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Chapter 163 Put On The Mask

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Will listen to me on everything?

    Liu Yi cannot help but think something evil….

    If in bed….Sister will listen to me and do it in some special position….

    Oh my God!

    Liu Yi, Liu Yi, what are you thinking!

    Li Biyue is now your sister!

    That’s some mess up stuff you’re thinking about!

    You deserve to get beaten….

    Thinking of this, Liu Yi cannot help but stretched out his hand, lifted his mask, and then slapped his face.

    “Brother, what’s wrong?”

    Seeing Liu Yi give himself a slap, Li Biyue was surprised and suddenly asked.

    “There, there is a mosquito….”

    Liu Yi’s face slightly reddened.

    “Mosquito? Impossible….In this season….”

    Li Biyue cannot come up with a logical reason.

    “By the way….Do you still need to use your mask in front of sister?”

    She suddenly looked at that white mask closely.

    “Em….In front of sister, of course, I can open my mask….”

    Liu Yi touched his mask, and then said, “But after we get off the elevator, can I put it on again?”

    “You can….”

    Li Biyue nodded her head, “This self-protection mentality is actually good.”

    At the same time, Li Biyue felt a sweetness in her heart.

    Liu Yi’s true face can only be seen by me? That’s really good.

    Liu Yi also nodded and then took off his mask.


    The moment Liu Yi took off his mask, Li Biyue’s breathing almost instantly stopped.

    Watching her blankly looked at him like that, Liu Yi felt scared.

    “Sister? What happened? Talk to me?”

    “You….You better put the mask back on….”

    “Huh? Okay.”

    Do I look so ugly? Was she afraid of my face?

    It should not be that….Liu Yi felt although he was not that handsome, his face was not something to be ashamed of….

    I am obviously not a bad-looking fellow…..

    But how could sister have such huge reaction….

    “Brother….When you meet the other Hunter, you always have to wear your mask and never take it off, okay?”

    Li Biyue’s tone of voice even has a trace of pleading in it, “Listen to sister, okay?”


    Liu Yi gave no objection.

    “Sister, did I scare you? Am I too ugly?”

    “No….Brother, though you’re not handsome, you’re not ugly either.”

    Hearing Li Biyue’s words, Liu Yi did not know whether to laugh or cry.

    My sister, can’t you restrain your words a bit!

    “It’s just that….It’s just that….”

    “It’s just that what?”

    “It’s nothing….Anyway, whenever you meet with other Hunters, especially A level Hunters, never let them see your face, okay? Regardless of what they say, by threats or by rewards, never agree to any of that. In this Hunter Organizations, sister alone can see your face, OK?”

    “Okay….Sister, you’re too bossy.”

    “I am bossy, so what?”

    “Nothing, being bossy is good….”

    Liu Yi was helpless.

    But he did not understand the shock in Li Biyue’s heart.

    The face of the legendary man from the prophecy, have long been revealed.

    But it was a top secret that not everyone can access.

    The true face of this legendary man….Can only be known by A level Hunters and above.

    And her brother….His face….Was exactly like that legendary man….

    Li Biyue never imagined that….After she finally got her brother….Her brother was actually that legendary man!

    But their gap was too big!

    My brother is so weak….How could he be that legendary man?

    Headache….Truly a headache….

    But even if she suffered a headache, Li Biyue still can’t believe what she just saw.

    If brother is really that legendary man, then the one who lead him to the Hunter Organization is me!

    Do I, Li Biyue, also occupy such an important position in this prophecy?

    But the future is still uncertain, my brother has two paths in front of him.

    Protector, or destroyer.

    That’s right….I am his sister!

    I just have to guide him to the right path!

    Li Biyue, Li Biyue, this is your chance!

    Chance to save the world, as well as your brother….

    Li Biyue’s eyes suddenly lit up.

    “You better put your mask back again, we are about to arrive.”

    When the elevator slowed down, Li Biyue reminded Liu Yi.


    Liu Yi nodded his head and very obediently fasten his mask.

    He did not understand how he has such a trust in Li Biyue. He felt that whenever he was around her he was at ease and comfortable.

    Moreover, Li Biyue could not possibly harm him. If she really wanted to, she could kill him from the very start and did not have to trouble herself to bring him to the Hunter Organization.

    “A lot of people in this Hunter Organization maybe weird….Em, although the person in charge here is not a good one, since sister is here to protect you, you don’t have to worry about him.”

    The more he listened, the more disturbed Liu Yi was.

    Is this Hunter Organization really a good place?

    “At the top of this Office Building there is a satellite receiver, and the Eye In The Sky belong to the Hunter Organization Industry.”

    Before the elevator stopped, Li Biyue explained, “Therefore, every so often, some tasks were issued by the Hunter Organization itself. Not only it can improve the cooperation between ourselves, it can also give the disciples of various schools and sects the chance to temper themselves. At the same time, this can also be used to tap some talented person into our Hunter Organization.”

    So that’s how it is….A win-win strategy.

    Liu Yi cannot help but secretly nod, admiring the cleverness of the higher ups in the Hunter Organization.

    “Well, here we are.”

    Her voice fell, the elevator door opened, and a spacious underground world appeared before Liu Yi’s eyes.

    A vast space was in front of them. Liu Yi felt as if he came to a high-tech spaceship.

    The first thing that caught his eyes was a row of large screens.

    Next to that row of large screens, there was a beautiful girl who was busy about something.

    Her hair was curly blonde, dressed in a black lace skirt and matching black stockings; very cute and attractive.

    “There seems to be a problem in the A-2 area.”

    “Someone has gone to Z-8!”

    “A task need to be issued in S-26….Em, just make it an E-level task, it’s a small errand task!”

    This girl spoke fast while her hands typed the keyboards as if in a hurry.

    On the side, some staff dressed in black coats were also busy.

    These people did not seem to be Hunters, but staffs responsible for the internal operations.

    “My office network is broken! When can you come and repair it!”

    “Logistic unit, give me a cup of coffee!”

    “Vacation, I want a vacation!”

    The situation here was just like in a normal company, which made Liu Yi dazzled.

    “Welcome to Hunter Organization.”

    Li Biyue pulled Liu Yi’s hand to walk out of the elevator.

    “Hey, looks like sister Li Biyue is back.”

    The beauty who sat on a swivel chair and who acted as the coordinator turned around and looked at Li Biyue.

    The keyboard in her hands suddenly fell to the ground with a crackling sound.

    The nearby busy night duty staff incidentally loosened the cup of coffee in his hand, making it fall to the ground, and the coffee splashed all over the floor.

    These people’s jaws almost fell on the floor, watching the two people walked out of the elevator.

    “Go back to your work, I am looking for Liu Yufan.

    Li Biyue waved her hand. Her facial was as cold as ice.


    Everyone nodded their heads.

    “Go busy yourself!”

    Li Biyue’s eyes suddenly flashed with light, scaring everyone and making them tremble. Everyone quickly went back to their respective works, picking up the phone, quarreling, and continuing their overtime….

    “Brother, come with me.”

    When Li Biyue talked to Liu Yi, her voice became tender.

    It was like two completely different person!


    Liu Yi was also shocked by this.

    Sister change too fast….

    Which one is the real her….?

    In this regard, Liu Yi cannot help but wonder.

    When Liu Yi and Li Biyue walked away, these group of employees, who previously pretended to work as normal, suddenly began to discuss among themselves.

    “Heaven, the iceberg brought a man back!”

    “She also pulled his hand!”

    “Could it be….”

    “Impossible! According to legend, this iceberg only likes women.”

    Hearing these people’s gossip, the liaison beauty could not resist and charmingly scold.

    “Everybody get back to work, what nonsense are you talking about! Didn’t you hear Li Biyue call that guy brother!”

    “Oh, Little Leng, you did not know this.”

    An older employee interrupted her, “Li Biyue’s brother….Has long died….This man is absolutely not….”

    “Bad….Will our director Liu go crazy?”

    “Not necessarily….We just wait and see….”

    Leng Mo picked up the keyboard from the ground and cannot help but look at the corridor with worry….Is there really not going to be a problem?

    At this time, Liu Yi was being stared at by a man dressed in a suit.

    “Li Biyue, what is your relationship with this man?”

    After that man swept his eyes at Liu Yi several times, he finally turned his head and very unhappily looked at Li Biyue.

    “Liu Yufan, even if you are in charge here, aren’t this a bit too far?”

    With iceberg-like face, Li Biyue coldly replied, “Whatever his relationship is with me, that has nothing to do with you.”

    “Li Biyue!”

    Liu Yufan seemed a bit angry, “Even if you want to recommend people, at the very least, I need to know if his background is clean or not! You can’t just casually recommend people with unknown backgrounds like this! I will absolutely, will absolutely not let him join the organization!”

    “His background is clean, he is my brother.”

    Li Biyue said, crossing her arms.

    “Nonsense, your brother has already died a long time ago!”

    Liu Yufan’s voice fell, a black blade suddenly appeared on his neck.

    “If you dare, say that one more time.”

    Li Biyue’s voice was as cold as the cold wind in September, bitter cold and piercing to the bone.

    “You….Li Biyue, how dare you!”

    Liu Yufan was shocked to see that black blade rested on his neck, and almost unable to speak.

    Although he was the person in charge here, his power level was just B+.

    While Li Biyue….Was a genuine A-level Hunter!

    If not for her elusiveness, and her dislike for office management, the head of the Northern Dragon City Hunter Headquarters would definitely be hers….

    “My brother is here, and I want to recommend him to enter the Hunter Organization. Director Liu, I think you can start the formalities, right?”

    Li Biyue asked Liu Yufan one word at a time, but reading between the lines, the threat was very strong.