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Chapter 197 Fantastic Pe

Mai Kitsune Waifu

    Liu Yi could not help but become excited.

    At this time, a huge wind surged up.

    The half stone guy wielded his giant stone pillar arm to create a strong wind that extinguished the flame.

    “No….Are you kidding me….”

    Liu Yi did not expect that his flaming Mountain Mist could not even hurt the three of them even a little bit.

    The three Dragon group agents were still there unharmed.

    “What a scary flame….”

    The nurse said, patting her chest in fear.

    “This kid is quite powerful!”

    The half stone guy reached out to pat the residual flame off his arm and said in surprise.

    “But it didn’t hurt….”

    Liu Yi wrinkled his brows.

    “Liu Yi, try your pet!”

    Lin Tong reminded him.

    Oh, that’s right!

    It suddenly dawned on Liu Yi, I still have my pet!

    That’s Hunter’s unique skill!

    “Resistance is futile.”

    Long San waved his arm and immediately extinguished the surrounding flame.

    “You have been issued a warrant arrest by the Dragon Group, be obedient and come with us. I don’t like playing rough.”

    “I don’t like it either….”

    Liu Yi stood his ground. The power in his body surged up, “But I don’t want to go back with men! Come out! Xiao Hei!”

    There was an array circle on the ground which spewed thick black smoke.

    “Looks like it’s Hunter’s pet!”

    The nurse was the first one to cried out.

    “This is tricky!”

    The half stone guy squinted his eyes, “I heard that Hunter’s pet is very powerful! Boss, what should we do?”


    Long San simply replied.

    The black smoke soon fluttered to the ceiling, people began to see the dark figure within the smoke.

    “Let me see what kind of monster your pet is!”

    The half stone guy loudly called out.

    Several people somewhat nervously stared at the figure.

    When the smoke cleared up, a 1.5-meter little black skeleton stood there; It’s jaw moved twice, issuing a “ka ka” sound, which surprised everyone.

    “F*ck me….What the hell is this….”

    The half stone guy cried out.

    “So cute….”

    Two small stars appeared on the pretty nurse’s eyes, “Come here, let sister hug you….”

    She spread her arms wide and moved toward the black skeleton.

    At this time, that little black skeleton suddenly threw an ice ball with its right hand,

    The ice ball exploded on that nurse body, which instantly froze her.

    “What the hell….Xiao Xi, are you okay!”

    The half stone guy had a scare and quickly rushed forward to examine the pretty nurse condition.

    But the little black skeleton did not give him a chance, its left hand threw out a little ball of fire, which hit his body.


    Like a grenade explosion, the laboratory corridor trembled.

    The half stone guy’s body was blown backward a few steps.

    “His mother….This little skeleton is too “against the heaven!””

    Unexpectedly, this seemingly small skeleton has such a large power, the half stone guy was stunned.

    At this time, the pretty nurse used her psychic power to break away from the ice. She folded her arms, shivering from the cold. She said with trembling voice.

    “Hate, hateful….I’ve been cheated….I don’t like you anymore….”

    Looking at his fantastic small skeleton, Liu Yi was pleased.

    No matter what, this is my pet, definitely reliable!

    At this time, Liu Yi felt a stream of message coming from that little skeleton.

    It told me to go ahead, it is going to guard my back?

    Whoa….This little skeleton is quite heroic!

    But how could I let it behind here alone!

    “Don’t worry, just go!”

    Liu Yi patted her tail on Liu Yi’s cheek and said, “This pet is living in your body, as long as you give it a thought, you can call it back. It doesn’t matter if you go further away. So you better run. Now!”

    “Oh, why don’t you tell me earlier!”

    Feeling assured, Liu Yi stepped on ice skates.

    He shouted at the other direction of the corridor, leaned forward, and ejected a continuous stream of flame from his hands and then began to accelerate.

    Thanks to direction arrow from Little Xuan, Liu Yi was not worried about getting lost.

    “D*mn, he’s trying to escape!”

    Seeing Liu Yi was about to escape, the half stone guy became anxious.

    “Xiao Xi! Help me!”

    The half stone guy loudly shouted as the little skeleton continued to bombard him.

    “Roger that!”

    The pretty nurse nodded her head and touched her temples with both of her hands.

    Suddenly, the little skeleton’s body shivered and was unable to move.

    “Let me smash you into a pile of broken bones!”

    The half stone guy roared, he finally stopped being defensive.

    He bolted forward and crushed the little skeleton with his giant arm.

    “Humph, humph, a pile of broken bones dares to be so arrogant in front of me! Now you know how powerful this uncle is!”

    The half stone guy smiled smugly and began to chase Liu Yi.

    But at this time, that pile of broken bones suddenly began to move.

    In the blink of an eye, these bones formed a two-meter tall vicious dog form.

    The bones of this dog burned with flame, looking very scary.

    “F*ck me! What the hell just happens here!”

    The half stone guy was surprised.

    “Watch out!”

    The nurse exclaimed, “I couldn’t control it anymore….”

    Her voice fell, that vicious dog suddenly barked and rushed at the half stone guy.

    Its giant bones bit the neck of that half stone guy.

    “D*mn, get the hell away from me!”

    The half stone guy swung his right arm and punched that evil dog away.

    The evil dog turned around in mid-air and steadily landed on the ground.

    It stopped in the middle of the corridor, blocking the three from chasing Liu Yi.

    “Such a clingy fellow! I want you to break!”

    The half stone guy was driven beyond his limit, he immediately swung his right arm and fiercely pounded the ground.

    Suddenly a shock wave spread out along the ground.

    The crack on the ground continued to move forward and, in the blink of an eye, arrived at the evil dog.


    The shockwave immediately shattered the evil dog’s bones, which flew everywhere.

    “This should take care of it!”

    Just as the half stone guy want to relax, those bones began to automatically reorganized.

    Soon, the bones of a nearly three-meter tall bear stood before them.

    This skeleton bear was covered with ice, which strengthened its body.

    It’s huge pair of paws have sharp ice fingernails.

    “What the f*ck, what is this thing? A transformer!”

    Watching the tall frost bear before them, the three Dragon Group agents were shocked.

    Can’t this thing die?

    Every time it breaks, it transforms into a more bad*ss form!

    This is so unfair!


    It seemed like the frost bear did not want to give them the opportunity to think.

    It rushed two stepped forward and viciously slapped that half stone guy.


    The paw fell on that half stone guy’s raised right arm.

    That baldy’s feet sank several centimeters deep into the ground.

    “Whoa….So powerful….”

    The half stone guy cannot help but exclaim.


    Another big paw of that frost bear came at him.


    Only half of the half stone guy’s body that was petrified, but the frost bear has given him two slaps.

    This time, the paw directly hit the half stone guy in the face, sending him to fly to the side.


    His whole body smashed into the side wall.

    “Boom, boom, boom!”

    The frost bear excitedly came rushing at the nurse, ice chips flew around everywhere on this corridor like snow.

    “Boss….If you don’t make your move, it’s going to be too late.”

    The nurse looked to the side with a piteous face, not knowing what this Long San was thinking about.

    At this time, the frost bear loudly roared, continuing its rush toward the pretty nurse.

    It swung its arm to slap that pretty nurse.

    Long San finally made his move. He reached out his hand toward that frost bear and locked it with his power.

    Suddenly, the frost bear was lifted off the ground, floating in the air kicking around with its legs.

    “Interesting….Really interesting….’

    Long San’s eyes flashed a trace of madness, “This man….Really surprised me….”

    “Boss, do you fancy that kid?”

    “The nurse exclaimed, “Oh my God….It’s a gay love….”

    “What nonsense is that! I want you to double your report!”

    Long San suddenly gave that pretty nurse a glance, the nurse’s face immediately sank.

    “That Ten Steps To Milk A Man….He is not an ordinary Hunter.”

    Long San, still locking that frost bear with one hand, slowly said, “He is a cultivator….”


    The half stone guy who has just crawled out of the wall could not help but surprise.

    “A cultivator? That’s impossible!”

    People who willingly joined the Hunter Center were usually people with psychic power or espers.

    Some of them came with incomplete cultivation method, but their growths were limited and cannot be called cultivators, they were the so-called loose cultivators.

    “That’s right….He is a cultivator….”

    Long San believed in his own judgement, “This Hunter Center is really interesting….They even have this kind of Hunter. Xiao Xi, when we get back, tell Xiao Dao to look for this so-called Ten Steps To Milk A Man’s information.”

    “Boss? Could it be….”

    The nurse seemed to have guessed it.

    “Correct, I want him to join our Dragon Group!”

    Long San’s eyes flickered with lights, “Since ancient times, no cultivator ever join our Dragon Group, leaving our group in such a mediocre state! If we can rein in this kid….”

    “Can we rein him in?”

    “His pet is in our hands, if he wants to take his pet back, he has to come back to me!”

    Just as soon as Long San said that, the frost bear who was being locked in mid-air suddenly opened its giant mouth.

    A blue light ball condensated in its mouth and was instantly released.


    The blue light ball directly exploded in front of Long San, but was blocked by his telekinetic power.

    As the blue light ball exploded, snow and ice slowly fell on a large area.

    But that giant frost bear has disappeared.

    “How could this be!”

    Long San was shocked, a Hunter’s pet cannot be called back just like that!

    Is it destroyed?

    That Hunter is willing to destroy his pet?

    Wouldn’t that destroy his own future?

    Things are getting interesting….

    “Boss, what now….?”

    “Clean the battlefield and go back to the lab to take a look, see if there is no missing data and the like.”


    Long San did not know that the guy he was interested in was trapped in another trouble.


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