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Chapter 169 A Cute Pe

Mai Kitsune Waifu
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    Li Biyue told Liu Yi the summoning chant of Natal Pet .

    Liu Yi memorized it in his mind and then slowly digested it.

    “First, return to your heart to look for your inner beast….” Li Biyue told Liu Yi to close his eyes and then gently said in his ear. “The Natal Pet in each person is different….For elder sister, it is Leopard. For Liu Yufan, it is a wild Boar. Sister is also curious with what would your Natal Pet look like….”

    Oh my God….Liu Yufan’s pet is basically a pig!

    F*ck, will my pet be even more ugly….?

    It must handsome, I am sure of it….

    Liu Yi closed his eyes and sank his awareness deep down inside.

    On a lake. Liu Yi’s innermost being was terrifyingly calm, the surface of the lake was dark, calm and full of mystery.

    When Liu Yi’s consciousness arrived there, an image of a figure began to appear on the surface of the lake.

    The surface of the lake continued to show different portraits.

    Ma Yixuan….Murong Die….Ma Yuanyuan….

    It was his past memories.

    Even some of the memories that he had already forgotten were still clear in this place.

    Looking at this lake of memory, Liu Yi felt somewhat strange.

    Because he had heard that when people were dying they will recall their past events.

    I definitely am not dying….

    “Visualize!” Li Biyue’s voice penetrated into Liu Yi’s heart, “Find the hidden beast in your heart!”

    Where am I going to find it here….

    Liu Yi made a decision. He clenched his teeth and made himself sank into the lake water.

    The lake remained dark, but in this darkness, from the corner of his eyes, a pair of eyes seemed to stare at him.

    Liu Yi turned his head and immediately saw that pair of red eyes.

    It’s too dark here….

    Liu Yi cannot see the full form of that shadow and can only see its red eyes.

    Those red eyes were extremely complex.

    From that eye, Liu Yi can see the love, anger, fear, resentment….

    Why would it have such a complex emotion….?

    My inner beast….Should consist of all of my suppressed emotions….

    It should be more partial to the other me.

    That devil me….

    Liu Yi reached out his hand, but that shadow suddenly disappeared.

    “Do not be afraid, I am here for you.” Liu Yi quickly said, “I am going to get you out of here….”

    Those red eyes appeared on Liu Yi’s side as if watching him.

    “Come with me….I am not going to suppress you here….”

    Liu Yi tried to calm his beast.

    But at this time, those red eyes, being driven by the shadow, suddenly stormed into Liu Yi.

    He felt his whole body shook and his mind went chaotic.

    A lot of screams and roaring sounds echoed in his brain.

    At the same time, various emotions also appeared in Liu Yi’s mind. At this moment, Liu Yi almost went crazy!

    Holy sh*t….Releasing inner beast is actually so difficult….

    No! I, this father will certainly overcome this!

    With this pet, in the future, my strength will go even further!

    Liu Yi, you can do it!

    Liu Yi controlled his trembling body and tried to calm his jumbled mind.

    His mind was chaotic….

    As if he cannot think anything….

    Liu Yi suddenly felt tired….He wanted to sleep, wanted to rest….Wanted to give up all the thinking….

    “Liu Yi, wake up!”

    At this time, a woman’s voice vaguely came into Liu Yi’s ears.

    Is this….

    Fox sister….?

    Oh, that’s right….

    Liu Yi suddenly remembered, I cannot rest yet, and I cannot sleep either….

    Because, how am I going to release Fox sister….?

    Fox sister is still trapped in my hand….

    Wang Yuzheng’s mom is still waiting for me to save her….

    And my future girlfriend in the University is still waiting for me!

    Liu Yi, wake up!

    Liu Yi opened his eyes. At this moment, he had left the bottom of the lake and back at Li Biyue’s side.

    Like a fish that was just pulled out of that lake water, his body was covered in cold sweats and out of breath.

    “How’s it going?”

    Li Biyue immediately asked with concern.

    “Seems to be a success….” Liu Yi wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “I will try to summon it….”

    At this time, Liu Yi was still very excited. Especially when he glanced at the huge black Shadow Leopard lying by his sister’s side; he became even more excited.

    I will also have such an awesome pet….

    Oh yeah!

    But at this time, Li Biyue was somewhat worried instead.

    What if my brother summon….A scorpion?

    Wouldn’t he become closer to that man of legend?

    I hope it’s not a scorpion….

    Liu Yi reached out his hand, three strands of light simultaneously went out of his finger.

    Black light, white light, and red light.

    Looking at these three strands of light that wound around her brother, Li Biyue was shocked.

    How come there are so many strange forces….?

    “Come out….my beast….”

    Liu Yi felt the strength in his body has reached the rising tide position, and it continued to well up.

    Soon, it can no longer be suppressed….

    “Whirr, whirr, whirr…”

    On the ground, the three strands of light continued to interweave, forming a spell array.

    From within that spell array, a black smoke suddenly billowed. Inside this black smoke, a form seemed to appear.

    Liu Yi was excited.

    My own Natal Pet!

    It must be awesome!

    Come out, come out!

    Soon, the black smoke dissipated.

    A skinny figure appeared in front of Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi’s jaw almost dropped.

    Shoot!….This has gotta be a mistake, are you kidding me!

    This is my Natal Pet?

    The nearby Li Biyue was also stunned. From her look, she clearly wanted to laugh, but she did not dare to do it.

    “Oh nooo….Why….why is this happening….My summoning posture is perfect….Nooo, I want to start over!” Liu Yi wailed.

    “It is your Natal Pet….No matter how many times you redo your summon, and no matter what kind of posture you use….It is still going to be like this….” Li Biyue covered her mouth to hide her smile and said, “It’s okay….I think it’s quite cute….”

    “What cute! Why is my Natal Pet a little Skeleton! I, this father, am not a (Taoist) priest!”

    Looking at the 1.5 m tall black Skeleton in front of him, Liu Yi wanted to cry but has no tears.

    His mother!….How could it be my beast!

    Is this skinny little skeleton really my inner beast?

    It looks like it lacked calcium during its growth!

    “It is indeed cute….” Li Biyue looked at that little skeleton and smiled widely, “Maybe it’s powerful. After all, it is my brother’s pet!”

    “I hope so….”

    Liu Yi could not help but sigh.

    He held out his hand to point at the distant wooden man and said. “Go, little black, get him!” This skeleton is black, so I am just going to call it black.

    “Ji, ji, ji….”

    The little skeleton strangely laughed twice and then ran toward that wooden man.

    To Liu Yi’s surprise, it reached out its right hand to rip off its left arm, held that left bone arm high, and started to hit the wooden man with it.

    “Shoot! Sh*t! F*ck!”

    Liu Yi was about to cry.

    What in his mother is this!

    I must be seeing it wrong!

    Someone is playing with me!

    “Hey, this kind of attack….Is quite cute.” Li Biyue gave her fair evaluation.

    No….I don’t want it to be cute….

    Liu Yi clutched his forehead.

    What is the use of this pet….?

    To act cute?

    Can acting cute kill the enemy!?

    Or is it to trick the enemy?

    “Actually….Hunters do not always rely on their pets….” Li Biyue tried to comfort Liu Yi.

    “Aaa! This is not fair!”

    Glancing at the fierce Shadow Leopard by Li Biyue’s side, he wanted to cry even more.

    At this time, the practice room door was suddenly pushed open by Liu Yufan.

    “Ten Steps To Milk A Man, there are some issues with your formalities….”

    Before Liu Yufan finished his words, the skeleton next to the wooden man suddenly moved.

    It attached its left bone arm back, and then grabbed a mass of red fireball with its right hand and threw it at Liu Yufan.

    This red fireball was blazingly fast, it almost instantly arrived in front of Liu Yufan.

    Liu Yufan was immediately surprised and launched his Shadow Steps to dodge to the side.


    That apple-size fireball instantly exploded. Its strong blast impacted the practice room door, blowing it up. read this on subudai11 dot com

    The force of the explosion was not inferior to a grenade.

    And before Liu Yi and the other reacted, the little Skeleton continued to attack automatically.

    Now, it threw an iceball with its left hand and fireball with its right hand.

    “What the…What is this!”

    Liu Yufan continued to use his Shadow Steps to dodge the small Skeleton’s attack.

    Soon, the practice room was marked with various blast sites and ice spots.

    “What is this sh*t, let me kill you!”

    Liu Yufan was anxious. He instantly appeared in front of that small Skeleton and viciously punched it with his golden fist.


    Li Biyue instantly moved.

    A black blade appeared from the void and swung at Liu Yufan’s arm.

    “Are you crazy!” Liu Yufan was surprised and immediately retracted his fist.

    But the wind from that punch had fell upon the small Skeleton.


    The small Skeleton was directly blown into a pile of broken bones.

    Watching this sudden scene, Liu Yi was stunned.

    His small Skeleton who, just now, suddenly turned super for a few seconds….In the blink of an eye, has became a pile of broken bones….

    This change happened too fast….

    “My….Natal Pet….”

    Liu Yi’s heart began to ache.

    Oh my god, my small Skeleton is very powerful!

    Although it looks cute, its fire is very fierce!

    “Oh, so it’s your Natal Pet.”

    Liu Yufan was very pleased, he sneered, “But after eating the wind of my fist, it’s basically a scrap now. Gee, Li Biyue, I feel sorry for your brother. To compensate this, I will let his procedural problem pass.”