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Chapter 177 Demolition Team

Mai Kitsune Waifu
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    Liu Yi suddenly opened his eyes. Seeing he was just lying on the bed, cold sweat suddenly poured out of his back.

    Fortunately….It’s just a dream….

    Liu Yi wondered why would in his dream….He tried to kill his own sister.

    But he could not figure it out….

    Sister is so good to me, why would I want to hurt her that bad….

    Not only I stabbed her so many times in the stomach, I still wanted to pierce her head….

    This is too outrageous, is that guy me?

    A dream….This is just a nightmare!

    Liu Yi could not help but inwardly shiver.

    He was unable to stop that feeling of fear.

    It was already daybreak, but there was no familiar figure on his side.

    Sister has left?

    Liu Yi saw the sticky note on the bedside table, he quickly picked it up to take a look.

    “Brother, sister has a task to do and has to leave first. The breakfast is on the table. Eat before you go to school. I have put brother’s phone number on my phone and vice versa. Call if you need me.”


    Liu Yi was like being hit by a lightning.

    No wonder I had such a dream….

    Sister really wants to take my life with her food!

    Liu Yi sighed, got up and took a shower in the bathroom, resolving his hygiene issue.

    After he taking the shower, Liu Yi looked at the kitchen table. Sure enough, there were two trays of black sticky objects on it.

    There was also a note.

    “Sister prepared your favorite food, you must eat all of them, okay!”

    If I eat this….

    I won’t be able to go to school!

    Looking at the two black objects, Liu Yi’s stomach involuntarily twitched.

    After thinking about it, his logic eventually prevailed over his sensibility.

    Liu Yi picked up those two plates of jelly-like objects, walked into the bathroom, poured everything into the toilet and then pressed the flush button.

    Watching the mass of black object flushed down the toilet, Liu Yi finally took a long sigh of relief, as if he has just fought a long battle.

    “Sister….Don’t blame me, I have no other choice….”

    Liu Yi subconsciously said. But then, he suddenly froze.

    Why did these words seem familiar to me….Hmm, it seems like I have said such f*cked up words in that dream.

    Liu Yi suddenly felt silly.

    What is the meaning of that terrible dream….?

    Liu Yi somewhat cannot understand.

    No matter. Even if I don’t know what it means, I am absolutely not going to harm sister.

    Liu Yi stood up and looked at the phone. It was almost the time to go to school.

    Student life is hard….They all need to go to school early in the morning.

    Even in the middle of the winter and the sun has yet to rise, they still need to go to school.

    But the most terrible thing is….Liu Yi has yet to write his homework!

    Perhaps he would be punished by his teacher….

    He faintly sighed, Who told me to choose this life!

    Since I have already chosen it, I should not regret it.

    After changing his clothes, he folded the pair of pajamas and put it inside the closet. He then went out of Li Biyue’s house.

    Just as he walked out of the house, he saw a girl next door, dressed in a high school uniform, squatting down, tying her shoelaces.

    This girl’s body looked good. Squatting down, her buttocks looked beautiful.

    She has a long hair tied in a ponytail, seemingly young and very beautiful.

    I never thought that there would be a beautiful girl in this shantytown….hehe.

    Liu Yi lamented and can’t help but want to see the girl’s face.

    At this moment, the girl finished tying her shoelaces, stood up and turned around.

    Liu Yi was curious to see whether she has a beautiful face or not. But then, their eyes met.

    “Liu Yi!”

    “Wang Yuzheng!”

    “Why are you here!”

    The two of them asked at the same time.


    Wang Yuzheng’s face was slightly flushed, “Em….Let me say it first, okay?”

    “Okay, go ahead.”

    Liu Yi, knowing that Wang Yuzheng, this girl’s character is somewhat shy, waved his hand to let her talk first.

    “That….How come you’re here….?”

    In Wang Yuzheng’s heart, her classmates shouldn’t have known this shantytown.

    And Liu Yi should not come to this place….Moreover, seeing that Liu Yi now knew that she lived here, an uncomfortable feeling welled up in Wang Yuzheng’s heart.

    If possible….

    She wanted Liu Yi to see the good part of her life.

    “My sister is here. Yesterday, I came to visit her.”

    Liu Yi pointed at Li Biyue’s house and said.

    “Li Biyue is your sister?”

    Wang Yuzheng was surprised, apparently never thought of that possibility.

    “How is it possible….She is always alone, how could she suddenly have a younger brother?”

    “This….I just never had the chance to visit her, so you wouldn’t know it.”

    Liu Yi did not want to say that they only knew each other yesterday.

    To sleep over sister’s house after knowing her for only a day….If Wang Yuzheng misunderstands this, that would be bad.

    “So that’s why….Then, will you come often in the future?”

    Without knowing it, Wang Yuzheng suddenly asked this question.

    As soon as she said that, it was already too late to take it back.

    Why did I ask that question….Really strange….

    “I will!”

    Liu Yi secretly thought, When sister returns to Northern Dragon City, she would certainly look for me.

    “Oh….That’s good….”

    Wang Yuzheng said, and hastily explained with a flushed face, “What I mean is, with this, we can give each other extra lessons! You, you know that my English is not very good….Same as your Math, isn’t it?”

    “Em, yes. Later on, you can help me with Math.”

    “Good….That’s a deal….”

    Wang Yuzheng nodded her head, “Em….Shall we go to school together?”

    “Okay, let’s go then.”

    Liu Yi said in his heart, We will probably go to school by bus.

    If alone, I can just run.

    But to go to school with a girl in a bus is actually good….When the bus suddenly brakes or moves fast, perhaps she would hold on to me….

    Mm….Liu Yi, you are really smart!

    The two started to walk downstairs. At this moment, several vans suddenly stopped in front of this shantytown.

    Then, a guy with a ferocious face and dyed hair jumped out of the car.


    Seeing these people, Wang Yuzheng’s face suddenly turned pale.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Liu Yi quickly asked.


    Before Wang Yuzheng could answer, several people carrying a hammer, ax, or the likes, have jumped out of the car and went to the first floor of this shanty town.

    “Gentlemen, today is the tenth day, don’t say we didn’t warn all of you.”

    The leading man viciously said; He was carrying a hammer and wearing a sunglasses.

    “Since you don’t move away, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

    With that, he wielded his hammer and, with a loud thud, started to hit the wall on the first floor.


    A middle-aged couple suddenly run out. The woman trembled and the man began to beg for mercy.

    “Brothers, please leave us alone….This is our only shelter.”

    Hearing the commotion, the other residents of this shantytown began to come out.

    But upon seeing these several ferocious looking men, their faces were immediately filled with fear.

    “I beg you….Let us live!”

    “Is there a law here? I am calling the police!”

    A woman picked up her phone but was immediately slapped away by one of those sturdy men.

    “You want to call the police? Don’t forget that this land is ours! Even if they come, the police will not help you!”

    The man with a black sunglasses laughed and said.

    “In short, our boss has given you a deadline. Since you don’t leave this place, today, you will sleep on bricks. Brothers, smash.”

    With that, his sledge hammer carrying guy went to the building and began to pound the wall.

    “Stop! You can’t do that!”

    “I will fight you!”

    These residents began to cry and, after having their courage, rushed over to that sturdy man. But they were suddenly blocked by the other sturdy men.

    “Hey, looks like you want this the hard way.”

    The sunglasses man sneered again and again, and then said, “Since you don’t want to leave, then don’t blame us for being ruthless.”

    With that, he made a phone call.

    Soon, a front loader came in.

    “You asked for this!”

    He then jumped into the front loader.

    No one in this shantytown can resist this front loader!


    At this moment, grandma Wang who lived in the other side, tremblingly walked out with the help of a crutch.

    “Grandma Wang!”

    Wang Yuzheng quickly held the old woman.

    “You guys are beasts! Aren’t you guys afraid of the wrath of God?”

    The old woman angrily scolded.

    “God’s wrath?”

    The sunglasses man laughed and then said, “I, Zhao Long, in my 30 years of life, have never seen any wrath of God! If there is a God, then our boss is the God! Let me tell you, this dead old woman, in this world, money is the king! You poor ghosts have no money, you can’t afford to live here. So, get out!”

    With that, the front loader slowly raised its loader and moved toward the red building.

    “You guys, you guys aren’t afraid of Li Biyue?”

    “Li Biyue?”

    That sunglasses man’s face paled a bit, but soon smiled and calmly said.

    “Hehe, don’t use Li Biyue’s name to scare us. Our boss has investigated that Li Biyue is not always here. You guys think you can use Li Biyue’s name to scare us, Black Dragon forever?”

    Black Dragon? This gang again?

    Liu Yi remembered that he has some relation with this gang, their former hall leader Ma Wei was killed by him.

    “Brothers, get ready to demolish this shantytown! After this, boss will give ten thousand yuan to each of us!”


    Liu Yi unconsciously clenched his fists.

    This black-hearted businessman isn’t willing to give money to these people who need it. Instead, he employs these thugs to do his evil deed!

    Liu Yi somewhat cannot tolerate this….

    “Ready to demolish!”

    The sunglasses man loudly shouted.

    That big front loader, with its rumbling engine, began to move toward the corner of the red building.

    Everyone was in despair.

    Their houses….

    Will be gone soon….