spent a huge amount of effort on my cultivation….You, You can’t kill me….”

    “Then what about all those people you killed?

    Liu Yi pointed to those bones around them, “Do you think their lives were easy? You ruthlessly deprived them of their lives, have you ever thought of them?”

    “I am a demon….It is natural for a demon to kill human!”

    Thirteen Aunt justified herself.

    “You are wrong.”

    Liu Yi shook his head, “In this world, demons are divided into good and evil. Human is also like that, some people are wicked and even worse than the demon.”

    He then remembered Huang Zongyi, as well as Xu Tianliang, and the blood in his body could not help but turn cold.

    “And some of the demon….Are much better than human….”

    After saying that, Liu Yi’s body started to emit blue-white energy.

    “In your next life, be a good monster.”

    Liu Yi said.

    “Don’t kill me, I beg you! I am willing to be your servant for you to use! Anything you want me to do, I, I will do it!”

    Thirteen Aunt’s eyes were full of fear.

    Liu Yi looked at Thirteen Aunt’s massive body and then toward the few pairs of green eyes on her forehead….

    “I am sorry, my taste is not that heavy.”

    With that, he stretched out his hand, ready to kill this harmful monster.

    “I don’t want to die!”

    Thirteen Aunt suddenly opened her mouth wide and spat out a large amount of black liquid toward Liu Yi.

    This liquid has a horrible stench. Before he even touched it, it already made Liu Yi gasped for breath.

    “Liu Yi, watch out! This thing is her venom!”

    Lin Tong quickly reminded him.

    Actually, it was unnecessary for Lin Tong to remind him, Liu Yi already felt that this stuff was not a good thing….

    He immediately struck out his palm.

    “Mountain Mist!”

    A huge ice palm went out in front of Liu Yi’s body, covering him from the venom.

    “Pshh….csh, csh, csh….”

    When the venom hit that ice palm, it corroded the ice, creating many holes on that huge ice palm.

    Liu Yi was alarmed.

    If this venom touched my body….

    I am afraid, by now, I would already turn into bones.

    Liu Yi could not help but think that he was lucky for having to understand the third palm strike of the Great Brilliant Sun Palm….


    “D*mn! Ahh!

    Because her trick failed to hit Liu Yi, Thirteen Aunt uttered a screeching and unwilling roar.

    “Ice Bomb!”

    Liu Yi will not give her the opportunity to launch a sneak attack again.

    His right hand threw out several ice bombs, which hit Thirteen Aunt’s head.

    “Pop, pop, pop!”

    Those ice bombs immediately exploded, directly freezing Thirteen Aunt’s head.

    Then Liu Yi walked to the front of Thirteen Aunt’s head, reached out both of his hands, and then grabbed her gigantic head.

    “I want you to get down!”

    Liu Yi loudly roared. A huge amount of strength erupted out of his hands.

    He firmly held that woman’s head, and then abruptly pulled out the head from its spider body.



    Crimson blood poured into the air.

    Demonic energy flew out along with the blood.

    Lin Tong rushed to open her mouth, desperately trying to absorb this demonic energy.

    Cannot be wasted…. She thought.

    To Lin Ting, this was an excellent supplement!

    Moreover, this energy came from a four star monster, so this was perfect for Lin Tong, who was also a four star.

    “There is also internal alchemy, this can’t be wasted!”

    Lin Tong suddenly thought. She immediately turned into a red light and penetrated that huge spider body.

    Liu Yi did not know what his Fox sister intended to do, but soon, Lin Tong emerged out from the spider’s body while holding a purple-black tennis-table-like ball with her mouth.

    “Take this and swallow it!”

    Lin Tong threw this little ball to Liu Yi’s hand.

    When he grabbed it, he suddenly felt a burst of icy cold on his right hand, like he was holding his own ice bomb.

    “What is this?”

    Liu Yi was somewhat puzzled.

    “Don’t ask too much, just eat it!”

    Lin Tong gave Liu Yi a glare.


    Liu Yi never doubted his fox sister’s words.

    He opened his mouth, pinched his nose, and swallowed that ball like it was a medicine.

    Unexpectedly, when the ball entered his mouth, it was like an ice cream ball, it suddenly melted and entered his belly.

    A moment later, a refreshing feeling randomly walked inside his body from top to bottom.

    At that moment, he felt as comfortable as bathing in a hot bath.

    All the pores in his body seemed to open, feeling extremely high.

    What the….

    Did Fox sister just give me marijuana?

    “This is the spider’s internal alchemy essence, the most important part of her body. After you ate it, it will help your cultivation.”

    Lin Tong did not know what Liu Yi was thinking, so she explained it to him.

    But at this time, the force which was wandering around inside Liu Yi’s body quickly gathered in Liu Yi’s pubic area.

    Not long after that, a little golden egg-like thing gradually condensed out in Liu Yi’s pubic region.

    Lin Tong was still unaware of this and continued to talk.

    “Each of the demon race has its own internal alchemy, this internal alchemy is the essence of their entire cultivation. If there is no internal alchemy, they will return to their original form. After having internal alchemy, they will start to have various magical abilities. And from that time, if they continued to cultivate unceasingly, after passing the tribulation, they can become immortal demon….”

    As she spoke, Liu Yi’s eyes emitted out two bright lights.

    “Sure enough….I feel like my strength stabilized a lot….My third star is getting full.”

    Liu Yi did not pay attention to the condensation of internal alchemy in his pubic region and excitedly said to Lin Tong.

    “Now I have more confidence….Fox sister, when I break through the four star, I will try to liberate you!”

    Liberate your sister!

    Lin Tong cursed in her heart.

    After losing the internal alchemy, that spider’s giant body gradually disintegrated.

    The surrounding scene also began to collapse. The illusion slowly vanished.

    Liu Yi glanced around at his surrounding. They were now back to that small abandoned alley.

    Wei Yi and that beautiful Butterfly demon were released from the spider silks and the two beautiful women successively fell down.

    “Ten Steps To Milk A Man….”

    Wei Yi rushed forward, grabbed Liu Yi by the collar, and charmingly scolded.

    “You lied to me!”

    “Who lied to you?”

    Liu Yi thought, What’s with this girl, is she crazy?

    “You are so powerful! But still acting like a newcomer! When we killed that werewolf, why didn’t you show your strength!”

    “I just entered the third-star, this is new to me too….”

    Liu Yi pried open Wei Yi’s hand and explained, “I started my cultivation less than a month….”


    Wei Yi couldn’t help spat out a foul language.

    Cultivate less than a month?

    Are you kidding me!

    In less than a month, he is able to cultivate to the third star?

    There is no precedent for this! Even a fairy would not be able to do this!

    Wei Yi suddenly rolled her eyes and said, “In short, you lied to me. You have to compensate for my psychological damage!”

    “What? What compensation?”

    Liu Yi showed a bitter face.

    “First, later on, you must team up with me to do the task together, and I don’t want to hear any complaint!”

    Wei Yi secretly proud of herself, Humph, humph, this is called taking an opportunity!

    “Fine….No problem….We are a team after all….”

    Teaming up with Wei Yi was good because she was from the immortal cultivation world, which she knew more than him.

    “Secondly, the previous bet is void, I am not going to call you my husband!”

    “You are not going to call me what?”

    “My husband!”

    “I understand, my wife.”