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Chapter 183 Price Of Losing The Game

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi so far has been well behaved, how could he ever play pool or the likes? In Europe, this was an elegant gentleman’s game.

    But in China, a lot of people who played billiards were those skipping classes students and street rascals. Obviously, there were also normal people who played this, but they were not in the majority. The inside of this Billiard Hall was mostly a mess, filled with smoke and noise.

    So this Billiard Hall was a restricted place for Liu Yi. Previously, he only dared to sneak into internet cafes, along with Chen Cai, to play CS, CF or something.

    Therefore, Liu Yi knew nothing about billiard.

    However, facing the provocation from a beauty, Liu Yi simply cannot turn a blind eye!

    If he did that, the beauty will look down on him!

    He could not let this happen!

    “How about it, do you or do you not dare?”

    Little Chili continued to hook her finger at Liu Yi and said, “If you do not dare, just tell this old mother, this old mother will then know that you are a wimp.”

    Tang Guo’s words immediately angered Liu Yi.

    What he hated the most is people looking down on him.

    “Little Chili, don’t go too far, my brother can’t play billiard.”

    Afraid that the scene would turn awkward, from the side, Sun Haoyuan hastened to interject something nice words.

    “No, I accept your challenge.”

    Liu Yi said and reached out for a cue stick from the nearby shelf. After he weighted it a bit with his hand, he said.

    “Come on!”

    “Liu Yi, don’t be stupid!”

    Sun Haoyuan quickly reminded Liu Yi, “Little Chili is good at billiard….Me and Rat are not her opponent!”

    “You never play billiard against her….You’re just going to lose face….”

    “If I don’t accept her challenge, I will still lose face. If I lose then I lose, at least, it’s better than not trying.”

    Liu Yi said while holding the cue stick.

    Tang Guo’s eyes seemed to lit up.

    “Come on then, I let you take the first move.”

    Tang Guo confidently held the cue stick and stood on the side.

    “Ladies first.”

    Liu Yi thought that he should be a gentleman.

    “Less nonsense, this old mother let you go first, it means you go first!”

    Tang Guo actually did not appreciate his gesture, she stared at him and charmingly scold.

    “Liu Yi, you go first. Little Chilli hates the discrimination between men and women….”

    Sun Haoyuan wiped his cold sweat and said from the said.

    Things seemed to get more and more weird.

    “Very well, then I’ll go first.”

    Liu Yi held the cue stick according to the billiard game that he saw on the television, imitating how the players hold it. And then he aligned it at the white ball in front of him, ready to start the game.

    Liu Yi’s right hand slightly perspired, he was a bit unsure.

    But now things have already beyond his control.

    No matter what, I’ll start it!

    Liu Yi tightened his right-hand grip on the cue stick and mercilessly thrust it forward, hitting that white ball.


    As a result, because of the unsteadiness of him handling the cue stick, it went off its predetermined track and directly hit the lower part of the white ball.

    The white ball instantly jumped off the table. Flying out, it nearly hit the nearby Hu Rui’s head.

    “What the….Liu Yi, are you playing billiard or trying to kill me!”

    Hu Rui held his head and fled like a scared cat to the side, but not before throwing some sarcasm at Liu Yi.

    “My mistake….”

    Liu Yi quickly admitted his fault. He never thought that the ball would actually fly!

    “Hahaha! I knew it! Now it’s my turn!”

    Seeing Liu Yi made an error on the first ball, she could not help charmingly burst out laughing.

    She made Hu Rui picked up the white ball and then put it on the table.

    “Let me show you how the real player play!”

    With that, she flicked her curling upward buttocks, gently pushing Liu Yi to the side, and then leaned over the table, ready to hit the white ball.

    He has to admit that….When Tang Guo played billiard, it was a beautiful scenery.

    Her whole body seemed to float over the table. Her hips were slightly elevated, forming an attractive arc.

    Her milky white bosom pressed on the table, which made Liu Yi worry that they could crush the table….

    Moreover, the girl was wearing a low neckline t-shirt.

    Therefore, when she bent over, the deep cleavage was suddenly squeezed out, pressing the two milky-white softness into slightly changing their shapes.

    Liu Yi unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

    Sure enough….When a beauty plays billiard, it truly is wonderful….

    Especially a beauty with a low neckline.

    The nearby Hu Rui and Sun Haoyuan were watching this scene with straight eyes.

    Hu Rui was the wretched one, he directly watched her from the other side of the table, both of his eyes almost flew out.

    Tang Guo slightly raised her eyelids, her eyes gave Hu Rui a sharp glance.

    Then, she pulled the cue stick back and vigorously thrust it forward.


    The white ball hit the rest of the balls, dispersing all of them.

    But one of the balls directly hit Hu Rui’s forehead.


    Hu Rui held his forehead that was in pain, his butt fell on the ground.

    “Little Chili! You intentionally did this!”

    “Humph, do you think you can see this old mother’s chest for free?”

    Tang Guo curled her lips in disdain.

    The number twelve ball entered the hole, the big numbers were Tang Guo’s. And it was still Tang Guo’s turn to hit the ball.

    She was ready to hit the next number ten ball.

    Liu Yi stared straight at Tang Guo, not just to admire her figure, but also to learn her technique and posture.

    Liu Yi mobilized his breathing technique; At this moment, his concentration has reached its peak.

    Tang Guo’s every gesture was clearly reflected into his eyes and then memorized by him.


    Tang Guo slightly missed the ball, the number ten ball hit the mouth of the hole, bounced twice and went away.

    “Alas, a pity.”

    Tang Guo finally straightened up, slightly leaned against the cue stick and said with regret.

    “I can’t clear the table in one turn.”

    This girl is serious….

    Liu Yi took a deep breath.

    I can’t let the men lose face!

    And for myself.

    I cannot lose!

    Liu Yi held the cue stick with his right hand and pressed the table with his left hand. His left-hand thumb and index finger formed a 90-degree angle, using it to steady the cue stick.

    Tang Guo’s previous playing posture continued to reverberate in Liu Yi’s mind.

    But this is just the posture….If only I can aim the ball better.

    Just as that idea appeared in Liu Yi’s mind, his eyes of favorable impression suddenly changed a bit.

    A dim golden light appeared in front of that white ball.

    This golden light formed a straight line from the white ball toward another ball that was waiting to be hit.

    Liu Yi was amazed.

    The eyes of favorable impression can do this?

    This is amazing….

    It’s like having a cheat code in video games….

    Liu Yi became excited, Could this help me aim the ball?

    That golden line continued to adjust its direction along with Liu Yi’s aim.

    And, along with Liu Yi’s adjustment, a silver light line appeared from behind the targeted ball and changed its direction.

    Liu Yi’s heart was moved.

    This should be the direction where that ball will move after the white ball hit it!

    This truly goes against the heaven’s will….

    Eyes of favorable impression, I love you so much!

    Liu Yi adjusted his aim until the silver line fell into the middle of the nearby hole.

    “Are you going to hit it or not? Do you want to wait there until supper?! So slow!”

    Tang Guo could not help but complain.

    Liu Yi did waste a lot of time.

    “Here I come.”

    Liu Yi pulled the cue stick, gathering his strength.

    “F*ck, how evil.”

    Tang Guo curled her lips.

    Liu Yi’s hand immediately trembled, F*ck, the evil one here is you, girl!

    He quickly steadied his hand and then hit the cue ball.

    “Bang! Pow!”

    Two clear and crisp sounds were heard.

    The white ball hit the number 2 ball, which then made the number 2 ball directly rush toward the nearby hole and enter it.

    Tang Guo and the others were dumbfounded.

    The previous Liu Yi cannot even hit straight, but now he can smoothly hit the ball into the hole?

    That was highly unlikely….

    This progress was too fast!

    “A beginner’s luck.”

    Tang Guo finally thought of this possibility and shot a glance at Liu Yi, “Come on, you have the table for yourself. However, I am afraid you cannot clear all the balls, you are still a noob after all. And once you miss once, I can take you.”

    Tang Guo was a veteran in billiard. Since she started socializing with Hu Rui, she would come here everyday to play.

    A lot of boys liked to play with Tang Guo. After all, Tang Guo is a beautiful girl and she would often wear low-cut clothing.

    But to play with her, they need to bet with money, eight to ten yuan per game.

    Basically, Tang Guo has sufficient spending money, which means that she often won those bets.

    Liu Yi did not utter any words. His look was very earnest as he continued to play.

    Using the same cheat method, he continued to put ball after ball into the hole.

    When he was about to hit the last number eight black ball, Tang Guo finally could not sit still.

    “F*ck! You kid play the pig eating the tiger! This old mother was wrong!”

    This is clearly clearing the table in one turn!

    Tang Guo still has some balls left, but Liu Yi needed only to hit the number eight ball.

    Not to mention he has never made an error!

    “It’s just a fluke.”

    Liu Yi said with a smile.

    “Hate! But let see how you’re going to hit this last ball!”

    Tang Guo noticed that, although Liu Yi has a near perfect accuracy, he always shot in a direct way.

    But now, the white ball was completely blocked by several of Tang Guo’s balls, which made it unable to hit the number eight ball directly.

    Moreover, the only possible indirect hit through a corner was also blocked by one of her balls.

    Humph, humph, the heaven have eyes! Let see how is Liu Yi going to do!

    “All roads lead to Rome, there’s always a way.”

    Liu Yi lightly smiled and then leaned over the table.

    “Wait a minute, you cannot hit the white ball yet!”

    The nearby Hu Rui suddenly raised his hand and shouted.

    “Rat, what kind of crafty plot you’re up to now?”

    Tang Guo was definitely not a patient person, she gave Hu Rui a stern look and then ask.

    “This….Let’s at least have a bet with this!”

    Hu Rui’s eyes blinked twice and then said, “Otherwise, this game would be in vain, right? Little Chili, since when you play without a bet? You’re not going to surrender just like this, right?”

    “Bring it on, what is this old mother afraid of!”

    Tang Guo believed that Liu Yi would surely screw this ball. As long as she got the chance, she can win the game, turning defeat into victory by clearing the rest of her balls in one turn.

    “What about you, Liu Yi, do you have any advice?”

    Hu Rui asked Liu Yi while secretly giving him a wink.

    Liu Yi wondered what this secret wink from Hu Rui meant. However, he was also very confident with himself, having that cheat, how could he lose?

    “So be it, I have nothing against this bet anyway.”

    “Good, then the loser will take off a piece of his or her clothes!”