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Chapter 196 Will Never Go With You

Mai Kitsune Waifu

    The one eyed man’s eyebrows slightly rose.

    “Wow, what a beautiful butterfly….”

    The nurse’s eyes were captivated by the butterfly.

    “What the hell….Is that your pet? What a f*cking pet!”

    Seeing the slowly fluttering butterfly, the half stone guy could not help but loudly mutter.

    “Don’t underestimate my little Cai.”

    Liu Yi said with a smile.

    With that, he made a seal with his fingers and said.

    “Butterfly Illusion!”

    Instantly, the fluttering butterfly multiplied into many butterflies, filling the entire corridor.

    All these multicolored butterfly rushed toward that half-stone guy.

    The half stone guy immediately waved his giant arms like he was dancing to fend off those butterflies.

    “What is this….Why are there butterflies everywhere!”

    “Where are the butterflies?”

    The nearby beautiful nurse looked at the half stone guy in shocked, “What are you talking about?”

    “Aren’t these butterflies? They’re everywhere!

    The half stone guy shouted as he continued to dance.

    “He uses illusion technique.”

    The one eyed man punctured the mystery, “Little Xi, get ready to break his illusion.”

    “Got it.”

    The nurse nodded her head.

    At this time, the half stone guy suddenly found that the butterflies in the room were gone, and then he saw Ten Steps To Milk A Man throwing a punch at his face.

    “Brat, do you think you can touch this uncle’s face?”

    With that, the half stone guy waved his arm toward Liu Yi.


    Liu Yi was hit, broken like a bubble.

    At this time, the real Liu Yi appeared behind the half stone guy, fiercely sending his foot, kicking the half stone guy in the head.


    This kick directly hit its target and the half stone guy flew and hit the nearby wall.

    “F*ck me….This kid’s kick is really powerful!”

    The half stone guy did not seem to hurt at all. He rubbed his head and stood up.

    Liu Yi was stunned.

    What the….This guy’s body is really durable!

    Even my kick on his head is nothing to him!

    No wonder he’s a stone man!

    “Gangzi, come on, let me help you break the illusion!”

    The nearby nurse put her fingers on her temple and said to that half stone guy.

    “F*ck me, why didn’t you help me earlier!”

    The half stone guy immediately excited and rushed over toward Liu Yi again.

    “Hey, let me see how are you going to counter me this time!”

    Liu Yi used the multicolored butterfly illusion to try to confuse the half stone guy.

    But this time, it did not work. The half stone guy kept rushing at him, his illusion has clearly failed!

    Looks like that nurse also has some unique abilities….

    Are these people espers?

    Is there no cultivator in the Dragon Group?

    “No cultivators would join such an organization like the Dragon Group.”

    Lin Tong helped Liu Yi dispel his doubt, “Cultivators believe in the heavenly law, how could they work with the government!”

    When Liu Yi thought about, that was actually reasonable….

    But while Liu Yi was distracted, the half stone guy has arrived in front of Liu Yi. His huge stone arm came crushing at Liu Yi’s head.

    “Little Cai!”

    But Liu Yi waved his arms, throwing out the multicolored butterflies.

    Suddenly, rows of crystal butterflies flew toward that half stone guy.

    “Hahaha, you still want to use illusion to confuse me….”

    While the half stone guy laughed, these ice crystal butterflies struck his body.

    Suddenly, the half stone guy was pushed back again and again as his body began to freeze.

    “F*ck me, what the hell is this!”

    “Idiot, that’s not illusion!”

    The nurse was pissed off, “Are you stupid!”

    “Sorry, it’s just a poor judgement….”

    The half stone guy quickly apologized and then fiercely glared at Liu Yi.

    “D*mn you D-level hunter! You dare to play tricks on this uncle, you’re a dead man!”

    With that, he roared and came at Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi stepped on the ice skates, flexibly dodging his attack.

    After several attacks, the half stone guy was still unable to touch Liu Yi.

    “Time is running out.”

    The one eyed man’s ears suddenly pricked up, “The Riyao group’s people are downstairs heading toward us, so you better finish this quick.”

    “Let me help you!”

    The nurse’s eyes suddenly fell on Liu Yi’s body.

    At that moment, Liu Yi suddenly can’t move his body.

    Not that his body literally cannot move….But his mind was unable to send the command to his body to move.

    This made Liu Yi stood still, looking dumbly at the incoming half stone guy.

    “Mind control!”

    Lin Tong, sensing this power, exclaimed, “Liu Yi, use breathing technique, now!”

    “I know!”

    Liu Yi launched his breathing technique. One deep breath later, he regained control of his own mind.

    He then launched his Shadow Step, instantly moved to a spot three meters away.


    The half stone guy crashed into the wall, creating a man-shaped pit.

    “F*ck me….Little Xi, you trick me!”

    “Trick your sister! He actually broke free of my mind control!”

    That nurse’s eyes widened in surprised.

    Liu Yi took a long sighed of relief.

    That was close….Almost turned into a meat patty!

    That woman actually has the power of mind control!

    Dragon Group’s people really can’t be underestimated!

    “When we’re back, I want you two to write report to me.”

    The one eyed man seemed unsatisfied with the performance of his two team members, casting each of them a glance.


    The half stone guy loudly wailed.

    “What? Write report?….D*mn Gangzi, it’s all because of you, you need to be more agile, I don’t want to be punished together with you!”

    The nurse stamped her feet in anger.

    “F*ck….It’s all because of this kid, okay!”

    The half stone guy pointed at Liu Yi.

    “Hey! I am innocent!”

    Liu Yi raised his hands and said, “Moreover, I don’t have the time to play with you, I am leaving, bye!”

    With that, he stepped on the ice skates, instantly accelerating toward the other side of the corridor.

    He was extremely fast, in the blink of an eye, he swiftly passed through the side of these three people

    “F*ck, he’s going to escape!”

    The half stone guy seemed anxious, but with his speed, he knew he can’t catch up to Liu Yi.

    “No one can escape from my, Long San (Dragon the third), hands.”

    With that, the one eyed man turned around and held out his hand in Liu Yi’s direction.

    While sliding with ice skates, Liu Yi suddenly felt as if he was grabbed by an invisible giant hand, lifting his body up in mid air, unable to break free.

    “Hehe, silly kid!”

    The half stone guy grinned, “You want to run away while our team leader is here? Are you dreaming?”

    “Humph, you still have the nerve to speak!”

    The nurse pinched her slender waist and gave the half stone guy her dirty look, “You can only depend on the team leader….Aren’t you still going to write the report?”


    The half stone guy touched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly.


    Liu Yi desperately circulated his immortal force, wanting to break free from this invisible shackles, to no avail.

    The power that shackled him was too strong….

    “Stop struggling.”

    The one eyed Long San slowly said, “I am a B-level expert and you’re just a D-class Hunter. You can’t possibly break free from my telekinetic.”

    D*mn it….

    This man has the power of telekinesis?

    “Oh my CPU….Who exactly are these people….”

    Little Xuan groaned.

    “Liu Yi….You can’t let them catch you!”

    Lin Tong said, laying on Liu Yi’s shoulder looking back at those three Dragon Group people, who were slowly walking toward him.

    The Charming Spirit Scimitar in her body trembled, ready to be released.

    If I let Liu Yi fall into their hands….He will be surrounded by troubles.

    Moreover, if Liu Yi fall into their hands, they will find out that he has the demonic force in him!

    At that time, the Hunter Center will certainly know about it….And that will be the end of Liu Yi!

    I have to fight to the death….To protect Liu Yi!

    Lin Tong continued to circulated her demonic force.

    “Be a darling and follow us back to the base….”

    That nurse opened her mouth to say a sentence.

    She was exercising her mind control on Liu Yi’s mind.


    Liu Yi said to himself, If I get caught by this Dragon Group….By virtue of their power, perhaps they can find Fox sister in my body.

    If they find Fox sister, that would be dangerous….

    I have to protect Fox sister….

    “Just come with us.”

    Long San took out a special pair of handcuffs and walked toward Liu Yi.

    “No way!”

    At this time, Liu Yi suddenly opened his eyes.

    Red flame and blue-white frost began to rotate around his body.

    His black coat fluttered.

    Some of his short hair turned silver.

    And the color of his pupils turned golden red, glowing out from behind the mask.

    When the beautiful nurse saw his eyes, she was shocked and can’t help but blush.

    Why….Would I have this feeling….

    Em, this is impossible….

    “Let me go!”

    Liu Yi loudly shouted.

    A pair of wings popped out from his back.

    A flaming red wing protruded from the right side, shining brightly with the raging flame.

    Another blue-white ice wing popped out from the left, splashing ice on all around it.

    “What….Is this….”

    Seeing the sudden change in Liu Yi, the three Dragon Group’s agents were somewhat stunned.

    “Master….Your strength suddenly increased a lot!”

    Little Xuan analyzed Liu Yi’s power, “It multiplied many times….My God….My CPU….”

    “Mountain Mist!”

    Liu Yi unleashed his power, spreading out like a ripple of wave, shattering the power of Long San that bound him.

    At the same time, he waved his palm at those Dragon Group agents.

    A four to five meters giant flaming palm flew toward those Dragon Group agents.

    “Watch out!”

    Sensing the power of the palm, Long San warned his team mates.

    “Leave it to me!”

    The half stone guy rushed three steps forward in front of them and used his right arm to punch the ground.

    His entire right arm suddenly began to change. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a three meters high huge stone pillar, blocking the path.


    The flaming hand suddenly exploded, the intense red heat wave suddenly engulfed the three Dragon Group agents.