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Chapter 191 Ninja

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     As students, most afraid of what?

    Friends of the same age have good exam scores, diligent and the pride of their parents.

    Then, a relative’s child got a good grade, excellent University entrance exam result, and after graduation, found a good job.

    Liu Yi has been living this nightmare since his cousin landed a job in a Japanese company.

    ‘Look at your cousin, his study is good!’

    ‘Look at your cousin, he has a promising future!’

    Everyday, he would hear cousin this and cousin that….Liu Yi was about to collapse.

    Fortunately, his parents were relatively busy, so Liu Yi rarely met with them.

    But on holidays, when relatives got together at home, Liu Yi’s nightmare would begin once again.

    Liu Yi sighed with emotion. Fortunately, he never attended the gathering of relatives on his mother’s side.

    It seemed like his mother has no brother or sister, Liu Yi also never met his (maternal) grandparents.

    Previously, when his (paternal) grandfather was still alive, every year their family would gather on (lunar) new year in his grandfather’s house. But to this time, it was basically the time where his cousins would show off!

    Show off, show off your sister!

    Liu Yi looked at the Riyao corporation building with resentful eyes.

    Suddenly his eyes swept up and saw an open window on the twelfth floor.

    I can go in!

    Liu Yi leaped up, stepped on the ice skates and went straight at that window on the twelfth floor of that building.

    This Riyao group building was very pretty, the outer layer was full with glass windows.

    At this time, Liu Yi was like a gecko, his hands condensed the air, which attached on the window surface.

    At the same time, his feet stepped on the ice skates, which continued to slide upward toward that window.

    It could be said that Liu Yi’s movement completely defy Newton’s law of motion.

    But no matter, even Newton, the great scientist, started to believe in theology in his old age.

    Some things cannot be explained by science!

    Liu Yi stepped on ice skates faster and faster; His entire body crouched to reduce the air resistance.

    Knife-like night air constantly blew on his face.

    It’s true, making money is not easy….

    Leaving behind two ice marks on the window, Liu Yi quickly came to the open window on the twelfth floor and jumped in.

    After jumping through the window, Liu Yi found himself in an Office.

    No one was in the office, all the lights were off. But there were few indistinct glows from some computer screens.

    It’s eleven o’clock at night, the office workers have probably got off work already.

    Liu Yi secretly glad that he tread lightly. He then quietly looked for the exit.

    When he was about to go out of that room, Liu Yi heard the sound of someone talking outside.

    “Ai! I still can’t get off work, yet all the doors have been locked! This is so annoying!”

    “Can’t do anything about it….overtime is the norm here….such a life in the company.”

    “D*mn….That *sshole boss, when can we have a vacation!”

    Hearing those complaints, Liu Yi thought.

    They are still doing overtime this late at night?

    Japanese companies are terrifying….

    Liu Yi secretly went outside, trying to pick places where he can avoid the crowd.

    Outside there was an office room that still has light in it, the office door was slightly open.

    He vaguely heard two people arguing inside.

    “B*stard! Idiot! I told you to do things but you don’t understand!”

    Hearing his stiff Mandarin, Liu Yi suddenly became interested.

    A Japanese?

    Liu Yi quietly went to the door, secretly listening.

    “Boss….I really didn’t mean to….”

    There seemed to be a staff pleading to his boss.

    “Idiot! I told you to bribe the official for that piece of land in Xijiang street, but you, this blockhead, actually gave that money to his mistress!”

    “I….I thought that official seems clean….”

    “Baka! You idiot! How could a clean official has a mistress!”

    The boss seemed furious, “In the end, his mistress took the money and ran away! That official is now angry at us! That piece of land in Xijiang street is basically not going to be ours! Do you know how important is that piece of land for us?”

    “Boss….I, I am sorry….”

    “Get out! You’re fired!”

    “No, boss, my family at home is counting on me!”

    “Get out! What does this have to do with me! Get out of here, now!”

    “Boss, please….”

    Liu Yi looked through the door and saw the man kneeling on the floor.

    “Please give me another chance….”


    “Boss….You force me to do this…”

    That man suddenly stood up and said with clenched teeth.

    “What, are you threatening me?”

    When he stood up, Liu Yi incidentally saw the Japanese boss.

    In a glance, he thought he saw a child….This Japanese boss was only 1.6 meters tall, as tall as his Chinese employee’s shoulders.

    “Humph….Buchuan Neiku, I have a lot of evidence on your illegal activities. If you fire me, you will receive the legal sanction!”

    Buchuan Neiku (Not wearing underwear)…..

    This Japanese middle-aged man’s name is too funny.

    “You really seem to be threatening me.”

    That Japanese middle-aged man sneered twice, “I think you may not able to do that….”

    His voice fell, from behind the Chinese employee, a black figure suddenly appeared.

    That figure held a small silvery knife. With a quick and fluid motion, he used that knife to stab the Chinese employee on the back.


    Blood poured out from that Chinese employee’s chest.

    The Chinese employee stared at his boss, seemingly unable to comprehend how could he die.

    Liu Yi was also shocked, he simply has no time to come out and rescue him.

    Everything happened so fast!

    “That’s why I said, you can’t do that.”

    Toward that dying Chinese employee, the Japanese boss insidiously smiled and said, “By the way, my name is not Buchuan Neiku, my name is Buchuan Neihu (Norikawa).”

    With that, he wiped that employee’s blood that splashed on his face.

    Because of his short figure, when the blood came out of that employee’s chest, some of it splashed on his face.

    Liu Yi clenched his fist.

    D*mn….They actually killed people in Chinese territory!

    “Kodou, it’s hard on you.”

    That Japanese boss said to the black-clad masked man who suddenly appeared just now.


    That Kodou said a bunch of Japanese words that were unintelligible to Liu Yi.

    The two people then began to converse in Japanese, which Liu Yi can’t understand.

    “Japanese Ninja….”

    Seeing this scene, Lin Tong frowned.

    “I didn’t expect this Ninja actually dare to come to this country!”

    “What….Do they have a relationship with the cultivation world?”

    Liu Yi cannot help but ask.

    “In the past, their founder came into our land and learned some cultivation method from a Taoist priest. He then secretly ran back to Japan. There, he passed this Taoist skill to his disciples. Thus, the Japanese had their Ninjutsu.”

    “So, that’s the origin of Ninjutsu….”

    Liu Yi gained a lot of knowledge of cultivation world from Lin Tong.

    “In the past Sino-Japanese war, these Ninjas have massacred many of Chinese people! Now they dare to come and haunt our continent again, Liu Yi, go and kill him!”


    Toward this killing of his fellow compatriot, although that fellow was probably just as bad the Ninja, Liu Yi has no mercy.

    He clenched his fist, circulated the forces inside his body, ready to spring into action.

    But at this time, seemingly because he has been in China for a long time, the boss subconsciously spoke in Mandarin.

    “What about the basement, is the power leak problem solved or not? I don’t want to attract the Chinese government people’s attention.”


    That Ninja issued a cry, then his body suddenly turned into a mirage, disappeared from the room.

    That’s right….I have to complete the mission.

    I have to investigate what these people are doing in the basement.

    After the investigation, it would not be too late for me to kill the man.

    After thinking about this, Liu Yi turned away from the door and silently walked toward the elevator.

    But, before he walked in, Lin Tong flew in into the open elevator door and warned Liu Yi.

    “The elevator seems to have a camera. Liu Yi, break it.”


    “Upper left!”

    Liu Yi put his hand in the elevator and threw an ice ball.


    The cold ice ball blasted on the camera, freezing it.

    Liu Yi then strutted into the elevator and pressed the downward arrow.

    The elevator looked very similar to an ordinary elevator, but after his Hunter Organization building experience, Liu Yi knew that this was certainly not that simple.

    He pressed his palm on the control panel and slowly released his immortal energy.

    Sure enough, there seemed to be something below this control panel.

    Liu Yi reached out his hand and touched that spot. He then pressed it.


    A clear sound rang inside the elevator, a secret keyboard then popped out.

    Liu Yi took a glance and found the way to the underground level.

    Moreover, it only has one level, it just that he did not know how deep this underground level really is.

    Liu Yi entered the position and the elevator soon began to descend.

    I hope I can smoothly carry out this mission….

    “Liu Yi, if you bump into Ninjas, don’t hesitate to kill them!”

    Lin Tong, who lied on Liu Yi’s shoulder, angrily said, “It makes my blood boil seeing them!”

    “Em….Between me and them, who is stronger?” Liu Yi asked.

    “Don’t worry, a common Ninja are simply not your opponent.”

    Lin Tong rubbed her tail on Liu Yi’s neck and said, “But they have some very powerful Ninja, they can be considered as Japan’s true killing weapon….But, Riyao corporation shouldn’t have such a terrifying Ninja.”

    “Then good, I am ready to kill them!”

    Liu Yi said and clenched his fists.

    The previous murder scene was still vivid in his mind.

    An eye for an eye.

    No wonder Leng Mo said that this is actually a right-winger’s industry.

    They don’t take Chinese people’s life seriously.


    At this time, the elevator suddenly stopped.

    A conversation sound came in from the outside, but the language seemed to be Japanese.

    Liu Yi was taken aback, There are people outside!”

    What should I do….

    Do I rush out hard? But, that would immediately alert them!