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Chapter 168 Sister, I Want To

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Wait….Sister, I have a question for you!” Liu Yi stopped his footsteps and asked.

    “About what? Tell me.”

    Anything Liu Yi might ask, Li Biyue would not hide anything from him.

    “Sister, I am a bit curious, how do people with ability practice their skills?”

    “It’s actually a set of method to cultivate our ability.” Li Biyue smiled, “This method was discovered by one of the predecessors of the Hunter Organization. It will turn our ability into a kind of energy that will slip into our body’s meridians. In this way, we can open our star jade.”

    “So it’s like that. It seems like it’s not that complex….”

    “It sounds easy, but the actual practice is very difficult.”

    Li Biyue somewhat enviously looked at Liu Yi, “It’s not as good as your immortal cultivation method that can easily make your body’s heavenly circulation flow smoothly. Therefore, our Hunter’s growth is limited. I heard the immortal cultivators can reach the Heavenly Realm and so on….But our Hunter can only reach the S level, and the legendary SS level. Although these two levels are very powerful, they can’t be compared to the immortal cultivator’s Heavenly Realm.”

    “It seems like the predecessor’s method of cultivating the ability is still not perfect.” Liu Yi slightly pondered.

    Li Biyue waved her hand and said, “Let those elders’ rack their brains with this. Come on, sister will teach you some knowledge about our Hunter Organization.”

    After that, she reached out her palm, which then emitted a mass of black gas that constantly wound around her palm.

    “The energy of our Hunter’s ability, frankly speaking, is actually the spiritual energy. This spiritual energy is the foundation of our ability. Sister’s ability, which you have seen, is the shadow.”

    With that, Li Biyue’s body suddenly turned into a black light and disappeared before Liu Yi’s eyes.

    Then, Liu Yi felt a cold wind behind him.

    He quickly turned around and saw Li Biyue slowly crawled out from his shadow.

    Holy sh*t….

    This ability is too weird….

    Not to mention a fight, this can even make people scared to death!

    “As long as there is light….There will be a shadow….” Seeing Liu Yi’s surprised look, Li Biyue could not help but smile, “My foolish brother, don’t worry, sister is not going to use this against you.”

    “That’s good, that’s good….” Liu Yi was relieved, This ability is really strange….

    “Using spiritual energy to strengthen our ability is just the first step.” Li Biyue took two steps back and said, “There are many wondrous uses for our Hunter’s spiritual energy. For example, using it for our Shadow Steps.”

    With that, her body suddenly flashed and continuously appeared in every corner of the room in succession.

    Liu Yi was dazzled, he thought it would be similar to his Fox Sister’s Spirit Fox Steps!

    “This is our unique Shadow Steps.” Li Biyue’s figure flashed again and appeared in front of Liu Yi, “Shadow Steps is a very strange ability. It can make you move at a short distance instantaneously, like a teleportation. How far is the maximum distance depends on your spiritual energy.”

    “Teleportation!” Liu Yi was really shocked this time.

    This technique was different than the Spirit Fox Steps. Spirit Fox Steps was a technique to move fast and elegant, which, although fast, not to the point of teleportation!

    Shadow Steps is actually a technique similar to teleportation, d*mn….This made Liu Yi thought about the speed of the ‘Grim Reaper.’

    Awesome, this is so awesome.

    “Can, can I practice it?” Liu Yi cannot help but ask.

    “This Shadow Steps has always been practiced by our Hunters’ with ability, but those Hunters who are cultivators, they have their own unique Steps. I don’t know if the immortal power can support the movement of the Shadow Steps.” Li Biyue blinked her pair of seemingly-can-discharge-electricity eyes and said.

    “Let me try it! I am very curious!” Liu Yi eagerly said.

    “What if there is a danger!” Li Biyue worriedly shook her head.

    “It’s okay, sister, everything’s gonna be fine. This is just a Step technique, not some awful killer!” Liu Yi decided to act cute, “Sister, sister, sister, you said you were going to teach me some skills….I promise, if there’s something wrong, I will immediately stop,okay?”


    Liu Yi continued to blink his eyes.

    Li Biyue finally relented and said. “Fine, but if there is any danger, I want you to stop right away, you hear me?”

    “Em!” Liu Yi quickly nodded, success!

    Haha, I am going to learn this awesome Shadow Steps!

    “Listen, I will teach you this skill but you need to seriously remember it.”

    Because there was no transferring skill method, Li Biyue had to teach him orally.

    Liu Yi earnestly listened and used his breathing technique enhance his memory.

    Li Biyue told him the method on how to circulate his power on his legs and feet.

    If this was in the past, if he listened to this kind of thing, Liu Yi would certainly be sleepy. But after having the breathing technique, as if he discovered a treasure, his learning became more relaxed.

    Soon, all of Li Biyue’s words were clearly printed in his mind.

    The method to circulate the energy was not very complicated.

    “Are you ready?” Looking at Liu Yi as if he was digesting something, Li Biyue asked.

    “It should be.” Liu Yi took two deep breaths. His immortal force flew out of his body and wrapped around his feet.

    “Sister, how far is it from this spot to the wall?”

    “It should be around 100 meters.” Li Biyue gave her estimation.

    This practice room was really big.

    “Em….Then I will try to move that far….”

    Liu Yi has a marvelous feeling, as if, at this moment, he can shuttle back and forth in the universe.

    He used his breathing technique to adjust his mind and then launched the Shadow Steps. With a “pop” sound, he disappeared in front of Li Biyue.

    At that moment, Liu Yi felt as if he was crossing the outer space!

    So cool!

    When he was excited, a “bang” sound was heard, he seemed to hit a truck. He felt severe pain all over his body and his bones felt loose. He directly appeared in that room again, lying face down on the floor.

    The wooden man that was used for practice was directly hit by him, making it flew and crashed into the wall.

    “Oh, sh*t….”

    Liu Yi felt dizzy and pain all over his body.

    “Idiot brother, are you okay!?” With a “pop,” Li Biyue instantly appeared on Liu Yi’s side and held him up.

    At the same time, a surge of cold energy poured into his body; This should be Li Biyue’s spiritual force.

    Unexpectedly, spiritual energy can also heal injuries.

    “How could you move your first Shadow Steps that far! This Shadow Steps is not that easy, and it’s very difficult to control its direction! You should try a small movement first, one or two meter, and then you can increase little by little! But just now….How could you directly move fifty meters away! You’re lucky you only hit a wooden man, what if your body embedded into the wall….”

    “I know that was wrong….” Liu Yi grimaced, “But….Shadow Steps is really good….”

    “I did not think that Immortal Energy could actually support the Shadow Steps.” Li Biyue looked somewhat disappointed, “I thought this is uniquely possessed by our Hunters.”

    “Don’t worry, sister, I wouldn’t tell this skill to other immortal cultivators.” Liu Yi winked his eyes at Li Biyue, “Say, I am also a Hunter, right?”

    “Em, if you really think so, then that’s good. Otherwise, if all the immortal cultivators mastered our Hunter Organization’s skill….I am afraid our Hunter Organization would be directly dissolved.”

    “No way….Sister, rest assured….What other skills can you teach me?” Liu Yi cannot help but ask.

    Although this Shadow Steps made him eat a bitter pill, he also ate its sweetness.

    “Since you can learn this Shadow Steps….Then you can try this one.” Li Biyue gave a thoughtful look, but also seemed hesitant.

    “What’s the matter, sister?”

    “This….Is our Hunter’s most unique ability….I don’t know if this would be a blessing or a curse for you….I am still hesitant….”

    Li Biyue told him the truth.

    “Sister! Let me try it!” Liu Yi quickly said, “I am also a Hunter, so I should learn Hunter’s ability!”

    “Very well, if your immortal energy can also support this skill, then that is truly against-the-heaven.”

    Li Biyue stood up, reached out her hand horizontally to her side, and slowly said.

    “This is our Hunter’s strongest and most unique skill.” When she spoke, a black energy wrapped her body, “This technique can summon our Natal Pet to battle for us.”

    “Natal Pet?”

    This was a new term for Liu Yi and Lin Tong so they both were curious.

    “Actually, there is a beast hiding in every human’s heart.” There seemed to be a power within Li Biyue’s voice as she said word by word, “If this beast is released….It will become your strength….I am going to show you this skill. I will release the beast in my heart….”

    With that, black crystal awns suddenly burst out of her eyes.

    Then, traces of black light appeared on the ground and started to interweave together.

    Like a spell, something seemed to slowly appear.

    And within that spell array, something big slowly crawled out.


    That creature roared twice, making the whole practice room tremble.

    This creature is around three to four meters tall. After it crawled out from the ground, Liu Yi can finally see what it looks like.

    It looked like a Leopard, but not an ordinary Leopard. Because its body is wrapped in a thick black smoke, like a shadow.

    “This is my Natal Pet, Shadow Leopard.”

    The Shadow Leopard roared and then dutifully lied down on Li Biyue’s side.

    Lying down, it’s height was as high as Li Biyue’s shoulder.

    Seeing this imposing and majestic Shadow Leopard, Liu Yi can’t help but feel a pang of envy.

    Natal Pet….Is really good….

    I want one, I want one!

    “Sister, this is good, teach me!”

    “Em….Listen to my chant.”