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Chapter 172 A Woman Who ‘Drive’ An Airplane

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Get in the car!”

    Li Biyue beckoned Liu Yi.

    Oh, wow….

    I just said it’s convenience to move around with powers, but never thought sister actually have a beautiful sports car!

    She is simply Ms. Perfect!

    Hey, but this Ms. Perfect is my sister! Ha, let other people be envious of me!

    Liu Yi obediently jumped into the sports car.

    “Sit tight.”

    Li Biyue took a glance at Liu Yi, “Fasten your seatbelt.”

    “Sister, you are looking down on me!”

    Liu Yi shook his fist and said, “No matter what, I am also a cultivator, and now, I am also a Hunter! Even if sister drives a bit faster, I do not need to wear the seatbelt!”

    “This….Very well.”

    Li Biyue seemed to be a bit worried, but when she saw how determined Liu Yi was, she has no way to persuade him and had to agree.

    Sitting in the driver’s seat, she started the car and stepped on the gas.

    Liu Yi secretly thought, Sister still thinks of me as a child….Why don’t she just drives….I….

    Before he finished, the rest of his thoughts were cut off.

    Because he felt a powerful force pressing him to the back from his front, making him unable to move.

    A powerful wind hit him in the face, making his facial muscles began to twitch.

    He quickly circulated his Immortal Power to cover his face….Lest it distorted his face!


    Is Li Biyue driving a car?

    It’s like she is ‘driving’ an airplane!

    What kind of driving is this, aaa!

    On the highway at night, the car almost reached its maximum speed!


    It almost reaches 300 kph….

    How is this possible….

    When Liu Yi managed to open his teary eyes and looked at the dashboard, he really wanted to cry.

    How could someone drive so terrifyingly fast in the city….

    Driving over 60 kph is already considered fast.

    On a highway, it can even reach 80 to 120 kph….

    But Li Biyue’s car actually reached 300 kph!

    At this time, Liu Yi noticed the truck that about to turn sideway on the front corner. It this continued, the two vehicles were going to crash into each other.

    But at this time, the whole car suddenly turned into a shadow and disappeared before the truck.

    But not a moment later, the sports car reformed again and appeared on the other side of the truck.

    Liu Yi was horrified and started to feel his body, but found that it was still intact.

    No missing parts….

    My god, I am still perfect….

    This is a miracle….

    No….That was sister’s power at work. She made the two of us, along with the car, into a shadow and dodged the obstacle!

    It’s no different than a miracle….

    A-level Hunter is really fierce….Not only they can turn into a shadow, they also can take people along with them….And his mother’s big sports car!

    This is simply amazing!

    I wonder when would I have such a strength….

    Liu Yi was envious.

    “Hold on, we’re almost there.”

    Li Biyue’s ‘plane’ was very convenient. Along the way, although they encountered many obstacles, she used her shadow technique to avoid them all.

    It is really a super convenient ability….

    If only I can have such a power, that would be nice!

    While he was thinking about this, Lin Tong immediately jumped over and bit his nose.

    Uh….bad, I forgot to turn off the spiritual environment….

    His previous thoughts must have been heard by Lin Tong through his spiritual environment….

    “You! You obviously have three kinds of peerless cultivation methods, but you still envy of this little ability! You already have a golden mountain but still greedy for a silver ring!”


    Liu Yi was embarrassed.

    He did have three powerful cultivation methods….Each one of them is peerless in the cultivation world.

    And even his natal pet Xiao Hei was one of a kind.

    In the future, who knows what will Xiao Hei evolve to….So long as Liu Yi kept feeding him!

    At that time, I and the matchless and domineering Xiao Hei will step on the flying cloud to roam the entire cultivation world and be worshiped by all of the cultivators….

    Hehe, that’s just beautiful!

    “We’re here!”

    When Liu Yi was daydreaming about the future, Li Biyue suddenly opened her mouth to say some words.

    Then Liu Yi felt the sports car suddenly stopped, his whole body uncontrollably left the seat and flew to the front to the car!

    Fortunately, Liu Yi was not an ordinary people; in the air, he somersaulted a few times, launched his ice skates and firmly landed on the ground.

    “What the hell….”

    Cold sweat immediately started to pour out of him.

    This braking mode is just too dangerous….

    It threw me out of the car!

    “That’s way I told to fasten your seatbelt….”

    Li Biyue rebuked and then lovingly looked at Liu Yi, “Are you hurt?”

    “No….I am fine….”

    Liu Yi patted his clothes.

    This is just a small matter, a piece of cake.

    I can even defeat a four star monster by my own two hands!

    Under ten times gravity!

    Next holiday, I must use this ten times gravity! This is my Super Saiyan training!

    “This is my house, come in and sit down.” support the translator, read this on

    After Li Biyue parked the car, she beckoned Liu Yi with her finger.

    When Liu Yi turned around to look at Li Biyue’s house, he immediately opened his mouth in surprise.


    Sister actually lives in Shantytown!

    According to him, with Li Biyue’s financial resources, she should have live in a villa, a condo, or something like that….

    But he never expected her to live in this old Shantytown!

    This Shantytown is one of the oldest building in Northern Dragon City.

    This building was made with red bricks and it has an old style large corridor in it.

    Although Liu Yi’s family condition was ordinary, they lived in a much better place than this Shantytown.

    “Sister….Really lives here?”

    Seeing Liu Yi’s astonished eyes, Li Biyue could not help but rebuke.

    “What? You look down on this place? Do you see people differently according to where they live?”

    “Em, no, no….I just thought that with sister’s money, you wouldn’t live in such a place….”

    “What kind of place should I live in?”

    Li Biyue gently said, “Even if it’s a big mansion, what’s the use if I only live alone? It would be as quiet as a coffin.”


    Liu Yi did not expect Li Biyue to say such words.

    What is her true character….?

    Sometimes she’s warm but sometimes she’s cold….

    But toward me, her younger brother, she always treats me warmly.

    But to other people, she seemed cold.

    “I am always all over the country to do missions so my living place is quite simple.”

    Li Biyue continued, “Although it looks shabby from the outside, the inside is good. Do you want to come?”

    “Of course, of course, I want to come!”

    Liu Yi hurriedly followed behind Li Biyue walking upstairs.

    On the third floor, Li Biyue stood before a door and took out a key.

    At this time, someone suddenly pushed the door next to them.

    A quivering old lady holding a plate of steaming dumplings came out of that door.

    Although the old lady’s legs seemed to be not as good as before, her spirit was quite good.

    “Ai….When I heard the footsteps, I knew Yueyue is back. Here, these are our family’s stuffed dumplings for tonight, come take it, Yueyue certainly hasn’t eaten yet. Taste grandma Wang’s craft.”

    With that, she gave the dumplings to Li Biyue.

    “Ai, grandma Wang….Your legs aren’t good, yet you still want to send me these dumplings….You are too kind….”

    “Ai, what’s with this too kind, if not for you, we would have no place to live. Quickly take it, eat while they’re still hot.”

    “Okay then, I accept it. Thank you, grandma Wang. It’s windy out here, you better get inside quickly!”

    “Eh, eh, girl, you are a caring person. I am going in, remember to eat while it’s hot!”

    “I know, grandma Wang. Please go back to the house!”

    Seeing Li Biyue gently helped the old lady entering the house, Liu Yi did not know what to say.

    Which one….Is the real Li Biyue….

    “It seems like we have the main food already.”

    After sending back the old lady, Li Biyue came back with the stuffed dumplings and gave Liu Yi a playful smile.

    “Grandma Wang’s craft is good, you are in for a treat today.”

    “Are your relationship with your neighbors this good?”

    Liu Yi felt strange.

    Externally, Li Biyue was not a very cold person.

    “This is a long story.”

    Li Biyue said and reached out to open the door, “Let’s get inside first and then I’ll tell you.”


    This was the second time for Liu Yi to enter a girl’s room. The first time was when he went to Murong Die’s house.

    It can be said that Liu Yi has seen all of the secrets in Murong Die’s room.

    When he went inside Li Biyue’s room, he found out that the inside was a whole lot different than the building’s shabby outside appearance.

    Although the room was small, with a bedroom, a kitchen, a narrow living room, plus a small toilet.

    But the room’s arrangement was very beautiful. There were pink decorations throughout the room. The room appeared very warm and also very cute.

    “Have a seat, I am going to prepare two dishes.”

    The room was really small, he estimated that the area was around thirty square meters.

    After Li Biyue put the dumplings away, she started to prepare the dinner for two people.

    “When I first arrived, I was not very familiar with them….But, once when I came back from a mission, I was suddenly woken up from my sleep.”

    Li Biyue reached out for a kitchen knife and began to cut the vegetables, “It seemed like a few gangsters want to demolish the building. They bullied a lot of the residents. I did not like they woke me up from my sleep so I went out and taught them a lesson. Since then, the residents are very grateful to me….”

    “Gangsters want to demolish the building?”

    Liu Yi was somewhat confused.

    “Don’t you know?”

    Li Biyue smiled, “That’s right, my brother is still in school….There are things that you don’t understand.”

    She said, picked up the carrots, and threw them into the air.

    Then she waved her kitchen knife several times, cutting those carrots evenly into many pieces. They then fell into the plate.

    “Some developers fancy this piece of land for a very long time but they want to buy cheap….The price that they offer is too low. Even if this is a Shantytown, it’s unacceptable.”

    Liu Yi curiously asked, “How much per meter square is it?”