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Chapter 174 Good Nigh

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi has never passed the night in a girl’s home….

    Even though Li Biyue is nominally his sister….

    Liu Yi can’t help but feel some heat in his heart.

    In particular, seeing Li Biyue emerged from the bathroom wearing a loose pajama, his nose has the impulse to bleed.

    Sister’s legs….Are really lovely….

    Although Murong Die’s legs were already good….But sister’s legs are on a whole different level!

    Li Biyue’s pair of slender legs were smooth and straight.

    Her white nightdress rested slightly below her buttocks.

    If Li Biyue slightly bends her waist, her curling upward buttocks will be wrapped in a rounded arc.

    If she bends even more, Liu Yi can faintly see the little black piece of cloth underneath….

    My God….

    Forgive me….I really do not want to make a mistake….

    But this trial that you give is too terrible….

    Liu Yi secretly prayed in his heart to calm his blood.

    “Ai….Men are all perverts after all….”

    Seeing Liu Yi in such a miserable look, Lin Tong cannot help but feel sour as she sighed.

    “Seeing a beauty, their bodies will change!”

    “Fox sister….You may rest assured, I will be a good man….”

    Liu Yi said to Lin Tong through his virtual environment, “I will not have any dirty ideas! I will keep my mental and moral straight!”

    Just as he finished, Li Biyue happened to turn around and said, “What’s this? The slipper’s strap seems broken….”

    With that, she bent down and reached down her hands to fix the slippers.

    But Li Biyue forgot that Liu Yi was still behind her.

    The problem was not because she bent down, but because her entire buttocks were out of the nightdress control range; her smooth and rounded bare buttocks, covered slightly by a piece of black lace g-string, appeared before Liu Yi.

    Oh sh*t….

    Sister is wearing a thong….

    Blood directly spewed out through his nose and sprayed on the table.

    “D*mn! Smelly rogue! I don’t want to bother with you!”

    Lin Tong turned around, drilled into Liu Yi’s body and went silent.

    Liu Yi scrambled to cover his nose and launched his demonic force to heal the broken blood vessels on his nose.

    Oh….Sister wants to murder for money….

    After fixing the slippers, Li Biyue got up and turned around.

    At this time, Liu Yi has healed his nose and was ready to wipe the blood on the table.


    Seeing the bloodstain on the table, Li Biyue’s beautiful face suddenly turned pale.

    “Brother, are you hurt?”

    She touched Liu Yi’s forehead and worriedly asked.

    “Is this the injury from the test room?”

    “It, it seems like it….”

    Liu Yi nodded, again and again, His mother!….I can’t possibly say that I got a nosebleed after seeing sister’s almost bare buttocks!

    Sister would definitely think of me as a pervert….

    That….Cannot do!

    Liu Yi said in his heart. He began to love the joy of having a beautiful sister….

    Apart from her cooking….Everything seemed perfect.

    “Wait a minute.”

    Li Biyue walked to the nearby clothes rack and pulled out a syringe with an unbroken seal.

    There seemed to be an unknown liquid inside it.

    “What is this?”

    “A biological agent, very expensive.”

    Li Biyue said, tore the syringe package, came close to Liu Yi, pulled out his right arm, looking for his wrist.

    Unlike the nurses in the hospital, she did not use alcohol or any disinfectant….

    “Sister….What, what are you doing?”

    Liu Yi unconsciously trembled a little.

    He was afraid of injections….

    Not because he was timid….But because his heart has a lingering sequela.

    Liu Yi’s physique was relatively weak, every year he would go to the hospital to get a calcium injection.

    But last year, he met his mother with a small group of trainee nurses.

    Liu Yi’s blood vessels were relatively deep, not easy to find.

    Usually, when his mother gave him the injection, it was alright.

    But that time, it was a young trainee nurse. Although good looking, her hands trembled, seemingly unsure….

    She failed to inject him three times in a row.

    Liu Yi almost died in pain.

    Finally, after those three failed injections, perhaps because of her distressed son, Liu Yi’s mom got rid of the young nurse.

    “Really unqualified!”

    Liu Yi was glad that his mother would finally do the injection….

    At that time, he never thought her mother could be so cute….

    In this world only mom is good to me….Mom really loves me.

    Liu Yi was touched. His mother beckoned the other trainee nurses.

    “The rest of you, I will give each of you one chance to inject him, whoever succeed, I will add ten internship points to her.”

    Since then, being injected has become a nightmare for Liu Yi!

    Now, watching her sister aiming the blood vessel in his arm with that scary needle, Liu Yi’s legs subconsciously trembled a bit.

    “This is a biological agent that can quickly stimulate the body’s metabolism, to quickly heal the wounds. At the same time, it also has stimulant effect, which can make you temporarily forget the pain.”

    “Can I not use it….”

    Liu Yi a bit apprehensively asked.

    “Brother is afraid of needles?”

    This kid did not even afraid to deal with a four star monster under ten times gravity!

    But he’s actually afraid of injections?

    “Em….Sister….I think I am good….”

    Liu Yi bitterly smiled.

    “Hey? Sister, you’re here, why are you naked!”

    Li Biyue suddenly looked at the front door behind Liu Yi and exclaimed.


    Liu Yi quickly turned his head.

    Could it be the girl next door?

    Walking naked at home….Is she beautiful?

    When Liu Yi looked back, he found the door was shut tight, Where is the beauty?

    But at the same time, he felt something prick his arm.


    Li Biyue pulled out the empty syringe from Liu Yi’s hands and then said with a smile, “It’s finished, do you feel a bit better now?”

    A surge of warm feeling began to wash over him.

    At the same time, Liu Yi felt that, at that moment, his mind is particularly clear. The whole world seemed warm.

    “It feels extremely good….”

    “Em, after all, this is an advanced biological agent.”

    Li Biyue threw away the needle to the trash can, “And it also has stimulant effect, you will think that everything is wonderful….”

    “Why it has to be added with stimulant….”

    Isn’t this the same as taking drugs?

    “In order to continue the fight.”

    Li Biyue lightly said, “In a fight, this drug can save the user from a fatal injury. And the stimulant can make the user’s mood high, suppress all the pain, and continue to fight the enemy.”

    “So that’s why….Sister, how much is it for a single shot of this drug?”

    “Not expensive.”

    “How much is not expensive….”

    Liu Yi estimated that the value of the substances….Must be worth it.

    “Just two millions.”

    “Oh….Only two hundreds….Wait a minute, that’s not it….”

    Liu Yi’s eyes almost pop out.

    Two millions!

    Holy sh*t, a simple lie from me and sister readily wastes two millions!


    Too f*cking bad….

    My demonic force already healed me!

    If this drug is converted into cash, that would be nice….

    “For me, your health is the most important, it is priceless.

    Li Biyue thought that Liu Yi was moved to tears and could not help but touch his head and then said, “As long as you are healthy. That is sister’s greatest wealth.”

    If possible….I want to protect you from harm….

    Unfortunately, there are things that are not under my, Li Biyue’s control.

    For example, the Great God Cult….

    If I let them….They will certainly bring chaos and destruction to this world.

    Something has to be done by myself.

    If not, nobody else can.

    “Okay, after this injection, you should be alright. Let’s go to sleep. You are still going to school tomorrow, right?”


    Liu Yi hasn’t forgotten that he still has to go to school tomorrow, I am still a student after all.

    I cannot always skip classes!

    Recently, I have been skipping class too many times…

    Perhaps teacher Li will think that I am a bad student.

    When Liu Yi was wondering, Li Biyue has got up, laid the bed, patted the soft mattress, and then said to him.

    “Come on, come here.”


    Liu Yi’s whole body went silly.

    What the….This is wrong isn’t it….

    Want me to sleep on the bed?

    “Sister, where are you going to sleep?”

    This room has no sofa or anything like that….

    “With you, of course.”

    Li Biyue lightly said.

    “With, with, with….With me?”

    Liu Yi went silly….

    I have never slept with a girl….

    Aren’t this going to make it easy for me to do evil things?

    I heard that this will make a person easy to be seduced….

    I must resist this temptation!

    “What are you afraid of, we are brother and sister.”

    Seeing Liu Yi’s shy appearance, Li Biyue burst out laughing, “Rest assured, brother. Sister is strong. I am not going to let myself be eaten easily by brother.”


    This is what I am worried about!

    Liu Yi wanted to cry but has no tears.

    If I can’t stand the temptation….Li Biyue will slice me into several pieces with her blade!

    My God, what did I, Liu Yi, do wrong? Why do you want to punish me like this….

    Perhaps If this is Chen Cai….Even if he would be sliced in two, he would still happily jump in bed….

    “Come on, we are brother and sister, there is nothing wrong in this.”

    Li Biyue kept calling Liu Yi to bed.

    The most happiest thing in this world is if you are being called into bed by a woman.

    And the most unfortunate thing is….If they call you into bed only to sleep.

    Liu Yi really wanted to cry.

    But he cannot defy Li Biyue. Therefore, he has to obediently stood up, ready to go to bed.


    Li Biyue suddenly exclaimed loudly. Liu Yi’s body stopped as he was about to bend down.

    “What, what’s wrong….?”

    Liu Yi did not know what did Li Biyue want.

    “Why are you wearing your clothes into bed, it’s dirty….Take your clothes off.”


    Liu Yi went silly again.

    What am I supposed to wear?

    “There is a pair of pajamas in the closet….Why don’t you try it.”

    Li Biyue said.

    Oh, so sister has prepared me a pair of pajamas?

    Wait a second….There is no other man in this house….

    That’s not going to be a pair woman’s pajamas, right?