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Chapter 195 Dragon Group

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Little Xuan felt like being DDoS-ed.

    She did not expect her master to actually able to penetrate this more than 20 cm thick metal gate.

    Does human have such powerful attack?

    Looks like many of the information in the database….Need to be updated!

    While little Xuan has some doubt about her own computing system, Liu Yi heard a sudden “thud” sound coming from the other side of the last metal gate. Suddenly, that last gate broke into pieces.

    Liu Yi widened his eyes as he looked at the several figures opposite of him.

    “Liu Yi, be careful, I can feel their powerful force!”

    Lin Tong warned Liu Yi.

    “I know….”

    He warily looked at the few people opposite of him.

    Altogether, there were three of them. The one who broke the metal gate was two-meter tall bald giant.

    Moreover, half of his body petrified like a stone statue.

    But the other half of his body was still in human form, including his head.

    He has huge giant-hammer-like stone arms, which looked very scary.

    Beside him stood a man dressed in black, with arms crossed and cold face.

    This man has an aura of a leader. Moreover, this man’s aura did not seem like it belongs to a mortal.

    But this man was like a cyclops, his left eye was blind and covered with an eye patch.

    Behind them stood a woman in a nurse outfit.

    Liu Yi was stunned.

    How….Could there be a nurse!

    However, that nurse was actually pretty, and she has a pair of bright and intelligent eyes.

    Her figure was also good. Her nurse skirt wrapped around her curling upward buttocks. Her waist was slim waist and her thighs were thighs.

    Especially since her two slender thighs also wore flesh-colored stockings, which looked extremely attractive.

    “Who are you?”

    That one-eyed man with strong aura looked at Liu Yi and coldly asked.

    “Who are you?”

    Hearing them speaking Chinese, Liu Yi felt that something was not quite right.

    “Do you have any common sense?”

    The beautiful nurse suddenly glared at him and shouted, “We asked you first, okay?”

    “Em….I am Ten Steps To Milk A Man, a D level hunter from the Hunter Organization.”

    Liu Yi took out his Hunter id card.

    “A Hunter?”

    The several people opposite of him looked at each other.

    “Bos, didn’t we give the Hunter Center a call before we came?”

    That half stone-man hurriedly asked.


    The nurse interrupted, “Knife has called the Hunter Center first….”

    “There is something wrong with this.”

    The one-eyed man finally spoke again, “Our command doesn’t change, to destroy the underground base, snatch the Gene Modification blueprint and, while we’re at it, arrest this man.”

    “Boss, the lab has turned into a sea of fire….”

    The half-stone man blinked his eyes, “I am afraid the GM blueprint has long been destroyed….”

    “Then arrest this man first.”

    A light flashed through the one-eyed man’s eye, “Maybe the blueprint is in his hand.”

    “F*ck, what blueprint, I don’t know anything about that, okay!”

    Hearing that they wanted to arrest him, Liu Yi was naturally unwilling, “Where did you come from, what right do you have to arrest me!”

    “Bos, he asked where we come from!”

    That half-stone man turned around and asked.

    “Tell him.”

    The one-eyed man waved his hand.

    “Kid, you want to know where we from?”

    The beautiful nurse suddenly pulled up her sleeve, revealing her coat of arms.

    At the same time, that half-stone guy pointed at the symbol on his waistband.

    Liu Yi blinked his eyes as he saw the bright golden dragon-shaped mark.

    “What is that?”


    The beautiful nurse cursed, “Do you or do you not know about this!? How could a hunter not know about this mark!”

    “He’s probably a fake hunter!”

    The half-stone guy added, “Kid, let me tell you, it’s a bad luck for you to run into us! Remember, I, your grandpa, am a Dragon Group’s agent!”

    I’ll be damn!

    Liu Yi withdrew two steps back and took a deep breath.

    These people….Are from the legendary Dragon Group?

    Liu Yi always thought that the Dragon Group was just a myth.

    According to legend, the Chinese government has a special organization, called the Dragon Group.

    Each agent of the Dragon Group has a special ability. They were usually sent to do some special missions that were impossible to complete.

    Liu Yi has previously heard about this legendary group from the story….Now, however, he actually saw them with his own eyes!

    “You’re Ten Steps To Milk A Man, right? This name is weird….”

    That half-stone guy wielded his giant arm and said, “If you know what’s good for you, you better surrender now, don’t force us to move our hands!”

    “I am sorry….”

    Liu Yi clenched his fists and changed his state.

    The Red Blood Code force began to subsidize and the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra force re-emerged.

    Although the Red Blood Code was more powerful, Liu Yi was more adept at using his Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.

    Liu Yi felt that his chance of winning was greater when he used his Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.

    In fighting, power cannot decide everything….

    Of course, except for the absolute power.

    For example, sister Li Biyue. As an A level Hunter, she can kill me in seconds!

    “I don’t have the word surrender in my dictionary.”

    Liu Yi said, his feet began to spread his icy-cold force and a layer of frost started to spread on the ground.

    The power of the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra was applied to the extreme by Liu Yi.

    In front of these few people, Liu Yi did not dare to be negligent.

    “Get him!”

    The one-eyed man said.

    “Kid, you’re out of luck!”

    The half-stone guy shouted and came at him like a tank.

    “Boom, boom, boom!”

    Each step that he took shook the ground.

    “Eat my hammer!”

    Soon, this half-stone guy arrived in front of Liu Yi, his gigantic right hand smashed down toward Liu Yi’s head like a hammer.

    F*ck me….

    That hand will turn me into a pulp!

    That was the hand that destroyed the 20 cm thick metal gate.

    But Liu Yi immediately launched his Shadow Step and instantly moved several meters back.

    The half stone guy’s right hand pounded the ground.


    A deep pit suddenly appeared on the ground. Seeing this, cold sweat appeared on Liu Yi’s head.

    My God, what a power!

    That is so crazy!

    “Shadow Steps?”

    The one-eyed man slightly squinted his one eye, “Is he really a Hunter?”

    “Bos, what should I do?”

    That half stone guy withdrew his arm, turned around and asked.

    “Take him down first!”

    The one-eyed man decisively ordered.

    “Got it, boss!”

    That half-stone guy suddenly bent over, partly crouched on the ground.

    Liu Yi looked at him without knowing what the guy was trying to do.

    “Kid, think you’re fast?”

    The half stone guy grinned at Liu Yi.

    Then, in a flash, that half stone guy’s foot stepped on the ground.

    A pit immediately appeared on that spot.

    And his body suddenly shot forward like an artillery shell and directly hit Liu Yi, who hasn’t had the time to react.


    He felt like he was being hit by a train.

    The impact flew him backward and embedded him on the wall.

    He felt a giant incomparable pain all over his body.

    Every bone in his body ached.

    This stone guy….Actually has such an explosive force….

    “Liu Yi, be careful!”

    Lin Tong frowned, “If you’re being negligent again, you may lose your life!”

    “I know….Fox sister, I won’t be careless next time!”

    After his many fighting victories, Liu Yi’s self-confidence grew increasingly larger.

    But too much self-confidence is the other term for arrogance.

    I have to take this fight as a “lesson learned.”

    “Hahaha, now you know how powerful this uncle is!”

    That half stone guy cannot help but laugh. He wielded his giant stone arm toward Liu Yi, who was still embedded on the wall.


    Liu Yi shouted.

    A layer of thick frost armor appeared on his arms.

    At the same time, he pulled his arms out of the wall and met that falling stone arm head on.


    Liu Yi’s arms sank into the wall, his body embedded deeper.

    But he succeeded in parrying that giant stone arm, which came to a halt.

    “Good kid, you got strength!”

    That half stone guy was slightly surprised.

    “Able to block his fist, sister admires you, kid!”

    That beautiful nurse put one of her hand on her waist and said with a smile.

    “F*ck! You lustful little nurse!”

    The half stone guy called out a sentence and lifted his arm, preparing to punch Liu Yi again and again.

    “Let see how many times you can block my fist!”

    “Ice bomb!”

    But Liu Yi was not going to be passively beaten. He suddenly threw an ice bomb on that half stone guy.

    “Krak, krak, krak!”

    Frost suddenly appeared on that half stone guy, slightly freezing his body.


    But his body suddenly shook, waving his right arm, the layer of frost on his body broke.

    “You want to freeze this grandpa with this? In your dream!”

    But Liu Yi took this opportunity to break free from the wall and stepped on ice skates to move out of the way.

    He kept sliding on the ice skates and moved randomly, not giving the half stone guy the chance to him.

    “It’s like a rat who can jump!”

    The half stone guy constantly swung his arms, but unable to land even a single hit on Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi was calculating his chance of winning.

    “Little Xuan, analyze the strength of this stone guy.”

    “Report master, his power level is A….What kind of people are they, this is too abnormal….”

    Even if she is an artificial intelligence, there were some things that she can’t compute.

    Although she has updated his database, some non-common-sense things were difficult to calculate.

    “A-level….Then I can’t meet him head on….”

    Liu Yi thought for a moment, “Little Cai, I am counting on you.”

    With that, he stretched out his hand. A beautiful multicolored butterfly flew out from his palm.