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Chapter 161 Sudden Sister

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Cold sweat appeared behind Liu Yi’s back

    Hey, the one who completed this task is me….

    She only stood on the side like a bystander….

    “Oh? You are the Linglong School’s disciple?”

    Li Biyue looked at Wei Yi in the eye and softly said, “So you are from the immortal cultivation world….No wonder you make me uncomfortable.”

    “You look down on us immortal cultivation world?”

    Wei Yi suddenly asked warily, “Are you from the demon world?!”

    Is this woman a demon? And that’s why she came and helped Ten Steps To Milk A Man?

    This could turn bad!

    “Do I look like a demon?”

    Li Biyue asked Liu Yi.

    “Of course not!”

    Liu Yi quickly pulled Wei Yi behind him and then smiled apologetically.

    “Hehe….She is still a kid….And quite outspoken, Great Master Li, don’t take it to heart….”

    This Li Biyue is an Earthly Realm expert….

    People who can’t be messed with!

    Liu Yi did not want Wei Yi to provoke this terrifying woman….

    “Hateful! Who….um, um….”

    Before Wei Yi finished her sentence, Liu Yi already covered her mouth with his hand.

    The nearby Tuantuan tried its best to bite Liu Yi’s hand. But the pain was not too unbearable, so Liu Yi just ignored it.

    Feeling the pain is much better than dying!

    “In fact, the Hunter Organization is part of the Eye In The Sky.”

    Li Biyue slowly said, “So, it can be said that we were brought together by fate.”

    “Brought together by fate?”

    “Correct, people who can meet me twice can be regarded as being ‘brought together by fate.’”

    Li Biyue proudly said, “You should know that I am not that easy to be seen, even by the people in the Hunter Organization.”


    Liu Yi also thought that Li Biyue was a very remarkable character….

    How come the powerful figures that I know are all women?

    Like Guyu, Wenren Qian….And this, Li Biyue.

    “I once said some words.”

    Li Biyue’s sharp eyes were suddenly focused on Liu Yi, sweeping his body from top to bottom twice. She then said, “If we met again, I will invite you to join our Hunter Organization. Are you interested?”


    Join the Hunter Organization?

    What kind of Organization is that?….I only know very little of it from Lin Tong.

    “No! He will not join the Hunter Organization!”

    At this time, Wei Yi suddenly broke free from Liu Yi’s hand, and then loudly roared.

    “Why not? If I am not wrong, he is a loose cultivator.” (not attached to a school or sect)

    Li Biyue said with a smile, “The people in our Hunter Organization are all loose cultivators. And we have many people with abilities. Therefore, we can help each other. Just like today when you encountered a powerful enemy, which almost made you lose your life. But in our Hunter Organization, not only you can increase your companion, you can also know a lot of useful information. And the next time you take the task, you are not going to stupidly encounter an enemy that is a lot more powerful than you.”


    Liu Yi was actually moved by these words.

    He felt like he was too passive, and has too few resources….

    If he can have the help from the Organization….That would actually be very good.

    “So what if he’s a loose cultivator? I can introduce Ten Steps To Milk A Man to my people so he can join our Linglong School!”

    Wei Yi unconvincingly said.

    “Ten Steps To Milk A Man?”

    Hearing Liu Yi’s code name, Li Biyue could not help but raise her eyebrows.

    Liu Yi remembered about Li Biyue’s chest resentment….And started to pray that this girl did not understand this game terminology….

    “It’s just a random name that I pick, there’s nothing meaningful about it….”

    “That name is not good. When you join the Organization, we will give you a new codename.”

    Li Biyue waved her hand and said.

    “Hey, he never said he want to join your organization!”

    Wei Yi placed herself between Liu Yi and Li Biyue, blocking Liu Yi from Li Biyue like a hen protecting her chicks, and then said, “He wants to join our Linglong School!”

    “Oh, really? You sure you have the final say in that?”

    Li Biyue was not angry, but smiled instead, “Can he really join the Linglong School based on your word alone?”

    “This….I, I can make a recommendation….”

    Wei Yi grabbed her earlobe and somewhat said with a guilty conscience.

    “I am an A level hunter in the Hunter Organization, and the person in charge of the Northern Dragon City area.”

    Li Biyue proudly said, “For me to introduce him into the Hunter Organization is only a matter of a few words. Little girl, do not trouble us. Go pack your things and return to your school to report the task.”

    “Hateful….D*mn it….”

    Wei Yi stomped her feet in anger.

    “He is my partner! How could he join the other organization!”

    “No matter what kind of organization he’s in, it will not delay his partnership with you will it?”

    Li Biyue blinked her eyes and suddenly said.

    “Why would I suddenly feel like you are protecting your own sweetheart? You’re too jealous.”

    “Who is his sweetheart!?”

    Wei Yi suddenly blushed, and then took Liu Yi’s hand and said.

    “Tell me, do you want to join the Hunter Organization?”


    Liu Yi slightly hesitated.

    “You b*stard! Go to hell!”

    Wei Yi suddenly lost her breath and then turned around and leaped up into the night sky.

    “Alas….What a grumpy little girl….”

    Watching Wei Yi disappeared into the night sky, Li Biyue acted as if she was just a bystander.

    “You made her angry, don’t you want to pursue her and coax her back?”


    You’re the one who made her angry!

    Liu Yi then thought about their gap in power and decided that it was best not to tell her that.

    This is the so-called, food can be eaten randomly, but words can not be said irresponsibly.

    Talking nonsense is bound to make someone beat you….

    “Do you really want to accept me into the Hunter Organization?”

    Liu Yi then remembered this key issue, so he asked her.

    “Yes, you are very lucky.”

    Li Biyue nodded her head, “When you join the Organization, you can get more tasks, gain more resources, but also get a lot of useful information. Our Hunter Organization is a very old organization. In fact, some of them have abilities that are on par with me.”

    She said, and then sighed, “People with abilities like me are different than those immortal cultivators. The immortal cultivators are more orthodox than us….We are being discriminated by the Immortal Cultivation world like we are some kind of mutants. If we want to survive in this world, we must join our forces together. People in the Hunter Organization are mainly people with abilities, but there are some loose cultivators. The Hunter Organization is like a community for people with abilities. After hundreds of years of effort, the Organization is finally being acknowledged by the people in the immortal cultivation world. Our power can no longer be ignored.”

    “This sounds very good….But how could such a good thing fall into my lap?”

    Liu Yi can’t help but wonder.

    “I think….You are not the same with other people….”

    Speaking about this matter, Li Biyue also felt that it was strange.

    “I am confident that you will become a qualified Hunter.”

    “Thank you beautiful Li, for your great concern.”

    Liu Yi felt overwhelmingly flattered.

    She is an Earthly Realm expert!

    And she is so optimistic about me!

    The power of the Friendly Aura is really strong!

    “I think you and I hit it off.”

    Li Biyue’s eyes were gazing at the moon as her mouth slowly said.

    “Later on, you don’t have to call me beautiful Li, that’s just going to hurt my ears. You can call me sister instead.”

    “Sis, sister?”

    Liu Yi opened his eyes in surprise.

    Where did this word sister come from?

    Although she is a very beautiful woman….It is more important to have an Earthly Realm expert as an elder sister….

    But no matter what he thought, Liu Yi still felt that this matter was weird.

    Liu Yi’s luck has been pretty bad, so he never believed such a good thing would fall on his lap.

    But this time, he wanted to smack himself in the head to check if this was not a dream.

    “What? Not happy?”

    Li Biyue suddenly raised her chin and condescendingly looked at Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi suddenly felt as if he sweat out cold sweat.

    Facing this super strong Earthly Realm beauty….Liu Yi felt unsure of himself….

    Perhaps….This will turn out bad….

    “I, Li Biyue, never failed….in things that I do.”

    Liu Yi felt nervous and uneasy as cold sweat kept on dripping on his back.

    “Do you want to be my younger brother or not?”

    Liu Yi really wanted to say, he doesn’t want to….

    But he was afraid that he would instantly die as soon as he said that….

    But how could a real man submit himself in front of an evil force?

    Grandpa said it right, a man must have an indomitable spirit!

    If today I agree to Li Biyue’s request because of fear, what would become of me then?

    Wouldn’t I be bullied everyday?

    Liu Yi, you have to be strong!

    Liu Yi, you are the best!

    “Well, tell me, do you want to be my brother or not?”

    Seeing that Liu Yi seemed to have a psychological struggle, Li Biyue asked him again.

    “Elder sister, in the future, please take care of this younger brother.”

    Liu Yi said as he bowed his head.


    Unexpectedly, Li Biyue, who seemed like an iceberg on the outside, could smile so bright and look so happy.

    Li Biyue covered her mouth and laughed for a long time; she even bent her waist in laughter.

    After some period of time, she rubbed her belly, stood up, looked at Liu Yi, and then said.

    “I never thought that younger brother is actually so lovable….em….Okay, okay, I will stop laughing. Don’t tell anyone that I laugh like this….Otherwise, sister will make brother embarrassed.”

    Seeing that kind of smile from Li Biyue, Liu Yi shuddered in fear.

    He suddenly felt that Li Biyue was more terrible than Jiang Qini….

    “Don’t look at sister with that fearful eyes.”

    Li Biyue suddenly reached out her hand and touched Liu Yi’s head, stroking his hair.

    Hey, that’s my head….

    I’m not a child anymore….

    But looking at Li Biyue’s 1.75 m height,which was almost the same as him, he can only endure.

    How could this girl be so tall….

    If she wears high heels….I would be the shorter one!

    “Since you are my younger brother, of course, I will not mistreat you. Come on, I will take you to the Organization’s Headquarters in the Northern Dragon City.”


    Liu Yi reluctantly followed behind Li Biyue.

    Li Biyue quietly looked at Liu Yi at a glance, and her heart softened a bit.

    If my brother did not have that accident….Now he would be at his age….

    I wonder if this kid is also….All muscle with no brain….

    Looking back at Liu Yi, Li Biyue seemed to be in a trance….

    Perhaps our meetings….Were arranged by the Heaven.

    The Heaven thought that he could be my younger brother….

    Don’t worry, I will definitely take a good care of you with all my heart….