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Chapter 170 Are You Her Lover?

Mai Kitsune Waifu
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    Liu Yufan initially wanted to embarrass Liu Yi because a lot of Liu Yi’s information was not too clear.

    Such a vague information was definitely not going to be accepted by the strict Hunter Organization’s board.

    Liu Yufan planned to use this to show his prestige.

    But he was happier now because the Natal Pet of Li Biyue’s younger brother was now dead!

    With the death of his Natal Pet, his Hunter’s career was basically over!

    Why would they call themselves Hunters? Not only because they hunt demons, but also because they can summon Natal Pets!

    What is a Hunter?

    It’s a profession where the Hunter brings his hounds to hunt the prey!

    That is a Hunter!

    Without their hounds, the Hunter would not be a Hunter!

    Ten Steps To Milk A Man is already a waste.


    Even if I give him the Hunter identity, he wouldn’t have much improvement.

    “Come on, this is your paperwork, take it, bring this to Leng Mo to change it with your identity card.” Liu Yufan handed Liu Yi the paperwork.

    Liu Yi quickly took it from Liu Yufan’s hand.

    His mother! Exchanging this piece of paper with my Natal Pet is really not worth it!

    When Liu Yi’s heart still ached, the pile of broken bones on the floor suddenly shook.

    As if these broken bones were a bunch of magnets.

    These bone fragments began to gather and then started to assemble. Soon, it quickly converted into two-meter long giant dog skeleton.

    “What is this?” Liu Yufan was silly.

    What kind of bone is this….How could it able to self-assemble?

    Is it Transformers?

    “Au, au!”

    That giant dog skeleton roared twice, its skull suddenly spewed a mouthful of red flame.

    The flame soon spread all over its body, the whole bones were covered with red flame.

    At this point, Liu Yi’s Natal Pet was angrily staring at Liu Yufan and its mouth constantly spewing flames.

    “You destroyed my brother’s Natal Pet, now you’re dead.” Li Biyue touched her black blade.

    Liu Yufan’s forehead was filled with cold sweat.

    D*mn….This evil dog is giving me a lot of pressure….

    Behind me, Li Biyue is waiting for me, sh*t, there’s wolf in the front and tiger in the back!

    You have got to be kidding me! What’s with this Ten Step To Milk A Man’s Natal Pet!

    Even after being destroyed, it actually can reassemble itself!

    And after it reassembled, it becomes more vicious!

    D*mn it!

    “Xiao Hei (little black), come here!”

    Looking at his newly reassembled Natal Pet, the joy in Liu Yi’s heart was hard to describe.

    Not only his Natal Pet got its life back, it also became more ferocious. Nothing was more fun that this!


    Xiao Hei howled twice and then leaped into Liu Yi’s arms.

    The red blood devil flame from little Black was originally his, so its flame cannot injure Liu Yi.

    Holding his dog’s skull, Liu Yi felt the two of them were like flesh and blood.

    It is my Natal Pet indeed….

    I really looked down on it just now.

    You can’t judge a book by its cover. Liu Yi once again understood the meaning of these words.

    Little Black’s form started to change again. It returned to its previous 1.5-meter skeleton form.

    “Brother….Your pet is amazing….” Li Biyue was amazed, “I wonder what would its future development be like!

    “Em, I will take a good care of it….But, can Natal Pet’s strength be enhanced?” Liu Yi asked.

    “Our Natal Pet will grow along with our strength.” Li Biyue said, “And that includes your Natal Pet.”

    It can grow along with my strength?

    Liu Yi wondered if it can be fed with his spiritual energy, just like the spiritual animal.

    Liu Yi turned to Xiao Hei and started transferring his spiritual energy to it like when he gave his spiritual energy to Xiao Cai.

    It really is!

    Little Black let out a comfortable purr, showing him that it felt comfortable.

    It behave similar to when I fed Xiao Cai, nice!

    Liu Yi was excited.

    “Since you have your own Natal Pet….Now you’re a genuine Hunter.” Li Biyue walked over, reached out her hand to touch Liu Yi’s hair, and somewhat said with emotion.

    After this, I don’t know if this will turn into a blessing or a curse.

    But no matter what….I will stand in front of my brother to protect him….

    Li Biyue did not want to lose someone again….

    “Em, I am now a Hunter! In the future, if I do a task, will I get additional reward?” Liu Yi smiled and then asked.

    “Greedy ghost….” Li Biyue endearingly looked at Liu Yi, and then said with a smile, “When you become a Hunter, you will receive a fixed salary.”

    “Huh? Fixed salary?” Liu Yi’s eyes suddenly emitted many small stars.

    “Of course, the Hunter Organization is different that the Immortal Cultivation world. We did not focus solely in the mainland, we have many overseas branches. Our Organization is very large, one way to retain our internal staffs and experts is by giving us wages.” Li Biyue explained, “Our Hunter Organization has many conglomerations, and are supported by many tycoons. So, you don’t need to worry about the economic aspect.”

    “Then….How much is my monthly salary….”

    Liu Yi was more concerned about his livelihood.

    I am still a high school student! If I could start making money to support my family, that’s wonderful!

    Aren’t all people like this!?

    They study hard in school so they can finally go to work to earn money to support their families.

    This continues throughout their lives.

    Their mortal lives.

    “Our wages is calculated yearly. Since you are a D-level Hunter, your annual salary is ten thousand. Although it’s not much, you can continue to add your income by completing the mission.”

    “D-level Hunter annual salary is ten thousand….

    There were stars in Liu Yi’s eyes

    This is great!

    Although it’s not a lot, better than nothing!

    “Sister, what is your monthly salary?”

    “It’s the same like the mission reward, it increases ten times per level.” Li Biyue gently said with a smile.

    Holy sh*t!

    Then sister’s annual salary is….Ten million!

    That’s too much….I am so envious!

    “Us Hunters do not live by wages, remember this.” Li Biyue opened her mouth to say, “There are not that many Hunters in the world, it’s not like you imagine. Most are logistic personnel. Moreover, there are many low-level Hunters, they can only perform some low level task.”

    “Then….Sister, an A-level Hunter like you, how many of them in this world?”

    “In China, there are only two people.” Li Biyue proudly smiled, “The A-level Hunters in the world are also few and far between. The total number is probably around ten people.”

    A-level Hunter is actually so rare!

    No wonder Wei Yi was not very optimistic about being a Hunter!

    Their Earthly Realm experts are only about ten people….

    I am afraid there are far more of them in the Immortal Cultivation world!

    “Liu Yi, Hunter Organization is just a stepping stone for you.” Lin Tong, who was lying on Liu Yi’s shoulder all this time, reminded him, “Do not focus yourself in this place. Remember your words, you want to establish your foundation in the immortal cultivation world!”

    “I remember, Fox sister….But I will learn a lot in this Hunter Organization.”

    Liu Yi sensed his pet skeleton Xiao Hei, that he has already put back inside his body, and his confidence surged up.

    After I raise Xiao Hei with my spiritual energy, Xiao Hei will definitely grow more powerful!

    Too bad my spiritual cultivation is low, so I can’t practice the most powerful technique of the spiritual cultivation, possessed by the spirit beast.

    Lin Tong once said to him, if he wanted to cast the possessed by the spirit beast technique, his spiritual cultivation must reach a certain minimum threshold.

    But Liu Yi was not a spiritual cultivator, but body cultivator.

    If he wanted to reach that minimum threshold, that was basically impossible.

    Liu Yi somewhat regretted this.

    If he can cast the possessed by the spirit beast, wouldn’t that be awesome?

    “Don’t be greedy.” Sensing his mind, Lin Tong hastened to remind him, “Immortal cultivation cannot be rushed, otherwise, you will turn into a devil!”

    “I understand….”

    Liu Yi obediently promised.

    He knew Fox sister’s words were definitely right.

    Since my power progression is so fast, I begin to feel impatient.

    “Very well, brother, how about I take you for a dinner?” Li Biyue was somewhat tired, and said, “After practicing so late, I should treat my brother with food and drink.”

    “Okay….Where are we going to eat?” Liu Yi also felt a bit hungry.

    His body was still growing, and after entering the world of immortal cultivation, besides capturing the energy from the world around him, he still needed to eat food for nutritional intact.

    This has been a busy night for him. After acquiring spider’s essence, learning the Shadow Steps and summoning his Natal Pet, Liu Yi was hungry.

    “Why of course we are going to sister’s home.”

    Li Biyue played with her sleeves and said, “I haven’t cooked for a long time….Brother must taste elder sister’s craft.”

    The nearby Liu Yufan’s eyes were red with jealousy, at the same time, his intestines turned green with regret.

    D*mn, why would I give him the paperwork after feeling happy just now!

    His mother! Now it’s too late to regret!

    Especially now since Li Biyue has invited him for a dinner in her house!

    His mother, that is my greatest dream!

    How could this brat easily get it!

    This is unacceptable!

    So unfair!

    Liu Yufan really wanted to explode in anger!

    D*mn it!

    This is not over yet, I must find a way to kill this smelly kid!

    “Come on, let’s go get you the card and then go directly to my house.”

    With that, Li Biyue turned around and walked out of the room.

    “Hurry up….Or you won’t get dinner.”

    “Yes, yes!” Liu Yi sheepishly rushed after her.


    Liu Yufan fiercely punched the ground.

    The practice room floor suddenly cracked and started to spread out.

    “Since you dare to grab my woman, I am going to kill you!”

    At this time, Liu Yi did not realize that he has completely angered his immediate superior, he was now being questioned by a beauty.

    “Who are you? Tell me your real name!”

    He was at a loss in front of this little beauty who wore a black lace skirt.

    Li Biyue told him to go here while she went to fetch something.

    Thus, at this time, Liu Yi was being harassed by this liaison officer.

    “If you don’t tell me your real name, I am not going to give you this ID card!”

    Leng Mo crossed her legs, blinked her eyes and asked in a playful tone.

    “Tell me, are you sister Li Biyue’s….Lover?”