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Chapter 173 Hello Sister

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “One thousand.”

    Liu Yi was taken aback by this answer from Li Biyue.

    Now the housing price has been on the rise in Northern Dragon City, which is the economic hub of North East Province. Although the wage level was still low, the housing price is already on the same level as a first tier City.

    In Northern Dragon City, the price for a very basic house is about nine thousand or ten thousand per square meter.

    Moreover, the real estate developers in Northern Dragon City were very dirty, the usable area for a 60 square meter house was often only 30 square meters!

    If you ask Liu Yi, who is the most hated group of people in the Northern Dragon City compared to the underworld gang, the answer would be real estate developers!

    Even if Liu Yi was just a high school student, regarding the housing price, he more or less understood.

    After all, this is the biggest problem concerning the people’s livelihood.

    “One thousand yuan per square meter? Are you kidding me!”

    For a regular room like Li Biyue’s house, the total area is around 30 square meters, it means that a family who owned this type of house can only get….30 thousand yuan!

    Where can they buy another house for 30 thousand yuan?

    At most, they could only buy a bathroom!

    This is so unfair!

    “Yes, they will give one thousand, not more.”

    Li Biyue continued to cut the vegetables and lit the stove, “The residents here were naturally reluctant to sell and the two sides were in a deadlock for a while. Finally, the real estate developer hired a large number of underworld gang people to forcefully demolish the building.”

    “That is too sinister!”

    Liu Yi somewhat cannot imagine.

    Violent relocation of people is always a hot topic, so a lot of companies usually employ a more subtle approach. They would not dare to directly expel people.

    “The underworld gang is used as thugs to do the dirty work.”

    Li Biyue told her brother, who she thought has never been in contact with underworld gang, “They are much more effective than the government or developers.”

    “How could they do this!”

    Liu Yi clenched his fist, “Is there no law in here!”

    “I have taught them a lesson once.”

    Li Biyue said, “I hope they won’t come for the second time.”

    As she spoke, she scrambled to find ingredients, seasoning, or something.

    Stop talking about this, I will let you taste my craft….”

    With that, a burst of fire suddenly appeared. Li Biyue exclaimed, quickly moved the pot away and put out the fire by spraying it with tap water.

    The tap water finally extinguish the flame on the pot. But Liu Yi was stunned.

    His beautiful and powerful sister….Is seemingly unable to cook!

    The kitchen was like a battlefield.

    This was the words of someone’s wise ancestors!

    At this time, before Liu Yi’s eyes, the kitchen was more terrible than the battlefield.

    Soon, the house was filled with black smoke and wrapped Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi felt as if he was in hell, beside the choking smell of smoke, he cannot feel anything.

    His mother….

    So terrible….

    Is this also sister’s special ability?

    Liu Yi seemed to hear footsteps within the smoke, followed by the sound of someone opening the window.

    The cold wind and the influx of fresh air made Liu Yi feel reborn.

    “The dish is ready….”

    Li Biyue put a plate of dark unknown objects on the table.

    Looking at this group of unknown black objects, Liu Yi felt his stomach began to twist.

    What is this….Is it biological bomb….

    “Try it….Sister rarely cook….”

    Li Biyue said, “This is my first time cooking for someone else….”

    “Sister, you don’t usually cook your own food?”

    “Cooking is a waste of time.”

    Li Biyue laughed, “I usually eat out. I have always been busy and rarely have the time to accompany brother….”

    Li Biyue is a A-level Hunter, there are many missions that need to be completed by her everyday.

    Especially the Great God Cult, which make Li Biyue unbearably busy.

    Moreover, A-level Hunter of the Hunter Organization is under high degrees of attention; a few days ago Li Biyue even received a mission assignment by the Government.

    Li Biyue was a bit bruised and battered in order to complete this task.

    Today is her rest day, which she likes to spend by playing in the game center.

    But then, she accidentally sensed the demonic qi outside. Li Biyue then rushed over and saved Liu Yi’s life from Jiang Qini’s hands.

    Therefore, Li Biyue believed that this was all invisibly arranged by fate.

    This boy is destined to be his brother.

    “Go on, eat. Sister’s craft should be good.”

    Li Biyue was very confident of herself.

    Liu Yi swallowed his saliva and solemnly said.

    “Sister….Before eating, I decide to tell you my real name.”

    After this, I won’t have another chance…..

    “Em….When I think of it, I still don’t know my brother’s name.”

    Liu Biyue remembered this important thing.

    “My name is Liu Yi, the Yi in Boyi (game)!”

    Liu Yi seriously introduced himself.

    “Sister, that is my name….Be sure to remember….”

    Especially when you burn the paper in my funeral, don’t write the wrong name….

    Liu Yi then looked at the group of unknown black objects, his stomach twisted even more.

    Can this stuff….Be eaten?

    “Oh, that’s right! Brother, you can’t eat this!”

    Li Biyue suddenly remembered something, clapped her hands, and exclaimed.

    Liu Yi finally sighed a long sigh of relief.

    His mother….I am alive!

    The heaven have eyes, they don’t call me, Liu Yi in a hurry!

    Later on I must burn some incense and pray!

    “Sister forgot to add the salt, you can’t eat this yet.”

    Liu Yi watched his sister with wide eyes as she went to the kitchen counter, grabbed a handful of salt and poured all of it on that group of unknown black objects.

    That group of unknown black objects turned shiny at the top….

    Becoming salt-capped mountain!

    Can this be called….Food? Read this on subudai11

    Is this the legendary GRE test?

    “Go on, this should be okay. I remember the chef that taught me how to cook once said that food without salt will not taste good.”

    “Sister….Where did you learn how to cook?”

    Liu Yi has the urge to choke that chef.

    “The cooking program on the TV!”


    Liu Yi really wanted to cry.

    Am I going to die by TV cooking instruction….?

    Heavens….Please grant me the ten-thousand-poison-stomach….

    Watching the eager look in Li Biyue’s eyes, Liu Yi did not have the heart to say he does not want to eat.

    He picked up his chopsticks and carefully reached toward that salt-capped black unknown object.

    “Sister….What is this?….It looks like an art….”

    “It’s Disanxian (a dish consisting of stir-fried potato, eggplant, and green pepper)!”

    Li Biyue said, “Maybe the fire was a bit bigger, so it’s somewhat burnt. If it is, tell sister about it, don’t force yourself to eat it.”

    “No, no….”

    Liu Yi’s heart was bleeding.

    You think this is ‘a bit burnt’?

    Who can eat this will directly become immortal, no need to pass through any calamity!

    Liu Yi’s chopsticks reached the salt peak. He lightly mixed it to avoid taking too much salt.

    Other people eat their food dipped in sesame oil and the like….

    But mine dipped in salt….

    Isn’t this too much of a difference?

    It seems like I am so ‘one of a kind’….

    Heaven bless me, don’t let me die….

    Under Li Biyue’s full of expectant eyes, Liu Yi clamped….something that look like potatoes with his chopsticks and slowly put in his mouth.

    The moment it entered his mouth, Liu Yi felt as if he fall into hell.

    Vaguely, Liu Yi seemed to see his grandfather standing in front of him, stretching out his hands toward him.

    Oh….Grandpa….You come to pick me….?

    No, no….I don’t want to die so early….

    For the girls in college….I want to live!

    Liu Yi silently circulated his immortal energy toward his stomach, curing it.

    “Brother….What do you think? Is it delicious?”

    Li Biyue’s eyes were filled with expectation.


    Liu Yi’s spirit returned to his body and he said with tears.

    “Really? Then, I want to try it….”

    Li Biyue said, and reached out her chopsticks.

    Liu Yi suddenly panicked, If I let sister eat….Her self-confidence would collapse!

    He quickly grabbed the whole plate and started to gulp it down in his mouth.

    Liu Yi completely shielded his breath and numbed his tongue.

    Anyway, I still have strong demonic energy as a backup….I won’t die eating this.

    After he completely ate it, his stomach fiercely twitched!

    He poured his demonic energy into his stomach, replacing the gastric fluid to quickly destroy the food into paste.

    If I don’t have the demonic force….I am afraid I am really going to see grandpa….

    Sister’s killing weapon is not only her shadow….But also her food….

    “Ai….Why did you eat all of it?….Is it that delicious?”

    Li Biyue’s eyes glittered with small stars, My cooking is actually this good?

    “It’s delicious….Very delicious….”

    Liu Yi was miserable beyond description.

    He even ate some of his tears.

    “Really! Then sister will cook more for you in the future!”

    Liu Yi was about to collapse….

    Sister wants to help cultivate my stomach….

    Later on, my stomach will be exceptionally though!

    “Sister….You haven’t eaten yet….Why don’t you eat the dumplings….”

    Liu Yi was a bit hard to speak, his stomach was really sore.

    “Em….Okay….Fortunately, you are here.”

    Li Biyue contentedly ate the dumplings.

    Liu Yi wiped the cold sweat from his brows.

    If there is no poison….That would be nice….

    After his demonic force completely digested those poison, Liu Yi somewhat returned to normal.

    And Li Biyue, after eating a few dumplings, was already full.

    “Sister will take a shower. Tonight you will sleep with sister here.”

    With that, Li Biyue stood up and took a big stretch.

    Although her chest was not developed well, her waist is thin, her legs are long, and her buttocks very proportionally stuck out.

    Seeing such an eye-catching stretch, Liu Yi wanted to drool.


    She is my sister!

    Sister is so good to me…How could I see her like that?

    “Sister….This is not good….”

    Liu Yi managed to withdraw his eyes with great difficulties and then said, “The house is so small….And we are a man and a woman….”

    “We are siblings, what are you afraid of?”

    Without knowing why, Li Biyue is assured of Liu Yi, “Don’t worry. Besides, there are a lot of things that sister want to talk about with you….”

    With that, without giving Liu Yi another chance to explain, Li Biyue went to the bathroom to take a shower.