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Chapter 189 Who Is The Boss

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “What, are you crazy!”

    Lin Tong rolled her eyes at Liu Yi, “Selling firearms, do you want to die!”

    “Em….I just casually said that….”

    “Humph, really a blockhead. You know, this place is full of blood and violence! This area is the center of all the dark forces, so we can open an underground arena, specifically to allow these people to do an underground fighting match!”

    “Underground fight?”

    Liu Yi’s eyes lit up.

    That’s right! Why didn’t I think of it!

    “Of course, it’s not just going to be a fight, whoever wins can have the prize. The source of this prize is very simple. You can charge a registration fee, you can also be the official bookie for people who want to bet. When there are many people, you may also collect the ticket money. In this way, this place will have a steady source of income.”

    Liu Yi has to admit, Lin Tong’s idea has indeed put Liu Yi in the right direction.

    To open an underground fighting arena….This was a crazy idea, but it was the most suitable method!

    Liu Yi then told Sun Haoyuan, Chen Dahai and the other about Lin Tong’s idea.


    Chen Dahai immediately clapped his hands in excitement, “That’s a brilliant idea. Boss is indeed boss. Sure enough, I didn’t follow the wrong people!”

    Liu Yi let out two awkward laughs, thinking, This is not my idea, but Lin Tong.

    “Chen Ye!”

    “Squad leader, do you have any instruction?”

    A tall skinny man walked over.

    “Calculate how much it cost to run an underground fighting arena! Give me the lowest estimation!”


    That tall and thin Chen Ye immediately took out a small notebook and began to calculate on the table.

    “When the fight is taking place, we can provide the snack and beverages.”

    Sun Haoyuan shouted from the side even though his mouth was full of fries.

    “If we can watch the match while drinking beer and eating fries, that would be really nice!”

    Did he think he’s watching football match….

    However, this is also a way to make money.

    Basically, in this place, we have to monopolize all the service and consumption.

    “Squad leader….This is the lowest estimation on decoration and renovation cost.”

    Chen Ye stretched out his ten fingers.

    “Boss….You see….”

    Chen Dahai cannot take the responsibility to make the decision, so he turned around to ask Liu Yi.

    “All right….”

    One hundred thousand yuan…..Liu Yi bit his teeth and agreed.

    My own account only has forty thousand and Chen Dahai has twenty thousand. Of which, fifty thousand have to be set aside for the monthly expense.

    Then I still have to prepare, at least, ninety thousand.

    Even if I take D-level task….I still have to complete nine missions!

    But how could I complete so many mission in such a short time!

    The transformation of Cape bar is imminent, the sooner the better!

    “Really incompetent, this miss can lend you the money.”

    At this time, Lin Tong spoke again from Liu Yi’s shoulder, “It’s just ninety thousand, I have enough in my account.”

    Liu Yi never thought that his Fox sister was actually a little miss wealthy.

    However, Liu Yi directly shook his head to reject.

    “No need, I can get this money by myself.”

    This was his own venture, Liu Yi did not want to rely on a woman to support him.

    “Bah, machismo shortcomings strike again!”

    Lin Tong curled her lips.

    “Later, I’ll transfer you forty thousand yuan. Use it to renovate this place first.”

    Liu Yi told Chen Dahai.”

    “Yes, boss. I will definitely let my brothers do it first.”


    Liu Yi secretly thought, I finally realize what it means of money stump the hero.

    I know many people who are rich, but I, myself, am poor!

    How can I make the money the fastest way possible….?

    Liu Yi suddenly had a flash of idea….

    C-level mission!

    One C-level mission bonus is one hundred thousand yuan….

    Perhaps I can try it out….

    When my strength is still weak, I can complete the task above my level.

    This time I can also challenge myself!

    The list of missions on the website was not clear enough.

    Liu Yi made up his mind to go to the Hunter Organization Building to look for Leng Mo and ask her if there was a better-suited C-level task for him.

    But, Leng Mo, that girl….Seems hard to deal with.

    But for my enterprise, I have to give it a try!

    “Hopefully the renovation here will be completed by mid-October.”

    Chen Ye calculated and then suggested, “We only have enough funds until that date!”

    “Ok, I’ll do my best.”

    Liu Yi nodded his head.

    “Sooner or later, our Red Scarf Army name will resound all over the Eastern Xing district!

    After deciding to follow Liu Yi, Chen Dahai was filled with confidence.

    Because he felt that Liu Yi will be a Dragon amongst people!

    To follow him, nothing will go wrong!

    “Not just the Eastern Xing district, but the entire Northern Dragon City.”

    Liu Yi smiled, “We will be the number one gang in the Northern Dragon City.”

    “Yes, that’s right, we will trample the Black Dragon Gang!”

    Sun Haoyuan laughed from the side.

    “Go eat your fries!”

    Little Chili gave him a look.

    “Now let’s have a little meeting.”

    Liu Yi sat at the nearby seat, looked around, and said, “Later on, we need to put the red color as the main decoration style….This is the Red Scarf army color.”

    “All right.”

    Chen Ye, who seemed to be responsible for these things, nodded again and again.

    “Then let’s discuss our senior cadres composition.”

    A group of dragons must have a head, a good organization must have a good leadership team.

    Chen Dahai and the others took their seat close to Liu Yi.

    “This….The main leader is, of course, you, boss.”

    Chen Dahai cupped his hand and placed it on his chest, “If it changes into other people, I will not accept it! Yes, if Liu Yi is not the boss, I, Chen Dahai, will be the first to refuse!”

    “Yes, yes, Liu Yi, go ahead and be the boss.”

    Sun Haoyuan nodded from the side, “Previously when I said to you I am the boss or something, that was just a joke. My ability is far worse than you!”

    “Yes, I agree, Liu Yi, you should be the boss. I, Hu Rui, will use my brain to help you.”

    Hu Rui said with a smile.

    Liu Yi thought, F*ck, you’re just going to advise me with your wretched thoughts.

    “I have no opinion, in any case, us, females do not have the right to speak. You guys decide it yourselves.”

    Tang Guo curled her lips from the side.

    “How could it be….”

    Liu Yi lowered his flushed face and said, “Actually, I am just an ordinary student….I am not mentally prepared…To be a boss or something….”


    One of the people around the table gave Liu Yi a middle finger.

    “In any case, the Red Scarf Army boss is you!”

    Chen Dahai thought no one else is as good as Liu Yi.

    “Very well, later on, I will be your boss.”

    Liu Yi did not refuse. Right now, the Red Scarf Army needed a boost of power, which can be provided by him. Other people can help, but it won’t be enough.

    “The deputy leader position should be held by our squad leader!”

    The nearby Zhou Jinle, who was quiet all this time, finally opened his mouth.

    “Old Zhou, it’s not your turn to talk here!”

    Chen Dahai gave Zhou Jinle a discontented glance.

    “I actually agree with Mr. Zhou, brother Chen is naturally fit to be the deputy leader.”

    Liu Yi did not refute Zhou Jinle, but said, “Brother Chen also know that I am indeed a high school student. I can’t spend all my time to build the Red Scarf Army, I still have to go to school. Therefore, regarding the routine work, I have to depend on brother Chen to handle it.”

    “No problem, I will definitely help you.”

    Chen Dahai slapped his chest and said.

    “You should be more careful.”

    At this time, Lin Tong warned Liu Yi, “Many people are not necessarily trustworthy. You can’t give this Chen Dahai too many rights. All right, this miss can teach you a spell that you can cast on people whose strength is weaker than you. This spell can plant demon seed inside someone else’s body, if this person wants to betray you, you can detonate this demon seed….”

    “No….Fox sister, I think I can trust Chen Dahai.”

    Liu Yi shook his head and refused Lin Tong’s proposal, “My grandpa said, an employer does not need to suspect his employee.”

    “Whatever! Too lazy to care for you!”

    Lin Tong went quiet again, sitting with eyes closed.

    “In addition, Chen Ye will be the head of logistic.”

    Liu Yi saw the nearby Chen Ye who constantly typing something on his notebook. “I think that you’re good at this one.”

    “Okay, boss, leave it to me.”

    Chen Ye gave Liu Yi a reassuring look.

    “Hu Rui will temporarily be our chief strategist. His nickname is Rat, who although wretched, his head can still be useful.”

    Liu Yi recommended, “If I am not here, brother Chen can listen to his opinion.”

    “Rest assured, boss. Since these are your words, I’ll be sure to respect the chief strategist.”

    “How do I feel it sounds like we’re in the Romance of Three Kingdom….”

    Tang Guo rubbed her temples.

    “As for our beauty Tang Guo….”

    “I said it first, I, your old mother, am not going to work as the PR!”

    “How about, when the time comes, you’ll be the head of the waitresses here (It can also mean supervisor)?”

    Liu Yi asked, “We have to use a pretty face after all!”

    “F*ck, do you think I look like the head of the waitresses?”

    Tang Guo looked at Liu Yi with raised eyebrows.

    Regarding little Chili’s position….For a while, Liu Yi cannot think of where to put her.

    However, with her pretty face, if not used in the publicity, it would really be a waste.

    “Either the head of the waitresses or the head of the dancer, your choice!”

    Liu Yi said, biting the bullet, braving the danger.

    “F*ck, are you threatening this old mother!”

    Tang Guo actually admitted defeat, “Fine! I’ll be the head of the waitresses!”

    “What about me?”

    Sun Haoyuan asked, pointing at himself.

    “You will also be the deputy leader.”

    Liu Yi thought that the Red Scarf Army can’t only have one deputy leader, he needed to put his own people as well.

    “But your main job is to assist brother Chen, coordinate with him.”

    “No problem!”

    Sun Haoyuan nodded in satisfaction and stuffed a handful of fries into his mouth.

    Liu Yi secretly thought, F*ck, this guy really wants to get fat.

    “All right, I think that’s about it for the leadership position.”

    Chen Dahai was somewhat smug, “This is the high-level leadership team, later on, we must develop the Hall, and when the time comes, we will have lots of elites who will be the Hall leaders!”


    Everyone present was very excited and full of confidence.

    The great future of the Red Scarf Army seemed to beckon at them.

    “I am going to get the money. Haoyuan, Rat, Little Chili, do you guys want to stay here or go home?”

    Liu Yi, who was anxious to go to the Hunter Organization center, got up and asked.

    “We’ll stay and familiarize ourselves with this place.”

    Sun Haoyuan and the other two said.

    “Okay then, I am leaving now. Brother Chen, take a good care of them.”