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Chapter 179 A Reward

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Zhou Haolong never thought that, besides Li Biyue, there is another tough guy.

    Previously, he has helped demolish many shantytowns like this, but this particular shantytown was like an evil gate.

    Did I forget to read the almanac before I go out?

    But today’s manpower should be enough to deal with this kid!

    “Good kid, looks like you really want to confront us Black Dragon Gang, right?”

    Zhou Haolong was in an awkward position, but he must finish the job here.

    “That’s right, I do want to go against your Black Insects Gang, what about it? Why don’t you come at me?”

    Liu Yi made a come at me gesture with the ax in his hand.

    Zhou Haolong’s vein on his forehead was about to pop out.

    If I fight this kid….I will be dead!

    Three people were easily dealt by him, much less me!

    “The blue mountain will not change, the green water is always running, today you can be proud of yourself, but let’s wait and see!”

    Zhou Haolong angrily said, “Kid, if you have the ability, leave me your name. I want to see if you really have the guts to mess with us Black Dragon Gang!”

    “What’s not to dare.”

    Liu Yi chuckled, “Whether I travel or stay at home I do not change my name. My surname is Lin, and my name is Lin Huayang! I, your father is at the Second High School, Experimental Class. If you have something just come and look for me! I will beat you until your mom cannot recognize you anymore!”

    The nearby Wang Yuzheng almost burst out laughing.

    This Liu Yi is too bad….

    He actually used Lin Huayang, other people’s name to beat them.

    But this is actually good….Lest it will bring trouble to Liu Yi.

    At the same time, Lin Huayang is not a good thing, humph humph….

    If he is beaten because of this, he deserves it!

    Wang Yuzheng did not realize that she has changed. She never thought like this in the past.

    “Good! Lin Huayang, I, your father will remember you! Black Dragon Gang will also remember you!”

    Zhou Haolong extended his finger to point at Liu Yi and fiercely said, “You just wait!”

    With that, he led the rest of his men to leave this place.

    The few wounded men were towed by the others.

    When these people walked past Liu Yi, they were very careful for fear that they would provoke Liu Yi.

    But Liu Yi did not lay a finger on them again, he was, ehm, a man who hated violence.

    When all the Black Dragon Gang people left, the resident of this shantytown went over to Liu Yi and gave their thanks.

    “Liu Yi, thank you…..”

    Wang Yuzheng thought that today, Liu Yi was much more pleasing to the eyes….

    “Oh, don’t mention it, it’s just like lifting a finger.”

    Liu Yi sheepishly waved his hand, “These people are too hateful. If they come again in the future, you just need to call me and I will help you take care of them.”


    Wang Yuzheng nodded her head, thinking, Turns out this guy is quite reliable.

    “Little Lin, thank you….”

    Grandma Wang came over with a face filled with gratitude, pulled Liu Yi’s hand and said, “Today if it wasn’t for you, everyone in this shantytown will be homeless.”

    “Em….Grandma Wang, my surname is not Lin….”

    Liu Yi became even more embarrassed.


    Grandma Wang was slightly stunned for a moment.

    “Grandma….My surname is Liu, and my name is Liu Yi. I am Li Biyue’s younger brother.”

    Liu Yi hastily introduced himself, “When my sister is away, I will protect this place on behalf of her.”

    “Aiya, it turns out you are little Yue’s younger brother! No wonder you are so powerful!”

    Grandma Wang was even happier. She pulled Liu Yi’s hand, “Come, come to Grandma’s house, Grandma will give you something to eat!”

    “Come to my house, we have freshly made beef!”

    “We have two bottles of treasured wine, come with me!”

    “Screw you, other people is still in high school and you want him to drink?”

    The other people warmly invited Liu Yi to their houses.

    “Em….I am afraid I can’t.”

    Liu Yi somewhat awkwardly blushed, “I have to go to school….It’s getting late now.”

    After being delayed for half a day, he would arrive at school late.

    “Oh, right, what am I thinking….”

    Grandma Wang patted her head, “I must be muddled! Little Zheng and Liu Yi have to go to school. Go on then, don’t be late.”

    “Yes, Grandma Wang….”

    Liu Yi wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, Not just late….I even skipped classes many times.

    Since I started to cultivate….I have done almost everything that every student should not do….

    Even the principal is against me, likewise, I am against him too.

    This is not a thing an ordinary student should do!

    Liu Yi thought that he should do a proper reassessment of himself.

    I must be a model student!

    “Liu Yi….What if they come again?”

    When Wang Yuzheng pulled Liu Yi away to go to school, she secretly asked.

    “You just need to look for me, I will kill them!”

    Liu Yi mercilessly said.

    Lin Tong, who has been lying on Liu Yi’s shoulder and watching the fun, yawned and said.

    “Cut, didn’t you just say you want to be a model student? How come you suddenly become this vicious?”

    Liu Yi forgot to cut the connection to his spiritual environment so that Lin Tong can overhear what he said in his mind a moment ago.

    “This….Different people must be treated differently!”

    Liu Yi smiled and said.

    “My grandpa said, I must treat my friends warmly like the spring winds and enemies brutal like the cold winds!”

    “Are these really your Grandfather’s words?”

    “Em….In any case, he told me the first part!”

    Liu Yi hurriedly said.

    Lately, he rarely thought of his grandfather’s thing. The things that preoccupied his mind are, Lin Tong….And his future girlfriend.

    Yes….I wonder how my future girlfriend will look like?

    Liu Yi unconsciously turned and glanced at Wang Yuzheng.

    This girl has red lips, white teeth, mountain-like eyebrows, and eyes similar to autumn ripples, all of them are signs of a beautiful woman.

    Her figure is also good. Although her chest is not particularly large, it is not small either.

    Her waist is slender, although it was wrapped in her school uniform, the shape of the small undershirt underneath it can be clearly seen by Liu Yi.

    It seemed like this girl rarely dresses up, she paid more attention to study.

    Ai, such a gentle and sensible girl, if she can be my girlfriend, that would be nice.

    Liu Yi can’t help but begin to fantasize about this school flower.

    “What are you thinking?”

    Wang Yuzheng suddenly sensed Liu Yi’s gaze and cannot help but ask.

    “Em….It’s nothing….Wang Yuzheng, can I ask you a question?”

    Liu Yi subconsciously asked.

    “What is it? Ask away.”

    “What kind of boyfriend do you want?”


    Hearing this question, Wang Yuzheng suddenly went a bit silly.

    The girl’s pretty face slightly blushed, and she then asked.

    “Are you hitting on me?”

    “No, that’s not it!”

    Hearing Wang Yuzheng’s blunt words, Liu Yi went silly.

    F*ck me….Can’t you be a bit subtle!

    How am I going to answer it directly!

    “I was just wondering….Since you like to learn so much and you refused many handsome guys who chased you, I am curious if you are interested in men or….”

    “Nonsense, of course I am interested in men!”

    Wang Yuzheng replied as expected.


    Liu Yi was suddenly curious.

    “No….It’s not like what you think!”

    Wang Yuzheng felt as if she let something slip so she hurriedly explained.

    “What did I think?”

    Liu Yi cannot help but say with a smile.

    “You, you!”

    Wang Yuzheng was at a loss for words. She then bitterly looked at Liu Yi.

    “You bast*rd….In any case, it’s not as evil as you thought!”

    “What evil? Can you describe it for me? I don’t understand, I am very pure!”

    Liu Yi looked at Wang Yuzheng with an innocent look.

    “Hate! You’re a rogue, I don’t want to talk to you again!”

    Wang Yuzheng suddenly turned her head, seemingly intent on not talking to Liu Yi anymore.

    “The prettiest girl in the class, don’t be angry, I was just kidding.”


    “What if I invite you to take a bus, don’t be angry, okay?”


    “Ouch….My stomach hurts….I can’t walk, can you help me….”


    No matter what he said, Wang Yuzheng still looked to the side, ignoring him.

    “Pretty girl, how about I show you some magic!”

    Liu Yi suddenly blinked his eyes and smilingly said.

    “You can do magic?”

    Liu Yi finally got Wang Yuzheng’s attention.

    Oh yeah, I’ve won half the battle!

    “Initially no, but in order to make our pretty girl happy, and then forgive me, I suddenly comprehend it!”

    Liu Yi solemnly said.

    “Pei! You’re talking nonsense again!”

    “But I do know. If you don’t believe it, let me show it to you.”

    Liu Yi said, held out his hands and waved it twice in front of Wang Yuzheng.

    “You see, I’ve got nothing in my hands, right?”

    “Uh huh.”

    Wang Yuzheng nodded her head; She was actually somewhat curious.

    “Look carefully.”

    Liu Yi rubbed both of his hands together and then spread them out in front of Wang Yuzheng.

    A beautiful butterfly with multicolored wings slowly flew up from Liu Yi’s hand and into the air.

    “Aah….So pretty….”

    Seeing this multicolored butterfly, Wang Yuzheng’s eyes were a bit blurred.

    Liu Yi reached out his hand; That multicolored butterfly flew a few laps in the air and finally landed on his finger, its wings were slightly incited.

    “So beautiful….”

    Wang Yuzheng could not help but gingerly hold out her finger toward that multicolored butterfly to touch it.

    But before she could touch that multicolored butterfly, Liu Yi suddenly folded his hands; That multicolored butterfly suddenly disappeared.

    “Hate, cheapskate!”

    Wang Yuzheng suddenly pursed her mouth and gave Liu Yi a look.

    “Hehe, if you promise not to get angry at me, I will show it to you.”

    Liu Yi shamelessly smiled.


    Wang Yuzheng really liked that multicolored butterfly, thinking that it was really beautiful.

    “Of course it’s true, but you must not get angry at me even a little bit.”

    Liu Yi said, “This magic is very energy-consuming, but, I also need our pretty girl to give me a reward!”

    “Reward? What reward do you want?”

    Wang Yuzheng somewhat shyly said, “You know….My family….Is very poor….”

    “Ai, I am not asking material reward, do you think I, Liu Yi, am a materialistic person?”

    “Very well…What reward do you want?”

    “Well, it is actually very simple.”

    Liu Yi smiled widely, “If you want me to let the butterfly out….You have to kiss me.”

    “Liu Yi! You go to hell!”