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Chapter 171 A Woman’s Jealousy

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “What?” Liu Yi blinked his eyes and said, “What a joke! I am Li Biyue’s brother!”


    Unexpectedly, this girl Leng Mo sternly said. “Everyone knows Li Biyue’s brother has already died a long time ago, did you crawl up from the grave? Are you a zombie?”

    With that, she reached out her hand to pinch Liu Yi’s neck.

    “You’re body is obviously warm! Tell me, who are you!” Leng Mo said and pulled out a knife handle from her waist.

    Liu Yi was surprised, What’s with that handle? Does she want to hit my head with it?

    “If you don’t tell me the truth, I won’t be polite anymore!” Leng Mo said while touching the knife handle.

    That knife handle was actually exquisitely made, with blue color and rose carving at the top.

    But now matter how good it was, a knife handle without a knife can give him no harm.

    “It seems like you’re not afraid!” Seeing that Liu Yi without a worried look, Leng Mo suddenly shook her knife handle and said with a smile, “If I don’t give you a lesson, you would think this liaison officer is a pushover!”

    With that, she flicked her wrist.

    A white light sword suddenly stretched out from that handle.

    What the f*ck!

    This woman actually has this ability!

    The sword vaguely shaped like a katana but also similar to Tang Dynasty’s blade.

    This sword is definitely able to cut my body.

    Liu Yi did not practice any hard qigong!

    Thus, Liu Yi hastily took two steps back and, at the same time, said. “Hey, hey, beauty, don’t pull out your sword! Is this the Hunter Organization’s hospitality?”

    “You’re a Hunter, not a guest!” Leng Mo showed his id card, “Your ID card is here, and you still want to quibble! A sly man! Sister Biyue must have been fooled by your honeyed words!”


    I have the most useless mouth!

    Liu Yi wanted to argue, but it seemed like Leng Mo did not give him a chance.

    “Since you won’t tell me the truth, then eat my sword!” Leng Mo said and held out her sword in front of her. The tip of the sword was pointed toward Liu Yi.

    Without knowing why, Liu Yi subconsciously entered the Black and White world.

    A white light came straight at his shoulder like an arrow.

    Liu Yi immediately turned her shoulder and dodged that light arrow.


    The wall behind Liu Yi suddenly split open.

    “Huh?” Leng Mo was very surprised, she looked at Liu Yi with a look of disbelief, “You actually dodged my light sword? Are you a monkey?”

    “You’re the monkey, how could you attack me just like that!”

    Having evaded that light sword, cold sweat appeared on Liu Yi’s forehead.

    This Leng Mo did not seem weak….Her light sword was really fast.

    If I didn’t instinctively enter the Black and White world to slow the time down, I would have been hurt.

    “You deserve it!” Leng Mo rudely said, “If you don’t tell me the truth, I will use my sword to stab your pig brain!” With that, Leng Mo aligned the tip of her light sword toward Liu Yi’s head.

    “Whoa, whoa, stop it, okay….We are all colleagues here….” Liu Yi immediately said, “You can’t just shout beat and kill people like that!”

    “Pei, who’s your colleague here? Your origin is unknown!” Leng Mo then spoke with a lovestruck look, “Sister Biyue is so perfect, so elegant….How could I let a good person like her fall into your hand!”

    As she spoke, the light sword in her hand became brighter.

    F*ck, Liu Yi felt the pressure.

    “You’re a lesbian!”

    As soon as he said that, the eyes of the people around them changed.

    All of them started to retreat. No one dared to utter a word. As if Liu Yi was a dead man already.

    “You said I am a lesbian? Hehehe….” A black line suddenly appeared on Leng Mo’s forehead.

    She lowered her head while her mouth laughed a weird laugh.

    Hearing this laugh, Liu Yi felt a chill, What’s wrong with this girl?

    “I am a normal girl who can’t be a normal girl….I can’t believe you actually said I am lesbian….”


    Liu Yi felt numb on both of his legs.

    Is this girl’s level high? Why would I feel this much pressure?

    “Ten Steps To Milk A Man….You must pay the price for your words….”

    With that, a bunch of light swords suddenly appeared behind her back and started to revolve around her.

    What the f*ck, what does this girl want to do?

    But no matter what, I can’t be bullied by a woman like this! Liu Yi secretly said, Fine, you want to fight, then I’ll give you a fight.

    “Seeing that you’re a girl I was lenient toward you.” Immortal qi started to circulate in Liu Yi’s body, “But you went too far, I am not going to let you get away with it. If you want to fight then come on!”

    “Hehe….You are the most annoying kind of man….Sister Biyue is mine….Get away from sister Biyue’s side!” With that, all of the light swords suddenly flew toward Liu Yi.

    “Pop, pop, pop!”

    Liu Yi suddenly wrapped his right hands with frost, like a frost armor.

    At the same time, the world around him turned into black and white. The speeding light swords slowed down.

    Liu Yi continued to use his right hand, which was wrapped in a frost armor, to hit the light swords to the side.

    But the light swords were not weak either, each time he hit one of them to the side, it chipped away his frost armor.

    “Not bad….No wonder you can fool sister Biyue….However, it ends here!”

    Leng Mo, the girl who was infatuated with Li Biyue, held out her hand to the air and called her light swords back.

    Then, these swords started to combine to form a giant sword. Five meters long and two meters wide. It then fell on Leng Mo’s hand.

    Liu Yi was stunned.


    It looks like a loli carrying a sword!

    Liu Yi felt a sense of deja vu!

    “Ten Steps To Milk A Man, I’ll ask you one more time, are you going to leave sister Biyue or not?”

    That huge light sword was held out toward Liu Yi’s head.

    But Leng Mo seemed to struggle in controlling that huge sword, fragrant sweat started to appear on her forehead.

    “I hate someone who forces me, or threatens me to do something….”

    Liu Yi tightly clenched his fists.

    He was unhappy….

    Extremely unhappy.

    Since you have the strength, you can just force people to do whatever you want?

    Liu Yi hated this type of person….Even if that person is a cute girl.

    The immortal energy continued to circulate in Liu Yi’s body, ready to counter the direct attack from that huge sword.

    He was not a guy who like to take a beating!

    The other people nervously stared at the two of them, for fear the two of them would go all out.

    Hunter Organization….Actually forbid personal fight!

    Especially fighting in the entrance of the Hunter Organization….This has gone a bit too far.

    But Leng Mo seemed to have no intention of stopping. She raised her huge light sword and cried.

    “In that case, eat my sword!”

    Just as she finished her shout, a familiar voice came from a distant corner.

    “What happens here….It seems very lively….”

    Leng Mo was surprised and instantly put away her light sword.

    Liu Yi was still condensing his immortal energy, waiting for Leng Mo’s sword to fall.

    “Sister Biyue!” In the blink of an eye, Leng Mo’s turned into a whole new person. She bounced up, briskly ran to Li Biyue’s side, grabbed her arm, and acted like a spoiled brat. “Sister Biyue….Your brother bullies me….”

    “Poof….” Liu Yi almost sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

    What the h*ll….

    Are you kidding me!

    The evil people complained first!

    Since he was a child, this was the first time Liu Yi saw such a black belly girl!

    “Little Momo, you’re the one who bullies my brother.”

    Unexpectedly, Li Biyue’s eyes can instantly see through Leng Mo, this little devil, “My brother is a good kid, how could he bully you, the Hunter Organization’s famous little witch?”

    Liu Yi was moved to tears.

    Sure enough, sister knows me so well….

    “Huhuhuh….Sister Biyue, you’re being partial to him!”

    Leng Mo immediately wiped her eyes, but Liu Yi can swear that he did not see any tears in them.

    This girl’s acting is absolutely superb!

    “Renjia is badly bullied….Your brother is actually very bad….”

    “Little Momo, I don’t like other people say bad things about my brother.”

    At this time, Li Biyue’s face suddenly turned cold, “I don’t want to hear such a thing ever again, you hear me….”

    “O, okay….”

    As if feeling the cold stare of Li Biyue, Leng Mo’s body trembled and uncontrollably took two steps back.

    “Little Momo, where is my brother’s ID card?”

    “It’s, it’s here….”

    Liu Yi’s heart was touched.

    Although they only knew each other for a short while, Li Biyue actually defended him from people who she knew much longer than she knew him.

    Alas, even a biological sister would not necessarily treat me this kind.

    In the future, I have to take a good care of Li Biyue….

    Yes, I must treat her like my real elder sister!

    “Let’s go.”

    Li Biyue slowly went to Liu Yi’s side and gently took his arm.

    Li Biyue’s palm was warm, which made Liu Yi’s heart warm.

    But he felt chill behind his back. He subconsciously looked back and saw Leng Mo looking at him with a face filled with resentment. It was as if her eyes can eat people.

    This girl has such a big resentment….

    But Li Biyue is my sister, I am not going to let her go!

    Under Leng Mo’s resentful eyes, Liu Yi and Li Biyue walked into the elevator and went back to the front office.

    “Sister, where do you live?”

    Liu Yi still did not know where Li Biyue would take him.

    “Wait here for me, you will know it soon.”

    Li Biyue touched Liu Yi’s hair and then disappeared into the darkness.

    This girl can really come and go without a trace….

    No wonder she is an A-level expert….

    I wonder when would I have that kind of power?

    At that time, I can go anywhere I please, I don’t need to sit in a car anymore!

    While Liu Yi was still thinking about things, a red sports car roared and stopped in front of him.

    Li Biyue sat in that convertible car. She waved her hand at Liu Yi and said.

    “Get in the car!”